How The (Never) Mighty Have Fallen: Sarah Palin Begs To Be Named Co-Host Of The View


Sarah Palin has hit a new level of rock bottom as the former Alaska governor is openly campaigning/begging to be named a new co-host of The View.

Transcript from The Hollywood Reporter:

THR: Any interest in doing a political talk show, either on TV, radio or the Internet?

Sarah Palin: Maybe. But the politics would have to be interspersed with a whole lot of fun and real life and inspiration showcasing American work ethic, because those topics are all pretty much the antithesis of today’s politics, which I find incorrigibly disastrous! It’d be so much fun to shake it up taking on issues that make audiences objectively consider all sides, and I’d do it with my own real-life groundedness, candor and commonsense that I’m known for. Media needs that today, versus the condescension that oozes from TV and radio. I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.

In case anybody at ABC is even thinking about this for half a second, let’s remind them of why hiring Sarah Palin is a horrible idea. Sarah Palin’s moment in the sun ended six years ago. Palin has never been a ratings draw. Her books don’t sell. She was let go by Fox News, because Roger Ailes realized that Sarah Palin does not equal ratings, and she wasn’t worth the million dollar contract that he signed her to. Palin vanished after leaving Fox. She had to take a reduced role, and a big pay cut to get back on television. Her reality show was canned after one season, and her daughter’s reality show didn’t even last a full season.

The idea that Sarah Palin is popular is a myth that has largely been perpetuated by Sarah Palin in order to keep getting paid. For years, Palin has been among the most hated political figures in America. She makes viewers flee in droves, and The View has already been down that road with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Palin’s campaigning for The View gig shows how far she has fallen. It is hard to believe, but at one time, Sarah Palin could have had a legitimate political career. If she hadn’t quit as governor of Alaska, Palin could have run for Senate or even president. However, Sarah Palin has always had more entitlement than work ethic. Palin never wanted to put in the work. She just thought that she should be rich and famous, so she bailed on the people who elected her governor in order to pursue the dollar.

Palin needs to be in the public eye. She needs the attention and platform that The View could provide. Palin can’t handle the fact that she is a third banana on Fox News, an afterthought, a never-ending joke.

Sarah Palin needs The View, but the last thing that The View needs is Sarah Palin.

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  1. When she got on their and started one of her idiotic rants Whoopi would go off on her. I’d like to see that.

  2. Poor Caribou Barbie – still the attention whore. I doubt very much The View would hire the quitter but who knows – they did have that shrill Elizabeth Hasselbeck….

  3. It would be re-named My View if $carah got in there. $ as vacuously stupid as that Sherry whatzerface and as rabid a denier as Jenny McCarthy. I say put her in there so the last nails of her coffin will be pounded in…AFTER the stake is pounded into her heart.

  4. “I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue. ”

    And someone with experience at getting canned — a big plus!

    I picture her “going rogue” in the wardrobe dept., when they suggest she wear Hasselbeck’s old outfits…

  5. Her command of the English language is atrocious. That came through an e-mail? Couldn’t she have a consultant proofread and correct for her?

  6. They could get the same wattage star, (and same range of opinions) if they hired Joe the used-to-be-fake-plumber.

    And he’d work cheeeap!

  7. Now that I caught my breath from laughter and my sides have stopped hurting. I fell apart when I got to the part where she said the groindedness, candor and common sense she is known for. I am thinking, who told her that John McCain. I have never heard even a Republican say she had common sense.

  8. When she was campaigning for VP and using her downs syndrome son as a political prop she was saying how much time a handicapped child
    needed to be with his mother, since that time she has been running around trying to campaign with the tea party and show her face
    at conferences etc, has she forgotten she has a son?

  9. In that case you might as well ask
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck to come back. She was the Sarah Palin of the group. No experience, ran her mouth constantly giving false information and never stopped to listen. The View is at a turning point. It has lost it’s last surviving original cast member Barbara and two others who will depart. At this time it is solely Whoopi.

  10. Really! he is a horrible parent. Shes against sex education, yet has 2 children that have become parents out of wedlock. Sarah Palin is a total embarrassment to women. Know wonder Republicans hate women – look at the one they’re stuck with. The Palin family are all media whores that need to just go away but they’re too stupid to take a hint.(has common sense, yeah right in her dreams).

  11. “If she hadn’t quit as governor of Alaska, Palin could have run for Senate or even president.”
    There were a bunch of scandals just ramping up when she quit and she may not even have finished one term much less run for national office. So… not so much.

  12. not as long as whoopie is the host. look what happened to Elisabeth because of her views. palin is just dreaming. she never finishes what she starts anyways.

  13. If they bring that stupid person on I bet Whoopi will quit. I started watching the View again sometimes. It had become unwatchable with Hasselbeck. Stupid person would bring Nothing to the view but the garbage coming out of her mouth.

  14. If you look at her follower count on twitter, she has seriously pumped up her follower count with fake followers. Just look for those eggs and O tweets.

  15. I would give her ratings a huge boulder dropped in the ocean. No time to get into a lifeboat or a flame out that lasts for several minutes. No, the damn thing would drop immediately.

  16. I think Sarah Palin is as annoying as the next guy, but this article (like so many others on this site these days) is like Fox News and had a baby – sensationalist headlines that look good on Facebook with no substance to it. Just because you think you are the good guys doesn’t give you an excuse to be lazy and misleading. Hire some real reporters, or people like me will stop paying any attention to your bogus stories. I apologize if I missed the part where Sarah Palin begs to be named co-host of the View, but I read the article (I wonder how many people really bother) and it wasn’t there. She mentioned a vacancy on the View, but except for the author’s ascertation that she is “openly campaigning/begging,” I saw nothing to support that claim. Shame on you for lying (or just not presenting whatever evidence you have to support such a shameless, attention grabbing headline).

  17. I believe the word you’re looking for is a portmanteau used on an episode of Ducktales, ala “Hindentanic”

  18. “Common sense that I am known for.”

    That’s why she lost the election.

    Gawd. She is not serious is she?
    What’s wrong quitter from Wasilla?Haven’t been telling enough lies lately? You don’t think that Barbara Walters worked hard to make her show where it is today do you Palin?

    Yes then please let her go on the show but do not pay this woman a big fat salary to spew her lies anymore

    Enough of this low class hillbilly from Wasilla. Palin is the person who started all the hate talk going in our society. Palin is the person who should be locked up and key thrown away. There. I said it.

  19. I’m pretty sure one of her “consultants” did fix it up for her. Imagine what it looked like fresh from Tundradunce’s brain.

  20. I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.
    Sarah Palin says she’s ready to go rogue on ‘The View’

    Sarah Palin Has Bold Advice For ‘The View’: Hire Her

    Read more:
    Again after that excessive exuberance of your own inexhaustible verbosities…WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!???

  21. Oh, as much as I detest the screeching Hasselbeck, she’s Einstein compared to Palin. At least Hasselbeck’s sentences grammatically made sense, even if the content was ludicrous, extreme and often hateful.

    No, Palin is famous for one thing, her entertainment value as the never-ending joke, just as the article stated. She’s the proverbial train wreck you can’t turn your head away from, as she dishes out her latest word salad that she truly believes makes her sound intelligent, yet she’s too ditzy and dumb to have a clue how ditzy and dumb she sounds. She is the poster child for “Twit”.

    Lest anyone think I’m picking on women … and I am female also … let me assure you, I know a list of men who also fit this category perfectly. Being a Twit is not gender specific.

    Incorrigibly disastrous? Oh, my. I started laughing at that point in the article and I haven’t stopped yet.

  22. That’s actually how you can tell when it’s something she wrote herself or someone else wrote for her. If it’s atrocious re: grammar and sentence structure and rambles on like a tumbleweed, making no sense at all, it’s her own stuff.

  23. Wow. How obvious must it be for you to “get it”? She practically interviewed herself for the position, right there on the spot.

    Now I know this apparently hurt your fee fees that people are talking smack on your honey, but hey, facts are facts.

  24. I like Caribou Barbie, but I saw a better one, Snow Snooki. More in keeping with her intellectual handicaps don’t you think?

  25. Like you are a product of the train of thought that the school system is liberal cause it doesnt teach that there was no slavery or that jesus is actually president?

    Move along, find some content

  26. No fucking way.

    A. She’d never shut up and let anyone else speak
    B. She can’t show any respect to people that think differently than her, so forget that. (Good Lord, could you imagine her interviewing Hillary or Pres Obama?)
    C. 2 words: word salad. Seriously. When she wants to sound intelligent, she just starts rattling off big words, and makes no sense.

    If ABC wants to *LOSE* viewers, and credibility, then sure, hire her. But I don’t see this going over very well.

  27. Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd fired from ‘The View’
    When you have stupid on, then who will watch? That said they still pull in about 3 million eyes a day
    Just think if the queen of dumbasses was on the view how many will watch. That would be stupid times 10

  28. You must be one of those America haters. After all, the United Sates of America was founded by the most liberal thinkers of the time.

    Conservatives were cowardly, and were content to be enslaved by England and backed the king.

  29. Is that what John McCain was looking at when he decided to offer her the Vice Presidential nomination and began fantasizing?

  30. What a joke. But there is this as far as I am concerned. I would never watch it because of the blond I wouldn’t have to give up anything.

  31. There are many wonderful women that could be on the view and I would watch it.
    How about Liz Winstead and there is one young girl from Texas who I just adore, she has long curly hair and first came to my attention
    during the Wendy Davis filibuster, anyway she is great.’I also like Sandra Fluck.
    We have lots of great women in the media why would anyone look at Palin? That would end the show right there.

  32. “Nanookie of the North” is a mere shadow of herself, just a bag of bones. Grifting for donations to her Pac to support her entire family is taking a toll. Since she lives in Arizona most of the time, does she consider THAT “the heartland”? In all her diatribes, I have NEVER heard one single idea for “progressing this great country forward”. Insulting the President seems to be her main goal, and it has paid quite well until now. Someone on one of the Sunday gop propoganda shows should ask McCain “What the HELL were you thinking?”

  33. If the View were so stupid as to put her on the View the only question would be ” ” Do ya’ll remember The View before it went off the air? ” They would loose at least 75% of their viewers.. She ranks next to Joan Rivers as one of the most despised people on earth.

  34. That show Maxie would be a show I may watch. quit that show when they put dumb and dumber on (blonde bimbo and Sherrie) But to see Whoopie put the Witch of the North down, I would consider watching. One thing tho- this Women, hasn’t the understanding to even think, she is being put down. Attention, any attention is good stuff to her.

  35. …they say “A picture is worth a thousand words.”…I say that one is worth a million words!!!

  36. I’d love to see her on The View. Matching “wits” with Whoopi Goldberg. You could put that on Pay-per-view.

  37. The ‘Whining Wannabe from Wasilla’ wants to join The View?

    Why not? The show has not had a vacuous right wing sock puppet in front of the camera ever since Hasselbeck left.

  38. They’ve never had her on as a guest host (aka tryout) and I’d bet Whoopi made sure of that.

    Besides, Simple Sarah has such a well-documented history of sheer laziness that there’s no way she’d be willing to get up early every weekday morning and bone up on the topics of the day. And, she wouldn’t understand them anyway. Brain power is not her forte.

  39. Thanks Jason for revealing just how clueless Palin is! It is amazing that we are still talking about her 6 years later.


  40. She must be getting really broke and desperate to put herself out there for the gigantic smackdown that is sure to come…

  41. I was never a fan of elizabeth Hasselbeck but I thought she was very professional. I dreamed that she would see how goofy her thoughts were as a team member on the 5. Sadly, she’s one of them. Disappointing.She’s where she belongs.

  42. Sarah has a potty mouth, can’t share and doesn’t play well with others. Oh, she doesn’t do her homework either.

  43. Does anyone know who financially supports Palin’s insanity? Where the money comes from?

    Could it be the Koch brothers?

    Why haven’t the useless hacks in the so-called main stream media investigated Palin?

  44. She has loyal minions that she makes thinks she will run for pres and they send her money to tell them lies and stupidity

  45. Nobody REALLY knows why she bailed on the governorship. At that point, it was about panic, not money. I can’t wait till someone decides to spill the goods on that whole thing. Schadenfreude, hallowed be thy name.

    She is a scourge on the ‘Merukah we all love and know. The woman is a tool for the theocratic nonsense spewers who want to recreate this nation as a x-tian one. They’re gonna lose that one, no matter how many SCOTUS judges they think they have in their pocket.

  46. Yeah, I saw a clip where she let her 3 yr old son use the word “faggot” when he was mad. And she laughed. Nice mothering there… and on camera, no less.

  47. Palin could have run for senate or president????? She is not qualified to run for anything. She is uneducated and has done nothing to improve herself. She cannot write or form a sentence. The only thing she does well is fleece her rubes.

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