A Newspaper Actually Used a Headline Calling Obama The N-Word In The White House


A New York newspaper is under fire for running a headline that called President Barack Obama the n***er in the White House.

According to The Wrap, “The WestView News, a small paper that touts itself as “The Voice of the West Village,” ran an op-ed column in its July edition titled “The Nig-r in the White House.” The article, penned by James Lincoln Collier, was actually pro-Obama and criticized what it called “racism” by far-right voters.”

It is never okay to use the n-word in a headline. It doesn’t matter if the article is pro or anti-Obama. It is disrespectful to the President Of The United States as a man and disrespectful to the office that he has been elected twice to hold. It was not in any way an appropriate headline. In fact, it is headlines such as this that give the people who hate Obama because of the color of his skin something to point to when they get called out for their bigotry.

PoliticusUSA has, unfortunately, had to spend loads of column space pointing out and criticizing the race-based hatred and behavior of some conservatives. Headlines that go for shock value such as the one that The WestView News used is a discredit to journalism and the journalistic community.

President Obama has had to deal with race-based opposition to his presidency since before he was elected to his first term. Republicans have calculatingly used race as a political tool to divide the country. Republicans have championed conservatives who questioned the president’s nation of birth, the validity of his birth certificate, and even his college transcripts. The constant drumbeat of race-based hatred of this president has been a consistent theme of his presidency.

The last thing that the millions of Americans who are working hard combating the conservative attempts to exploit the nation’s ugly underbelly of racism and discrimination needed was a headline calling the president an n-word. By even using the headline, The WestView News perpetuated the racism that the article’s author opposes.

Supporters of a colorblind society should be saddened and outraged by this headline. I would like to think that supporters of the president are smarter than those who were involved with the creation and publication of this headline. Partisan anger brings out the worst in people, but defending the president by perpetuating racism is not the way to build a better society.

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  1. I honestly don’t think anyone should be calling The President of the United States such a derogatory name, least of all, a newspaper…..who is SUPPOSED to report the news in an unbiased way.
    HOWEVER, I don’t think these sentiments have to do with the color of Obama’s skin. I think they’re more to do with his attitude and his inept manner of running our country.
    I am not a prejudiced person by way of skin color, but I’m usually not afraid to call a Nigger (white, black or any other ethnicity) as I see it.
    I am not going to say this about the President though, no matter what his arrogance or ignorance levels may be.
    I WILL say that I can’t believe he was voted into a second term of office by the American people, and in my way of thinking, he was not deserving of the Presidency in the first place….but like it or not, he IS our President and deserves a little respect for the title of office that he holds.
    So, sorry to say, but this newspaper was DEAD WRONG in their headline…..

  2. What a profound lack of judgment on the part of the editors. Even if they allowed this for shock value, it neither justifies the means nor the ends.

  3. It is long past time for political “LEADERS” to be called publicly to account for their racism. Nearly all the opposition to President Obama and his proposals is rooted in a determination to defeat a black president in every possible way.

  4. Though I understand the use of such a word satirically/sarcastically,it opens the door to its mainstream use polemically. Today the Westview News, tomorrow the New York Post.

  5. stupid headline, but as for the “colorblind society”? this is equally racist in it’s own respect. it is a term used by people to try to inform you that they don’t see color. it then gives them the opportunity to ignore advances someone makes by being the first of a particular race or ethnicity. it is bullshit at this time. one day, we may have no “first female”, “first black”, “first___” and we regard an accomplishment made by the person instead of gender or color, but right now it is still a point of pride. if you are going to be using the “colorblind” idea, then senator barack obama became just another president and there was absolutely nothing historic about it.

  6. No excuse for this for any reason . The WestViewNews owes our POTUS and our country a written apology .

  7. If Romney had been elected you would be saying the very same thing about him today. But I wont argue with your opinion and your post because you put it so well.

  8. One question. Are you a African American? I will wait for your answer before I comment any further

  9. @BarackObama, You are my president. I voted for you twice, and would do so again if I could. To those ignorant, bigoted, racist people who spew their ignorance. I refuse to hate them. Instead I will feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the fact that they are to blind to see that you are a good and decent intelligent man. That you fight for us and them despite their hatred. I learned this from you Mr. President, thank you.

  10. So you are prejudice towards the fact that President Obama DID win both elections in convincing manner. Just by stating you do not believe he won, when the numbers prove otherwise, show that you hate the man. So deep down it IS because he is 1/2 black that ruffles your lilly white feathers. I can guarantee you would NEVER be saying this about Romney if he had won.

    Oh and the statement of ” I am not a racist, but I will call a ni**er when I see one (white or black)” is just complete BS. Own your racist attitude, so that everyone can see what you really are!

  11. Either you are American or you’re not. We as a country should not recognize a prefix to determine a persons race. That said, are you trying to determine if he/she is black or not? If so, I ask you…why should that matter?

  12. Well I can go one of two ways. If your white you have no business using that word and if you are black you should know better. You like her is just showing your ignorance and this have nothing to do with a prefix. I see no one say anything about Irish or Italian American but if we choose to identify ourselves as African Americans all hell breaks loose. So take that bullshit somewhere else I don’t have to apologize for how I choose to live and what to call myself. I have earned that right.

  13. Deborah,
    It is classless to use that word against anybody. The fact that you’re “not afraid” to use the word on people speaks volumes about your lack of class or character. Free speech gives you the right to say the word, but you have to live with the consequences of your actions. The word is despised by most people and with good reason. If you say the words, “I’m not prejudiced, but….it means you’re prejudiced, plain and simple. Telling yourself that you’re not before using that word while hiding behind a claim to use the word against any color doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. You’re true and very ugly colors are revealed here for all to see.

  14. I truly don’t believe there is freedom of press. To print what is true anyway. They print what they are allowed and told.this newspaper was only doing what it was told. Which stuff like this has been going on since he ran for president the first time. And it will continue and no one will pay for there actions.

  15. I totally agree with gypsy. At least have the guts to own your racist beliefs. You state that you call people the n word no matter their color, therefore you are not racist. So please explain what non – racist message you are attempting to convey by using the n word? Please explain what that word means to you, and if you are honest, you will admit that you use it purely because it is so profoundly offensive.

  16. This is exactly what happens when we live by rights instead of laws. Now all the bigots and racist think they have the right to use that word anytime they want. They are to damn stupid to realize if you don’t like the man, at least respect the office. I have faith that God will get fed up and take care of it. What goes around will come around.

  17. I have no problem with the headline and I despise the N-word. However, the title was edgy and an editorial. Perhaps better in a magazine than a newspaper – but only because of the scrutiny.

  18. Frankly no media or person should ever use derogatory labels to describe or capture the attention of potential readers. I can’t believe the author couldnt create another title without stuping to the racist level. But then again maybe the author did so to attract racist buyers in the hopes the world believed they are right. Either way it’s not necessary to stoop to trash level journalism…

  19. WOW…just WOW…Deborah I would be interested to know specifically why you think President Obama was not “deserving” of a 2nd term?

    Exactly how did his Presidency affect your life?

  20. Deborah Wilson…..when exactly was the ladt time you called anyone white a nigger? I’m calling BS on your ridiculous, blatantly racist behind.

  21. I support our President 100% as well. I hope when his term ends, he gives the big F-U in return to all those who deserve it. However, he has too much dignity and class to do that.

  22. Anyone else unable to vote on here? Mine worked for a day 2 days ago, and now I can’t vote again.

    Geesh..wonder if its my internet?

  23. Huck, Thank You.

    You know..despite whatever racists or bigots want to say about our President..the fact remains that he is a Black man, and HE IS THE PRESIDENT x2, and YOU (racists and bigots) are NOT President, and certainly would never even get close to being President.

    Its jealousy and hate they have, nothing else.

  24. I agree with you democratinny, I would love to know Deborah’s thoughts as to why Barack Obama was voted into a second term. He obviously had done something right his first term to be elected again. He is a good president, tries every day to work with those scumbag pukes that block, obstruct or flat out refuse to work with him. He has accomplished more in 5 yrs. all by himself than those lowlife lazy bastards have accomplished in 10 yrs. And look at the numbers just this week. Jobs created 280,000, unemployment down to 6.1% where it was when he took office, and DOW AT ITS HIGHEST and has done so much more. You people and you especially Deborah need to give him credit for what he deserves and as far as this name Niger goes, IT IS A GOD DAM DISGRACE THAT ANYONE DARE USE IT AND ESPECAILLY TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.

  25. Context is everything. Certainly it is.

    However, if you want to praise our President, then just do it. Why egg on with racist terms? How does that add to the quality of the article? It promotes negativity at which point it is a double-edged sword, and gives those who are racists the sense that they have license to use that word. If the article wants to stay something good, say it and leave it at that. You might not get as many readers, but if that is more important than the validity of your article, then I guess that speaks volumes as to why you do what you do.

  26. Thanks Gail, and I would like to add…no matter what anyone thinks of ACA..there are MILLIONS of people in this country who can now see a doctor and take care of their health. That is something no president has been able to accomplish in 30 years.

  27. Being Black all my life I’ve never heard any other nationally called the N-Word. Yes, Obama won the election twice without your help. Grin & Bare it like many of us have over the years.

    How you an others feel about Obama is a “Racial Thing” nothing more. Why don’t you admit it and move on.

  28. I think it does have to do with race, because back in 1902+ there was a poem put out by unknown person call “Niggers in the White House,” and it was because President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington who was black in the White House along with other blacks for tea, then after that, 1000 blacks were killed in south, and they quoted since he had done this “they killed them to said now this will show them there place, then in 1929 more blacks were invited to again for tea, now poem speaks of Presidents head being cut off, for entertaining blacks in white house, and how his kids will date blacks, also both president and Booker and kids are listed in poem, now this is a generational curse of racism that need s to be broken, pure hatred and evil, you look it up, this poem was totally evil, N…..’s in the White House, now tell me again this isn’t racial, secrets we keep, some of you were taught very young by parents what and what not to like, you choose right from wrong.

  29. While hatred is normally not the proper response to detestable people I think it is very justified when the battle we fight is good vs evil. I absolutely believe the hatred our President faces is purely black-hearted and will not give these people cover under any circumstance. Not only is the Prez being attacked by these “dark minions”, so is most of the planet that supported his presidency by voting and/or hoping for his election. Evil followers, go fk yourselves and go to your fates on your own. The rest of us have a better a future in mind for the world. There you have it.

  30. Deborah, anyone who uses that word on anyone says more about herself than the person she so describes. You stand convicted by your own words.

  31. What these idiot republitards neglect to realize, there is no group in the world that can truely call themselves white. According to the Bible, Cain killed Able, God struck him so that all could see him day or night for his sin, and that mark has been passed on through the generations. Who can we see in the dark better, black, or white. Next, throughout history, every white group has been conquered, or mixed with darker races. The Huns in Europe, the Moors in the Mediteranian. There is no such pure white race. It was proven and covered up by the Nazis. So really, their prejudices are simply a cover for their lazinesses and deceptions. Wake up people, they want us divided so we wont stop them from destroying us. Vote them all out. Stop all of their thievery. Love your neighbor, they are in the same situation as you.

  32. Why do people feel/think that name calling is acceptable these days? It baffles the sensibilities. Name calling is just never, ever a good thing to do.

  33. We are all prejudice about the way people act and what they do. We all have them and it’s a lie from anyones mouth if they say they don’t. Every person has at least one. I’m prejudice and so are you. This word has an awful history but if we try to ban and get rid of the word we are choosing to forget that history. We cant ban it and we shouldn’t its a word with big meaning, but again we don’t want to forget that meaning. Now half of me is torn about how to react to this article. Part of me wants to pat the guy on the back for his ballsiness and part of me is like dude you called the president a nigger? Wtf? But now having said all that I feel ok to say this obeeze you my nigga!

  34. I am not a prejudiced person by way of skin color, but I’m usually not afraid to call a Nigger (white, black or any other ethnicity) as I see it.

    Not afraid? Proud of an attitide?

    Yay for you?

    With all the words available in the English language , why would you pick to use the ONE word that screams of hate? The ONE word that was intended to be uniquely dehumanizing? The ONE word that was used to debase and oppress an entire race?
    Broaden your vocabulary, retract the claws… and stop being a thoughtless jackass.
    Headlines that go for shock value such as the one that The WestView News used is a discredit to journalism

    Agreed. And shock value has plummeted.

    Nothing but yawn-worthy.

  35. Notably, people who write for newspapers more often than not do NOT write their own headlines. So, while the headline is outrageous, offensive, stupid, classless, and a very poor editorial decision, it isn’t likely Collier’s fault.

  36. I don’t understand why it was stated in this article that no one should call the president that. No one should call anything that. Being the president doesn’t mean that he deserves more respect in this regard than anyone else and it irritates me that this article suggests so. The black (whatever opinion you want to through out about the worst black person you don’t know) person deserves the same amount of respect as the president when it comes to racial slurs. I don’t care of you are talking about a black person that said “hey, I’m going to kill five people, what this.” You should still not be saying this hateful word. Talk about how you think this person is a vile human being or whatever people will say, but no need to through this hateful, racist word into the mix. And I’m also advocating for thinking this way, not just holding back your racist thoughts.

  37. I agree completely Huckleberry. But if you don’t want to hate them, I’ll do it enough for both of us. I sure don’t feel sorry for any of them. I’m sure they will fight just as hard against our NEXT president, Hillary Clinton, too. It’s just what they do because they can’t do anything else.

  38. @Deborah…Give you a “million bucks” if you go into Harlem and stand there and call everyone you see a N-word!

  39. Deborah Wilson y don’t u just come out and say it out loud u show. Sign. Of bigotry and hatred because his black u will be alright and he won’t change his skin color.

  40. I’m a middle aged white woman who grew up in the south. I was taught at a young age that anyone, of any race, could be a ni**er. My family and a lot of others used it against whites, hispanics, etc. BUT…….

    It took me until I was about 7 years old to realize where that word comes from and what it stands for. And not only did I never utter it again, I spent hours arguing with family members about its use, until they stopped using it.

    I don’t care that you were raised with a different usage of that word. You are PLENTY old enough to have figured out it’s vile and full of hate. Grow the hell up!

  41. The New GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party is a racist party and is controlled by White Supremacist. Most of the New GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party are Members of the NRA and other white supremacist groups who hate Afro Americans,and Hispanics like me. The New GOP KKK and Jim Crow party are for Voter Suppression, wage increases for American works and the list, and lastly equal pay for equal work. The New GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party is alive and they hate my Commander In Chief President Obama because the color of his skin. Where is the Old GOP? It appears that the Old GOP’s head in the sand hoping that the New GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party will just go away. It appears that the US Supreme Court just allowed the expansion of Hate against Afro Americans and Hispanics. Hispanics are not going anywhere. My ancestors arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico (The Villa de Atrisco in 1603). Shame on the GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party to include the NRA. Just a Combat Vet.

  42. Racism will be in this Country until the end of time…I am a proud African-American living in this Racist Country for 62 years…I grew up in the Jim Crow South where I experienced blatant racism in the 50’s and early 60’s…I moved to the North in the middle 60’s and lived in a segregated neighborhood until the 90’s…I moved to a predominantly African-American suburban neighborhood which has a melting pot of different races…But I have never seen such blatant racism that has been directed towards a President as I’ve seen since President Obama was elected…Racism will be America’s downfall!

  43. OH Jan, if you think it’s been bad for Pres. Obama, just wait and see what will be in store for a Women, who sits in the White House.

  44. I like you Sunny!…If more People thought like you, this world would be a better place to live in!…My motto is Think BEFORE YOU SPEAK!

  45. The day I enter the pearly gates I know that I’ll be at peace at last for there shall be no hatred…. No name calling, back stabbing, desintion amongst us.. To call Our beloved President or any other other person for that matter something so vial is disgraceful…. People have lost their kindness & respect for their fellow man…. God don’t like ugly & so many have proved they are…. When the next ark is built will you be left to drown? On judgement day will you stand proud or stand in fear ? How would you feel being called something so hateful ? Karma bites & you reap what you sow….

  46. Let me say that I hate this word and all that it conjures.

    That said, the headline perfectly describes the innermost thoughts of most of this man’s (POTUS’s) devoted adversaries.

    The truth is, at times, a difficult thing to acknowledge… especially when dripping with paradox.

  47. Eli Chavez at 9:30 am

    Most of the New GOP KKK and Jim Crow Party are Members of the NRA and other white supremacist groups who hate Afro Americans,and Hispanics like me.

    You can’t put one over on me, Eli.

    I know for a fact the GOP doesn’t hate blacks and Hispanics.
    The GOP hates skaters, plumbers, headwaiters, Belgians and baton twirlers.

    I go to the meetings.

  48. On the other hand – calling people out for what they really think and not letting them get away with couching it in less offensive terms..?

  49. This isn’t really name-calling. Let’s face it. This IS what people are saying when they’re not saying it. It’s telling the Klan that they don’t really mean “African-American” because we all know what they really mean. No?

  50. Who could have been more inept at running the White House than the Bush administrations? No one hauled inflammatory remarks regarding his administration, which should have been impeached by the congress of the United States. I am an African American who did not vote for the Current President, knowing the American Character, he would be rendered ineffective and the country would suffer for it at a time when we needed a more experience candidate, rather than a Junior Senator. But his complexion played such a large part in the electoral process that no American has been safe. These are the same issue we are now confronting around the world. The arrogance of America, who sees themselves as privileged. But privileged has not brought wealth to the Caucasian Race,and their reward for following the prescription of the capitalist has been privilege by complexion only. The privilege to be indebted to be considered Middle Class and promote this privilege at their expense; every American is suffe

  51. I’ve read every reply in here… And nobody’s said what I was thinking… So… If u call a WHITE person a “that word”, are u NOT referring to them as being or action BLACK??? Because I’ve heard white folks say “it” and in every context, they are either calling that person that because they are acting, dressing, talking, or immatating BLACK!!! And in ALL circumstances, I said, “why can’t u just say, ‘be urself?’ Hahahaha that’s too easy. As was said earlier, that word is harsh, vile, and its hatred is DEEP. That is one of THE oldest words in the modern English laugage.. Call someone a turkey, a jive sucka, a square, or a buffoon and watch how the respond lol

  52. Congratulations: Jason Easley on missing the entire point of the article, and even furthering the misunderstanding.
    Especially YOUR lead in: “Calling Obama The N-Word In The White House”, which Colier PRECISELY DIDN’T
    Your outrage is disingenuous at least, and talk about pandering to attract readers . . .
    At least a (very) few of us are literate enough to see what you have done and call YOU out on it.
    Your hypocrisy is proven with your admission of the editorial space this very page has dedicated to the true subject of Colier’s article.

  53. I can’t vote about 99% of the time. I’ve posted asking what is wrong, but I never get an answer.

  54. Im certainly not THE judge,their will be high,high and Very huge prices to pay. Karma is the Mother so enjoy all of the racist things in the wheel barrel.Keep up the beautiful artistry of Words. That little pink thing on our mouths is so wonderful and magical.Memories ummmm lots of memories! Keep up the good works! USA!!!

  55. Have you even considered that the President is half White? I agree, however, that he is culturally Black. Anyway, although I agree with your sentiment that he deserves respect by virtue of his office, you seem to be in denial about race. This country will never heal from racism until we talk about it. Without that, it will continue to fester and bubble up when the political environment allows it. By the way, the current rancor about the President is not only racist, it is unpatriotic.

  56. Please advise how a n****r behaves? Your knowledge on the word clearly is lacking. It IS related to race, PERIOD. It is derived from the word Negro, which means black or persons of dark skin.

  57. Why do so much to diminish the President’s character & accomplishments?He’s done more in 5 than Bush in 8 despite the lack of respect or support? check the deficit, ACA,equal pay, <dead soldiers,World respect, etc.. If he was white would it be hail to the CHEIF? Past 43 hasn't experienced such venom! Not through watergate, Iraq or Monica.You can hide behind whatever screen you wanna but at least the paper was skockingly honest.

  58. I’m 57 years old and I attended a predominantly white school. Racism was present, but not like it is today. In other words, it was not as blatant. It occurred in small doses. This statement is to the ignorant ones who say, they call themselves niggas, why can’t we? First, blacks view the word nigga and nigger differently. A black saying, what’s up my nigga, is not like saying what’s up my nigger! Ask any white person who may hang around blacks. For the record, I hate both terminologies. Trust me, the slaves didn’t use either one of those names first. So, we know from whom it originated. Secondly, back to the school I attended. My white friends would some times jokingly call one another Wops,dumb dago’s, stupid Pollacks and other ethnic slurs. But, amongst themselves, in a joking loving manner. I was only a teenager, but I knew then, that I couldn’t call them such names because I am a negro. No one had to tell me that. I just knew. There has to be others out there who witnessed…..

  59. Sticks and stones may break my bones but niggas will never hurt me.

    Racism will never be over until everyone can acknowledge their race in the same light as the people who are black have had to endure over the last 50 years.

    Most people that I meet, who happen to be white, do not understand what it means to be a white person; but on the contrary everyone else I meet knows how to conduct themselves as a (insert race here) person around those bigots.

    The Baby Boomer generation will be gone in another 30 years and, thankfully, America will be completely different without them. An America where schools and neighborhoods aren’t dubbed good or bad based on race, is what I’m shooting for.

  60. Abraham Lincoln’s horse drawn carriage passed a white man herding six n.. male children all crying. The heat from the sun pelted their dehydrated bodies. The whip forced their little steps another mile. Just bought from the slave markets. Those days.

    Billie Holiday sang “Strange Fruit” of n..s hanging from trees. …when a bored white man decided on an impromptu picnic or pick a n.. for hanging. Those days.

    N.. families from toddlers to those near the grave have watched as each limb of the biggest n.. (no need to mention brother, father, grandpa, cousin, etc – why personalize him – ‘n’ generates more hatred) in the plantation, gets tied to each of four horses then pulled apart. Those days.

    Since then, America has grown up. …a part of us still wants to hate, but, the Lincoln in us sees the human despite the derogatory name. ‘N’ is meant to disregard the man and summon the hatred of the past. But, we ARE Americans. We will not self destruct.

  61. Sticks and stones may break my bones but niggas will never hurt me.

    Racism will never be over until everyone can acknowledge their race in the same light as the people who are black have had to endure over the last 50 years.

    Most people that I meet, who happen to be white, do not understand what it means to be a white person; but on the contrary everyone else I meet knows how to conduct themselves as a (insert race here) person around those bigots.

    The Baby Boomer generation will be gone in another 30 years and, thankfully, America will be a profoundly different place without them. An America where schools and neighborhoods aren’t dubbed good or bad based on race, is what I’m shooting for.

  62. Not sure WTF T7 is talking about. It seems like a lot of verbal vomit about black treatment by some POS idiot down south. Nonetheless, I have a comparison. The awful holocaust had a bunch of white guys,just like the south, that actually inflicted worse injustices on people whom appeared white to us blacks. Example,Hitler (whom is white) had his goons (whom were also white) kill, maim and conduct evil experiments on other white people. He killed Jews, gypsies, unfit germans and other ethnic groups,but they were all white. The hate group were referred to as Kraut’s and other derogatory names. The victims were referred to as rats and other derogatory names. Point is, black’s weren’t the only people held in slavery and abused. The bible tells of others held in bondage. So,just knock off the slave talk unless you bring up your ancestors being held in slavery in past history. It’s like an unimportant event to most bigots. Research history and find what country you’re from. And slavery?

  63. Freedom of speech…. Ive called George Bush Sr. And Jr. Worse. Im not mad at this because it blatantly comfirms that racism is still very much alive in Amerikkka. Id like to see you doubters and cover up artist explain your way out of this one

  64. Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin, Donald Sterling, Clive Bundy, Tea Party, Fox News and all other ignorant hate bearing entities can go down to Mississippi and secede from the nation, take their confederate flag with them and move that POS state with the swastika’s and gadsen flags to Alaska. All in disagreement can snuggle up on the boat with them. The one thing the GOP cares about deeply is money and power. My idea to force some of these cowardice governors down south into curtailing their anti black and brown agendas (voting rights, etc). Is to start a conversation with the black parents and their child about attending schools that still bare the confederate flag and instill laws that hold their children back. So, why would you allow your son or daughter to attend a school in a state that actually hates and mocks them and their black president at every opportunity. Don’t let our black athletes play for the Alabama’s and they reap the rewards and glory. Try winning with all white…

  65. Your ignorance is showing and racism will never be over until people like you are either gone or have had sense knocked into them.

    Black people have been treated badly for a lot longer than the last 50 years. So have brown people, Asians and the wrong kind of white or Europeans. That doesn’t make any of it right.

    Boomers, both black and white, died while helping to enfranchise and desegregate the South.

  66. Any one who disrespect the president is as dumb as the racist pat Robertson on the 700 club and should be punishable by prison time

  67. I wish my last post could reach Joe Scarborough, one of the old boys. He’s an Alabama loving SOB! Agrees with the other southern governors and their slur tactics and the anti minority laws they apply to satisfy their base. Go Bama and their all white playaz! Boys and girls can we say 6-7! I hope blacks and Hispanics stop sending their children to these racist schools that return their love with discriminatory laws. Stop the flow of cash in these stand your ground backwards ass states. STOP SENDING OUR CHILDREN TO THESE RACIST STATES THAT DONT LOVE THEM.

  68. Joe Scarborough and Rick Perry, a couple of good ole boys from down yonder. Like the good ole boy Rick Perry, let’s take the recruitement of black college players to states that have laws geared towards equality, like Perry traveling north to sell gun toting Texas! Hey Joe, while you’re constantly tearing the black president to pieces, did you ever stop to think how your favorite school, Alabama’s black athletes think of your verbal vomit. Hopefully,they will start thinking outside the box and tell Joe and the other take me for granted imbeciles, see you later, Florida gator and I don’t give a Damna about Alabama! Feed it to the roaches!

  69. The level of disrespect to President Obama is sickening. He was elected twice and a Ivy League graduate. Yet he’s still regarded as the “n” in newspapers boardrooms and daily in Congress Im sure. Im a shame of America and the way we are treating a man who leads our country. Our government has let Americans down .Congress has treated OUR president badly from day one and has made a pack to make him look bad.While making him look bad the American (middle class) people have suffered tremendously. To see the “N” in print only makes it clearer how America feels about ALL black people even if u r the president!! The article did praise him but to see it in print calling the President the “n” word is just how some people really hate him . So shameful!!

  70. If you are a Christian you know we are all related because we all came from Adam and Eve, then Noah’s sons. Why do you think God caused the flood to occur? So much wickedness and hatred in the world. We all need to learn from the past.

    And to anyone who hates anyone else because of their race, you have a lot to learn. God didn’t create us that way, to hate. It was learned from someone or something in your life. And whatever it was, you need to re-evaluate your perspective. God is about love, not hatred and He and His ways need to come first.

    If that happened, there would’ve have been slavery or the civil war, or the concentration camps etc.

    I am glad president Obama is our President for two terms. For as many people there are in the US of different ethnic backgrounds, it took way too long to get someone into the White House. I hope he surrounds himself with wise people to help him make wise decisions. He’s had to handle a lot of things like the decision to…

  71. I agree. Shame on America. How can anyone, no matter the skin color, put in print, such a derogatory term about the Leader of the USA? Can you imagine what the rest of the World is thinking? i really am appalled by the actual word in Print for everyone to see. It is a sad day for our country. And white America claims RACISM is dead. NOT! If African Americans are not careful and begin to unify and stand up for one another, Slavery will return. We are not being educated correctly, we are not keeping up with technology, except for Video Games, which do not count and we still adhere to Willie Lynch. It’s a good thing this generation was not responsible for The Civil Rights Movement because there would not have been one. Also, what about Al Sharpton and Dr.Cornel West and other leaders of color. Say something. You have a voice that resonates globally. It’s not about liking or disliking Him, it’s agreeing by Omission. Defaming him. My heart cries I apologize President Obama for…

  72. oooo, I bet you thought you got me… but you have to understand that people who get offended by another persons logic tend to call that person ignorant.

    The root of the problem, today

    (as in the last 50 years – not referencing how we got to this point, that’s another long conversation),

    is that when a white-person* thinks about themselves, they are lucky enough to think of themselves as just a “person”.

    Where as when a black-person* thinks of themselves they tend to think of themselves as a “black person”. (which is totally white peoples fault)

    but it still happens all the time! Just look at these comments! The majority of the people (including yourself) keep referring to a persons race before acknowledging them as a person.

    If you want this racist BS to go away you should start with yourself, and stop calling people who happen to be black, “black people”.

    * – for the sake of the logic in the post I contradicted myself… oops sorry.. my-white-self

  73. Interesting comments about the ‘N’ word. My family can trace it’s roots back to when the British ran the Spanish and Seminole out of Florida. Mine headed for the interior of the US, what would become Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana eventually. Our families Southern heritage is deep, as is our understanding of this way of life and the people in it. No, we never owned slaves, never needed them. I was taught and eventually realized there are all kinds of folks within a race that are worthless. There have always been black men, and there have always been niggers, or nigras as is more common deep in the woods. The real problem is that no race has such a descriptive word to convey incompetence and worthlessness. Cracker, honky, white or trailer trash just doesn’t convey anything. The ‘N’ word may not get much use in the martini set, and those who think they have evolved, but in the real world of the South, it is still as common as muscadine.

  74. Did anyone else notice that a racist just called Obama a NI**ER openly and tried to pawn it off on others who never would do such a thing, because, unlike him, they’re not racist, not obsessed with race, rather they care about actions and results?

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