On Independence Day Republicans Crusade To Eliminate the Rights of Half The Population

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As Americans celebrate the anniversary of their nation’s birth, it is not entirely clear if they really comprehend why the American colonists broke away from England. Fortunately, Americans can read the Declaration of Independence and see for themselves that the list of grievances are founded on Jefferson’s immortal statement that “all [men] are created equal” and have “unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

It is a sad fact of life that 238 years after issuing the Declaration, the concept that all Americans are equal and have “unalienable rights” is as false today as it was at the nation’s founding. It is true that over two centuries the nation did grant more Americans equality according to their unalienable rights, but the gains are rapidly being chipped away by other Americans under the guise of defending their rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The other Americans denying every citizen their unalienable rights are Republican and religious, and are worse than the tyrant the Colonists finally broke away from. Looking briefly at Jefferson’s immortal statement, and the meaning of the words he carefully chose, explains why the religious Republican right are tyrants; and blatantly un-American.

Unalienable is defined as “impossible to take away, deny, or give up,” and liberty means an individual has control over their own actions, speech, and the power to choose how they conduct their life. Life, of course, is the capacity for growth, functional activity, and change preceding death, and happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

To Republicans and fundamentalist Christians, Jefferson’s “immortal statement” does not apply to “all men” or “any woman;” it is reserved solely for the rich and the religious; specifically the religious Christian right. If Americans have learned anything over the past five years, it is that Republicans and their teabagger cohort are on a tear to deny Jefferson’s unalienable rights to every American that is not a member of the wealthy elite or religious right. Thus, not only do they openly oppose the sentiment behind the Declaration of Independence for all Americans, they have made taking away those so-called “impossible to give up and deny” rights from every American save the religious and the rich.

Republicans at all levels of government, at the behest of the religious right, have launched a vicious crusade to eliminate well over half the population’s liberty to control their own actions and the ability to choose how one conducts their life. It is beyond refute that the attacks on women’s sexuality and reproductive health, Americans unwilling to comply with religious edicts, or gays seeking equal rights, are solely to eliminate their ability to control how they live their lives. Whether it is Republicans and the religious right actively impeding women from controlling when they give birth, or disallowing gays from choosing how to conduct their lives, it is the definition of tyranny that American colonists fought a war of independence to break free from. Today a majority of the population faces harsher tyranny than the Colonists because it is founded in religious domination; something the colonists were not subjected to and the Founding Fathers attempted to prevent.

Although it is true Republicans and the religious are not actively hunting down and eliminating Americans’ lives, they are actively putting large swathes of the population in harm’s way. Whether it is denying women the right to medical care, forcing millions into poverty with barbaric slave wages, or deliberately withholding healthcare from the poor, Americans are dying and it is down to Republicans serving the rich and the religious.

Happiness is relative and difficult to quantify, but there are tens-of-millions of Americans whose mental and emotional state is anything but contentment or positive feelings. When one group uses their “unalienable” right of liberty to dominate, control, and harm other Americans, it is obvious the dominated will never be happy. What is astonishing, really, is that what makes Republicans and the religious happy is denying most Americans all they need to be happy; freedom from religious tyranny, ability to control their own lives, a good job, adequate food and shelter, and basic medical care.
Despite Jefferson’s timeless declaration, it is time for the American people to rise up and declare their independence from Republican and religious tyrants once and for all. It is not that Jefferson’s unalienable rights need to be changed, but it is crucial to declare that liberty is not the authority to impose religious tyranny on the people, or force them into servitude to the wealthy elite. Any new declaration will also require defining life as more than barely surviving at the whims of the rich as promoted by Republicans, or being denied the basic human rights of clean air, water, food, shelter, and medical care; the things that ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If what makes Republicans and the religious right happy is using their lives and liberty to deprive the rest of the populations’ rights that the Declaration of Independence claims are impossible to give up or take away, they are tyrants. In fact, “taking away” Americans’ rights is the sole intent of the Republican and religious right tyrants regardless if it is other Americans life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness and everything those “rights’ entail. Republicans and the religious have no right to celebrate the nation’s founding because they are actively, and with malice aforethought, in a crusade to destroy everything the Declaration of Independence stands for in their plot to rule by tyranny.

It is a travesty that too many Americans will celebrate the nation’s Independence Day and never give a second thought to how their unalienable rights are being eroded at the hands of tyrants. But they will wave their flags, get drunk, attend parades, listen to Republicans and the religious tout the virtues of the Jefferson’s timeless declaration, and watch fireworks; all the while their unalienable rights are vanishing at an alarming pace because Republicans and the religious are actively pursing their liberty to tyrannize the American people.

Happy Independence Day! Wave a flag, watch fireworks, enjoy family and friends, and then contemplate how to help all Americans enjoy their unalienable rights before Republicans and the religious right eliminate them.



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  1. I’m pretty sure the colonists lived under extremely tight religious control. Pretty sure that’s why the witch trials happened. It was just a different religion then the king of England liked.

  2. There are some points, I would argue with Rmuse, are even worse than he/she states. As an American, I have no problem with people’s party affiliation or beliefs. When what they believe or legislate threatens my freedom of thought and reasonable actions in life, there’s a deep deep problem.

  3. Giving Puerto Rico and Washington DC statehood and thereby voting rights, and rights to congressional representation, along with similar rights to all the other American citizens living in the different unorganised territories would be a good start. No taxation without representation!

  4. NBC aired a “Triumph of the Will” -like musical program of patriotic songs. For at least an hour.

    Reminded me of those pageants they organize in N. Korea.

    we’re in trouble, folks.

  5. We must vote in November and vote big to eliminate this political teathugliKKKan virus that’s destroying our great country.
    Everyone of sane mind please encourage your families & friends to vote! just do it! before its too late and so much damage has been done by these do-nothing but hate scums.

  6. “The pursuit of Happiness does not justify individual development unless it tends to promote rather than prevent the Happiness of others.”

  7. It isn’t as if any rational person still believes the USA is a free country. 

    Think about it.  No-warrant wire taps, indefinite detention of citizens without charges, approval of rendition of prisoners and torture, stop and frisk without probable cause, search and seizure without a warrant, no-knock entry, confiscation and destruction of cameras that might have been used to film police acting illegally, police brutality, police shootings that go without  investigation, managed news, and the civil-rights destroying “Patriot” Act.

    Acts of police behaving illegally, with shootings, Tasers, and unwarranted violence now appear almost daily.  Rarely are these offenses punished.  Most often “an investigation” is claimed, but soon forgotten.


In addition, the USA, with 5% of the world population, has 25% of all of the prisoners in the world.  That means the USA has the most people in prison of any nation in history.  By percentage of residents incarcerated, and shee…

  8. these people are nuts ! they think God is on their side.
    wake up ! how long you think its gonna be before we have a Christian crusade goin on right here in this country. these people are well armed and looking for blood. historically speaking, the hard right wing Christian only seems to understand violence and killing to get their way.

  9. Here is some great news on the 4th
    Richard Mellon Scaife, the Pittsburgh philanthropist and reclusive heir to the Mellon banking fortune, whose support for right-wing causes laid the foundations for America’s modern conservative movement and fueled the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, died on Friday. He was 82.

    One down a lot more to go

  10. Not having read other comments, I respond by imploring someone(s) as visionary and articulate as Rmuse to head up the Convention for Constitution Cliff Notes for any incoming legislators, be they appointed or elected.

  11. If Justices Scalia and Thomas had made the news in a similar way it would have really made my day.

  12. Good point Walter, except that Puuerto Rico had voted on statehood on many occasions and decided not to become a state. That’s something we can’t force on them. Also Washington, DC was set up as a district so that no state would house the nation’s capital. DC should not be given statehood. If anything, the district should be annexed by Virginia or Maryland.

  13. SCOTUS has conflated religious liberty with religious entitlement. That is the slippery slope many came to this continent to escape. Others came because they saw resources and unworthy heathens having got there first. Religious liberty must never be confused as religious entitlement. And if you look at it it seems yo go hand in hand with right wing anti-social attitudes. There is no one these people seem to like except themselves entitled to everything and have the balls to call “entitlement” on everyone else.

  14. News Flash!
    Emboldened by their recent supreme court victory, Hobby Lobby has invoked a new company policy:
    “Each morning when reporting for work, all female employees must submit to a cavity search. Anyone caught with an IUD will be relieved from duty immediately.”

  15. Oh no, the right wing republicans are NOT the only ones armed, we Democrats are also armed, many to the teeth and more than willing to fight for and save our country from the God Damned republicans. There is something to be said, for being ready willing and able to take the second shot, after the republicans make the first mistake by taking the first shot. There are two things to be very afraid of in this world, one is a Muslim coming at you with a Koran in one hand and a gun in the other. The second is a republican coming at you with the bible in one hand and a gun in the other. They both demand that you to pray to their God, in their way, or die. Well, that ain’t going to happen, ever.

  16. How do you fit that together with DC people basically not being able to vote for congress, senate. wE did somewhere along the line allow them to vote for presidential electors – 3 votes in the electoral college

    (the one non voting delegate in the congress only gets some minimal rights eg to vote on commities

    Time to exempt DC residents ( I live in MD) from 80% of federal income taxes

  17. most of what you complain about we can thank the oil oligarch bush and his gang who gave us Iraq.

    One does not need to be much of a student of middle east history to know that the whole place has always been a powder keg and horrible as he was, **Sadam kept the place under control

    BTW **Sadam is the word for camel dung

  18. another part of the repub – christian extemist army – the NRA -marketing arm of the merchants of death

  19. Can no one accept that just because someone takes a different view of how to help others doesnt mean theyre intentionally destroying America?
    Clinton, Obama, both fine men, but fine liberals, have publicly spoken this abouy conservatives.

    On this our independence day, instead of wallowing in our partisanship, let us come together as Americans, as the founding fathers did, and leave our bias in the past to celebrate this glorious day.

  20. DC does have a Congressional representative, but that Representative (currently Eleanor Holmes Norton) has no vote, and, therefore, cannot properly represent her constituents.

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