Democratic Rep States That Racism Is Key Reason Conservatives Reject Immigration Reform

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During Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) discussed the recent protests in Murrieta, CA surrounding the transport of undocumented immigrants to a processing center in the city. Grijalva also spoke at length about the fact that comprehensive immigration reform, which passed the US Senate over a year ago, is being held up by House Republicans. During the Congressman’s discussion with host Ed Schultz, Grijalva suggested that Republicans are using this particular issue as a “political wedge.” Basically, they are appealing to the ugly racism of much of their base and hoping it carries over to the ballot box.

Below is video of Grijalva’s appearance on the show, courtesy of the Congressman’s YouTube channel:



Congressman Grijalva showed both compassion and empathy for the thousands of children being detained along the border. As he accurately pointed out, the vast majority of these youngsters, alongside women with small children, are merely trying to escape extreme poverty and deadly violence in their home countries. In essence, they are refugees trying to escape abhorrent conditions. Grijalva also highlighted that, in order to deport these children, the United States needs to repeal a law that was passed in 2008 by unanimous support in the House and Senate and signed into law by President George W. Bush. The law, called the William Wilberforce Trafficking Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, basically offers asylum to children that cross the border. They are supposed to be placed with family members in the US,  or foster homes if family members cannot be located.

In contrast to the anger and outrage that the protesters in Murrieta directed at the buses full of immigrants, Grijalva offered up a statement of heartfelt compassion.

“Any parent, any grandparent should understand that when a parent feels…it is more of a physical risk for children to remain in those communities and those countries than it is to take a dangerous trip to try to come to the United States – to expose yourself to human smugglers and organized crime – when they see that as less of a risk than trying to survive in their own country, then you recognize the gravity of what we’re seeing.”

Grijalva also maintained that this nation is all about us living and working together. We are one big melting pot — integration and opportunity should be available not just to a select few. Fundamentally, we should not look to become an entirely isolated country with an openly hostile attitude towards all those looking to enter.

“This country’s about integrating all of us in. I’m first generation. I love this country. And I think opportunity like that shouldn’t be pulled automatically.”

Of course, Grijalva knows that the right-wing fuels much of this outrage. It is all a way to whip their voting base into a racist frenzy and to create a wedge issue to run on in this year’s midterms and perhaps during the Presidential election in 2016.

“One of the biggest reasons to…fix this broken system is…the social fabric of our great nation. The social divisiveness, the underlining issue…of race continues to dominate the discussion. And the more time the Republican majority and the Republicans in Congress continue to use this issue as a political wedge, or as cannon fodder for their base, the more that social divisiveness, that rip in the social fabric, becomes…a reality.”

Exactly. The fact is, House Republicans are hoping they can hold up any meaningful immigration legislation indefinitely, all so they can appeal to the ugliest tendencies of many of their voters. It really is repellent.

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  1. That mob of idiots in Murrieta had me so mad I couldn’t stand it. To stand there and yell at children like that shows me that you are nothing but a vile creature. If you have no compassion for children who are fleeing such horrendous conditions what kind of morals do you have?

    Can you imagine how traumatic it is for these children to leave their families. To leave everything they have ever known, To make that travel and come to a foreign land. That would be tough for an adult. How can your heart not go out to them?

    Watching the people in that mob made me feel ashamed to be white. That’s a damn shame.

  2. I am an immigrant myself in Canada. There is nothing more gut wrenching than having to leave to get better care and leaving older children behind because you were going broke paying for a special needs child’s health care.

    Nobody sends their kid to another country without thinking that they are better off in a new country than the country of their birth.

    Nobody truly knows what a harrowing ordeal it is besides the people actually going through it.

    The wretched IGNORANCE of these protestors makes me realize that I will never vote GOP ever again. EVER.

    They were all what I thought they would be: fat, lily white, beaten down by life but looking to even more vulnerable people to beat up on.

    Instead of paying it forward, they are kicking children when they are down.

  3. Huckleberry, you echo my thoughts exactly, I was sickened when I heard that the little children were afraid that the mobs here would beat them with bats and signs, they were more afraid of the US mob than the gangs in their own country they ran from.

    What a picture of the US is going out to the world.

  4. This ignorant town has a newspaper online, a horrible little rag and they have a comments section. Mixed but mostly bigots proud of their protest. Apparently their focus last month was to drive off the homeless in their area. Sounds like a good place to be from.

  5. I feel badly for these kids & their families. I’m from Central America–a naturalized U.S. citizen, my son is a first generation American–I had the chance to become an American during a time when my life & safety wasn’t at stake like these kids. I feel a connection to these kids, because they represent my people…. What has happened to humanity?!

  6. My Mother is from Belize as much of my family on that side. We have been hard working, our generation have served this country and to see this….SMDH

  7. Opening the borders to third-world diversity is the only solution to combating the plague that is killing humanity: White privilege.

    White people have had their moment in the sun. The result has been disastrous.

    Open the borders in the name of diversity and inclusion.

  8. Racism by the New GOP Jim Crow and KKK party continues to exist throughout our nation. The demonstrators were angry at the refugees. This demonstration has fired up the Progress like myself and I am going to work hard to get the vote out in November. Shame on the Police Department who assisted the Racists and the Mayor who called the demonstrators Patriots.

    Just one. You see, any fool can say the word “racism.” In fact, quite a few fools do say it. But the crafty type can also say “racism” in an attempt to sway the opinion of fools as well.

    Now, there is a difference between opinion, doxa and certain truth. And since your equivalence can not be proven as certain truth (unless you are able to divine the motive of every person who disagrees with you, which I believe is not the case) and since there is also serious doubt that this same belief is widely shared, I will categorize your comment as *opinion*.

    So…is everyone entitled to an opinion? Sure. But that just means that no-one has the right to stop people from thinking and saying whatever they want (no matter how much we might wish we could save them from sounding utterly foolish.) What it doesn’t mean…is that every opinion is worthy of consideration or should be treated as a serious candidate for the truth.

    Do we agree?

  10. So correct. Watching those hateful white folks made me ashamed too. Many times I’ve had to remind others that not all white Baby Boomers are repub. A lot of us lean left and always have.

    The whole world is watching these folks. They make us look totally lacking in mind, heart and soul.

  11. Murrieta’s mayor, who set up these protests by posting anti-immigrant crap on his Facebook page, is now whining about the negative coverage the city is receiving. He knew when he posted that sh*t on his FB page what he expected to happen. He incited the tools that showed their *sses to these kids and moms the other day, and now he needs to own it.

    “Anti-immigrant Mayor Worries That His Town Is Being ‘Stereotyped’ By Protests He Inspired”
    “Alan Long posted a message on Facebook about his opposition to undocumented immigrants being transferred from Texas, flag-toting protesters showed up to block the busses, and eventually forced them to turn around.”
    “…in one case, an anti-immigration demonstrator was caught on video spitting in the face of Hispanic singer Lupillo Rivera.”
    “On Thursday, Long told Fox News the protests that he had inspired did not show the true “compassion” of his town.”

    There’s little compassion in Murrieta, and no one knows this better than…..

  12. You know I see racism going more and more down two lanes. Racism is no longer majority from white people. Its rediculous to say that every person who disagees with certain aspects of immigration a racist. There are things i agree with and like when it comes to immigration, but there are also things i dislike. If you think its sad for the children leaving a terrible place, imagime the majority of children still there. We neex to fix the source of the problem.

  13. Why was it viewed as racist? I get the impression people are at a breaking point because people are sending their kids from Mexico, El Salvador, etc into the U.S. illegally. I suspect the parents of these kids hope they’ll be granted immunity. Yet, in the meantime it’s fair to say that it costs the states & country a lot to take care of these kids who end up needing education, needing to learn English in some cases, get free healthcare, etc. I think there’s a fair reason that Americans are wanting measures taken to prevent this. Is that really racist? I don’t think so.

  14. Yes, Murrieta a disgrace to everything our country stands for. I wonder how many of those slobbering, sign-waving bigots were shipped in from somewhere else by Tea Party manipulators. (Or maybe I’m giving Murrieta too much credit)The immigrants were here legally by the William Wilburforce law of 2008.
    After all the hell they’d already been through, those poor tired “huddled masses” were herded halfway across the country before being terrified by that mob.
    In contrast, when they arrived in Houston last night, they were greeted by a sympathetic group of good citizens who welcomed them with food and water. Thank God, there are still a few civilized people around.

  15. Read the article you’re commenting on, Shellzz. Those kids are here under the protection of a law that was passed unanimously in 2008 by both houses of Congress and signed by George W. Bush.

  16. “….since there is also serious doubt that this same belief is widely shared, I will categorize your comment as *opinion*.
    Charlie, you can categorize all you want but it remains to be seen just how “widely shared”
    our *opinion* is.

  17. Reply to Shitmenot
    Actually that law has been around since 2002. And from where I sit, it looks like a loophole that’s being exploited. There’s no way that all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky , in the spring of 2014, that tens of thousands of unaccompanied kids from non-contiguous countries (the countries the Unaccompanied Alien Children Act applies to)
    just start showing up.

    Reply to Shellzz at 8:53 am

    I think there’s a fair reason that Americans are wanting measures taken to prevent this. Is that really racist?
    Of course it isn’t. I could give you 101 reasons why illegal immigration is not in the best interest of the U.S. and/or American citizens (none of which have anything to do with race) yet I would be called a racist because of the double standard.
    It’s perfectly acceptable (to some people) to make any degrading remark against Caucasians,
    yet no one is allowed to criticize the illegal alien population.

  18. I agree. The problem is drug cartels and gangs back where the immigrants came from. Let’s hope VP Joe Biden’s recent trip helps with that end.
    But the whole problem remains just a side effect of the unquenchable thirst for drugs and the failed “War on Drugs” right here in our own country.
    If we could just solve that problem those gang members would have to work for a living and might leave those poor kids alone.

  19. An opinion has a certain degree of subjectivity and uncertainty to it.

    The comment that “conservatism=racism” is full of it.

    Subjectivity and uncertainty that is.

  20. And just to clarify, common/popular beliefs don’t have to be stated.
    It’s everything that’s understood WITHOUT having to say it.
    We’ll absolutely know when this minority opinion is widely shared…it will be when no one has a need to say it any longer.
    Use that as your gauge.

    In the meantime, there’s evidence, and there’s bullshit.

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