All The Single Ladies: Female Voting Power and The Looming Extinction of The GOP

Beyoncé aas Rosie the Riveter

Democrats are wooing single women — a rising power of a voting bloc, while Republicans spit in their face.

While Republicans at Fox insult single women by calling them “Beyoncé voters” who depend on the government, Democrats embrace them. Specifically all the single ladies out there — a growing and powerful new voting bloc, who tend to vote for Democrats. They’re even calling their new get out the vote push ROSIE, as in Rosie the Riveter, Re-engaging our Sisters in Elections. (Yes, Beyoncé has paid homage to Rosie.)

DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward explained ROSIE to NPR’s Mara Liasson in May, “We can identify a voter by their marital status and then match that to a turnout model that helps us identify those unmarried women who when they vote they will vote for Democrats, but are not likely to vote this cycle. We want to go after those voters and start a conversation with them about how this election has a stake in their lives and why they should care about it.” And now, post Hobby Lobby, Democrats have quite the calling card.

Jackie Calmes broke down the numbers in the New York Times Wednesday morning:

Half of all adult women over the age of 18 are unmarried — 56 million, up from 45 million in 2000 — and now account for one in four people of voting age. (Adult Hispanics eligible to vote, a group that gets more attention, number 25 million this year.) Single women have become Democrats’ most reliable supporters, behind African-Americans: In 2012, two-thirds of single women who voted supported President Obama. Among married women, a slim majority supported Mitt Romney.

She points out that the Democratic party isn’t asleep at the wheel. They’re wide awake and they’re wooing these voters:

Democrats and allied groups say they are wooing single women — young and old, highly educated and working class, never married and divorced or widowed — with unmatched ardor. They have seized on this week’s ruling by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority, five men, that family-owned corporations do not have to provide birth control in their insurance coverage, to add to their arguments that the Democrats, not the Republicans, represent the interests of women.

Democrats will be using the historical Republican assault on women’s rights (the legislation pushed by Republicans since the 2010 midterms is enough to make thinking people despair for their country) to motivate women to the polls.

This growing and powerful voting bloc is why I wrote that the Supreme Court (and the GOP) would be sorry about Monday’s Hobby Lobby decision. Just to seal the deal, the Court even took Republicans’ one talking point away from them, by clarifying that they did indeed intend their ruling to be taken broadly. That translates to all forms of birth control that an employer can decide they don’t want to offer women in their healthcare insurance, because they have feelings about women using contraception. These feelings rarely seem to translate into any sense at all, leaving these folks making an argument against all contraception just so that they can get Obama. They call this position anti-abortion (aka, in their inaccurate parlance, “pro-life”), but of course it’s the opposite, since contraception is the single best way to reduce abortions.

As recent elections have shown, this bloc doesn’t turn out for midterms but they make a difference in presidential elections. However, they made a huge difference in Virginia after the Republican Party turned off even Republican women by running what was then seen as an extremist — but is now the norm — misogynistic, woman-hater candidate who thinks he knows a lot more about a woman’s body than he does.

But the Supreme Court just gave Democrats a way to mobilize this voting bloc that doesn’t usually turn out in midterm elections. The court handed it to Democrats on a silver platter. The conservatives on the court might be activists, but they aren’t the brightest activists going. Maybe they’re being instructed by Karl Rove, and we all know thug is out.

Since single women are on the rise, Republicans have gone out of their way to demonstrate their contempt for single women. Instead of trying to woo single women, Republicans choose to try to control them via shame, as if they have no idea what decade it is.

Women hold tremendous power in their hands; they can force their needs and the needs of their children to be heard – but first, they have to vote. In every election.

Five men who couldn’t find their way around a female body or science or medicine to save themselves — obviously, or they would know that contraception is often used for medical purposes — just made a decision to spit in the face of all women who have ever used contraception. They shouldn’t have the power to make decisions about issues they clearly do not understand. A Democratic Congress could pass new legislation to protect women from the conservative SCOTUS.

Republicans have gone out of their way to shame women for needing contraception; their newest talking point is that birth control is only nine dollars, so get off your lazy slut butts and pay for it yourselves. (Republican civility is at a low point, or what one hopes is their low point.) It’s as if they want a teeny, tiny tent.

In the meantime, the Democratic Party is putting a ring on it.

43 Replies to “All The Single Ladies: Female Voting Power and The Looming Extinction of The GOP”

  1. Interesting that the R’s choose Beyonce to portray as some kind of welfare queen. Seeing that she and Jay z’s earnings last year reported by Forbes was 95 million.

    I also find it interesting that the repubs have denied the war on women for so long. They keep saying that it is some sort of liberal conspiracy. It doesn’t get more blatant than the last few days. Come on ladies, time to show them who really runs things. We got your back.

  2. How long do these Bible thumping Repubs. think they can get away with spitting in women’s faces and claiming it’s rain…or a “liberal” conspiracy? I guess the few thousand women that have no problem with their male masters calling the shots are the Reich Wings aces in hole. A woman voting Republican is like a chicken volunteering to become dinner.

  3. I wonder why he chose Beyonce? Why not Lady Gaga, or Miley?

    Maybe he figured he would degrade 2 birds with one stone…Black and female.

  4. And now the FOX-hole springs yet another slur at blacks, and specifically Beyonce Knowles with their new way of slurring people of other colors than white. With four women on the set, Jesse Watters, seemed to relish painting an entire segment without contradiction. Lest there be any doubt about where the FOX-hole stands and dissemination of new wordage to slam and discriminate. America is a nation of immigrants. Native American Indians can attest to that. Racism, bigotry, prejudice, segregation and hatred are taught concepts usually from parents, peers, professors and principles, partners, preachers, priests and politicians. This is not the America to be proud of!

  5. Some of the men GOP are probably married to very weak women. I live next door to a couple, the typical Tea Party setup. She is in her 60s and has never even registered to vote. If the GOP marry weak women, they can call the shots. Probably why they hate strong, intelligent women like Hillary and Nancy P.

  6. We are walking on the edge of a knife. It’s crucial to advance without slipping. The fate of the country will be decided very soon.

  7. The HL decision opened the door for Sharia Law.

    Didn’t read anywhere that this only applies to ‘christians.’

    Saudi Arabia is a closely-held family-owned corporation with strongly held religious beliefs. So strong, they kill women that annoy them.

  8. Oh, I assure you we’re ready too. I can only hope that all the other single mothers out there like me get just as pissed off as me. Of course, I was already involved and ready to vote so now, I hope this just royally ticks off a whole lot of women and spurs them to vote vote vote!

    I raised two great kids by myself and sure I had a lot of family support too, but I never needed or took a nickel from “gub’mit”, but had I needed it, I wouldn’t have any regrets about using it or taking it. It takes a village, as they say.

    My son passed at age 30, but my daughter who is about to turn 25 is college educated and a great kid! So, kiss my lily white, college educated, single mother ass, GOP.

  9. Republicans can rejoice for now, but I think they are going to realize their mistake come November.

    This proves to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Republicans truly are the stupid party.

  10. All Beyonce has to do is encourage her millions of fans to get out and vote in November and I bet they will.

  11. And quiet as it’s kept, woman use birth control because most men are horny toads. LOL Without birth control we would have a massive population explosion!!!

  12. Correct that to “without birth control we WILL have a massive populations explosion.”

    The “no birth control population explosion” is a done deal. It took them from the reign of Reagan/Fallwell until now to kill it, and it will take us nearly as long to bring it back to life. We have entered the new dark age.

  13. I have never witnessed such a concentration of misogynistic stupidity by a political party that also depends on women’s votes along with men’s. They seem bent on alienating as many women as possible, especially single women. It’s obvious that although they don’t value women regardless of our marital status, they devalue single women even more than married ones. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to them that women are single for a variety of reasons such as not wanting to get married in the first place, not having the opportunity, or being widowed or divorced. They also have the same simplistic, misguided thinking about birth control, which they obviously equate with sexual immorality of women. The merits of having families people can afford, as well as cutting down on abortions, are lost on them. So is the merit of birth control for medical purposes. The more they expose their misogyny, the deeper they dig the hole they will eventually fall into.

  14. My daughter is going to school at age 24 after working 5 years in retail. She could only rise so far.

    She isn’t married because she can’t afford to get married. None of her male peers have decent jobs. Many of them are also going back to school including my 22 year old son.

    None of these fat, moss covered, ossified ass backwards jerks seem to get that clue, do they?!

  15. Come on married women don’t you think they don’t want to take your birth control away from you either? We all need to support women. Today it’s your birth control and tommorrow it will be them telling you who to marry. Sharia Law. That alone should scare ALL women. If you love your daughters married women you need to support ALL your daughters and women. CALL TO ARMS LADIES WE ALL MUST VOTE. Find out when your area early votes and what is needed and spread the word. Then let the republicans eat those words.

  16. AFM, I agree totally! Women, it is time for us to fight for our rights before any more are taken away. VOTE BLUE IN 2014

  17. Well since the GOP/Teabaggers are disrespecting woman, it’s time to disrespect them. Head to the election booths and vote BLUE. Then after we take over the House and Senate, and begin to lift America to the status we once had. Then our lawmakers can began to investigate why Supreme Court Justices can hear cases that involve special interest groups that they believe in. There’s nothing Supreme about them and they are not above the law. Especially investigate Scalia and Thomas.

  18. Couldn’t agree more. They are against abortion or any safety net for poor families yet can’t realize that without birth control, both abortions and the need for assistance will never diminish. Why we are even debating this issue is amazing. This was a problem of the 1960’s, settled long ago. But those on the right want nothing more than to repeal us back 50+ years. We always have been and will always continue to be a progressive nation. In the next two decades, unless the GOP enters the 21st century, the party will be extinct. The neanderthals dying off are being replaced by huge demographic changes who are all overwhelmingly against right wing antiquated ideology.

  19. Republican husbands will never know their wives voted for Hillary!
    Many Republican Women will yearn for and be thrilled to vote for the First Woman American President!

  20. “A woman voting Republican is like a chicken volunteering to become dinner.” – Oh man, that is priceless. Sorry brother – I’m stealing it :) :)

  21. I think it’s premature to announce the death rattle of the GOP, and a bit arrogant. November is a long way off, and voter’s memories are short. I sincerely hope this motivates women, and liberal men, to get out and vote, because right now Democrats are in danger of losing five hotly contested seats and their majority, and that would be a disaster. It irritates me that so many liberal voters tend to be so apathetic when it comes to midterms, as though that race wasn’t as important as any other. And voting in a president who has no backing in either house, well we already see how that works with just Congress. Like one other commenter said, we are walking on the edge of a knife.

  22. Unless a miracle happens we are going to be in for a world of hurt until 2016. Gerrymandered districts could hurt us bad in 2014. I would love to be proven wrong. If the tide does change in 2016, much can be corrected.

  23. Tracy, excellent post. It is true, by November people will be geared up for the holidays, etc. and this will not even be remembered. Just like the gov shutdown. We MUST vote. Dems need to hammer the GOP from now until November on every obstruction they have done.

    We cannot relax. The money behind the GOP is phenomenal, and they CHEAT. We need to be hypervigilant. This is it folks..otherwise we are toast.

  24. Well, Joseph, I can tell you exactly what those women look like and act like. Just for experimental purposes I went to the local Republican caucus this year to see what it was like and about. My first impression was that those in attendance were almost solidly white, retired, and males out numbered women at least three to one. There was a lot of the usual “we need to get that N-word out of the white house.” and bellyaching about the ACA. I tried to strike up a conversation with a woman who was serving potato salad, and she seemed friendly enough, until her other half approached and stood eyeing her from about ten feet away. At that point when I asked her a question she would glance his way before replying in tense monosyllable answers. I took my plate and made a hasty retreat before either her or I paid the price. I admit that I did kind of stand out as a tall blonde guy with hair half way down my back. Anyways, that’s the kind of woman who votes as her husband tells her.

  25. Yes, Rudy, I agree with what you are saying. Why was it that the four Stepford women wearing the 5-inch stiletto street walkers (mandatory uniform at Faux)not disagreeing with that misogynist Jesse Watters? I don’t watch Fox, I don’t have to because MSNBC brings me more than I care to watch, but the little I did see of that clip on O’Donnell’s show was pretty bad. Ole’ Jesse looked like the cock in the hen house as all the women on the couch hung on every word coming from him. He was pretty full of himself.

  26. dj, I didn’t read your link but I believe I read something last week about the Greens (owners of Hobby Lobby) wanting to publish books (no evolution, biblical fiction)and then sell their curriculum to all the parents who home school. The Greens definitely have an agenda and I don’t believe they will stop with birth control.
    If nothing else ladies, just think of Scalia, Alito (creepy), Thomas, and Roberts in your bedroom. Vote blue!

  27. I’ve decided to avoid the rush and start my boycott now. Actually, hubby and I haven’t been there since they filed their misogyny suit.

  28. There is not doubt in most minds as to the choice. Gaga and Miley are Caucasian, the other was bi-racial. No contest, they know who they hate and despise.

  29. Ladies, single or not. You need to get out and vote Democrat, or be prepared to be forced to kneel before the GOP and accept the collar, leash and muzzle the republicans have ready for you. Every ovulating female will never be heard from again, if the GOP gets its way. Beware ladies, the five conservatives on the SCOTUS all agree with the GOP, beware and be very very scared.

  30. Duncan, well, that would explain all that latent hostility among the GOP women – something that appears to keep them in a perpetual “bristling” mode.

    They have no outlet to decompress so they direct all that anger toward people that hubby approves of, who actually want her to be strong and independent and who don’t give her the evil – or a black eye – for speaking up.

  31. Look for them starting to repeal divorce laws. They are already legislating marriage laws where people cannot get a divorce.

  32. As a woman who takes birth control, though I’m not single, this irks me to no end. I’ve been with my man 8 years and its bc of my birth control that we haven’t had so much as a close call. And started taking it for med reasons not to skootilypoop. But I think this broad definition of the ruling might screw (phrasing) more than just women. It might open a whole nother kettle o fish. And trust them to exploit it. And so happy no RWNJ have posted. (To my knowledge)

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