Sexist Fox News Reporter Calls Single Women ‘Beyonce Voters’ Who Depend On The Government

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During Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News’ Outnumbered, reporter Jesse Watters was the “One Lucky Guy” on the panel. The conversation turned to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. A clip of Hillary Clinton decrying the ruling was played during the segment. The clip shows Mrs. Clinton telling a large crowd in Aspen, CO that the decision created a slippery slope and could lead to companies and employers trying to further restrict their employees’ behaviors and choices. The panel of Fox women, as one would expect, claimed that Clinton was lying and that the Hobby Lobby decision would do no such thing.

However, things only got worse when Watters was allowed to respond. Watters, who is most known for his trollish ‘investigative’ pieces for The O’Reilly Factor (like Monday’s report where he was shown making sexist comments at the 2014 NOW conference), made sure to be as offensive as humanly possible when discussing Clinton’s statements and the Hobby Lobby case. Watters first spouted off some false equivalencies about guns and 2nd Amendment rights and overstated Clinton’s statements. At the same time, he also trotted out one of the new conservative memes that birth control only costs $9 at the drugstore. (Right-wingers are talking about ‘the pill’ when they mention this cost. Emergency contraception can cost $45 without insurance and an IUD, when factoring in exams and the procedure to insert it, can cost over $1,000.)


Finally, Watters decided to paint all single women as lazy moochers on society. He pointed out that the vast majority of them voted for President Obama in 2012. He then called single women “Beyonce voters” who “depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands.” He then declared that they want government to provide health care and contraception and that they like to complain about equal pay. Rather than receive any pushback from the all-woman panel, they all just basically laughed and told Watters he was right. Which is pretty much the way Fox News likes to portray women — deferential to the strong, opinionated white male.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:




You have to love the outreach being done by conservatives in the wake of this decision. On Monday, far-right men rubbed this ruling in the faces of women everywhere, taking to Twitter and the airwaves to make offensively sexist statements. A day later, it appears that conservative males are still having a field day with this, going out of their way to let women, especially single women, know that the far-right came out on top Monday. In the end, though, Watters is just another example of an obnoxious right-wing man letting women know that the Republican Party has no room for them.


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  1. These guys thrive on degrading women. I wonder if they all have mommy issues. What a bunch of low-life scumbags.

    Women! LET’S get out and VOTE BLUE. Show these bastards we can vote them out.

  2. !!! BREAKING !!!

    ~~ UPDATE~~

    This just in from Fox News:

    we repeat… there is NO WAR on women and we have the utmost respect for them…

    in the bedroom and kitchen as long as they’re barefoot…

  3. Beyoncé is an intelligent, articulate African-American whose entertainment skills are the envy of un-athletic White males like Watters.

    The fact that single women would honor Beyoncé with their votes, speaks volumes about their high intellect and classy nature.

  4. I am wondering how many of these gloating pigs have a wife or girlfriend, or mother, or significant other that is thinking in the back of their mind, “I will show you in November.”

    I live by an old saying that says, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” I think the repubs got their wish.

  5. In a side note; do they know how many votes Beyonce can turn out? Enough to sink their dumb a**es.

  6. I’d just like to say to faux news “children are suppose to be SEEN but not HEARD ” your whole corporation has nothing of any intelligent to add to any subject, so sit down and stfu.

  7. Republicans are definitely the stupid party.

    They are yukking it up and offending many, many people and they don’t realize that they are effectively sowing the seeds of their own demise.

    All the crap the Republicans have been tossing out there is going to come back and splatter all over them and they will be wondering what hit them.

  8. With this knuckledragger’s remarks, he’s given Beyoncé a status she might not otherwise have. This is in addition to offending women in general and single women in particular. He obviously has issues with women who are unmarried either by circumstances, choice, or both. As for his comments about Beyoncé, she had her child within wedlock at the age of 30 and she is phenomenally well-paid for her performances. She probably outearns him, and I suspect that envy played a part in his remarks about her. As for his dumb remarks about single women depending on the government, the overwhelming majority of us get out here and work everyday. No one gives us anything because we earn what we get, and many are the main support of families if not the sole support. It’s amazing how this woman has become a whipping girl for virulent misogynists like him and the likes of Bill O’Reilly. She is an entertainer whose life doesn’t reflect most of our lives.

  9. I doubt you would see single (including widowed and divorced) women depending on the government any more than single men do, if they were getting anything remotely near equal opportunity and equal pay.

  10. Not only are his comments insulting and offensive they are clearly derogatory towards women, but then again what can one expect from the views of this so called ‘news’ channel, not surprising at all. However what I do find surprising and most appalling are the women who were sitting beside him and NOT one said anything!

  11. And the winner of this weeks Ann Coulter Honorary Douche Bag Award goes to…..
    oh well, even white trash deserve a spokesman and this moron is perfect for the position!

  12. Hey cream puff, our “Beyonce” voters will be kicking the tennis balls off the walkers of your voters this year….if your voters live until November that is.

  13. I wonder if their wives agree or just accept their way of thinking against women? I know I couldn’t!

  14. One of the things that irritate me the most about these people is the self-satisfied expressions they have. It is as if they are saying ” look at me, I’m so cute and so smart and everything I say is remarkable and intelligent”. When the opposite is true. When I see something like this guy (never heard of him before this) or Palin, Cruz, Paul, etc. uttering the most inane comments with that look on their faces of smugness, I want to punch them in the windpipe.

  15. I so hope you are right. Lately though, I have discovered people who I thought I knew, have these same opinions. Makes me wonder why I’m just now finding out or why they are just now expressing themselves this way.
    Even the person I live with, who voted for our President in ’08, has changed. He now watches faux channel and drives me crazy. Part of it is racist I think, even though he denies that. I am tempted to cancel my cable but would hate to give up some things I like. May just do that in the near future, just to keep from going insane.

  16. Sounds like maybe Beyonce,reminds him of a girl that maybe laughed at his obviously small “member” coupled with the fact she makes more money than he’ll ever see… can we say.. bitter much?

  17. Statistically, single women receive more from government than married women. How can you argue with facts?

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