The White House Nails David Gregory For Using Republican Misinformation on Immigration


On Meet The Press, Homeland Security Jeh Johnson repeatedly corrected David Gregory’s misinformation based on Republican talking points about the immigration crisis unfolding on the Southern border.



DAVID GREGORY: You heard the mayor of Murrieta, “Why now? Why so many?” Is part of the answer that the administration, through some of its executive actions, have said, in effect, “Look, if you come, we’re going to let you in?”

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: First of all, David, the reason we’re seeing this influx has to do primarily with the conditions in the three Central American countries that they’re leaving from, the push factor.

DAVID GREGORY: More than– and it’s double, though?

DAVID GREGORY: Could it be 90,000 this year?

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: Honduras is in a really bad place right now. El Salvador, Guatemala. The push factor is what is driving this recent influx. In addition, we know that the smuggling organizations, the criminal smuggling organizations, are putting out a lot of disinformation about supposed ‘free passes’ into this country that are going to expire at the end of May, at the end of June. “Just give us your money and we’ll get you into the country by the end of the month.” It’s like a used car salesman saying that the sale’s going to expire at the end of the week.

DAVID GREGORY: But that’s not all misinformation, Mr. Secretary. There is deferred action on some children, passed in 2012, that will allow some children of illegal immigrants to stay.

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: Well, that’s the point we keep stressing. The deferred action program is for kids who came to this country seven years ago. It’s not for anyone who comes to this country today, tomorrow or yesterday. And the legislation that the Senate passed, which provides for an earned path to citizenship, is for those who were in this country in 2011. It’s not for those that are coming here today.

DAVID GREGORY: How many– the numbers, again. I mean a year ago it’s 26,000. It’s double that. Could it get up to 90,000 this year?

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: I believe we’re going to stem this tide.

DAVID GREGORY: I know, but my question is how bad could it get? How many more are we going to see? People want to know the challenge you face.

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: I believe we’ll stem this tide. And we’re doing a number of things to do that right now.

DAVID GREGORY: So you don’t think the numbers will go up, is what you’re saying.

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: The numbers have very definitely–

DAVID GREGORY: Right. I mean they’re certainly going to go up from where they are, if they’re already double this year, and we’re sitting here in the summertime.

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: They have definitely gone up. But I believe we will stem this tide. We are doing a number of things to do that. With regards to the adult population, who are coming here without their kids, we have dramatically reduced the turnaround time from something like 33 days down to four days.

With regards to adults who are bringing their children, we’re bringing on additional detention capacity. We’re turning that population of people around quicker. And with regards to the children, very definitely there are special considerations with the children. And we keep reminding people of the dangers that your lead-in points out, to climbing on board top of a freight train.

I’ve spoken directly to kids on the border who’ve told me that they have held on for days and hours to the top of a freight train, literally holding on for dear life because they risk falling off and dying. We keep reminding parents of the dangers of sending your children unaccompanied on this journey, this long, 1,000-mile journey, and that there are no free passes once you get here. DACA is not available for these children.

Gregory’s first question was straight out of the Republican talking points. Instead of asking if the president’s executive actions caused this influx, he could have asked what in the administration’s view is responsible for the increase? Gregory’s question was based on partisan talking points that lack factual basis.

It is impossible to accurately guess how many people will arrive at the border in this situation, but Republicans have it all wrong. The government shouldn’t be deploying troops and drones to protect the border. The administration should be doing everything that they can to stem the tide of children that are arriving. The situation will be resolved when children and adults stop leaving their home countries and trying to come to the United States. The people who arrive at the border illegally have to be sent back home, but the US needs more that Republican tough talk. The country needs a real immigration policy.

Irresponsible journalists like David Gregory only make the crisis worse when they try to exploit the partisan divide for ratings. It is shameful that a guest had to correct the misinformation that the moderator of Meet The Press based his questions on. David Gregory chose to play political games instead of informing his viewers. There is a humanitarian crisis unfolding on the border, and in a quest for ratings, Gregory pandered to Republicans instead of reporting on the story.

David Gregory’s handling of this interview demonstrated the main reason why the ratings for Meet The Press are in the dumpster.

68 Replies to “The White House Nails David Gregory For Using Republican Misinformation on Immigration”

  1. David Gregory and his blatant shilling for the Republican Party are why I no longer watch Meet The Press, even when Rachel Maddow is on (which was the only reason I watched at all for a long time; I loved watching her put that smug Alex Castellanos in his place.)

  2. David Gregory is the worst. I use to watch Meet the Press when it was hosted by the late Tim Russert. He was unbiased and asked tough questions and didn’t let people get away with talking points. Meet the Press is terrible with David Gregory.

  3. Why did he keep asking how many more children are coming? Sec. Johnson should have pulled out his trusty crystal ball. He was basically insinuating that the Obama administration is encouraging the crisis.

    I can’t stand Gregory. He continually shows his bias and berates his guests to try to get the answer he wants. They should just yank that show off the air and call it a day.

  4. david you should be fired from nbc , try collecting unemployment benefits instead of twisting the facts.

  5. David Gregory is not a journalist, he is a talk show host and public relations man for the favored few.

  6. Interviews like this are why David Gregory needs to be fired from “Meet The Press” and replaced with Rachel Maddow.

  7. I just wrote almost exactly what you said about David Gregory and then saw your post. I totally agree with you. he is awful and I do not watch any more.


  8. This one is easy no press coverage of any kind should be given to Meet the Press. Numerous news organizations and bloggers should send notices to the producers of Meet the Press of intent to not cover or report any information about the show.
    It is worth a shot, maybe they will change the format then.

  9. “…the administration, through some of its executive actions, have said, in effect, “Look, if you come, we’re going to let you in?””
    Which executive actions of President Obama? I thought there was a law passed by President Bush that unaccompanied minors from countries other than Mexico were to be taken in and either sent to relatives in the US or put into foster care.

  10. Soon after he got the job trying to fill in for Tim Russert, whose shoes probably nobody will ever fill, “David Gregory” made me stop watching Meet The Press.

    Hang in there and take care, everyone.

    All the best,


    Warren G. Richards
    Advocate, Socio-political Writer

  11. Mr Gregory, why do you keep asking the same question over and over, when he has answered. And …what do you want the US to do??? Put all the small children on a bus to nowhere?? They have noone with them…thus, nowhere to go!!!
    I will take a couple …… I am what the Republicans TRY to live?? I love my fellow man, and do NOT want to see a small child, or any child without a home. They are refuges, NOT illegals !!!!!!

  12. When will people stop trying to rewrite Russert’s clear, and overwhelming conservative bias?

    The Bush administration admitted that they always went to Russert, to push their bogus talking points because he always could be depended upon to give them an uncritical airing. Blame a good portion of the blood spilled in Iraq, on Russert, being a dependable conservative whore.

  13. Another Russert fan? What is your opinion of his behavior in the lead-in to invasion?

    He didn’t push back, when they trotted out a connection to Saddam, or the bogus yellowcake propaganda. What did he do that you feel makes up for that? He had sources inside the government who told him some of the claims were shaky, yet he said nothing.

  14. David Gregory is so full of crap. He knows damn well that Obama Administration actions didn’t cause this sudden influx of Central American immigrants to happen. In a pervious interview with Rep. Labrador(Wingnut,ID) he said the following:

    GREGORY: First of all, the frustration is not just with the administration, right? It is Congress, it is House Republicans who blocked immigration reform, that came over from the Senate, that you opposed.

    But it is also the issue of the law that is the law of the land, that was passed under the previous president, that makes it illegal to treat those illegal migrants coming from Central America as opposed to Mexico.

    They have to be brought in and detained and put through these proceedings. That is the law that Congress passed

    So when he interviews the Homeland Security Secretary, he suddenly gets stupid.

  15. As part of an effort to stem the flood of children caught trying to cross the nation’s southwest border, President Obama is trying to change a 2008 law that dictates how the federal government handles those immigrant children in order to speed up their deportations.

    Under that law, most of the unaccompanied minors being caught by Border Patrol agents must be handed over to the Department of Health and Human Services, which coordinates care for them, finds them safe housing and helps advise them on their legal rights as their immigration cases are decided. The president is now asking Congress to amend the law in a way that would allow Border Patrol agents to render a deportation decision themselves and quickly deport the children back to their home country.

  16. It was actually a law that Bush implemented.”As part of an effort to stem the flood of children caught trying to cross the nation’s southwest border, President Obama is trying to change a 2008 law that dictates how the federal government handles those immigrant children in order to speed up their deportations.

    Under that law, most of the unaccompanied minors being caught by Border Patrol agents must be handed over to the Department of Health and Human Services, which coordinates care for them, finds them safe housing and helps advise them on their legal rights as their immigration cases are decided. The president is now asking Congress to amend the law in a way that would allow Border Patrol agents to render a deportation decision themselves and quickly deport the children back to their home country.”

  17. …Did anyone point out that the REASON why Honduras, Guatamala and El Salvador are having such horrific problems has to do with the US? As in the CIA, Ronald Reagan and the US War on Drugs? Nah…I guess they don;t want to deal with those facts now do they?

  18. Our criminal justice departments really need to start looking into Dick Gregory’s bank accounts. There are too many of these like-minded twats who know what they’re doing is not compatible with democracy and yet insist on inciting the public. It’s in his bank account or his stock portfolio. FIND IT. Remove these poisonous pills from our media and government.

  19. Or put it on Fox where it belongs with all the other liars. And keep Gregory, McCain and Ms Lindsey, the trio of bullshitters, together over there!

  20. I shed tears seeing my fellow Califorians display such inhumanity towards women n children fleeing their country due to violence n fear of being killed!!!! And, Dick Gregory should be ashamed for his role in perpetrating yet another Republican lie for ratings. I have noticed lately on a lot of prime Sunday news shows they give voice to haters of President Obamas’ policy be it Iraq n ISIS, Immigration Reform and now this. McCain,Graham,Cheney,Cruz n Paul have all made appearances on “moderate” talk shows. So now I enjoy CBS WITH CHARLES OSGOOD to be informed n entertained with just a snipet of news.

  21. I liked Tim but he was not unbiased. He tilted to the right. Gregory is the wrong person for this job. I don’t even like looking at him let alone his interviews and questions. I groaned when they selected him especially when they had so many talented people to choose from. They are long overdue for a change. Send him packing to fox network where he belongs.

  22. Gregory is doing exactly what his corporate media masters want him to do –just like the other corporate media Sunday morning shows. News media has no responsiblity to report truthfully. Corporate media is an integral part of the conservative tactic of promoting divisiveness among the American people. It’s all about power and money.

  23. Davide Gregory is and does exactly what his corporate masters determine – no more and no less.

  24. It was former President Bush who signed into law the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which requires that any unaccompanied minor who isn’t from Mexico caught at the border be taken into custody and transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. They are then either sent to a suitable relative or put into long-term foster care. In other words, they stay in the United States and now that there are a lot of them – fleeing drug wars and hunger. Republicans don’t like that compassionate law any more.

    Once again, any unaccompanied minor who isn’t from Mexico who are caught along the border can’t be deported as per the Homeland Security Act of 2002 a law Republican president George W. Bush signed over a decade ago.

  25. Thank You. Russert was a lazy journalist who didn’t do anything but scan the front pages of the Times and Post to gather his questions. He was a master of the gotcha which he seemed to spring on Democrats more than Republicans. Cheney lied to his face then came back on and lied to him again. Russert did not blink.

    Gregory stinks but let’s not give Russert a pass either.

  26. Gregory has always been Republican, he sure has ruin that great show. Replace him with a younger person, with knowledge. How about Luke Russert, I’d watch him.

  27. Dick Gregory is no Tom Brokaw and certainly no Tim Russert. He’s studying his talking points for when he is fired and rushes to FAUX!

  28. I quit watching “Meet the Press” because David Gregory’s biased questions were not good for my blood pressure. The fact that they book so many Republican-Obama haters spewing their nonsense all over the tube. The coverage is so unbalanced it’s laughable. So I don’t watch any more, I go over to watch Melissa Harris Perry, she tries to show both sides and the discussions get very lively.

  29. Our country is evil-these children are refugees fleeing from deadly violence and deserve to be given aid and not sent back. Has our country lost their humanity? Right now there are almost as many refugees worldwide as during the world war’s and our government just wants to send them back as if they were garbage how shameful

  30. But both parties betray the truth in one of the items that they both support in the immigration reform bill: the massive increases to the H-1B hi tech guestworker visa limits, the vast majority of which will displace americans from good IT jobs. it is a bald indulgence to IT corporations wishes to have access to cheap foreign virtual slave labor at the expence of americans’ having middle class jobs.

  31. Why focus on Gregory. Almost without exception, television “journalist” are ill-prepared to challenge assertions of “fact” by the people they interview. The “brilliant” Maddow, who everyone heralds, allowed Pat Buchanan to say that African-Americans, basically, contributed nothing to the founding of or defense of the country, up to and including WWII. focused as she was on Sotomayor’s nomination, complimenting him for “sticking to his guns”.

    It took her days to, after outrage by people like me, correct that hyper racist misstatement of fact.

    Buchanan was allowed, like Raddatz, at ABC, allowed Perry, to say outrageously inaccurate things without being corrected, contemporaneously.

    The damage gets done, over and over. NONE of the predominantly Caucasian “journalists” on TV can conduct an interview capable of transmitting pertinent, accurate information. We are poorly served by the 4th Estate.

  32. Calling Gregory a journalist, even an irresponsible one, is an insult to journalism. Psychoanalysis cannot save this transparently partisan hack. To Fox News with you, you simian simp.

  33. Look to see who owns CBS. Then look up who David Gregory IS. Look up who and what Chuck Todd on NBC IS, and who owns that too while you are on a roll. Then follow the money all the way to Israel the actions these shills raise for the warmongers with all the republican talking points. All the Obama bashing.
    I see the American traitors, McCain and his BFF Chicken Hawk Lindsey are home from the middle east crying WAR, WAR, WAR to benefit The War Machines in Israel BUT always with American lives and money.
    If we need to deport people we need to start with Rupert Murdoch.
    Sorry, that is as nice as I can get calling a spade a spade. Every time I see someone especially crooked and despicable I look them up. That habit has changed me. A tiny percentage of a group of just 2% of Americans causes MOST of the misery, not only America but too much of the world. I never expected that 12 years ago when I finally got the most basic of tools to check facts for myself.

  34. I can’t understand why NBC doesn’t understand why Meet The Press is sliding in the ratings.He continues to use misinformation from Fox,and the GOP,when he really knows it’s misinformation, and lies. Also he does not miss a chance to bash Obama. When Republicans are on the,which is most of the time,he never calls them out when they lie. I said from the beginning David Gregory is the wrong man for the show.

  35. This clip is the first time I have watch MTP in a very long time. And it is for David Gregory’s blatant Right wing slant and misinformation that I CAN NOT watch any longer.
    DG is a Karl Rove dancing, Future FOX Snooze misinformation disseminator.
    I would like to watch, but I can’t tolerate this LIAR!

  36. Watching supposed news shows hosted by Republican plants is very depressing when they’re not on Fox. Everyone with half a brain knows Fox is a propaganda station whose “reporting” is not to be taken seriously.

    But those who used to respect NBC and CNN may not yet completely realize that David Gregory, Chuck Todd and Candy Crowley are Republican plants in news organizations once known for their efforts at objectivity, something Gregory, Todd and Crowley, don’t even attempt to bring to their “work.” Crowley would have gone to Fox long ago if she had possessed the necessary physical requirements for a female media personality. Since she has neither the blonde hair nor the figure, Fox would never consider her except as their plant at CNN.

  37. I believe that the reason Gregory got the job on MTP and keeps it is because he has photos and/or video tape on the powers that be at NBC. He sure is not there because of talent or intelligence.

  38. heubler, I totally agree with your assessment of Tim Russert being on the conservative side. Used to argue with my husband about him who had more patience listening to him. I never liked the guy. Sorry to say I called him raisin face because his beady eyes and fat face reminded me of raisins stuck in dough. As for Gregory, we never watch that show anymore.

  39. David Gregory, what a failure. He’s certainly no Tim Russert! That’s why I stopped watching him, and that’s why I recommend others do the same. He’s terrible.
    The only way to change bad broadcasters is to stop watching them.

  40. David Gregory is a Republican and a lightweight. He never asks thoughtful or insightful questions. He never calls a lie a lie. His show is not enlightening; it is insulting and boring to the audience. I have most stopped watching.

  41. And let’s not forget that it was a FoxNews lawsuit in Florida superior court, against their own employees no less, that led to the decision that the so-called news channel doesn’t have to tell the truth. Apparently they are protected by the 1st amendment, freedom of speech, truth be damned!

  42. I watched that and thought he’s really grilling Johnson, then Raul Labrador came on and spewed talking points pretty much unchallenged by Greggory, it was a bit maddening. I dont think Greggory shilled for the GOP out of ideology as much as the ratings on that show are in the toilet. ABC’s Sunday show “this week” has added right wing pundits including Laura Ingrahm because they know that conservatives are in constant need of reassurance that they are right, that’s the reason that so much talk radio is right wing, not because of ideology but because corporations know that it is a built in and loyal audience. It’s the reason that Fox is so successful. This might just be an attempt to attract an audience that they can count on. Meanwhile O’reilly on Fox has dismissed Greggory as “leaning left”whenever a conservative has come on MTP and he’s actually asked anything resembling a tough question of them. Tim Russert is a tough act to follow but Greggory has had moments, this…

  43. Meanwhile there is a story on the daily caller with the MTP video: headline: “Rep. Labrador Tells David Gregory ‘Meet The Press’ Is Perfect For Obama Officials ‘Making Stuff Up’. Here are just a couple of the comments from that site in response: “Gregory’s a typical liberal sycophant, with delusions of adequacy. Labrador only said what we all think, eh?” or ” Gregory’s poor ratings only show being an Obama mouthpiece isn’t fooling what is left of his viewers”OR my favorite: “”Hey the man is trying to earn a living.” … as a prostitute for the Anti-America left”…. Which is amazing to me after Greggory Grilled Jeh Johnson, these guys are still not happy, and still convinced that Geeggory is an Obama shill, the right only exists to feel aggrieved

  44. David please invite John Boehner and ask him to justify why he should be paid our tax dollars for not working. A job he has been elected to do.

  45. despite what you think about the interview or interviewee…..we still have millions of illegals here and will grow to the point of no return if we do not CLOSE our borders so we can process what we have. The entitlement program and bleeding hearts will bancrupt our society. How can we help 3rd world countries grow and prosper when we cant even do it here. It is time to clean house and get OUR house in order

  46. The only thing wrong with Meet The Press is David Gregory. He is misinformed, blatantly biased, and gives off the aura that he can’t be trusted. What’s worse, is his smug tone when dealing with people and his Howdy-Doody grin.

  47. I’ve pretty much stopped watching “Meet the Press.” I still watch “Face the Nation,” and I’ve ordinarily then switched channels to watch “Meet the Press,” but more and more I’m dis-inclined to do this. This past Sunday I chose to switch to the “Dead, White, and Blue” Walking Dead marathon instead. At least in the Walking Dead, the zombies usually get their heads cut off as they deserve, but on Meet the Press, Gregory seems to be a sympatico bobble head for mindless zombies. I did happen to enjoy the recent show on which Clinton wielded his katana and silenced Gregory’s usual babbling.

  48. Agreed! Kornacki is the real deal. Steve exposed the Bridgegate scandal. Real investigative reporting that is. Something you’ll never see on Fox

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