ABC News Cuts Off Rick Perry In The Middle Of An Insane Obama Conspiracy Rant


Gov. Rick Perry tried to push his claim that the humanitarian crisis involving an influx of Central American children on the border was an Obama conspiracy, but ABC’s This Week called him out on it and ended the interview when Perry added an imaginary hurricane.



RADDATZ: — but Governor, this — this is about a law. This isn’t necessarily about Border Patrol. This is about a law. You heard in Jim Avila’s piece, they have to let these people into the country when they’re from non-contiguous nations, when they’re from Central America or South America.

Should that law be changed?

PERRY: The rule of law is that “The Constitution” requires the United States to secure the border. And we’re not doing that. We haven’t done it for years. And we are paying a huge price.

When you have catch and release policies that send…

RADDATZ: But — but, Governor, please…

PERRY: — a message to people…

RADDATZ: — go back to the law…

PERRY: — in Central America…

RADDATZ: — the 2008 law that was signed into law by George Bush.

Isn’t this is a backlog in the courts?

Doesn’t that have to be addressed first?

PERRY: What has to be addressed is the security of the border. You know that. I know that. The president of the United States knows that. I don’t believe he particularly cares whether or not the border of the United States is — is secure.

And that’s the reason there’s been this lack of effort, this lack of focus, this lack of resources…

RADDATZ: He’s telling people not to come.

PERRY: — and…

RADDATZ: He’s telling them in ads not to come into the United States, not to leave their homes.

PERRY: About — about five years too late would be my response to that. The president has sent powerful messages time after time…

RADDATZ: You know, Governor…

PERRY: — by his policies, by nuances, that it is OK to come to the United States and you can come across and you’ll be accepted in open arms. That is the real issue.

RADDATZ: But, Governor, you’ve made — I — I want to go back to an interview you did on Fox News. You re— you recently made some pretty serious allegations against the federal government.

RADDATZ: Governor, do you re

RADDATZ: Governor, do you really believe there’s some sort of conspiracy to get people into the United States by the federal government, by the Obama administration?

PERRY: When I have — when I have written a letter that is dated May of 2012, and I have yet to have a response from this administration, I will tell you they either are inept or don’t care, and that is my position.

We have been bringing to the attention of President Obama and his administration since 2010, he received a letter from me on the tarmac. He sends — I have to believe that when you do not respond in any way, that you are either inept, or you have some ulterior motive of which you are functioning from.

So the issue is, this president understands now that we have a huge problem on our southern border. We have to deal with it. And I don’t think you’re going to be able to address it until you put the resources there, and that’s boots on the ground. We’re asking for the FAA to allow for drones to be used.

Unless we secure our southern border, this is going to continue to be a massive amount of individuals that are coming to the United States. And, frankly, we don’t have a place to house them as it is. And if we have a major event, a hurricane that comes in to the Gulf Coast, I don’t have a place to be housing people who are displaced.

RADDATZ: OK, governor, I’m going to have to stop you there.

PERRY: This administration is housing them.

Apparently, President Obama is sending these Central American children some sort of subliminal message, because, according to Rick Perry, this influx of immigrants is all a vast conspiracy to….fill the country up with illegal immigrants?

The conspiracy and the attempt to blame the president for a humanitarian crisis that was triggered by a 2008 law that George W. Bush signed is absurd. It was good to see Martha Raddatz of This Week call out Perry on his nonsense. It was also nice to see a Republican being held accountable for the lunacy that they push on Fox News every day.

Usually, news networks will let Republicans like Gov. Perry ramble on even if the segment runs a little long, but This Week’s producers seemed to see that the segment was going nowhere, so they kept the show running on schedule. In typical conspiracy fashion, Perry claimed that President Obama is either inept or hiding an ulterior motive. When Perry added an imaginary hurricane to the scenario, ABC decided it was time to go.

In reality, the person with the ulterior motive is Rick Perry, who desperately wants to be the 2016 Republican nominee, and he is clearly planning on running on a platform of conspiracies and immigrant bashing to get it.

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  1. Is he on drugs?

    His responses make no sense whatsoever and you would think that a Governor of a state would know that the President can only do so much on his own. He needs Congress to pass comprehensive reform if that’s what he wants.

    His words should be directed at those who refuse to do their jobs – GOVERN.

  2. I should add that the majority of people want Congress to pass immigration reform but the GOP, refusing to govern, does nothing but point fingers.

    Why aren’t their constituents mad as hell?

  3. So Perry admits that there has been a problem for 5 years. Who has been Governor of Texas all that time? Why Rick Perry! This is the guy who wants the federal government out of his states business. So why his he asking Obama for help? As Governor he should be able solve his own states issues.

    His illusion that he will be POTUS in 2016 is absurd. Can’t these people look in the mirror and admit they are not presidential material? I’d like to be an astronaut, but I know it’s never going to happen.

  4. Quick question…Are the glasses meant to make us think he’s more intelligent than he is? Or a disguise in the hopes we won’t recognize him from his last run?

  5. I would be so embarrassed to be a Republican with crazies like Perry in my party. He couldn’t be any more RIDICULOUS if he tried. LOL. He’s a total JOKE.

  6. And the bigger issue of his hypocrisy is that this is all bluster, all for show, to court the ignorant base. Perry’s been taking payola under the table for years and years, from Big Ag, to turn his head and ignore this. It IS his cheap labor source in Texas and he knows damn well it is.

  7. This fool has looted his state for years. No way will the American people will allow him to do the same to the country. Are you still drinking Rick?

  8. Wow, what blows my mind is thinking about the extremely uneducated, racist, bigoted, hate filled people that he is speaking to, that they actually believe this drivel. It’s just incredible.

  9. Mr. Texas Gov. You have a whole “army of open gun and carry guys in your state terrorizing American citizens, send them to protect your boarder.

    Than when you start a Boarder war, Mexico can assist you to “secede”, your proud patriot state to their county. Win-win for all. BYE -BYE. Be sure to shut the door on your way out.

  10. Mr. Perry has been advised to wear thick rim glasses, had his hair redone He makes commentary based on a script handed to him by the Koch brother’s Americans For (the continued) Prosperity (of the Koch brothers). Mr. Perry is a G.W. Bush clone. Too stupid to think for himself, corporate owned and the shill for “higher powers”.

  11. He needs to visit Ellis Island and read the inscription on the Statue to Liberty! This country has from the beginning welcomed immigrants. Immigrants bring diversity, entrepenuership and vibrance to the nation. Granted, illegal immigration needs an affirmative policy but really, folks, they contribute far more than they consume!!!

  12. Please stop the use of the term “illegal immigrants”. It is, at best, grammatically imprecise and, at worst, inherently racist.

    “Undocumented entrants” is far more precise and less inflammatory.

    Thank you.

  13. I don’t see what’s so incoherent about what Perry is saying. He is certainly not terribly articulate, and never answers the question about the effect of the 2008 law, but he isn’t alleging something crazy.

    The ”conspiracy“ he mentions is neglect not, some giant scheme. It is the case the Obama has made public statements to the effect that immigration reform will involve amnesty that is a powerful incentive to cross the border now. Moreover the president stands to benefit from a crisis, presidents have more leverage in the event of emergency. Allowing this problem to build up, gives the president an advantage in pushing immigration reform. Given that this involves a merely reducing resources that’s not too far fetched.

    What is with the people in comments blaming Perry himself for the problem. Security national borders has always been a federal issue. I am sure that more than one of you opposed Arizona’s attempt aid the enforcement of immigration law.

  14. I think he might be trying out the new goggle glasses so he can watch his FB or a movie while trying to look smart.

  15. Rick Perry is not smart enough to be involved in adult conversations. If you put “brainy” glasses on a turnip, it’s still a turnip.

  16. I wish she would have let him go on for awhile. Just to see how zany he would have gotten. Could have been fun.

    Maybe the children are aliens that were brought from Benghazi, financed by the IRS, and their leader is B. Berdhall. All coming across the border Fast and Furious, in a great liberal conspiracy.

  17. what is in the water in texas? has it been polluted with meyh/crack or what? or was the air polluted with toxins along with the water?

    that is the only reason I can think of for the residents of the longhorn state to elect rick perry thrice as their governor. he is not fit to be governor or anything else.

    as she said, it was george Bush’s bill of 2008 that has allowed this influx of refugees, not president obama. yet, no member of the republican party will ever admit that the bush/cheney administration is responsible for everything happening now.

    their denial knows no bounds.

  18. It would appear that the Lame Star state TEAtard is neglecting the FACT that more illegals have been deported during Pres Obama’s years in the White House than any other president in history .. ..

    What I don’t get is why the ABC journalist didn’t call him on it .. ..
    Lazy and uninformed journalism ? ?

  19. It sure seems like the main media outlets have figured out the wind is blowing in a different direction and have started calling bullsh*t on the fringe. Even fixed noise has done some of this. This JUST happened over the last two months. Whether this media change is top down or bottom up I don’t know but it should be interesting to see how this develops for the upcoming elections.

  20. “Develops” could mean they change back to the same old same old. I.E. SSDD (same sh*t different day)

  21. I think what the majority of us here disagreed with were the methods Arizona (and the rancid Sheriff Joe Arpaio) used to deal with undocumented entrants into the country via their state.

    Most of the methods were designed to humiliate or terrorize both undocumenteds and citizens of a certain physical appearance.

  22. I am convinced that the glasses have a little speaker in them so someone can tell him what to say. The problem is the person telling him what to say is also a Teatard so the net effect is still absolutely, unbelievably, Whack-a-doodle!

  23. “The ‘conspiracy’ he mentions is neglect not, some giant scheme. It is the case the Obama has made public statements to the effect that immigration reform will involve amnesty that is a powerful incentive to cross the border now.”

    And if republicans hadn’t blocked all attempts at reform, the problem would not be much of a problem at all. Your post implicitly acknowledges that. “Neglect” is an inapt, silly word to throw around, given the (non)legislative history of reform attempts in the House.

  24. “…if we have a major event, a hurricane that comes in to the Gulf Coast, I don’t have a place to be housing people who are displaced.”

    Texas has plenty of National Guard facilities that could house them. He’s lying.

  25. Not to mention, but in response to Governor Perry’s allegations about border agents, there’s this, from POTUS May 10, 2011:

    <blockquote cite="They wanted more agents on the border. Well, we now have more boots on the ground on the southwest border than at any time in our history. The Border Patrol has 20,000 agents –- more than twice as many as there were in 2004, a buildup that began under President Bush and that we have continued."

    <blockquote cite="Nationwide, the peak year was in 2011 with 21,444 agents — the number dropped slightly to 21,394 in fiscal year 2012."

  26. At least they’re calling them illegal immigrants instead of illegal aliens……the way they used to.

  27. The question that Gov. Perry should have been asked, if he were President, would he enforce all the laws of the land, or would he pick and choose. Pres. Obama was enforcing the law passed by Congress and signed by Pres. Bush, something Perry doesn’t understand, nor do the people of Murreta.

  28. Whenever an interviewer delves beneath the scripted Republican talking points (“secure the border!”) and ignores the nonsensical, evidence-devoid efforts to propagate conspiracy theories (“it’s a socialist plot!”) … stripping off the layers of banal rhetoric …

    … a complete void of substantive, feasible policy proposals is exposed.

  29. Really? Drones? You are going to use drones on kids? “Pathetic Rick” should be his new nickname.

  30. Please ! Do not send this nitwit to NYC !
    We don’t need or want him here ! Let him find the Emma Lazarus poem online or in a book. He probably has an assistant who can read & interpret it for him.

  31. To those of you commenting about the glasses– dog whistle. His whole look is 1963, pre-Civil Rights, good-ole-boy from the good ole days. Those are the glasses you wear for a stand in the schoolhouse door.

  32. Brilliantly stated Huckleberry !! I’m 51 and would LOVE to throw a no-hitter against the Yankee’s – but that is also NEVER going to happen. Cheers

  33. Rick Perry, you sir are an idiot and so is your BFF Greg Abbott. Obama has deported more people than any other president. Obama is enforcing the laws of the country. You and Abbott are just like Boehner. Ya’ll are always making conspiracies against the president. You and Abbott are an embarrassment to Texas. I hope Wendy Davis kicks your buddy Abbott to the curb and Leticia kicks Dan “The Pete Wilson of Texas” Patrick to the curb in November. Wendy and Leticia are great leaders to the state, unlike you Prick Perry, Greg A-Butt, and Dan “Pete Wilson” Patrick.

  34. Considering Perry’s working ethnics, he would rather to go out for vacationing, working most of time at his nig**rhead ranch like W. Bush did in Crawford Ranch. As President, he wouldn’t care to be a leader because as long as America lives, his name would last in history books.

  35. the problem with the immigration issue started in the ’80s when your hero saint raygun made it harder for migrant farm and construction workers to freely travel between the countries to our south and the US – Now they stay instead of going home in teh off season – to balme teh current problem on Bush or Obama is entirely ridiculous and Perry is a regressive moron whose opinions should only be heard in a mental institution. Do some historical research into this issue before making a fool out of yourself by saying Perry is right. it only serves to lesson your credibility.

  36. I hope people are paying attention to the craziness that comes out of the mouth of this man, especially in the upcoming presidential race that get is vying for!

  37. Immigration won’t be an issue if a Republican is president since they will just ignore it. its only a problem when they are not it power.

  38. It’s been quite clear for a while that the target demographic for rants like the one Perry started are people who simply do not care about the facts. At all. They hate their black president so much that they will quite simply believe anything any white right wing politician or mouthpiece like Limbaugh says to badmouth Obama.

  39. “This is about a law. You heard in Jim Avila’s piece, they have to let these people into the country when they’re from non-contiguous nations, when they’re from Central America or South America.

    Should that law be changed?

    PERRY: The rule of law is that “The Constitution” requires the United States to secure the border.
    The Constitution requires that we uphold constitutional laws. Perry sidestepped that question and never answered it.

    Why aren’t the republicans passing measures repealing that law on a daily basis like they have done with ACA/Obamacare? They are the first to squawk if they think the President is not upholding a law to their satisfaction. I guess it’s like Hobby Lobby; Constitutional laws = laws republicans like.

    They are not just traitorous, they are stupid and crazy.

  40. Bubba’s worried about hurricanes created by Obama on purpose; blowing people into Texas; this guy would be a hoot; if only he wasn’t given credibility by lots in the bought off press.

  41. Rick Perry…go do your job as Governor of the State of Texas. If you can’t do your job and have to ask for the Federal Government aid, you are a failure of your own sentiments and policies.

    Your state has no expansion of Medicare, your state, thanks to your ‘leadership’, has very little support for education, women’s health issues, housing, homelessness (in Austin!), and continues to be one of the highest uninsured states in the country!

    Look at the log in your eye before you criticize a President that, thanks to your party affiliation, continue to thwart, stop and usurp the smooth running of this country’s government.

    You, sir, are the biggest loser around.

  42. So he is wanting to use drones on these kids? If that letter he said he wrote to the President sounded like him in this video, they probably laughed and filed it under “kooks”.

  43. Why can’t Texas protect its own border? Rick Perry is either completely inept or he’s helping these people get across Mexico. And then he just blames the federal government. Obama can’t protect you from the boogie man, Rick.

  44. Our”deporter in chief” is the only friend an immigration hardliner has ever had in Washington. The moniker was well earned. The confusing part of it all is that people who like a tough stance on immigration fight him about EVERYTHING at EVERY turn. For fifteen thousand years people have been risking their lives to come hear. This is not something that can be stopped. It is something we have to deal with. Republicans refuse to accept this. They are just a bunch of menopausal old women who think that bitching about problems is enough.

  45. Many of those who are crossing the border come under the heading of refugees, and under international law we have a duty to treat them as such. Instead we are terrifying children who are now more afraid of us than
    the gangs in their own countries.

  46. The issue is immigration. Most of the people are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, where the United States ran CIA covert activities to destroy the Communist leaning governments. We funded the criminals and other thugs who now control these counties. The sins of our fathers have come home to roost. There is no easy answer that will solve the current situation. Partisan politics will not work.

  47. Did I hear him correctly…..he said, ” we’ve asked the FAA for drones”? He wants to use air strikes and kill these children?
    Also, did he not hear her when she stated the law that was signed in 2008 by Bush that we have to take in these people?
    These people make my head hurt…….all they say is its Obama’s fault! They are like parrots…

  48. Ex-quitter Gov Sarah Palin will just have them fired for lying and Freedoms. Just keep in mind, these “people” run on a different track than the rest of the sane people. That train came into the station with GWB and has spread hate everywhere they go. Because Derp. Maybe we should replace all the “aliens” with Teabaggers and see if they can live on those wages and living conditions! How about trading one Republican member of the House with 5 immigrants as a fair trade agreement. Let them see how their freedoms go down there! We could employ the immigrants to patrol our borders to be sure those grifters don’t sneak back in. Let’s see how well they exist doing nothing in their new home! And they must learn to speak Spanish before they can get a job or have a drivers license!

  49. .. talking reason to a bigot is useless. if we don’t get out the vote in ’14 & ’16, reason will be lost forever.

  50. It’s absolutely AMAZING! how
    they can make these GOP
    (Group Of Puppets)
    look so real! The ‘prop’ glasses
    added to the Rickie Puppet
    after the “00PS” debacle, not foolin’
    they all have the same script…..
    FEAR Obama,
    HATE Obama,
    BLAME Obama,
    SUE Obama,
    IMPEACH Obama,
    so the ‘act’ has become old & stale
    & frankly, quite boring…..
    Even their own audience is leaving
    the building in search of a new cast
    with a new message.


  51. THIS is nothing more than THE PARTY LINE! Every other Republicans will jump on this message. The FOX echo chamber. Get ready.

  52. I don’t know what is is wrong with Rick Perry, but it obvious something is. Hope you republicans have ruled him out of the next race for president.

  53. Every summer brings to the surface my dreams of being a Grand-Slam tennis champion. I’m 46.

    Think I got a chance?

  54. Exactly what is he proposing drones do on the border? Bomb the children? Someone needs to ask him this.

  55. What an idiot Perry consistently shows himself to be. Can you imagine the idiocy if Perry, Cruz and Palin got together? Throw in the Christie mafia and wow what a GOP selection you’ve got. Rick Perry, king of oops. Oops, the new mantra of republicans. Hillary kicks all without even trying.

  56. Clinton signed NAFTA, but it was a pure GOP program all the way. I wish Clinton didnt sign it, but it was all ready for him when he got elected

  57. The fact that you don’t “get” what’s insane about Rick Perry’s conspiracy theories is probably a sign of insanity… and too much tea in your diet.

  58. the law that you speak of was signed in ’08’, and it has been neglected since. as a matter of fact the “neglect” that you speak of has been going on for decades!!! long before obama took office. since when has there been any decent security of our southern border?
    people are blaming perry because he is part of the problem!! he wants to cry and wail about obama not doing anything to help. what in the hell has he or congress done to help obama with immigration reform? for that fact how much help has he or the repub controled congress given to obama or the citizens of this country for anything??? NOTHING! NONE! NADA! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH!
    when congress pulls their heads out of their collective asses and puts forth some small effort to help? they might just find that it helps them too!
    when they stop being terrified about their own personal pockets and their wealthy masters?? maybe they will find that that helps them also?

  59. this is MY state born & raised. it has not been a democracy for 25 years now-one party elected to ALL state offices. help me out here : dictatorship, communist, monarchy? the conservatives have used this era to hijacked the concept of capitalism as being righteous, religious, and as democracy.
    anti-education, anti-science,misogynistic,anit-hispanic, anit-worker, anti-health policies force fed to an apathetic voting population.
    please visit a dps facilty and find long lines of people waiting in the rain or heat in unpaved parking lots. highways with potholes. the longest serving governor in state history has made mainly negative impacts on the livea of his populace.
    he was recently trying to return leftover revenues to the people instead of using it (blessing) to clean up his mess. instead save the taxpayers $$ by refunding your secret service expenses.
    ricky , HELLO, quit blaming the president and clean up your own texas back yard. actually it is MY backyard. you are a temp…..

  60. I agree this dude is whacked…but why do all you Obama followers always, ALWAYS, come up with this RACIST shit everytime anyone says ANYTHING about this President? What the phuck is up with that?

  61. If Rick Perry is going to be THIS entertaining in his insane rants, let him PLEASE be the Republican Party’s 2016 nominee. Admittedly he will never provide the laughs per minute that people like Hannity and Limbaugh and O’Reilly do, but unlike them, Perry actually believes that there are people out there who take him seriously. Run, Rick, run!

    Oops :)

  62. He’s trying to change the subject because he can’t address the points she’s making. And drones???? Seriously???? He wants to attack large groups of CHILDREN with drones?????? What the hell is the matter with this man? He’s not an idiot, he’s much worse than that, he’s a homicidal maniac!

  63. We ALL know that if Obama tried to keep illegal immigrants from coming in to the country the republicans would block the bill. They’re shallow, and THAT predictable. I don’t trust republicans at all. I only read this stuff to stay ticked off at them.

  64. These people that have said all this crap about Gov Perry , do you live In the real world, really !!! Your probably all are employed by abc news, which is sensored and drinking the Obama koolade

  65. I agree with you. HE’S the one who wants government out of HIS business and his state, so there ya go! Be careful what you wish for, a-hole!!!!!

  66. Rick Perry has become CRAZY since he lost his bid to just RUN for President. He actually did some great things for Texas but most of the stuff he will take credit for was already set in place and he basically became and overseer of policies set up by the governor before him. Rick Perry is becoming an embarrassment to the state and really really really need to sit his ass down and shut up.

  67. These people with their puffed chests and false bravado – I want to ask them to their faces, straight out, whether they are prepared to shoot children. That seems to be where they are headed. It seems like they think it would be okay to shoot them because they think of them as the “other” and less-than.
    Sick a**holes.

  68. I hadn’t thought of that one! He’d better get a mustache and a big nose to go with the specs thought. The we might not recognize him…oh wait.

  69. It is amazing to me how modern day conservatism is so devoid of empathy, compassion and kindness, particularly when women and children are at the core of a social policy or issue. It is quite disheartening that there are so many people who apparently have no shame being mean-spirited, selfish and/or just plain cruel in their lives towards those who are less fortunate.

  70. I see you missed the president’s press conference on this issue, the fact that he’s asked Congress to fix the law that makes it harder to deport migrant kids, and his plan to request funding from Congress to speed up the deportation process in these cases. In light of this, I fully understand why you’re defending Perry’s nonsense, right along with his comment that he’d send drones to the U.S. Mexican border as if drones aren’t already being used there. It takes an uniformed individual to think that other uninformed individuals are making sense. Perry is an embarrassment because he keeps showing his face in public to speak on issues he doesn’t fully understand. If he, and you, would keep up with federal immigration law, you could both stop making asses of yourselves.

    Pres. Bush signed this law in January 2008 BEFORE Pres. Obama was sworn into office. It is the law that applies to these migrant kids.

  71. This is something more devious then you stating..
    IMO, this is about Boner & his law suit. more to the point, they’re trying to prove PBO is failing to enforce the law, which fit in their delusional pea mind. If you notice he avoided answering the ques. & kept rambling until he got all his talking points out. Then he start to talk abt hurricanes.
    1. She was talking abt. William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008,which originally signed in 2004 by G.W. Bush.
    Which require that those seeking refugee status from Central Amer. countries received due process.
    2. The US spent $18B on immig. enforcement in fy 2012, which is more then every enforcement agency combined.
    3. Their are at least 22K agents & 6 unmanned aircraft systems.
    4. Border crossings are at a 40 year low.
    This is smacking close to treason (plotting to overthrow a sitting Pres..)
    By building trump charges — right now its all talk to convince enough ppl. to believe…

  72. It is also why the house of reps will not even look at the immigration bill that the senate passed. And yes, there needs to more and more mention of the bill that Bush signed giving these potential immigrants due process, not Obama’s fault, its Bush’s fault and the republican led house
    of reps.

  73. (cont.)
    At this point they need the msm to push the accusations. For that the msm will talk abt. it 24/7 w/o any facts with a lot of non-experts.& its all going to be what can the Pres. do? Why didn’t PBO seem this coming? Is PBO not enforcing laws?

    While ignoring one glaring fact that its up to congress. All they have to due is change the law or amend it. But they will never do it, b/c these devious little chickenshits want to turn the Latinos against the Pres. & Dems. b/c they know they’re never get their vote.

    So, the money is on, ‘We know you won’t vote for repubs., so we’ll make you so disgusted, dissatisfied, w/ the Pres. & Dems. you won’t vote. & we’re muddling the water so you blame both sides. Thus the media..

  74. Governor Perry: horn-rimmed glasses only add a maximum of ten IQ points. This still leaves you with a serious deficit. Please stop talking.

  75. Better yet, let’s vote against ANY Republican in ANY upcoming election, cause they’re ALL crazy like this. They’ve got “nothing” and “no one” that can move this country forward and work on behalf of ALL the people. They’re made that crystal clear along with the help from the SCOTUS.

  76. but the tea bags HARP AND BEAT THEIR DRUMS about small federal government and give the control to the states…Perry is a tea bag scumbag hypocrite!!

  77. This man is a fool, he proved that during the past Presidential debates. Anywhere else but Texas; keep in mind that he and his predecessor George H.W. Bush Jr., both lacked the mental capacity to be governors– and like George Bush Junior, he aspires to be President. Something is in the water in Texas!

  78. He can’t even keep the date that he supposedly sent a letter to the President about securing the border, I think that was what he was saying the way he was rambling it was hard to tell what the letter was about. first he said he sent in 2012 and is still waiting for answer from the President, a little later he said letter was sent in 2010 So Perry if you wrote such letter did you do that in 2012 or 2010? He needs to learn the laws governing children and borders and who passed them. Why is he even on these talk shows, he repeats the same lies everytime and shows he actually doesn’t any of the laws that govern border crossings and illegals.

  79. You obviously didn’t even listen to the interview. These people coming over the border are BRWAKING THE LAW…they are illegals. We are not responsible for another country’s leadership that makes people want to flee. They must be stopped or we will all pay the price for Obama’s failure as a ‘leader’…

  80. Whoa little girlie. Obama’s failure? Did Obama start illegal aliens coming here? Something that has been happening over 100 years? And something no president has done anything about suddenly becomes Obama’s fault?

    Piss off

  81. As I’ve stated before, send the right wingers back and keep the immigrants. They probably will be better citizens then what we have now. They can easily be replaced. Most just watch Faux and listen to right wing radio and cold or disability anyway. Who has all that time if you work. Actually screaming at little children is as low as you can go. We are a compassionless nation. When people from Duck Dynasty give advice and people listen but never hear how these children are being murdered in their own country,something is really wrong with you. They have their values all screwed up.

  82. While the problem of illegal immigration is undeniably an urgent one that needs to be addressed swiftly, it is possible that the reason the House has not passed immigration legislation similar to the Senate bill is not that the House is negligent but that the Senate bill is severely flawed.

    Instead of listening to all pundits/news/commentary, why not check the bill yourself? The Senate bill offered to legalize the relatives of illegal immigrants outside the United States and even others who have already been deported. In short, it give AMNESTY to all without a word about securing the border, which is troubling, because the last “immigration reform” promised to secure the borders, but the Democrats reneged that action.

  83. You are absolutely clueless Susan.. He is right. If the border isn’t secure the rest doesn’t matter. By the way folks, drones are always for dropping bombs. They are for surveillance as well…

  84. The governor of Texas doesn’t have to make any sense at all. He sounds like the people he represents.

  85. Rick should take up the conspiracy matter at the next meeting of the Birch John Society and then see what the good ol’ boys at the weekly cross burning have to add, and they have to get their boots on the ground, their ducks in a row, and the Moron Militia in Target before the next hurry-cane, yee-haw!

  86. Yes! Please do! I’ll pay your moving costs!!! How many more people do you think you can convince? Thank you so much.

  87. Just like the Liberals to forget that the current immigration laws are in fact what they are today because of compromise to get immigration reform. The Republicans compromised with the dems and gave them the laws about illegals from Central and South America the rights to an immigration hearing. Part of that deal was the border fence, but don’t you know that as soon as the dems had the house and senate they defunded the fence. A fence I might add that would be helping to secure our border. Then there is also that fact that Obama ordered border patrol to do the catch and release program and just taking the illegals on there word that they would show up for there court dates. As if they can be trusted to show up for those court appearances. Finally Rick Perry would love to secure his states border on his own, and he has more than enough resources to do so, but the Federal Government does not allow individual states to secure there own international borders. Libs always shift…

  88. Yes of course, its all the liberals fault when before the agreements republicans did nothing to secure the borders. BTW, that border fence was not a very long fence. It did not go the distance, only a short limited distance. Would it have secured our border? No. They just would have moved to where there was no fence

    Reagan, Bush the eldar, bush the jr, none did anything to secure the border. Take your blame and set on it

  89. Tell Rick Perry that the borders ARE secure. But we have no control over who will show up at the border. The question? What to do with exiles who have fled their crime, drug, and gun violent homes. There are many solutions, but Perry only wants to slam the President. How useless is this man?

  90. He had some good points. The President Hasn’ been as aggressive on the border as he should because he doesn’t want to upset the Hispanics. His administration should have been on top of this. People should do the job they are paid to do. The head of the border should have been keeping them abreast of what was going on as well and they should have took steps to put an end to it.

  91. He failed to jump into what ABC wanted him to say? I guess they aren’t too good about putting words in his mouth.
    Yes Bush put this into law and with a stroke of a pen Obama can change this. This law though, isn’t working out for what it was supposed to, now it’s abused. And yes Democrats are blaming Obama too now. No drones are not to attack but to monitor the border. Forget Perry for a moment and listen to the people on the border. And just where are these so called future citizens (because we can’t call them what they are… ILLEGAL) are they getting their money to come up here? If they are so destitute, where’s the money from? Wake up America before America is called something else. And don’t act like the Democraps will not be allowing the parents of these poor poor children with apparently $ 7000 bucks to get in here back with their children. Oh the poor parents that sent their children off that care so much, need to be with the kiddies.. ABC should be ashamed.

  92. What was I thinking posting on an Liberal site. It won’t get past the moderator.
    But if it does, Repubs don’t want the Democrats way of passing legislation, 64,000 per individual ??? Here is what should be done, they cross the border, ask them where they are from and put them on a bus headed that way. Send a clear message, ( I know all the being clear this president is, he never gets it across for some reason) Your forefathers immigrating to our country did it legally, why can’t these people? What makes them so special? I know it’s all Bush’s fault and everything. But aren’t you people tired of making this same excuse. If Bush was so bad, why is there a fence? OOOPs a partial fence, thanks to this admin. Why is it ok to fly planes into our buldings and kill 3,000 of us? They should have apoligized I know. And Iran means us no harm too. I know. And we live in a touchey feely world now, ask Iraq people… And it’s ok that Benghazi happened, he didn’t need…

  93. see what the liberals want to do, is say oh it’s a law, we need to take care of them, without anyone doing anything to correct the situation. as fast as it was signed into law it can be changed. Obama asked for a change to this 2008 law 1 1/2 weeks ago. So, therefore, it is both. Both the law needs to change, and the border needs to be protected from the illegals invading our country…

  94. They are not breaking the law by coming to the border, surrendering and asking for amnesty. OUR CIA has blood on their hands in their countries. Chickens coming home to roost. You could stand more research.

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