GOP Mouthpiece Nicolle Wallace Claims Obama Thinks He’s A Victim And Is Not A Leader

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During a panel discussion on Wednesday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, conservative pundit Nicolle Wallace made the claim that President Obama sees himself “as a victim” and is as much to blame for Congress’ refusal to govern as House Republicans. She also stated that the President must be listening to a lot of Fox News and conservative talk radio, since he stated that Republicans have labeled his presidency “imperial.” Her reasoning is that nobody ever says that on MSNBC or other networks, failing to realize that Republican lawmakers routinely complain about President Obama’s abuse of power and utilize every single media outlet at their disposal, not just Fox News.

The discussion was centered on President Obama’s recent speech where he stated that he wasn’t going to sit around and wait on a do-nothing Congress to take action on issues such as immigration reform and infrastructure spending. With Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) threatening to file a lawsuit against the President over POTUS’ use of executive orders, the President told House Republicans in plain, unfiltered language, “Sue me.” The Morning Joe panel brought up the speech, as well as the crisis on the border where tens of thousands of children who are in the country illegally are being detained in federal detention centers. The conversation revolved around whether or not the President is in the right to bypass Congress and use his pen wherever he can take action.

With no Joe Scarborough on the panel, it was left to Wallace to denigrate the President and claim that we are only at this place because of his weakness as a leader and his inability to work with Republicans. She knew that she couldn’t claim that Obama is abusing his power, as her former boss, President George W. Bush, issued far more executive orders than President Obama has. Therefore, she just spun it in a way where she made President Obama appear to be a hapless leader who would rather embrace victimhood and is far too concerned about what’s being said about him on Fox News.

Below is video of Wednesday’s segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Rather than acknowledge that recalcitrant House Republicans forced Obama’s hand, she tried to soft-peddle the GOP’s role in creating the current gridlock on Capitol Hill by playing the ‘both sides do it’ card. Obviously, she knew that she could sell Obama as being completely in the wrong for wanting to finally bypass Congress to get things done, but there was no way she could give the President any credit. Therefore, she declared him as having a victim’s mindset and that his inability to lead has brought on this situation in Washington. At the same time, she actually tried to pass off President George W. Bush as a good example of how to lead on the immigration issue.

Claiming that Obama sees himself as “a victim” plays into a couple of different narratives. One, it plays into the long-running Republican narrative that President Obama was too inexperienced when he was first elected, making him unqualified to lead this country. However, it also plays into a much darker and ugly narrative. Basically, by claiming the President feels he is a victim, it brings up ugly racial stereotypes of African-Americans who feel that they are owed something. This goes along with conservatives complaining about entitlements and people dependent on the government. All of it is a way to use dog whistles to complain about blacks and other minorities in this country.

Wallace, a former communications director for the Bush Administration and a senior advisor to John McCain’s Presidential campaign, knew exactly what she was doing by saying that President Obama thinks he’s a victim. It was obvious and unseemly. Wallace really should be ashamed of herself.

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  1. She should be ashamed, but she isn’t because she’s incapable of that emotion, like the rest of her ilk.

  2. I just absolutely loath Nicolle Wallace. When she opens her mouth it sounds like Charlie Browns teacher to me. I tune her out.

  3. She is annoying. Like nails on a chalkboard. She should fired from msnbc. I’m done watching that program because she’s on it. Ugh such an ignorant selfish b$@ch.

  4. In order to be able to lead – you first need someone to follow.

    Republicans made it clear from day 1 that they would do everything in their power to make him a one term president.

    I had hoped that they would see the error of their ways and change during the second term – but that hasn’t happened.

    They are in this fantasy world of sweeping the senate and adding to the house.

    I don’t know about you – but I’m going to do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    I’m broke, busted and disgusted with the Republican Party.

  5. Why did they bring her on IN THE FIRST PLACE! These shows should KNOW what will come out her mouth, bu yet give her an invitation to come on and spew the same old spiteful diatribes that we are so sick and tired of hearing from these bad mouthing “mouthpieces”. Who needs to hear the BS that always seem to be putting the President down, no matter what and propping up all of their nasty moves and crazy notions. It’s a wonder she didn’t say: I wish we had PUTIN as our President.

  6. These people never lead a conversation to attend to the issue at hand. All they want to do is attack POTUS. They do not offer any resolution, or sane point of view, or any compromise. They only attack the President.

  7. This from the woman who, together with Steve Schmidt, foisted Palin as worthy of the second highest office in the land.

  8. Once in a while Morning Joe has a decent panel discussion. But if Nicole is on or (worse) Bill Kristol, I can’t change the channel fast enough. More often than not, the tv just goes off.

  9. I can’t watch Morning Joe either. Scarborough is such an arrogant and ignorant ass. It just sickening.

  10. The GOP doesn’t want Immigration reform because they don’t Obama to get credit for signing the bill. The number one of goal of this party is to destroy him. There is a bill waiting for passage in the House; Tea Party Confederates hate his guts….and probably told Boener.

  11. You hit the nail on the head. All these people do is bitch and moan. And when the rare times they offer any ideas it`s the same old crap that got us in this mess in the first.

  12. Anyone who saw Game Change knows that Ms Wallace played the victim card to get away from Sarah Palin.

    Wallace is a fraud

  13. “Wallace, a former communications director for the Bush Administration and a senior advisor to John McCain’s Presidential campaign”………Well, well, well. A senior advisor to McCain? HA! Was she part of the “advisors” who dumped Sara Palin in McCain’s lap? And she has the nerve to be out there criticizing Obama 24/7?

  14. Wow, this is big news. Morning Joe is still on the air? I thought it died a natural death as it should.

  15. Poor Nicholle, she thought McCain would be elected and she would have a well paying job in his administration!!Fortunately for us that did not work out. Imagine VP PayMe in the administration, with her hillbilly family. Wallace famously said she would not vote at all, fearing McCain might win since she did not approve of Palin, but she tried her best to get him elected. President Obama was ELECTED by the people, all the people not just white ones. Why can’t these so-called experts accept that?

  16. Funny how quick to tell the Pres. not to make the ACA decision political or bragging about the killing of OBL..

    But yet, they taking bragging and all kind of accusation to whole new level. Producing polls showing Obama the worst Pres. since WWII (Qunnipiac – if you check their cross tabs it tells a different story). 73% white, 53% over 50 yrs. old, 35% Indep. & 82% voted for Romney.

    But the quiet blue waves is rolling in
    Is just one grassroots group that’s mobilizing..

  17. As soon as Nicole opens her mouth to spew I mute the tv, as well as when Joke scab-borrow speaks. Nicole is only there because at least MSNBC tries to practice what the BullShit mountain people preach…To be Fair and Balanced. Nicole is nothing more than a toxic harpy. And you know the way she ogles Thomas Roberts that she would love to turn him straight, or at least get some…

  18. The rightwing is living in some altered universe which claims that this president must be impeached because he should not be in the WH.

  19. Yes, and Sarah Palin is a fake and a fraud, too. I guess Nicolle knows what a person playing the victim looks like since she worked with Palin whose reason for existing is playing the victim 24/7.

  20. Just in case no one has noticed (the pres will not get his credit) but the news from Europe is that the entire chemical weaponry
    from Assad will be destroyed in the next day or two by an american ship in the middle of the ocean. Good job Obama.

  21. Victims are over-concerned about leaders. Nicole Wallace doesn’t know what she is talking about, much less have ANY idea of what might be going on in Barack Obama’s head, because she is thought -less.

  22. Barack Obama is not on the ballot in November or 2016. Why are republicans still spending all their time and energy stalking him and trying to take him down? While they’re still focused on the best president ever, :o) the American people stand poised and ready to take THEM down!


  23. Considering that she once worked to get an impulsive hothead who harped on his veteran status as a reason to elect him, along with an intellectually challenged airhead as his running mate, Wallace needs to shut her piehole. She’s probably just as filled with resentment as McCain and Palin that the team she backed was made up of two losers. FOX Noise loves its women to be bimbos, and this one is no exception.

  24. Obama Is Really, Truly, No REALLY, The Worst President In the Modern Era

    Some things just speak for themselves. President Obama’s list of accomplishments is among the most dismal in history. In fact he’s been so awful, he’s the only President I even care to remember. I’ve nearly blotted out the very idea of previous Presidents. I have some vague cellular shadow-memory of some guy on an aircraft carrier but dammit, the only other Presidents I can think of right now are those I see on those green bills when I open my wallet. Especially that Hamilton guy. Now that was a great President.
    Read More

  25. So right you are, Joan. Of course, the media will not cover that accomplishment by the President. Heaven forbid, and he did it peacefully.

  26. Careful, Nicolle, your inferiority complex is showing.

    Once again, the losers on the right find it necessary to belittle and diminish our duly elected president, Barack Obama, because it is inconceivable in their tiny, twisted, racist little minds that a black man could possibly do a better job of running (and protecting) this country than a rich old white man.

    Kind of like the school yard bully who needs to beat up on people smaller or smarter than him in order to feel good about himself. Or the domestic abuser who beats up on women because he doesn’t want anyone to know he has a tiny penis.

  27. HeeAhhhh!!! She’s going to be played like a second class citizen for the hobby lobby corporation karma is a bitch…..see you around Tea Tard.

  28. They had a sick obsession with President Obama, that’s why they are constantly stalking him. They know they never will be half the person he is..even on their good days.

  29. Yes, one would think that knowing a candidate is so unfit for office but does everything possible to get them elected just to collect a paycheck reeks of conspiracy to commit treason. Palin may have been on the ticket as VP candidate but her goal would have been to get rid of her old buddy Mac so she could take his place.

    Knowing that was a possibility or that McCain’s health wouldn’t hold, Wallace felt no qualms about aiding and abetting the fraud. I shudder to think what could have happened to this country had Palin grabbed the reins of power. I also have no respect for Schmidt. If he’s so damn smart, why does he support such a stupid party like today’s GOPTP.

  30. When the mist clears and the years go by, Obama will be remembered for his strength of character, in spite of all the obstacles thrown in front of him from Day One of his Presidency by the Republican Party, who decided that he was not good enough to guide our country, so they obstructed him in every way – and then blamed him for the whole debacle.

  31. It’s good to see Nicolle Wallace referencing GWB as being “great” on immigration issues. She must think we’re stupid. I remember when GWB tried to pass immigration reform in 2007, his own party members turned on him like rabid dogs, driving his poll numbers down into the high thirties. Yeah, they were for immigration reform under GWB the same way they’re for it under this president. The truth is that far right GOP members don’t want immigration reform and cowardly GOPTP pols follow their lead. For them, immigration isn’t an issue that needs addressing but a means by which they can raise campaign funds, and others in the party can make movies, sell videos, demand high fees for speeches, attract traffic to their blogs, organize “seminars” that they can charge others to attend, etc. Immigration reform, like other issues, are used by the GOPTPers to make money by fleecing the gullible and a way for their pols to keep their government checks coming while not doing their jobs.

  32. Nicole is not in any position to critique President Obama on ANY level when her own “brilliance” tried to get McCain/Palen elected.

  33. Nicole Wallace is NOTHING more than a Republican operative/shill, like Alex Castellanos (perfect example)
    who have great jobs on that old liberal MSNBC, planted there to do nothing other than obstruct and demean President Obama. She’s a shill. She is louder than Mika and assumes NO responsibility the lies than come out of her big mouth.
    She has NO female Democratic counterparts anywhere, FOX, C-Span or MSNBC or CNN.
    She would fit right in with FOX’s little army of Brunhildes. She have a harder time interrupting Bill O’Reilly tho, his mouth is even louder and bigger and ruder.

  34. Nicole Wallace is NOTHING more than a Republican operative/shill, like Alex Castellanos (perfect example) of GOP shills
    who have great jobs on that old liberal MSNBC, planted there to do nothing other than obstruct and demean President Obama. She is louder than Mika and assumes NO responsibility for the vicious lies than come out of her big mouth.
    She has NO female Democratic counterparts anywhere on FOX, C-Span or MSNBC or CNN.
    She would fit right in with FOX’s little army of Brunhildes. She would have a harder time interrupting Bill O’Reilly tho, his mouth is even louder and bigger and ruder.

  35. Wallace is as credible as a three-dollar bill. Who cares what she has to say – outside of U.S. Propaganda Media, that is.

  36. I agree, Mary. I blame MSNBC for inviting Wallace and others, Michael Steele notably, when they offer nothing of substance.

    Wallace says Obama THINKS he’s a victim?


    Wonder what insight into the President’s psyche/ thoughts does Wallace imagine she has when her OPINION is contrasted by the POTUS in every speech and deed.

    What CODE words has she heard that indicate his alleged victim-hood? And why does Wallace get to spew such nonsense without being challenged?

    GOP operatives like Wallace have an agenda that’s best suited to the Blaze or FOX or even the right wing websites where the Tim McVeigh wannabes dwell.

  37. Was unable to bring up the video- but after reading comments- not really into talking heads on MSNBC or any other so called news outlet- they all say the same thing over & over. My beef and my fear is that you all don’t see a problem with any liberal walking in lockstep either. If you actually read and critique this article- there are several points that we hear over and over- republicans say obama has a victim mentality- if you listen to his speeches- he does claim R’s call him names, that Congress is do nothing, that he can’t get anything done because of them. Answer why bills have been stalled in the senate- contrary to his speeches- the house has passed bills that go no where because of the senate- why isn’t this an issue to you all? Another point is the number of executive orders Obama has issued vs Bush- it’s not the number, but what they are- have any of you bothered to research the content of the executive orders? That is the heart of the problem- no one seems to…

  38. Why isnt the bills in the house an issue? Because 99% of them do one thing. Lower the taxes on the rich, so YOU can make up for it. Maybe you should do some research.

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