Republican Scandal Dies As Hillary Clinton Reveals University Speaking Fees Donated to Charity


Another Republican scandal has been blown to tiny bits as Hillary Clinton has confirmed that all of her speaking fees from universities are donated to charity.

Former Sec. Clinton told ABC News that her speaking fees from universities get donated to the Clinton Foundation, “All of the fees have been donated to the Clinton Foundation for it to continue its life-changing and life-saving work. So it goes from a foundation at a university to another foundation.”

The last point the Mrs. Clinton made was an important one. She is not accepting money from a university’s general fund, which comes from student tuitions. University foundations are funded by donations from alumni and others. The whole idea that Republicans have been pushing is that Hillary Clinton was accepting six-figure speaking fees while students are being crushed under rising tuition costs and student loan debt.

Republicans are trying to stop Hillary Clinton by taking a page out President Obama’s book. Just as the president did to Mitt Romney in 2012, Republicans are trying to label Clinton wealthy and out of touch. The hypocrisy of this position is mind boggling as it has been the Republican Party that has refused to raise taxes on the wealthy, create jobs, extend unemployment benefits, and offered a platform that can best be described as protecting the rich while screwing the rest.

In other words, it is impossible to take their claims that Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about regular folks seriously.

It is a valid question to debate whether or not any university should be dishing out six-figure speaking fees to anyone. There are probably better ways to spend their money, but that question has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. If students don’t want the university to spend the money on big dollar speakers, it is something that they need to take up with university itself.

What Hillary Clinton is doing is much more transparent than how Republicans collect their speaking fees. Top Republicans have for years insisted that they be paid for their appearances in book purchases. Before he ran for president in 2012, Mitt Romney declined speaking fees, but insisted that institutions buy thousands of copies of his book. Romney was just one example of how Republicans push books that nobody seems to read to the top of the bestseller list.

If a university decides that it just has to spend big bucks to lure a national speaker to campus, it is better that the fee goes to charity instead of getting wasted on thousands of copies of a book that nobody wants. This is another attempted Republican scandal that is going to nowhere, but it says a lot about the Republican Party that they are trying so hard to damage Hillary Clinton before the 2016 process has begun.

America remains ready for Hillary, and this fact is terrifying Republicans to death.

49 Replies to “Republican Scandal Dies As Hillary Clinton Reveals University Speaking Fees Donated to Charity”

  1. The wingnuts and rethugs really are running scared.Many know that Hillary may win and they believe they must destroy her. Funny thing no matter what they try. it will not work…

  2. I am so damned sick and tired of the Repiggery EvangeliBaggers – included are ALL GOP, due to their blatant hate, bigotry, misogyny, racism, unAmerican, anti-American SWILL spewed by every single member who belongs to ALEC.

    Everyone must vote and rid America of this INSANITY.

  3. Another Whauu…Whauu…Whauuuuu, for the Rights Scandal Making Machine. The damn facts keep getting in the way.

  4. You would think that after awhile they would be tired of going around with their feet in their mouths. I admit, I’m a slow learner but damn!

    On a side note. I find it funny that the college kids have objected to Condy Rice, Cheney, and their ilk.

  5. Ya.. She donates it to her own foundation. The foundation her family controls where they can do whatever they want with it. Glad we cleared that up. Wish I had a charity that I could use to funnel money through.

  6. That was the perfect way to debunk the GOP conspiracy theory/propaganda/talking point. The GOP don’t donate to charitable causes, unless you consider overt political organizations “charitable causes”…

  7. Here’s something the gop runs away from the facts and people under 70….Dows at a record high. Unemployment at 6 yrlow.bushian wars are over…the dems captured binladen…the dems captured the benghazi guy…all the jobs lost by the bushian depression have regrown..end of marriage inequality…end of military discrimination..your 2016 candidates have either lost to the clintons/obamas or have tried to shutdown the government…hillary 2016. ..

  8. Bill and Hillary Clinton do not have control over one dollar that the Clinton Foundation spends. As a not for profit organization it is controlled by a TRANSPARENT Board of Directors and ALL of its spending is subject to very tight rules. You know, those rules that Karl Rove ignored while fraudulently claiming tax exemptions for his political PAC? The violations that the entire phony “IRS scandal” was designed to cover up?

    What IS it with Right Wingers that no matter how egregious the crimes of their own, and no matter how noble the actions of their opponents, they cannot help themselves in blaming their enemies for their own crimes? Hillary Clinton has not abused a penny of Clinton Foundation Funds. Meanwhile people like the Bush Family, Karl Rove, and Mitt Romney have stolen more money than most countries run on. That you defend the latter while attacking the former makes you unfit to live in this country.

  9. Don’t expect rationality from America haters like this one. The Clinton Foundation has helped millions of needy and deserving people while the Clintons haven’t made a penny from it. How much has the Bush Foundation done? Oh yeah, there isn’t one. Republicans will NEVER do anything that does not personally benefit themselves. And they will continue to attack those who do until we drive the last one of them out of this country.

  10. Hillary does NOT have control of the funds of the Clinton Foundation. Foundations are run by boards, moron. I say good on her!

    On the other hand, there’s the Quitter Queen of the North, who doesn’t really understand giving to charity, only taking. When Scarah was “earning” $100,000 speaking fees, (that first year after the election before people got really tired of her same old drivel) how much do you suppose she contributed to anything beyond her private slush fund, SarahPac? In fact, most of her pac funds are spent on her and her family – minimal amounts even end up going to candidates she “endorses.”

  11. Where were you when Mitt was doing the same thing. Only his foundation didn’t do anything like the Clinton Global Initiative does. I suggest you google both and see who was running a tax scam you idiot.

  12. Feel free to establish your own charitable foundation–and discover how foundations work. They sure do not work the way you put out there in your infinite wisdom!

  13. If a university decides that it just has to spend big bucks to lure a national speaker to campus, it is better that the fee goes to charity instead of getting wasted on thousands of copies of a book that nobody wants. Sarah Palin comes to mind.

  14. It matters not how rich any politician is but rather what policies he is for. FDR and JFK and many other Democrats were rich but worked for the benefit of the poor and middle class. Very few rich Republicans work for the benefit of the middle class and fewer still for the poor. Altruism in politics seems to be a Democrat only trait.

  15. Obviously, you are unfamiliar with how actual charity/charities work. One cannot use donations for “whatever” one wishes. Not that laws hold any meaning to the average conservative, but there are very strict laws governing the use of charitable dollars. Again, unlike what passes for “charity” among conservatives (aka: serving their own interests), the CGI does actual good works around the world. It’s funds are not a slush fund for the Clintons or anyone else. Perhaps until you are able to contribute something to society besides the carbon dioxide oozing from your pores, you might spend some time learning how much good that foundation does.

  16. You might want to try looking up how the foundation actually works before you go spouting off next time. I mean, not to your friends because your friends are just as ill-informed as you are. But it doesn’t pass muster with people who actually take a minute to understand.

  17. Republicans trying to pass as great defenders of students…?? The same people who voted to INCREASE student loan rate??

  18. I actually pity the GOPTP. Obviously they are using the wrong glue because none of their anti-liberal scandals stick.

  19. “…accepting six-figure speaking fees while students are being crushed under rising tuition costs and student loan debt.”

    Let me see if I have this right…

    The GOP will not pass any kind of legislation that might reduce the debt and cost burdens placed on students.

    They don’t want the President to do anything about it either.

    Hillary Clinton is speaking at schools and they assume she’s getting paid a lot of money for it personally…AND NOW THE GOP CARES ABOUT THE DEBT BURDEN ON STUDENTS???

    Do they think we’re stupid?

  20. Some of my friends and probably soon to be former friends do not respond well when I reply to the teabag/wingnut/god-botherer/ammosexuals/fetus-fondlers with a hearty, “What the fuXX’s the matter with you. I really believed you were smarter than that. Why would you ever say something like that?”

  21. You know what would be better than having a charity? Raising taxes to when Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln were president? 91 percent? Back in the day, there were not too many non-profit organizations to pay for public institutions…OK, OK, Nixon and Ford Era. Their tax rate was high as 74 percent. Guess what? Your taxes was low as 8 percent and as high as 15 percent…so yes, lets get rid of of the Clinton Foundation, and raise the taxes back to when REPUBLICAN Gerald Ford was President. Great idea!!!!!

  22. Hillary and Obama haters think that when either one of them takes a breath, it is a scandal. The GOP are fools and only stand for ignorance and hate.

  23. I’ve always believed that people expect of others what they themselves are capable of, good or bad. Thus the expectations of the Conservatives only expose their guilt.

  24. To bad she had to be shamed into donating the speaking fee. You would think that if the wisdom she has to spread was so important she would do it for free with all the money she and Bill have in the bank. I would not be surprised if the charity pays for a number of their expenses such as travel, and entertaining. Bill and Hill are no better than the rest of the political grifters that have taken advantage of a lifetime in politics to enrich themselves. They are no better than any of the other 1% that you all complain so much about.


  25. I would not be surprised if the charity pays for a number of their expenses

    In the words of the NYT:

    “efforts to insulate the foundation from potential conflicts have highlighted just how difficult it can be to disentangle the Clintons’ charity work from Mr Clinton’s moneymaking ventures and Mrs Clinton’s political future.”

  26. George W. Bush rakes in $15 million in speaking fees since leaving office

    No. 43’s standard speaking fee is reportedly between $100,000 and $150,000, and Bush has delivered almost 140 paid talks since leaving the Oval Office, the Center for Public Integrity reported.

    David Sherzer, a spokesman for the former president, said that since Bush left office he has delivered nearly 140 paid talks, at home and abroad. Those speeches have earned Bush about $15 million

    Ronald Reagan took heat for accepting $2 million for two speeches in Japan in 1989.

  27. I do not think W goes out of this country these days, nor does Cheney. Afraid of being hauled off to the Hague. Who would PAY to listen to W speak? He has been strangely absent while his friends defend his wars. Those self portraits of him in the shower and bathtub, look like he is trying to wash all the blood off. Is he confined to a facilty somewhere, where painting is therapy??? The last time he raised $$$ was to pay for his expensive “lieberry” in Texas.

  28. DJ,
    The point of the article is how intertwined these foundations get with the founders, usually employing friends and family in order to enrich them playing off the popularity and fundraising prowess of Bill. Rarely is there enough transparency to get a clear picture of who is washing whose hands. While people “voluntarily” donate to charities like these, there is often an unstated quid pro quo. Power and access to power are vey lucrative things to have.

  29. Rarely is there enough transparency to get a clear picture of who is washing whose hands.

    The Times investigation also reveals:

    “For all of its successes, the Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton hands, vulnerable to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest”.

    Bill and Hill are no better than the rest
    Just a different flavor of the same brand, and…Hillary may have just re-opened an old can of worms.

  30. I don’t believe Simple Sarah ha ever even been asked to speak at any university. The best she can do is the graduating class of about 70 in a little town you’ve never heard of. And where she taped a dollar under every seat “to help start all the 18-yr-olds off in life”.

  31. Since 2010, the Clinton Foundation has raised a total of $34 million for Haiti, – See more at:

    Comically enough, this flurry of pointless prognostication coincided with her latest trip to Africa, where she demonstrated precisely what she means when she mentions a public life – namely, her role as the Clinton Foundation’s vice chair and, increasingly, as its public face and spokesperson. She spent nine days with her father and a large contingent of foundation donors and press (including me) on a fast-paced, exhilarating, and occasionally grueling tour through Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa, touching down at the sites of health clinics, agricultural projects, youth service organizations, and other efforts to improve the lives of Africans.

  32. What expose? The same bullshit like whitewater?
    Why Reporters Ignore the Real Story of the Clinton Foundation
    When the New York Times assigned two reporters to examine the finances and administration of the Clinton Foundation, which recently added the names of Hillary and daughter Chelsea to its official title, the results were all too predictable: a front-page article ominous in tone, rife with insinuations and gossip, and distorted by major errors. Such is the habit of the newspaper of record, where the phony Whitewater “scandal” originated in a similarly flawed story more than two decades ago.

  33. So now its tax deductible. Not only does 8t benefit people but they still make a profit while receiving good PR and campaigning for her presidency.
    Smart move Hillary. Very smart

  34. The real pity should be that not one of you so called liberal progressives took the time to ask which charity she gave these funds to, because if you had you’d have found out that it was to her own charity that she shares with her husband and her daughter.
    That’s right the same charity that’s under investigation for taking in billions of dollars and as of today is dead broke. I’ll bet you or they can’t give three examples of what they spent on any good cause over the years. Or maybe explain how they managed to spend 50 million dollars on travel over five years.You and all the other liberal progressives prove over and over that liberalism is a mental defect.

  35. That independent board that you mentioned is appointed and controlled by Bill and Hillary,and all of them are Clinton cronies
    who either worked for Bill and Hillary or are friends, and if they don’t control the money how did they manage to spend 50 million dollars on just travel in the past five years? Wake up and stop being a liberal drone!!!

  36. Donations to the Clinton Foundation are deductible on Form 1040. Hillary thus gets the pleasure of not increasing her tax burden – notice I do not claim that she lowers it – while retaining control, within the broad limits known for decades to foundation wallahs and to Congressman Wright Patman.

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