Investigation To Hold Cliven Bundy Accountable For Sedition Picks Up Steam


The idiom better late than never can mean either that arriving late for a function is better than not appearing at all, or it is good this is happening now, but it should have happened sooner. Usually, the term is applicable when, after a tragedy that could have been prevented, steps are taken to make sure the conditions that led to and likely exacerbated the tragedy can never recur. The term is also apropos when law enforcement officials ignore a criminal threat to the safety of others and only take action after the criminal committed an offense. During the Bundy ranch standoff last March, many observers were puzzled why local law enforcement failed to arrest Bundy and his heavily-armed militias for at least confronting and preventing federal officials from performing their duty; what federal statutes define as sedition.

Over the weekend, the Clark County Sheriff, Doug Gillespie, finally said that Cliven Bundy crossed the line when he sent out a call to states’ rights supporters and self-proclaimed armed militia members onto his property to aim guns at police and prevent federal officials from executing a federal court order. Gillespie said, “If you step over that line, there are consequences to those actions, and I believe they stepped over that line. No doubt about it. They need to be held accountable for it.” Obviously, if the Sheriff had taken action prior to the armed standoff with officials from the Bureau of Land Management, the entire “Bundy standoff” may not have happened.

Curiously, the sheriff said that because Bundy was not a hardened criminal, and only failed to pay fees for twenty years, it was not worth risking violence to do his job and assist federal officials executing a federal court order. The sheriff said it was the bureau’s fault for escalating the conflict even after he had a confrontation with Cliven Bundy’s children a few weeks before the standoff began. Gillespie claimed he warned BLM officials to delay executing the court order because of the confrontation with the Bundy’s, but one cannot help wonder why he failed to “hold the Bundy’s accountable” when they confronted him. In fact, the sheriff had said he wanted to take action against Bundy, but that he was heavily outgunned.

The sheriff said after he was confronted by the Bundys, “I came back from that saying, ‘This is not the time to do this’,” but according to his account, federal officials said “We do this all the time. We know what we’re doing. We hear what you’re saying, but we’re moving forward.” A BLM spokeswoman, Celia Boddington, said the Bureau planned and conducted the court-ordered roundup in “full coordination” with Sheriff Gillespie and his office.

Boddington responded to Gillespie’s remarks saying, “It is unfortunate that the sheriff is now attempting to rewrite the details of what occurred, including his claims that the BLM did not share accurate information. The sheriff encouraged the operation and promised to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we enforced two recent federal court orders. Sadly, he backed out of his commitment shortly before the operation — and after months of joint planning — leaving the BLM and the National Park Service to handle the crowd control that the sheriff previously committed to handling.”

Likely, the sheriff backed out of fulfilling his previous commitment because of his earlier confrontation with the Bundys. Now, if that was the case, and there is no reason whatsoever to doubt his word; why did he not summon state police, or appeal to the Republican governor or Republican state legislators for assistance immediately to, as he now says, “hold the Bundy gang accountable?” After witnessing Republican after Republican stand on the side of Cliven Bundy and armed militias cheering their armed sedition as champions of liberty against the federal government, the sheriff probably knew that asking for assistance from Republican state leaders was a futile exercise.

At least, and it is better late than never, the sheriff is willing to assist federal officials conducting an active investigation to hold the seditionists involved in the Bundy standoff accountable. Boddington released a statement on Saturday that said the agency (BLM) continues to pursue the matter “aggressively through the legal system” and welcomed the sheriff’s assistance. She said, “There is an ongoing investigation and we are working diligently to ensure that those who broke the law are held accountable,” but did not elaborate further. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also declined to comment on its investigation.

According to Huffington Post, Bundy did not respond to a request for comment. He will likely issue his comments on Fox News or through Oathkeepers, Richard Mack’s Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), and various states’ rights armed militias when he is finally “held accountable” for inciting sedition. The sheriff’s charge that his armed gang “aimed their guns at law enforcement officers” will be the least of the Bundy’s troubles, and doubtless the sheriff regrets not holding the seditionists accountable prior to the standoff with federal officers.

There is little doubt that when the sheriff and federal law enforcement do attempt to hold the Bundy gang accountable, there will be another armed standoff because Bundy refuses to acknowledge federal authority on federal land, or the federal government in general. It is why he owes the federal government over $1 million for trespassing on federal property without a permit for over 20 years. It is also why after several court cases, and two federal court orders, the Bureau of Land Management was left with no option but to take action according to orders from the courts.

What proves Bundy’s issue is not solely with the federal authority is the confrontation with the sheriff weeks before the BLM standoff. Bundy has stated several times that he only recognizes state and county authorities, but apparently he recognizes no authority but his own. Otherwise, he would not have confronted the country sheriff, much less federal officers. Bundy also would not have been emboldened to marshal armed militias to his “cause” if he did not know in advance that Republicans and Fox News would regale him as a folk hero for standing up to the federal government.

It was disappointing, but understandably humanitarian that the federal officials backed down during the armed standoff to prevent what was surely going to be a shooting war between seditionists and the federal government. But if the sheriff had done his job in the first place and held Cliven Bundy’s family accountable for confronting his officers, Americans would likely never hear of Cliven Bundy. Unfortunately, it appears Americans are going to hear more about Cliven Bundy and it likely is not going to end peaceably.

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  1. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, be careful as you pass move along move along….

  2. As this progresses you will see Faux News blast headlines like “Liberty and Freedom on trial” by the Obama regime!!!!. “Imperial Presidency in full mode”!!

  3. Execute the court order. If they were black/brown it would have been no ifs ands or buts on what the law would have done

  4. There needs to be an overwhelming fed/state force assembled. Anything less and Bundy will get away with it again or there will be a slaughter – and I’m afraid many good law enforcement personnel will die.

  5. John, the stupid fuck should’ve paid his fees to begin with, that would’ve prevented it! Instead they pull guns on the Feds…not very bright..there will be repercussions and Bundy and crew are not gonna like it….Fox news is helping bury these morons.

  6. I doubt this even would have gone this far if Fox Media hadn’t push in an attempt to to make that a blood bath out their! I think Sean Hannity should be arrested at Fox for insighting a riot an much more! They didn’t only report the news/but tried to push this into a shoot out! Even after Fed’s cooled the situation down, Hannity was still trying to rile them up into a gun violent frenzy!

  7. I was trolling one of their hate sites the other day and their “militia” is down to 7 people. All of whom were complaining that nobody was sending money anymore and that the day time temperature is over a hundred degrees, duh.

    I would suppose the feds will swoop in at about 3 am one these mornings a do a round up of these “patriots”. If I were the feds I wouldn’t tell that sheriff nothing. He was basically on Bundys side during that whole ordeal.

  8. “Curiously, the sheriff said that because Bundy was not a hardened criminal, and only failed to pay fees for twenty years, it was not worth risking violence to do his job and assist federal officials executing a federal court order.”

    The Sheriff was supporting Bundy in the beginning …which come out of an investigation… now he is backpedaling because he didn’t do his job in the first place.

    The Militia’s were stopping everyone on an instate highway DEMANDING to “see papers” and if they didn’t live there they were told there were not allowed in the town….they did this for WEEKS and the citizens were terrified.

    Where was the Sheriff THEN?

    Why didn’t he alert the State Troopers?

  9. Any regular Joe would be jailed for tax evasion and/or property taken and auctioned. Now, it seems, when what’s over there, gets over here, they know, all they have to do is bring a gun and the feds will go away. Great news for terrorist groups everywhere. Actually waiting for the news we won’t hear, where all those folks that had their pic taken during all that, start disappearing.

  10. Yes, the textbook solution would have been for the sheriff to do his duty promptly. Unfortunately, in the real world the sheriff (I assume Nevada works like it does here) holds an elected position. If he wants to keep his position after the next election he has to be careful whose toes he steps on. Bundy is a white, Mormon, landowner/rancher. I suspect there’s a segment of the population that identify and sympathize with him and would turn out in numbers enough in a local election to boot the sheriff from office. This is the great weakness of our democracy. A highly motivated minority can wield power because the majority are too disinterested to exercise their right to vote. And I think this is the real reason behind the “constitutional sheriff” nonsense. It’s a means for special interests to take control.

  11. Some of these dipshits will end up in prison and hopefully, Bundy is one of them. After the dust settles, Bundy and family will be lucky if they can hold on to their ranch. After the Feds scoop up the back grazing fees, the lawyers will own the rest.

    The right wingers have a problem. They demand that the administration execute the law but want to void the federal law in favor of state rights? They’d better keep their mouths shut and hope it goes away quietly – but they won’t. That would require brains and they’re in short supply.

  12. The fact that two tea party fanatics were booted from the Bundy ranch and then proceeded to go to Las Vegas to shoot cops and an innocent Wal Mart shopper damaged their reputation even more.

    Not to mention the complete non event that a Operation American Spring was.

    This is a contingency of people who are reactive, not reflective. The very opposite of “sober second thoughts.”

    Try drunken “look before you leap” types.


  13. I’d send over a few drones with hellfire missiles and wipe the whole batch of traitors out in a few minutes, They deserve nothing better.
    We should not negotiate with THESE terrorists…there is no good to be gained by it.

  14. I doubt that they will do a Special Ops/Delta Force operation, it’s not a military jurisdiction; but the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) is basically the FBI’s SWAT team, and the FBI is involved in the investigation, and the government has time on their side – and, judging from the well planned and well executed operations against Osama Bin Laden and Ahmed Abu Khatallah (even though they were both military), whoever does eventually go in there will be successful in cleaning out this nest of anarchists.

    On another note, is it just me, or do all of these open-carry freaks look like middle-aged virgin trailer park trash to anyone else?

  15. We can invade entire countries, but can’t deal with one family in our own country? How pathetic.

  16. I doubt many law enforcement will die, they learned a lot from Waco and are training accordingly but there will be a lot of right wing nut bags that will bite the dust and that I am conflicted about. We should not go against Americans on the other hand they are going against Americans themselves so…having a few hundred gun trolling idiots less is not really that big of a loss. Go to Texas and there are plenty more.

  17. It is the difficult duty of law enforcement to put this welfare queen Cliven Bundy in prison where he belongs. He is breaking the law.

  18. That’s easy, John. First they should have cut power, and any other utilities attached to the Bundy ranch. They should have set up a perimeter well back from view of the ranch thus cutting them off from the media, jammed all cell transmissions, and simply sat back and arrested the fleeing rats as the Nevada summer heat drove them to seek AC. Oh, and of course officers would treat all fleeing rats as armed and extremely dangerous, tazing and beating the bejesus out of any of them who so much as blinked. The justification rests wholly in the fact that they have ALL already committed the crimes of attempted murder of a federal agent ( that’s what it is called when you aim loaded weapons at people ) and/or accessory to attempted murder of a federal agent. Slime are slime and this Republican attitude that wealthy white slime is any less filthy and stench ridden than other colors of slime is pathetic, cowardly, and vile.

  19. Love how it is perfectly fine for your side to promote violence. so they in your opinion are wrong no jury just kill, wow and you think your right now looking at you half cock comment in sighting violence

  20. And it was ok for our government to negotiate with actual terrorists to free a man who left his post in the military, a true traitor?

    PS I am not sure I agree with what Bundy did or how he did it but no citizen of this country should ever be killed without trial!

  21. What about the two police officers killed? Didn’t Bundy and Fox help with that;-/ don’t forget NRA

  22. Why didn’t the Sheriff alert the State Troopers ?

    You don’t know he didn’t; but you do know SOMETHING.

    The State Troopers did nothing to STOP the Bundy Militia harassing people on State Highways.

    Now, think about it. Who gives THEM their orders?

  23. The facts around that solders leaving his post are not yet public. You have no idea if he is a traitor or not. Regardless, they would have been free in 7 months anyways.

    But no one should call for Bundys killing. I think Mark was referring to the traitors surrounding the bundy ranch

  24. One the Taliban are not classified as terrorist AND TWO HOW THE F*CK DO OU KNOW HE IS A TRAITOR!!! I guess you wouldn’t know that the army cleared him helping the enemy because you only listen to fauz snooze

    Army investigators say Bowe Bergdahl did NOT help the Taliban but mystery remains as to how he ended up being held captive by insurgents

    Read more:

    Be careful on who you are accusing of treason, it just makes you ignorant

  25. I WONDER if Bundy files his income taxes? Doesn’t seem like the type who would. Remember he does not recognize the US Government. Don’t feel he oughta be paying them Nothin’….So, sick the IRS on him too. Let Darryl Issa call that a scandal. Ha! You know the sick-minded Issa would too and have other like minds cheering him. Yuk!

  26. I agree Bundy needs to be held accountable. However, it is a federal jurisdiction matter, not a County Sheriff matter. Apparently the author doesn’t understand this.

  27. This sheriff should be fired for being a coward. If he does not want to do his job then he needs to sit down and let someone else do it.

    I don’t know how Bundy thinks he can get away with what he has done and I hope he spends time behind bars.

  28. No, Mark, that’s not the Sufi way – they will be, in good time, rounded up and prosecuted. There undoubtedly good photographs of all in attendance on the day of infamy, there have probably been drones over the property on a daily basis since then. The authorities know who they are, there’s no need to sink to violence when there are better ways of dealing with these people.

  29. Matthew;
    In your initial paragraph, you (erroneously) assert that Bowe Burgdahl (who is a US citizen) is a traitor who should be left to die in the hands of his captors rather than negotiate and be returned home, investigated, and taken to trial if warranted.

    In your postscript, however, you assert that no citizen of this country should ever be killed without a trail.

    Do you understand the contradiction?

  30. The serious militias DO NOT communicate on line. They use pre paid go phones from wal mart, or in person communication, or drop off letters to trusted fellow militia members….they are “off the grid” in their speak!

  31. You are the man with the plan Duncan send that over to the sheriff since he is obviously clueless

  32. That won’t work Andy because the Bundy wimps are willing to put their women and children in front to hide and cower behind. Shut off power, water, phones, tv, internet. Isolate the ranch till he pays or shows up to be jailed. Thee people out there are the biggest cowards I’ve ever een.

  33. I laugh.

    There’s always that one foreigner-owned Faux News viewer who clicks ‘No Way’.

  34. Send in the drones.

    What better example to use for desensitizing the American public to domestic drone strikes than to take out a bunch of anti-American socialist-loving seditionists who use women and children as human shields… the same human sheilds that they decried the Taliban for using.

  35. “socialist” come on now and show some comprehension of these people, they are all fringe right wing tea bag followers and secessionists.

  36. Disregard my up vote the system would not let me take it back.

    I doubt that many would have been shot or wounded as most of them are in fact cowards using open carry to enhance their self esteem. Little men with big guns and most of them with no education beyond high school dropouts.

  37. Our government did not negotiate with terrorists. They went through a third party.

    As to Sgt. Bergdahl you don’t know anything about him or his case. All you know is what Faux Noise tells you and they don’t know fuckall either so STFU.

  38. Sheriff Gillespie is not running for re-election. But I still take your point, the situation was socially, politically, and tactically complicated.

    Blaming the Sheriff and not blaming all of the outside agencies/entities who got involved simply to make political hay is hardly fair.

  39. Once again the products of our clone-producing government school system speak out again Constitutional practices and belief revisionist history. The BLM was formed to aid ranchers in managing THEIR land, but over the decades the federal government has encroached and encroached until they claim, and the mindless public believes, that it is “federal land”. It is not. Once western territories were made states, the federal government lost all claim to that land, and that has been confirmed by the USSC.

    To protect oneself against armed thugs overstepping their authority is not sedition, and if the mass of Americans don’t wake up soon, they’ll find their ability to withstand federal troops and federal lawlessness gone forever, as the heavy hand of our unconstitutional standing army (go read the Constitution if you don’t believe that) becomes the occupational force of ever state.

    It’s sad that Americans don’t understand the Tenth Amendment.

  40. Sheriff’s Dept today have militarized Swat teams for just this sort of occurrence.
    Unfortunately they prefer to deploy them on drug raids or when checking for unlicensed barbers, you know situations that aren’t really too threatening.

    Apparently, even all that military hardware isn’t enough cover if law enforcement thinks the bad guys might actually shoot back.

  41. Your ability to fight back against the US military was gone a long time ago. There is nothing lawless about what the BLM has done.

    The land in question was federal land in the 1800. Perhaps your knowledge of this situation is very sadly lacking.

    The standing army is not unconstitutional

  42. That makes me wonder where all those cattle are now. TV seemed to show the BLM releasing them back on the Bundy ranch. I wonder if all that pretty stream-fed bottomland is becoming overgrazed.
    He’s going to have to sell some of them off soon and that’s going to be the BLM’s cue to confiscate them.
    Those seven thugs left on the ranch can’t eat them all.
    Then what’re Bundy and his clan of nitwit kids and in-laws going use for an audience?
    Oh well. He’s got a lot invested in U.S. flags. Maybe he can sell them.

  43. I watched Bundy “order” the sheriff to go to the BLM and bring all their weapons to his ranch.
    That sheriff looked pretty intimidated to me.
    I doubt if he’ll be much help to the FBI.

  44. I understand the tenth amendment perfectly,thank you very much. Bundy is a moocher,and that bunch of white supremacists who carried guns across state lines should be arrested for that alone,if nothing else. They are anything but a “well regulated militia. The sheriff should have arrested that bunch of thugs for harassing the townspeople.Imagine standing in front of a church with an AK47!! Truth is,if that so called “militia” was out there making noise for a left wing cause,that malignant dwarf Sean Hannity,would have demanded that the Feds round them up,lock them away,and throw away the key. As far as the welfare “taker”cowboy goes,the Feds should confiscate his entire ranch!!!

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