President Obama Turns Up The Heat and Is Daring John Boehner To Sue Him



In remarks before he met with his cabinet, President Obama basically dared John Boehner to sue him by directing his cabinet to continue to push on areas where he can use executive action.

The president said:

And part of the reason that I wanted to bring the Cabinet together today is to underscore for them my belief I think shared by most Americans that we can’t wait for Congress to actually get going on issues that are vital to the middle class.

We’ve already seen the power of some of our executive actions in making a real difference for ordinary families — whether it’s on minimum wage for federal workers — or for workers who are with federal contractors; equal pay; and the terrific work that’s being done around climate change so we’re transitioning to a clean-energy economy.

But what I’m going to be urging all of you to do, and what I’m going to be continually pushing throughout this year and for the next couple of years is that if Congress can’t act on core issues that would actually make a difference in helping middle-class families get ahead, then we’re going to have to be creative about how we can make real progress.

Keep in mind that my preference is always going to be to work with Congress and to actually get legislation done.  That’s how we get some more of the permanent fixes.  And as I mentioned yesterday with respect to immigration, whatever we do administratively is not going to be sufficient to solve a broken immigration system.

This is the second day in a row that President Obama has put Boehner on notice. The president is sending a clear message to Speaker Boehner. He is daring Boehner to sue him, because by threatening a lawsuit, the Speaker has opened the door to the entire discussion about why Congress doesn’t get anything done. More importantly, the focus is shifting towards the matter of who is responsible for the lack of legislative action in Congress.

Boehner’s lawsuit has the potential to change the 2014 election. Republicans thought that they were going to be able to run on the idea that President Obama is a tyrant whose power must be checked, but the threat of the lawsuit has caused millions of voters who might have been content to sleep through 2014 to wake up and pay attention.

President Obama and the Democrats are not only welcoming this attention. They are encouraging Republicans to give them more. The reality is that President Obama doesn’t have much of a choice. Since Republicans have brought Congress to a halt, he has to act where he legally can in order to get things done.

Make no mistake about it. Democrats want Boehner to file this lawsuit, and Obama’s actions over the last two days are an attempt to push the Speaker into doing something that he might not want to do. Between the pressure from the right, and the White House, Boehner has painted himself into a corner.

If he isn’t careful, the lawsuit against Obama could end up being one of Boehner’s last major acts as Speaker.

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  1. The Boehner character is laughable to say the least, and a royal pain in the arse at most. Smh! Boehner now has zero credibility with anyone in politics who matters, let alone the millions of voters being turned off by the actions or better yet, the inactions of he and his cronies in Congress, and he does nothing except attempt to malign the POTUS, and all on the taxpayers dime, which should be illegal. It is beyond me why he and his party do not understand the stupidity of their actions. Boehner and his cohorts do nothing that looks like work in any way, shape, form, or fashion, then get angry when their opinions are not included in executive actions. Get a grip!! Do your damn job Boehner and company (Congress, GOP, Tea baggers, etc.)and cease and desist from antagonizing the POTUS. He has more important things to do, like your damn jobs and his. If Boehner is not careful, a petition will be going around to sue him and his congressional cronies for not doing their jobs! I will sign it

  2. What other choice does President Obama have when he has a criminally negligent Congress to work with? Republicans will be kissing their majority in the House goodbye for generations to come, and there is no way they can gain a majority in the Senate.

  3. Ah the great plans of the GOP House Speaker Boehner can be covered by that great philosopher Forest Gump’s mother. “Stupid is as stupid does!”

  4. My congresscritter is Reid Ribble(R). He tries to appear moderate around election time. Trust me, it ain’t happening. He caught hell for actually voting to end the government shutdown. Basically all he does is assure people on FB they can keep their guns. But since Boehner won’t put up a vote in the first place…

  5. Great strategy by the GOP! What in the world do Americans resent and feel more disgust for than a buncha thug lawyers filing nuisance lawsuits rather than do actual work? Way to go guys!

  6. What is interesting is there has not been any one screaming and hollering about the monies that “We The People” have been paying. Name off any other position where you refuse to work and are still able to get paid for it. These people make far more then I make in a year.

  7. President Obama, you have my 100% support. Nobody knows what you have endured from these disrespectful, traitorous, conniving people in Congress; you have handled yourself with grace and dignity. The American people voted overwhelming for you twice..because we believe in you.

    The immaturity and sedition from this Congress is sickening to the working class.

    Go for it President Obama, we have your back!

  8. As noted before, Obama’s defense will be Boehners total lack of action in the house.

    And the world will know him by his inaction

  9. I believe PBO has finally, and righty so, reached his breaking point. He’s taken off his gloves and is going fight for all Americans and it’s about damn time.

  10. Good, Boehner should be known for what he is, an impotent schmuck who allowed games to be played for 5 years with the lives of the American people, while he collected big money for destroying the country.

  11. “… are an attempt to push the Speaker into doing something that he might not want to do. Between the pressure from the right, and the White House, Boehner has painted himself into a corner.”

    Now that is TRULY festive!

  12. I would say that the Repubs are between a rock and a hard place. They have done absolutely nothing but obstruct. They have managed to trample the rights of 90% of the american people. Now they boast about suing the POTUS.

    The american people see Obama trying his best to do something for them. To top it off he is calling their hand in public.

    I really don’t see those sweeping wins they keep talking about in November. I’m predicting they will lose seats.

  13. America should not be for sell and we as American voters should not let cronies like the Koch brothers buy our country. All we have to do is vote. We owe it to our forefathers to vote and get as many people as we can to vote democratic. Republicans are blatantly keeping middle class Americans down to promote their own interest. If we as voters would try to help ourselves a fraction as much as the POTUS is trying to help us the Republicans are done for a long time. Voting is the answer.

  14. Impotent schmuck is mild. I’d like to call him a whole lot worse.
    These schumcks call the Pres. a tyrant, lawless, and other words. If this Pre. was a tyrant or lawless, these rethugs would be in jail, or on death row. maybe headless with their heads on a spick along Washington avenue..

  15. You know what, this has been the worst six months of my life and I had a very tough morning. I suspect we agree politically on a lot of things. So I don’t get your glee on booming me. I was going to let it go one more time but I don’t know what’s going to happen to me. Really, I don’t get it because I thought I’d like you.

  16. I wasn’t booming you. The comment was call your republican congressman t ask them. Since I live under a teabagger rule I thought it was on point. My apologies if you thought I was aiming at you. Stick around and you will find out I don’t hold my tongue. If I am addressing a person they will know

  17. PLEASE let Boehner sue, and when his suit fails and he has wasted yet more untold thousands of tax payer dollars, find a way to nail him for it. There has to be SOMETHING we can do to end these frivolous lawsuits by the anti-government party, and to stop their obstructionism. How many millions did they spend fighting ACA? And all the other stunts they pull knowing it’s just a stunt? If they actually did what they are supposed to instead of pandering to their extremist masses with these frivolous lawsuits, the country might have seen more recovery by now.

  18. Boehner is single handedly destroying the republicans party. Lol that guy is a clown I’m going to say this Obama is one of the best presidents we’ve had since Clinton . Just think if he took office after Clinton we would be better off as a country. Republicans in congress have no valid issues with the President an its making them look dysfunctional

  19. Sh@#, John’s got issues in congress and at home. Yes, john’s unique and such a man. He’s the only guy that posted that he acually sees a lot as he’s always looking down while exiting his weekly shower, the poor ole’ pus bucket. His bathroom floor is mirrored.

  20. I hope the President keeps his boxing gloves on & does what needs to be done. The rethugs & teabaggers need to be put in their place. If they aren’t going to support the President for the good of the country. The President should use his executive powers & take care of business, i.e. Immigration Reform

  21. Bring it on Mr. Speaker, there’s plenty of fight left in the President. Either you are with us or against us, your choice.

  22. Yeah … just like Romney was going to beat President Obama and take over the Senate in 2012! Rignt … Hope this time they are doubly wrong. Thanks, Mr. President, for all you do for us.

  23. The President not only is trying to do what the American people want him to do; but, Boehner and the Repugs are supposed to do the same! After all, their constituents and the American people voted for President Obama twice! The majority used to rule. What a joke that is now. So sad …

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