Darrell Issa Tells Obama To Forget About Immigration Reform And Deport DREAMers

Darrell Issa


On Wednesday, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), released a letter to the press that he had sent to the White House earlier in the day. The letter, signed by 32 other House republicans, essentially demanded that President Obama proceed with deporting all of the DREAMers. (DREAMers are undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.) The letter also requested that President Obama forget about comprehensive immigration reform being passed, especially if it includes a pathway to citizenship.

Below is an excerpt from the letter. The entire letter can be read here.

Firstly, we call on you to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created, without congressional support, by your Administration in June, 2012. While the current program only applies to arrivals prior to 2007, the very existence of the program contradicts present law and violates the Constitutional principle of a separation of powers which grants primary law making authority to the Congress. The Executive does not get to pick and choose which laws must be enforced and which can be selectively ignored. Further, DACA rewards families and individuals who have broken our laws, further encouraging others to seek similar benefits. The DACA program must be immediately ended to send a clear signal to all individuals that our immigration laws will be enforced.

Secondly, you must make an explicit public commitment that you will not support legislation that extends legal status to newly arriving illegal aliens no matter the age. Secretary Johnson’s statement that S. 744, the Senate’s immigration proposal, would not confer benefits to the newly arriving UACs is insufficient to mitigate the popular belief that a pathway to citizenship will be available to any individual in the United States. We request that you remove from consideration any preferential treatment for individuals who have recently illegally crossed our borders.


Obviously, Issa and Co. are trying to make political hay for the Republican Party over the recent crisis involving the influx of young immigrants coming in from Central America and being detained at the border. On July 1st, newscasts across the country showed protesters in Murrieta, CA, spurred on by Mayor Alan Long, blocking buses that were transporting some of these detainees to a processing center in Murrieta. The anger displayed by the protesters was palpable and the scene was replayed on cable news over and over. Therefore, Republicans feel like they have a way to energize their ‘angry white guy’ base by pushing hard against comprehensive immigration reform.

Besides tapping into the anger showed by the extremists regarding immigration, Issa is also using this letter to help back Speaker of the House John Boehner’s play. Boehner announced last week that House Republicans plan to sue President Obama over his use of executive orders. Issa’s letter refers to Obama circumventing Congress numerous times. It seems apparent that Issa and other House Republicans want to show Boehner that they are fully on board with his plan to sue the White House. It also seems like another step for the GOP to finally get what they’ve long dreamed about — impeachment.

In the end, this is all bluster and no bite. The President is going to blow this letter off and not think twice. It is merely an effort by Issa to get his name into this discussion, as the other ‘scandals’ he’s been ‘investigating’ (IRS, Benghazi, etc.) have turned up nothing. Issa is just chasing his white whale. And it keeps eluding him.


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  1. Do these GOP idiots EVER get tired of haranguing our President? This has been their mission since he became President.

    GIVE IT UP…we are sick of your stupidity and rants. Every blessed day there is more stupidity coming from their rotted souls.

  2. Issa’s name should be publicized alright on an arrest warrant for practicing “Domestic Terrorism”!

  3. If you strike at a king, take care you do not miss.

    The GOP is just starting to find that out…

  4. First of all GWB was the one who signed the original order for illegal children to stay in the U.S., of course they don’t mention that part. Issa is just grand standing because the area where that protest was is very near his district. So that is just red meat for his voters.

    As far as the protestors stopping the buses it made me sick. A bunch of idiots with no compassion. I hate to say it but sometimes I am ashamed to be white.

  5. It reminded me of Jim Crow days, and as far as Issa is concerned, the President dose not take orders from him.

  6. Issa hAS no business yelling anyone what to do.
    As a child during WW2 in England, we lost homes and just about everything in the bombing, we also had an influx of refugees from eastern europe, close to my home we had
    an area converted into homes for them and they were relatively comfortable since it was wartime, people did it for them because it was our duty as civilized people, the shameful actions by those who demonstrated against small children and women are not the actions of an america that I thought I
    knew, I am sad to think that this clip will be on TV’s across the world and shame the good people of this country.What a sight for
    people who look up to this country to see!

  7. Joan, you are so right. It is a travesty the way this faction in our country portrays us to be inhuman. Of course, I’m sure most of Europe is laughing at us anyways.

  8. Issa reminds me of that kid in class, usually junior high..the obnoxious one, who was always blurting out stupid things for attention, who was disruptive and had no friends. That is EXACTLY who he reminds me of.

  9. And if President Obama doesn’t do everything you tell him to, then what?

    Are you going to scream?

    Stamp your feet?

    Hold your breath until you turn blue?

    Refuse to do any work (oh, wait, you’re already doing that).

  10. It was eerily familiar. You think about what it must have been like trying to integrate the schools, having these angry mobs protesting children. The people on those buses yesterday were women and mostly children. And watching all those angry people…Very unsettling.

  11. It was eerily familiar. You think about what it must have been like trying to integrate the schools,
    “The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past.”
    ― William Faulkner

    Segregationists begat the Religious Right
    The religious right resulted from white southern conservatives who were afraid of losing IRS tax-exempt status for their segregated “Christian” schools. So claimed in effect none less than Paul Weyrich, the right-wing political strategist generally credited with creating the Moral Majority and the religious right.
    Read More

  12. I believe the word you were trying to spell is “psychopaths”. You could have looked it up if you don’t know how to spell it. A little effort…..OK?

  13. Has the list of “32 other House Republicans” been published? They do realize they are ALL up for re-election this year, right?

    Publish the list.


  14. Issa’s Paternal grandparents came from lebanon; probably the most dangerous country in the world for terrorism; I’m betting they were given some help getting into this country ; lots of us wish they stayed there and let Darrell do his damage in ;Lebanon.

  15. He needs to invent a car alarm for his mouth.

    This one of the most despicable sub-human being I’ve ever heard of. What a waste of humanity.

  16. One would like to point out to Mr. Issa that in order to give the president a directive, one needs to pass legislation in BOTH houses that he will then sign.

    Until then, it’s just his opinion. It’s right up there with someone telling the president to suspend any law or policy – just cuz you don’t like it.

    You’d think a Congressman would KNOW that.

  17. you won’t find it strange that this piece of shit issa is the U.S. representative of the town of Murrieta California which so shamefully vented their hatred against immigrant children who were in Homeland Security busses on the way to processing them. He is also my rep, I’m sorry to say.

  18. My letter to Darryl Issa

    Dear Darryl:

    PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Barrack H. Obama, does not now, nor will he in your lifetime, EVER take orders or directives from you or anyone in the Republican Party.

    Now, would you like this in an email or prefer to be called out in public forums?

  19. jimbo, I am still fuming about the hateful sight of those in Murrietta against the children who probably don’t even know where they are, except they want to be safe, they all probably wish they were home with their mothers.
    Am I right in the fact that Murrietta (the land that the town is on) was donated by a Spanish immigrant, if so it makes this whole thing even more sad.
    Also – where were the church leaders, they should be helping these poor people, perhaps they are all too busy trying to stop women from getting health care.

  20. Memo
    From: White House
    To: Darrell Issa

    Thanks, but the White House has an adequate supply of toilet paper.

  21. I hope this letter is printed in the Latino newspapers and reported in their media. It might draw out enough Hispanic people vote against Issa in November. This guy has to go.

  22. its all abotut racism – the repubs pandering to their base of people in the bible belt etc, for whom Hispanics – actually people of color, are just another form of (bad word, begins with N

    As for Pr. Obama he’s the repub bases’ worst nightmare come true—–Thats why the minute he was nominated, the birther crap began etc

    Roger Ails of fox news was nixons guy to convert the south from the dixiecrats to the repubs. a task made easy by the south being livid over the 64-65 civil rights bills

    Limbaugh is from MO, a state that almost was a slave state. Hatred was passed down father to son at the dinner table. His Dad was a colonel in the army during WWII – the segregated army not fixed until 1948 by Pr. Truman

    the white trash of Duck Dynasty – they have their own white separatest church were featured speakers at the Repub leader ship conference in Baton Rouge recently

    Some people know no shame

  23. The majority of Americans, the ones who elected and then reelected President Obama, do not care what the hateful, hate filled, hate mongering lying republican racist liar Issa wants or does not want. Democrat Americans do not care about anything any republicans wants of does not want. The entire GOP political party, not wanted, not needed, not relevant, now or ever again.

  24. For your information, Rightie, ellipses are never more than THREE periods.

    So before you attempt to belittle another poster and their post as if you’re Mister Grammar, ensure that your responding post is grammatically perfect yourself or you lose all credibility – as you’ve so successfully done this time.

  25. Just another taxpayer dollar siphoning, good for nothing, lazy Republican U.S. Rep. stinking up the U.S. House. Oh, and former car thief and insurance fraudster.

  26. Soooooooo all those people complaining about all the illegal immigrants…..please take your complaints to the nearest Native American, and see how much sympathy you get. Hypocrites

  27. Issa is from a pretty red district but maybe enough dems with show up when his number comes up. Bc dems are sooooo bad at turning up for mid terms. And obama should use the executive powers to make darrell issa eat a bug. A really big one… with spikey things on it.

  28. The haters are bullies they really GET OFF on attacking women and children. Day after day we must put up with their HATE FILLED tantrums….

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