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Fox News’ Latest Attempt To Connect Bill Ayers And President Obama Ends Disastrously


This week, Fox News host Megyn Kelly aired a two-part interview with Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers. The first part, which aired on Monday evening, was highlighted by Kelly telling Ayers that he sounded like Osama bin Laden. However, it was the second part of the interview, which aired Tuesday night, where Kelly revealed her hand and let the audience know the actual intent of the interview. As with all things at Fox News, the interview was set up as a way to show the close connection between the ‘domestic terrorist’ Ayers and President Obama. Unfortunately for Fox and Kelly, the whole thing blew up right in their faces.

In 2008, Ayers became a household name thanks mostly to then-Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin mentioning him repeatedly on the campaign trail. She claimed Barack Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists.” Palin, and other conservatives, declared that Obama began his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist. Those lines became right-wing mantras during the 2008 campaign and continued even after Obama was elected. It was that type of irresponsible discourse that followed the President into Washington and helped create this current level of lowbrow disrespect POTUS has suffered at the hands of Republicans, who find their own behavior perfectly acceptable.

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Megyn Kelly put it all on the line at the very beginning of the 2nd part of the interview. The broadcast began with a voice-over, where she went ahead and repeated one of those conservative mantras.

MEGYN KELLY, HOST (VOICE-OVER): It was in his living room that a then unknown Barack Obama launched his political career. A domestic terrorist who avoided real jail time and isn’t sorry for bombing America. Bill Ayers, co-founder of the radical Weather Underground admits his group bombed 20 targets, including the Pentagon, the U.S. Capital and the State Department, all to protest the Vietnam War and other left wing causes of the ’70s. His wife Bernardine Dohrn was a fully committed participant. A woman who was said to have praised Charles Manson and who wound up on the FBI’s most wanted list.

The very first line, VERY FIRST LINE, was the ‘living room’ one. No doubt Kelly and Fox were hoping to create a huge bombshell where Ayers, who had long avoided interviews since Obama was first elected in 2008, would finally reveal the huge Socialist plan that he and Obama had in store for America. Kelly would first portray Ayers as one of the most radical and dangerous men in American history. Then, she would lower the boom when Ayers showed the close, tight-knit relationship that he and the President shared. Ayers would also let the American public know how much he admired the President, and how he and the President were so ideologically similar.

Toward’s the end of Tuesday night’s interview, Kelly brought up President Obama and asked Ayers if they speak. She also wanted to know how close their views are. Ayers’ answer likely made many right-wingers’ minds explode.

KELLY: Well, many members of the Weather Underground are now in academia. President Obama, let me ask you this, how much ideology did the two of you share?

AYERS: Zero.

KELLY: Good friends, not good friends?

AYERS: I knew him as well as he knew 10,000 other people, and today I wish I knew him much better, and I wish he had listened to me.

KELLY: Did he ever contact you once you became the story in his presidential race?

AYERS: Absolutely not. And I didn’t contact him.

KELLY: The entire time he’s been president, you haven’t been in contact —

AYERS: Never. No. Although I wish I were, because I have a lot of advice for him.

KELLY: You want him to go further to the left.

AYERS: Oh, I want him to stop droning people. I want him to close Guantanamo, I want him to, you know, universal health care. Don’t you think we deserve universal health care? Seriously. Medicare for all.


In that one-minute exchange, Bill Ayers laid to rest the myth that Fox News has helped to create about Barack Obama. In the world of conservative media, Obama is this radical leftist who is dead-set on making America a collectivist society. He is constantly pushing a far-left Socialist agenda and is the most liberal man, by far, to occupy the White House. Ayers revealed that, as a real far-left liberal, he shares no real ideological views with Obama. The fact is, President Obama is much like Bill Clinton before him — a center-left Democrat, who tries to appeal to the middle most of the time in order to get broader policy passed.

This idea that he is a radical leftist speaks more to the right’s inability to deal with a black man in office than anything else.

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