House Republicans To Waste 3.3 Million Taxpayer Dollars On Special Benghazi Investigation


House Republicans claim that the nation can’t afford to spend money, but they are about to waste 3.3 million taxpayer dollars on their special Benghazi investigation.

USA Today reported:

House Republicans are planing to spend as much as $3.3 million for this year’s operations of the special committee they created in May to investigate the September 2012 Benghazi attacks, a bigger budget than the House Veterans Affairs and Ethics Committees were given this year.

According to a committee document provided by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office, House Republicans want a $3.3 million budget for this year’s operations of the 12-member select committee on the Benghazi attacks. As with most congressional committees, the document indicates the majority party gets the bigger share of the resources for the panel; the budget provides just under $2.2 million for Republicans and just over $1 million for Democrats on the committee. There are seven GOP lawmakers and five Democrats serving on the committee, and it is expected to have a staff of 30.

By comparison, the House committee on Veterans Affairs — which has has a roster of 25 lawmakers and about 27 staff members — spent just $2.5 million in 2013 and has a $3 million budget for 2014. The Ethics Committee budget for 2014 was just over $3 million, with a staff of about 25 serving 10 lawmakers.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel blasted House Republicans’ priorities, “Think about these flawed priorities for a minute: House Republicans think their partisan witch hunt is a bigger priority for taxpayer dollars than the Veterans Affairs Committee. From the start, it has been clear that Republicans are reprehensibly using this select committee as a campaign tool, and now their campaign tool is going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars.”

House Republicans will almost certainly end up wasting millions more taxpayer dollars if they follow through with their plan to sue President Obama. They have also wasted millions of dollars investigating the IRS. All three of these expenditures have a common goal. They are designed to get House Republicans elected in November.

Speaker Boehner’s select committee on Benghazi will be the seventh congressional investigation of the attack in the last two years. The country doesn’t need another Benghazi investigation. Voters aren’t clamoring for another Benghazi investigation. The only people who want to keep investigating Benghazi as the Republicans who are trying to avoid running on their meager records this fall. House Republicans have tried to cut almost every program that exists to help people. They have slashed programs like food stamps, Meals On Wheels, school lunches, and unemployment benefits. If something helps anything other than corporations and millionaires, it is a certainty that House Republicans have tried to cut it.

Republicans have claimed that the nation can’t afford to pay for extending unemployment benefits, but they are throwing away millions of dollars on bogus Benghazi investigations. House Republicans like to label themselves fiscally conservative, but no true conservative would tolerate the level of waste that is apparent in Boehner’s House.

The latest Benghazi investigation has already been decried as a political stunt, but what has been overlooked is that it is also a giant waste of taxpayer money.

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  1. Congress needs a good swift kick in the ass. Let’s start emailing and tweeting to them..they have wasted enough of our tax dollars..WE WANT IT TO STOP.

  2. The old saying goes, “When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” But don’t tell any republicans I said that. Let them keep digging till November. I have a shovel they can borrow.

  3. I just tweeted the Speaker and told him to stop wasting our tax dollars, they have done this for 6 years already. We are sick of it.

  4. @democratinny, don’t ya just twitter? I stay on Boehner along with some friends. He gets a daily dose. If ya ever care to chat @pharris830.

  5. Conservative Christians would rather WASTE OUR money on EVIL DEEDS, instead of HELPING American Families who DESPERATLY need it. You wonder WHY people are turning AWAY from God because of Conservative Christians like these People. THEY give ALL Christians a Bad NAME. WOE unto YOU who cause the people to scatter.

  6. Republicans are rollin’ coal with their latest Benghazi stunt; because they can, and with no regard for anyone but themselves.

  7. So the House wouldn’t approve an extension for Unemployment Insurance but they can find 3.3 million to conduct another Benghazi investigation? Where’s the money coming from? Why can’t the Senate say NO, & not approve this? Or say if the GOP wants to conduct yet another unnecessary Benghazi investigation they can raise taxes on the 1% to fund this the same way they demand cuts to all ready cut safety net programs everytime the Dems request money to fund programs to help the poor & middle class.

    The 40 times the House tried to repeal ObamaCare; where’d that money come from & the money for all the GOP’s lawsuits gainst Obama?

    The Dems need to use this info to inform to public before the 2014 election. The GOP won’t do anything to help the poor & middle-class without taking money from some other all ready cut safety net program yet they always find millions anytime they what file lawsuits against Obama.

    How can people still vote GOP? I don’t get it.

  8. Darrell Issa has found out it is a lot more lucretive to steal Taxpayers money than their cars. And look at him go. How much do we have to pay for Boehner’s bar? You can bet we DO pay for it.

  9. I might have to break down and join twitter if all my favorite, most trusted commenters are on there.

  10. The only two reasons I can imagine anyone voting for the GOPT is either they don’t know the truth (especially since the MSM doesn’t cover it) or they choose to ignore the truth (blinded by their hate and/or greed). It’s that first group we need to get this information to, however few people that may be.

    All you can do is spread this information far and wide and hope that it’s read by a few folks interested in truth.

  11. Stop the insanity. Vote these SOB’s out. Enough of this non-sense. The GOP has displayed it’s lack of patriotism long enough. They have shown over and over they do not wish to do the job they were “elected” to do. Perhaps we the people should “impeach” each one of them due to insubordination.

  12. I don’t know why everything that the government does ends up costing millions of dollars. How could a investigation possibly cost that much? Law enforcement investigates some pretty major things and it doesn’t cost a fraction of the amount that it would cost for our government to investigate the same issue. Never the less, I support the continuing effort to go after the incompetent jerks that had a hand in Benghazi.Human beings died while others that could have helped them turned their backs.

  13. Geez,EH, you need to see a doctor – STAT!You have completely lost touch with reality. We have the truth. Republicans just won’t accept the outcomes of their OWN investigations.

  14. Wow, I was just about ready to type the same thing about your rant!

    I’m sure the right does not want to hear the truth. Just another Republican lie and cover up. The clueless sheep line up to say they don’t need the truth, they like the story distorted to fit their ignorance.

    Anyone who believes anything Boehner, McConnell, or Issa says is a sucker, an idiot or both!
    WAKE UP!

  15. Weathered, what you say is simply not true. No one “termed their backs” on anyone. The funding for protecting our embassies was slashed my the Republicans earlier, so there were fewer defenders there, and other forces were simply too far.away to get there in time.

    And that is IT. This is certainly not the first time a US embassy has been attacked and people killed. Why didn’t we have endless investigations about any of THOSE? We’re they somehow less important or is this entire thing witch-hunt because of mindless Obama hatred?

  16. Sorry! I was replying to Seabreeze. How that other name got there is mystery to me too!

    I think I need a nap…

  17. @Tatiana It’s worse than that the ACA repeal votes in the house are 50+. The last figure I saw was $73 million spent trying to repeal the law.

    Time to send Kochwhores to the unemployment line.

    Vote Blue 2014!

  18. None of them are scandals. Issa and the IRS Inspector General created the IRS “scandal”, there is no scandal to Benghazi, and what is the scandal to F&F? No one even knew about them

  19. rethugs have at least 45 more votes to go before they reach the number taken to repeal the ACA. Given half a chance they will reach that number too on this issue and call it time, well spent.

  20. Long ago I discovered that conservative and christian was an oxymoron, same as their use of family and values

    Racist bad people Repub voting base the deep south of poison who never got over losing the civil war

  21. ans its the repub hate machine including fauzz news spinmasters, limbaugh from ex slave state MO, BECk – fudnamentalist mormon, and thousands of white pastors of the old southern religion who have nothing to do except brainwash and feed the still rampart racism of the repub base

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