Rick Perry Caves and Will Meet With President Obama in Texas


Republican Presidential Hopeful Rick Perry Speaks To The Media In New York City

After loads of tough talk, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) caved and will take part in a roundtable discussion with the president when he visits Texas.

At his daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “When Governor Perry sent a letter to the White House yesterday indicating a desire to meet with the president, we thought it made sense here to extend an invitation to Governor Perry to allow him to participate in that meeting with other Texans who are seeking to address the situation in a constructive manner, so we’re looking forward to Governor Perry participating in that meeting.” The Press Secretary also said that if Rick Perry is a good boy, he might get a private meeting with Obama, or to put it another way, Earnest said that the administration hasn’t ruled out a private meeting with Perry.


Perry’s spokesperson issued a laughable statement that tried to take credit for the already planned White House roundtable, “Gov. Perry is pleased that President Obama has accepted his invitation to discuss the humanitarian and national security crises along our southern border, and he looks forward to meeting with the president tomorrow.”

There are several factual issues with Gov. Perry’s version of events. The roundtable was going to happen whether Perry attended or not. Gov. Perry originally wanted a private meeting with Obama. Instead, he is getting a seat at the table with other political and faith leaders. Lastly, Perry didn’t get anything that he wanted from the president, so it is dishonest and disingenuous for the governor to try to spin this as the president acting on his invitation.

What really happened was that behind the tough talk of demanding a private meeting, Rick Perry really wanted to be seen on the same stage as the president. The rhetoric was for Republican primary voters. In reality, Perry couldn’t pass up face time with POTUS. Plus, Perry can still claim that he really showed Obama by not meeting him at the airport.

Rick Perry has stayed strong and not violated the Republicans’ no touching the black president rule yet. Otherwise, this whole episode of right-wing political performance art has been a gigantic failure for Perry. If Rick Perry is what passes for presidential timber in the GOP, Hillary Clinton could have a very easy time of it in 2016.

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  1. That’s right, who’s the man Perry? Say it. Say it. Say Barack’s my daddy. Now reach up there and slap yourself so I don’t have to. HA!

  2. Why do we spike the football here? We love that President Obama doesn’t negotiate with the Republicans on anything… But when Rick Perry agrees to sit down and have a discussion with the POTUS, the author has the nerve to say he “caved”? Let’s not be hypocrites people.

  3. The president doesnt negotiate?

    Lets remember that Perry refused the handhsake AND the meeting. Now he has caved.

    Were you born this stupid?

  4. OK, now the only thing that will make this story even better is if I read that afterwards, the President could NOT meet privately with Gov. Oops because of…well, I don’t care what reason they come up with is just so long as they come up with one.


  5. Perry agreed to meet Obama for one reason only. It would look too smarmy and childish not to do so to all but the most rabid mouth-breathers. It’s all about politics.

  6. The Prez is not negotiating anything with these idiots. Perry has no intellect and he’s proud of it so he’s not high up on the list of planners to start with. The article doesn’t say who the rest of the Texans are so we have to reserve judgement on them for now. This human wave coming across the border is a real humanitarian crisis. Not something Americans are used to thinking about, up close and personal. The whole “secure the border” mantra becomes even more irrelevant. It’s a refugee crisis, American style. Happens every day, in other parts of the world. We see it on TV, now it’s actually in our yard. Can we handle it? Gotta reserve judgement on that one too.

  7. Now just look at that, will you. I’ve always said that a man who hates women as much as Rick Perry demonstrates should just get his act together and come out of the closet. I guess Rick Perry took my advice. And now he’ll have to take back all that nasty crap he said about gays.

  8. When the fog clears, Numbnuts will have to go along with Obama -ala- Christie or look like the complete moron he is. That’s a toughie… Look like you’re helping the Pres solve a problem and alienating the rabid base. No matter which way he flies, he’ll screw it up.

  9. I think he found out the president isn’t going to sweat it if he isn’t at the airport. Sooner or later the republicans will realize this the second term for the president not his first term. Different ballgame, and different rules. They don’t know how to play by these rules they no longer have the upper hand, the president does.

  10. Just a quick thought… I hope the WH invited Wendy to the roundtable. It would be a great opportunity to stuff it up Abbott’s … uhhhh… ear.

  11. Do a little historical reading on the protocol involving a President going to a state. It is never the President’s role to invite the states Governor.

    It is a demonstration of integrity, honor and adult behavior.

  12. The line about “the president doesn’t negotiate” pretty much tells me everything I need to know about you already, but I’ll give this a shot anyways.

    Rick Perry never intended to sit down with the President. Why is it the rest of us can see that quite clearly, but you cannot?

    He “caved” because he got caught in his own trap. Lots of bluster and fat-mouthed talk about President Obama and then when PO calls his bluff, ewps.

    Personally, I think PO ought to take one for Team Hillary and as soon as he sees Perry, walk up, hug him HARD and lay a big liplock right on Perry’s cheek.

  13. “Just a quick thought… I hope the WH invited Wendy to the roundtable. It would be a great opportunity to stuff it up Abbott’s … uhhhh… ear.”

    Oh, my. I like how you think!

  14. They have had a humanitarian crisis in TX since Perry refused Medicaid expansion to American citizens living in TX. Now he just buses these kids to AZ.

  15. You all must be from the north, because when you live here and see all the Mexicans coming to our state by the thousands, and committing crimes, not knowing how to drive by our laws, getting benefits that Americans can’t get, free lunch, etc. etc. etc. you would change your mind, this isn’t Obama vs. Perry, it is do something now ! And people wonder why our country has gone broke !Don’t worry they will invade your peaceful little town soon.

  16. Americans don’t commit crimes, drive like idiots, get free lunch? The illegal immigration issue is separate from what you consider as problematic behavior, only committed by one group of people, “the Mexicans”. I can empathize with your fear, I can. But fear becomes a problem when it transforms itself into hate.

    “The Mexicans” you speak of aren’t cockroaches, Texan. They are human beings that think they will have a better life here. If companies would stop hiring them, their numbers would decrease. But they keep hiring them, so they immigrate to our country.

  17. I suppose you are going to tell me all those idjits blowing black smoke out of their big pick-up trucks (protesting Obama’s EPA stand) are Mexicans, the morons that staged the show-down because of a tax-evading rancher…Mexicans? The hillbillies carrying big boy guns into stores and restaurants…Mexicans? Tell me how many Texas farms and ranches have been employing Mexicans for YEARS, avoiding paying SS, Medicare, Worker’s Comp (UNDER the TABLE)You probably sit in the front pew of your Southern Baptist church, too, don’t you????

  18. Me too, Cookie. That was a great post.

    I have a question folks. Did anyone see Hardball last night and the rant about POTUS should go down to the border…calling it his Katrina if he doesn’t.(I’m paraphrasing the lot) Now, I haven’t been down at that border, but wouldn’t that just be an insane security job to protect our president? I just don’t understand these people who are saying he should do this.

  19. I am not saying others don’t commit crimes, etc. but they are citizens, and still there are many nationalities that do things wrong. But we can’t give a free ride to people that are not citizens, they have to follow the laws of becoming a citizen. And the term “Mexicans” is not a demeaning term ! People from India are called Indians, people from Germany are called Germans, people from Africa are called Africans !What is wrong with calling people from Mexico , Mexicans !! It simply states what country they are from. I am not offended to be called an American. And I have a loving heart, and do feel sorry for these people, but the Mexican drug cartel are killing their own and most law is corrupt, so of course they want a better life, I would too. So they need to fix that and make their country what it could be…The United States charges the tax payers for all of these funded free rides and it is not fare, our kids will have it so worse that us, not better !

  20. I think it was more along the lines of one of his advisors telling him that he should meet with our President and why. He probably had to get out the color crayons and draw Perry a picture. Poor advisor had to draw it 3 times…so Perry could remember the third one…

  21. Some major laws need to be changed in Texas, actually loop-holes that corporations take advantage of. Case in point, companies getting around paying for unemployment, FICA, SS, etc. They get around that by calling the employee a “contract worker”. I’ve learned this from experience working there. This was the first state I have EVER experienced this in. BTW, I’m also white and follow the construction across the country so I’ve worked in many a state.

  22. “I appreciate the offer to greet you at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, but a quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I would instead offer to meet with you at any time during your visit to Texas for a substantive meeting to discuss this critical issue. With the appropriate notice, I am willing to change my schedule to facilitate this request.
    At any point while you are here, I am available to sit down privately so we can talk and you may directly gain my state’s perspective on the effects of an unsecured border and what is necessary to make it secure.”

    Here is the quote you yourself posted Mr. Easley in a previous article. It is and open ended invitation to have a real meeting regarding the border issues. Explain to me how standing by his offer is caving?

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