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Conservatives On The Supreme Court Have Turned The Constitution Into A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Throughout world history, there are myriad instances of wars consisting of coalitions aligning together against a common enemy. It is considered the course of wisdom for both sides in a war to marshal support to their cause of nation’s with the largest armies and devastating armament that more often than not give one side a clear advantage and an expedited victory. Whether most Americans realize it or not, they have been spectators, victims, and often combatants in a sectarian religious war that one side appealed to, and won, the support of a religious male cabal with the ultimate weapon of mass destruction; the U.S. Constitution. Of course, the religious cabal is the five male conservatives on the Supreme Court who enjoined the religious right’s war on women. To ensure a victory for the aggressors, they brought the ultimate weapon of mass destruction to bear on over half the American people that will expand to include every man, woman, and child unwilling to capitulate their liberty and acquiesce to the Christian Right’s will.

Over the past three-and-a-half years, since the teabagger-Republican takeover of the House in 2011, there has been a sustained attack on women’s rights that no politician, pro-choice group, or remotely interested party had the courage to call what it always has been; a sectarian religious war on women. It is true that the war is being waged by men steeped in misogyny and patriarchy, but the basis for the Republicans’ misogyny, patriarchy, and assault on women has always been founded on religion and a seriously distorted reading of the Christian bible. Likely, the aggressors and victims alike adhere to the unwritten dictate that at no time, and under no circumstances, is the Christian religion or bible to be mentioned in a negative light, or pointed to as the basis for the Republican assault on women; the five conservative Christian males on the Supreme Court had no compunction, or hesitance, identifying the basis of the Republican, teabagger, or religious rights’ war on women.

The Supreme Court’s five male conservative Christians, in ruling for Hobby Lobby, announced in grand fashion that, indeed, the war on women is based on the Christian Right’s faulty interpretation of their rule book, the Christian bible. In their ruling for corporate religious tyranny, the five males cited, specifically, that a corporation enjoys Constitutional religious liberty to ignore laws and enjoys the Christian right to decide, based on the bible, that a corporation’s religion is the ultimate arbiter of women’s health. It is a continuation of last week’s ruling that the religious right has Constitutional authority to take the religious war to women seeking medical care, so the decision escalating the religious war was not unexpected.

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It has been a long time in coming, but American’s now understand that there is a sectarian religious war against over half the American population, and the Supreme Court just unleashed the full weight and power of the United States Constitution on women, their physicians, and health according to edicts of the religious right. Apparently the conservative Court cannot comprehend that the First Amendment’s religious freedom clause was intended by the Constitution’s framers to be a shield to protect the individual against religious tyranny. The Court’s Christian males agreed with the religious right that the Founding Fathers intended freedom of religion to be a Constitutional sword to force women to comply with a corporations’ religious beliefs. Now that freedom of religion has been deemed a weapon by Supreme Court by Constitutional fiat, it is impossible to conclude anything other than America’s democracy, and women’s rights, are now under siege by the Christian right.

No American should delude themselves for a nano-second that Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Christian Dominionist Green family, the Christian conservatives on the Court, or religious right has any other intent than to impose Christianity on the entire nation. It was reported here a couple of weeks ago that the Greens are spending about a billion dollars of their fortune to inculcate their bastardized version of Christianity, with all its perverse anti-science and anti-democratic dogmata, on America; including a mandatory four-year bible-based curriculum in every public high school in America. The Christian conservative males on the High Court just gave the Greens and religious right the primary weapon they lusted after to achieve their goal; freedom of corporate religious tyranny.

It is relevant to reiterate that the contraception mandate Hobby Lobby objected to had nothing whatsoever to do with impinging on the for-profit corporation’s bottom line, or its phony conscience objection against contraceptives. The corporation’s Christian conscience had no problem including contraception coverage in health plans the employee pays for prior to 2011, and it reaps profits from investing in pharmaceutical companies that produce all manner of contraceptives including drugs used during abortions, or selling goods manufactured in China where abortion is mandated by law. Their lawsuit was a frontal assault on women’s rights according to their bastardized version of Christianity as a frontline battle in the religious right’s war against democracy, secularism, and Americans unwilling to toe the evangelical line and nothing else.

The decision is sure to incite opposition among women and men who care about their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters health to vote against Republican Christians who are certain to unleash a rash of legislation expanding on the Court’s ruling for Hobby Lobby and the religious war. Women, men, non-believers, and so-called “good Christians” have to come to the realization that they have lost the first of many religious battles and if nothing else can take solace that they were defeated handily by five Christian males who wielded a religious weapon of mass destruction; the United States Constitution. At least as Americans, and particularly women, begin incrementally losing more of their freedoms, they will know it is because they were victims of a sectarian religious war that no-one except the Supreme Court had the temerity to cite was indeed a conservative Christian religious war on liberty.




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