Democrat Tom Wolf Is Blowing Out Gov. Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania 47%-25%


Things have gone from bad to worse for unpopular Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. A new Franklin and Marshall College poll found that Democratic nominee Tom Wolf leads Corbett, 47%-25%.

Democratic challenger Tom Wolf is currently crushing Tom Corbett 47%-25%, but the factors contributing to the deficit are even worse for Corbett than the margin itself. Fifty-nine percent of registered voters polled believed that that state is on the wrong track. Only 26% of voters think that Corbett has done a sufficient enough job to deserve re-election. One in four (27%) of registered Pennsylvania voters think Corbett is doing an excellent or good job as governor. Just over half of the state’s Republicans (53%) think their own governor deserves reelection.

There are four issues that have sunk Tom Corbett. The biggest source of anger at the governor remains his cuts to public education. Twenty-seven percent of voters who rated Corbett’s job performance as fair or poor did so based on his performance on education issues. Thirteen percent rated the governor poorly because of economic issues, nine percent faulted him for the lack of change in the state, and an additional nine percent blamed his handling of natural gas drilling.

As governor, Tom Corbett slashed education spending in the state, he has stood in the way of a tax on fracking. Pennsylvania has lost billions of dollars during his term because Gov. Corbett has refused to support a five percent surcharge on fracking. Corbett then claimed that a lack of funding forced him to cut $1.1 billion from the state’s public education budget in the 2011-2012 year alone. In an election year stunt, Corbett tried to replace part of the money in 2014-15, but voters aren’t buying it.

Corbett has alienated every voting bloc in the state with the exceptions of the fracking industry and far right conservatives. He won election in 2010 because most of the state’s Democrats didn’t vote. They won’t be making that mistake again in 2014.

Pennsylvania is a blue state, but not a dark blue state. One of things that Republicans and Democrats have always agreed on before the election of Corbett was public education funding. When the governor hacked public education spending, while refusing to tax those who are fracking, he pretty much punched his ticket out office.

Except for the diehards, who will vote for any Republican on the ballot, Gov. Corbett has no base of support. Democratic candidate Tom Wolf has so far run an outstanding campaign that has placed him right in the middle of the state’s ideological sweet spot.

It doesn’t look like money and incumbency can save the governor, as an overwhelming number of Pennsylvania voters have decided that Tom Corbett has got to go.

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  1. Sadly, McCrory isn’t up for re-election this year. But I promise to vote for Senator Kay Hagan over that tool Thom Tillis.

  2. The defeat of McDaniels tells us what we need to know about how to defeat the Tea Party and their ilk.

  3. Ironically, perhaps Marx’s “Gravedigger Theory” was correct.

    Evangelical Capitalists, who revile the Commons, undermine their interests.

  4. I sincerely hope these Republican governors will all be sent packing, never to be elected again to any political office no matter how lowly. The damage they have done in a relatively short time is extensive and will take years to fix. If the destruction they’ve brought on their respective states is not enough reason to vote in the mid-terms, I don’t know what is.

  5. Now One-Term Tom is even alienating his own party in the General Assembly. The Republicans control both houses in the GA. They worked late to get a budget to Tom’s desk well before the midnight deadline. Did One-Term sign it? No he let it sit and demanded the legislature pass one of his pet bills which the Assembly refused to pass.

    Tom Corporate had 3 pet projects when he was elected (aside from not taxing gas drillers). He wanted a Voter Suppression law which was shot down by the courts. He wanted to privatize liquor sales. The legislature repeatedly failed to pass this. All indications are the bill would not bring in the money forecast by Corbett. And he wanted to slash state worker and teacher pensions. Not only did the GA fail to agree on a bill, the problem was caused not by excessive pensions but by the state failing to pay its share of the pension plans for decades. We state workers and teachers paid our share.

    Keep running Tom and wreck your chance to cash in after you…..

  6. Out of the ALEC play book issued to every state take over in 2010..Michigan here and Snyder did the same exact thing. Verbatim.

  7. the warning signs were all there when he was attorney general for anybody who cared to look. partisan prosecution of members of the general assembly. he took out the corrupt democrats (who needed to go) but left the equally corrupt republicans in place, many of whom are still in office. he never should have gotten into the governors position in the first place, I can’t wait until the situation rectifies itself in November.

  8. Thats foolish! We need Repulican leadership to continue to create taxpayers to pay for the Democratic entitlement give aways.

  9. Are you aware that your taxes pay more for corporate entitlements such as subsidies to oil corporations that make billions then it does to actual people?

    Or are you the one that wants senior dead in the streets and unemployed people starving?

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