Rick Perry Disrespects Obama by Refusing To Meet With The President and Shake His Hand


Texas Gov. Rick Perry has gone beyond conspiracy theories about immigration and is now openly disrespecting the president by refusing both a formal meeting with and a handshake from Obama.

Gov. Perry had the nerve to turn down a meeting with the president in Austin on Wednesday.

In a letter to Obama, Perry wrote:

I appreciate the offer to greet you at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, but a quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I would instead offer to meet with you at any time during your visit to Texas for a substantive meeting to discuss this critical issue. With the appropriate notice, I am willing to change my schedule to facilitate this request.

At any point while you are here, I am available to sit down privately so we can talk and you may directly gain my state’s perspective on the effects of an unsecured border and what is necessary to make it secure.

How considerate of Gov. Perry to offer change his schedule to fit the President Of The United States in.

The Austin American-Statesman reported on the details of a two page letter that White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett sent to Perry. Jarrett wrote, “The president would welcome a meeting with you while he is in Texas.” She also invited Perry to join a roundtable discussion with the president, local faith leaders, and elected officials about the humanitarian crisis on the border.

Perry’s behavior is confirmation that he believes that the crisis on the border is his ticket to the White House. Republican voters love nothing more than disrespecting the president, so Perry’s refusal to meet the leader of the free world should be viewed as a 2016 campaign stunt. By requesting a one on one meeting with the president, Gov. Perry is trying to elevate himself to the status of equal to Obama.

This isn’t remotely close to true as Perry is a fading governor that’s under investigation for abuses of power who maintains delusions of occupying the White House. In situations such as this one, it is impossible not to wonder if Rick Perry would treat a white president the same way. Perry appears to have learned a lesson from Chris Christie. If a Republican entertains presidential ambitions, he must never physically touch the black man in the White House.

Never has a president had to tolerate the level of disrespect that Obama faces. Republicans think treating President Obama like dirt is good politics, but all they are doing is showing disrespect for the office of the leader of their country. It’s also why Republicans continue to lose presidential elections.

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  1. Don’t worry Ricky, the only way you will get to the White House is to be invited to dinner. Are your lips sore from kissing so much Tea Party Ass?

  2. perry is for sure positioning himself for 2016. just watch his bs this weekend, all he spouted were anti obama lies for his base. if hes seen shaking hands with the prez, he will get the same bagger backlash that christie did after the sandy.

  3. What a disrespectful slob. Anyone who doesn’t shake hands with the President of the US shows he does not respect he citizens of the US. What a clown Perry is. Really, what a nutcase he is.

  4. Wonder who really wrote that letter? To many big words for Perry to have written it. He always talks about states rights, why don’t he cowboy up and fix the problem. Instead he wants to put it on Obama, as usual. Obama has been the GOP janitor cleaning up all their messes.

    Does he really think he is going to be elected president? Isn’t there a shred of self awareness and sanity in his head? He can continue to disrespect OUR president if he wants. That just hardens my resolve to connect, cajole, whatever it takes to get blue voters to show uo in November and beyond.

  5. If ever the current Republican party puts one of theirs in the White House again, I imagine they will reinstate the crime of lese majesté to treat him with an eighth of the disrespect they are showing President Obama. As it was, the Dixie Chicks were at risk of extrajudicial execution for mere criticism.

  6. Jason, when was that picture at the top of the page taken? If you know, maybe put a caption under it?

    As for Rick Perry, I suppose he figured his options now were: 1) go the Christie route (a hug and handshake, because he wanted something from POTUS); 2) go the Brewer route (a finger-wagging lecture); or 3) go the @ssh*le route.

    Trust Perry to do the wrong thing for everyone.

  7. Rick Perry is a Tea Party “southern” gentleman in every sense of the word.
    Isn’t it time to V-TO VOTE THEM OUT.. It is Time..

  8. You know, Perry, busy CEOs can get a lot of mileage out of even brief meetings with colleagues, such as at airports.

    Get back to the President if you ever figure out how to handle your responsibilities efficiently and competently, okay?

    In the meantime, he will continue to meet with those who can keep up and contribute value to the discussion.

    Don’t be left behind, now!

  9. Paybacks are a Son of a Bitch Republicans/Teapartiers. We haven’t had a chance to disparage a Republican President on Facebook like you all have Obama, but if and when you ever become president, lookout.

  10. President Obama has much more patience than I with his ability to show any respect to these horrible people.

  11. Saudi Arabia takes no guff off I people showing disrespect to the people in office. A man just got 15 yrs for being disrespectful to the people in power. Wouldn’t it be something if that was tried here in the United States, possibly Perry might be first in line.

  12. Maybe I’m stupid, but I didn’t see any disrespect. He wants to meet the president and have a substantive discussion about immigration. He doesn’t want to do the photo-op. Simple.

  13. As usual Perry makes himself and his state look like buffoon. Way to go Perry keep it up because know one will vote for you in Nov if you decide to run for national office. Not with such childish behaviour.

  14. What a fortunate escape for President Obama, now he won’t have to shake hands with yet another republican governor under criminal investigation.

  15. I really don’t think Perry understands the difference between Mexicans who cross the border and refugee children who are fleeing violence in fear of their lives.
    I wonder if he knows they must be given due process, it is the law (signed by George Bush)
    but also international law covers refugees.
    Perhaps he saw the racist people in CA and wants to one-up the.

  16. Little do “they” know that with each disrespectful act, OUR President gets stronger and for some of us more loved and appreciated. The fact most of us are appalled at the amount of hate only makes us all stronger, and more determined to do all we can to bring more light and Love into the world. So–who wins???

  17. He is in communication with the President of the United States of America, not an employee (subordinate) or fellow Governor (equal)

    How magnanimous of him to offer to change his very important schedule with appropriate notice for a private meeting which he hadn’t been offered while simultaneously ignoring the invitation to a round table discussion.

    He could have avoided the photo op without attempting to treat the President like a door to door salesman.

  18. Perry’s pettiness knows no bounds.

    But hey, at least Righteous Rick didn’t make a complete fool of himself by sticking his index finger in Obama’s face and then ranting and berating him right there on the tarmac …

  19. A few years ago, “Rick Perry – The Miracle Faker” was possibly the BEST EVER cover and story for the Phoenix New Times.

    Hang in there and take care, everyone.

    All the best,


    Warren G. Richards
    Advocate, Socio-political Writer

  20. well mr perry – since you refuse to greet the president and shake his hand – I hope your state doesn’t have a catastrophic event that will require help from the president. you are a very little man.

  21. Well… Now you have it… The highest of Level of Disrespect .. For a Belt BIBLE Christian” To disrespect … One of G_ds chosen Sons…

  22. Perry is a P O dog poop.I hope Presdent Obama remembers that if & when the time should come that Texas might need something from our President. Like one other rightie Gov I recall. Karma will come..

  23. Amazing! But we now understand how and why many Texans (not all, but many) are so disrespectful to our Pres. You know, lead by example!! Perry has made it very clear to his constituents that disrespect the Pres is A-OK … a shameful act on Perry’s part!

  24. Regardless of your political views, this is the leader of the country. Duly elected by a plurality of Americans. Beyond that when someone is a guest in your home you show them courtesy and are polite it is good manners. No one agrees with or likes everyone but to disrespect a President in your state reflects poorly not just on you Rick Perry and let’s face it… you are a jackass, but on the State of Texas. Class goes a long way.

  25. I think his response was completely respectful and well worded. As a congressman, he’s a member of a branch of our government that is equal to that of the executive. That’s why this isn’t a monarchy. He said nothing rude (unlike my fellow commenters) and in line with his office, which is trying to get issues resolved in his state.

  26. Are you referring to Rick Perry? He is a governor of Texas and not an equal of the office of president. He is not a congressman. Nor is a congressman equal to a president. ALL of congress together is

  27. I doubt that he could even find the White House – he’s still looking for the basement in the Alamo

  28. In words protected under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution as Freedom of Speech, “Fuck Rick Perry” and his entire repugnant republican cohort (lower case letters not a mistake)!

    Disrespectful rat bastards! Nobody wants Rick Perry in the White House anyway. They need to change the name from “white” house to just “the” house, since it appears that “white” people think and feel they are the only ones who have the right to serve there. Smh!

    Stop with the repugnant republican belly-aching already and do some substantive work for the country. President Obama ran twice and he won twice, clearly no thanks to repugnant republican votes, so get over it all ready. Obviously you do not have the power you think you have because you could not prevent a second term in office for him so for real? Get your lives please.

    Everyone I know is voting Blue, and I don’t know everyone, yet I do know a substantial amount of people, and I am spreading the word on a regular…

  29. I doubt that you are stupid. The dis-respect Perry is showing the President is simple by not being there to greet the President of the United States at the airport upon his arrival. As Governor of the state of Texas, one of the 51 states that form the United States of America, Perry is indeed not equal in stature to the President. Talk with a military person about respect and hierarchy. Talk with a biker about respect and hierarchy. Perry’s ass belongs on the tarmac to greet the President with a handshake regardless of his personal feelings/distaste for the man. It is not about the man, but rather about the office/the position and the hierarchy of governance. What Perry has shown is that he, Perry, deserves no respect from anyone. If you do not give respect, you will not get it. That is a lesson Republicans still need to learn. Till they do, people like me will not vote for them nor support them in any manner whatsoever.

  30. M2..exactly, respect is earned. What has the GOP done to earn any respect from anyone, certainly not “the people.” They have alienated and demeaned just about every group except their white, old, racist group. Yet, they have the nerve to call President Obama arrogant??? I hope this November 2014 shuts out so many of them, maybe we can have some sense of sanity again in our government. Everyday is either a threat from the Right Wing, or rights being taken away.

  31. well it seems obama tells everyone he is in charge. if he can’t handle a little criticism then he should have stayed in illinois and stayed a community activist

  32. Rick Perry is a nasty filthy thang – seriously – nasty mother fucker. I don’t want any part of him touching my beloved President. And he is so far beneath the President that when he looks up there’s still darkness

  33. An insult to the man and the office. If a Democrat had behaved this way towards a Republican President, they’d be talking treason.

  34. I’m not going to call you stupid. But this is a gross insult to the office and its occupant. Period.

  35. In Texas state government, the Speaker might be more powerful than the Governor….He’s overrated his sense of self and makes his entire state look bad.

  36. Good job!

    Keep acting like a 2 year old!
    Because of it the Republican Party will will NEVER get my vote due to the lack of intellectual stimulation.

    The childish mud-slinging slander needs to go and along with it … the non-factual reporting. Keep up that hole digging. You are doing a great job of swaying blue votes. Keep up the good work

  37. It is a disservice to the public when the author does not report on ALL the facts. Remember, a lie by omission is still a lie.

  38. Rickie Bob Perry doesn’t want his Klan friends seeing him shake a black man’s hand. If it is behind closed doors then his friends like Sarah Palin and Alan West won’t be able to use the photos to raise more corporate money for impeachment.

    What a gaggle of geese these righties are.

  39. I’ll bet you didn’t think it was disrespectful for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to point her bent fingers in his face on the tarmac and yell at him in front of the press either.

    National leaders do not behave like petulant children.

  40. If he could only remember those three departments he was going to eliminate and not just the first one, he could show us all how intelligent and damn likable he is.

    I really love it when he strides out in a city with his six shooters and blasts of a few rounds, man that is so macho.

  41. It is time to relocate the Johnson Space Center as well as closing the various military installations in Texas. There are a lot of states that would appreciate Washington’s move.

    Let Texas find a way to exist without Washington money.

  42. The only people who are Republicans are RICH WHITE PEOPLE. You guys are racist and a disgrace to the U.S. I’m Mexican and for you guys to try to deport other people is outrageous. 90% of my family has been deported and you will never feel the heartache and anger I have felt. Stupid ass rich white people who only care about themselves.

  43. What a perfectly ignorant, disrespectful thing to do. I have to give W. Some credit,he’s taking the high road and he’s never been disrespectful to our current President. Your party is imploding Perry, your an evil man and at the end you’ll have to meet your maker. your the most arrogant rude individual ipTexas ever showed . If Perry,Jindal,Scott Brown, Christie and God help us Ryan are all you got for 2016, oh well he’ll if you boys don’t move closer to the center there won’t be aRepublican in the white house in my lifetime! Clinton/Warren that’s the ticket I want to see! Your a disgrace to your party and the USA! Pond scum

  44. Wow….I really hope Ricky Bobby Perry does run for President so that he can get beat up about his ignorance on the national stage. What a buffoon!

  45. Who are u people Obama is a very bad person who is not the person you think he is . He is the devil incarnate.

  46. No, there is no devil, no gods nothing but yourself.

    But if you were born in India you would be saying there are many gods and no devil

  47. The comments here honestly astound me. A friend of mine linked this so I came to see what this was all about. Let me first offer this–I don’t belong to either political party. I just do my best to vote my conscience based on what is important to me.

    That said, read the letter again and pretend you don’t know who the players are. Is it disrespectful? What if Nancy Pelosi said the same thing to George Bush under the same circumstances. Now is it racist? Disrespectful? Classless? Or is it about a state leader in a bad situation asking the president for an honest discussion instead of a photo opp? This is low class trashing based on your own ideologies (sounds like the tea party you are bashing, doesn’t it?). I refuse to stop questioning the president just because he’s president. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with respecting the leader who holds it. If we have to just respect the office without question, might as well still be colonies.

  48. You penned my exact thoughts, Sir! As soon as I read that letter, it was obvious that this maroon hadn’t written a word of it. He probably still doesn’t understand it.

  49. Searched to see what the non-handshake was about. From “admirable” to “disrespectful” and all form of butchering the TX Gov. Perry knew that Obama was there to raise money and wanted a photo op, not there to help anyone in the middle of a crises. But anyone logical has to ask, “Why so important to have this handshake on the tarmac, cameras blazing?” I’m no pro Perry or Tea Party, but WTF? And why go to TX just for money when a few miles down the road you could see the site of a serious humanitarian problem 1st hand? I thought these children were important to O? I was so angry re: the French cartoon with the O’s as apes, and any “real” racist comments. O should be respected as the elected POTUS, but it’s a joke this reporter says, “Never has a president had to tolerate the level of disrespect that Obama faces.” That is utter BS when you consider that the left praised a movie in which Bush, then sitting president, was assassinated. No president, in office or not, should be…..

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