Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Says Impeachment Talk Is ‘Disturbing’ And ‘Really Scares Me’


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On Wednesday morning’s episode of Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski played separate video clips of Republicans claiming President Obama needs to be impeached. One video clip came from former half-term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. Palin posted the video to her Facebook page shortly after having an ‘exclusive’ article published at Breitbart. In both the video and article, Palin claimed the President needs to be removed from office due to the recent crisis revolving around migrant children fleeing violence in Central America and being detained at the border.

The other video clip showed Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst calling Obama a dictator and saying he should face impeachment over his use of executive orders. The video was from a forum held in January but surfaced shortly after Palin’s video and article made news Tuesday. After the clip had made the media rounds Tuesday evening, Ernst tried to distance herself somewhat from the comments.

Below is video of Mika discussing impeachment, courtesy of MSNBC:



As you can see, Palin’s video really upset Brzezinski. Mika stated in no uncertain terms that this talk of impeachment scares her and it is quite disturbing. While it is understood that Palin is off her rocker, Mika knows that this type of conversation can easily be the spark that gets a roaring fire started. It doesn’t matter if Palin can’t actually point to one specific law the President broke in regards to this particular emergency. All that does matter is she is eliciting an emotional response among far-right conservatives, who will want to push Republicans in Congress to act on their behalf. The look on Mika’s face Wednesday morning said it all. It was a look of complete and utter terror.

Brzezinski did ask others on the panel what they thought. Mark Halperin, master of ‘both sides do it,’ pointed out that President Clinton was impeached, and there were discussions to impeach President George W. Bush towards the end of his time in the White House, so this is all just a symptom of polarization. Mike Barnicle had a slightly different take. He perfectly exclaimed, “Thank you, John McCain, for unleashing that on the United States.”

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  1. Watch the video of Sarah Palin closely. Notice how many times she shakes her head and blinks like she has an eyelash in her eyes. This is the sign of somebody who is lying and knows they are lying.

    Another thing to watch: she is clearly bombed. She is trying hard not to slur her speech, sounding like someone who is trying to hard not to sound drunk.

    It’s just like at every CPAC convention she shows up at. Clearly wasted.

    Thanks a lot, John McCain for unleashing this succubus on us all.

  2. The Impeachment talk is just the latest Koch Brothers scheme to win the November, 2014 elections.

  3. As soon as Boehner announced his lawsuit Dem donations went up. The cry for impeachment should galvanize the Dems to vote in November and beyond.

  4. Why does anyone care or listen to what Palin says or believes. She is an idiot that has great aspirations. ? Quit giving her air time and maybe she will crawl back in her hole.

  5. For that worthless, low-life, incompetent, unethical quitter to claim any sort of moral high ground over President Obama is disgusting.

    Also, she is an ignorant dolt that doesn’t know the first thing about the constitution or governing, unlike the President.

  6. Yes Mika that’s because scarey Disturbed people are demanding it. But then again Mika is scared by a teaspoon of sugar.

  7. Oh and Mika is also freaked out by facial hair! Put sugar on your mustache and Mika would go apoplectic!

  8. I don’t enjoy Morning Joe anymore since Mika starting coming out as a sanctimonious, righteous, judgmental democrat rep. It’s bad enough to have people like Ann Coulter speaking for conservatives,yet people like Mika and Alan Colmes are just as bad as the public voices for the republicans. Maybe she is trying to get her own show. It will probably be called the “Food Police Show.”

  9. This B***h needs to be impeached. Why are they even giving this airhead talking points. She’s a scammer..

  10. Mika, you should be scared, if the Repugs try and impeach the President; all hell will break loose. The Repugs have done nothing to help the average American in the last six years. People are tired of barely getting by when the Repugs continue to tell us we need to stand up and take it on the chin. When do the Repugs take it on the chin. Our President is trying to help all Americans not just the rich ones. Our cities are crumbling down around our ears. People are going hungry, loosing their homes. All the Repugs are doing is trying to find something to stick it to the President. We the 99% are sick and tired of it.

  11. Just like with the fake boner suit that will never happen, the Prez should call them out and say “Bring it on!” It worked SO well for them the last time with Clinton. At what point does this experiment with taking partisanship to the Nth degree go too far? They are driving away young people, minorities, and women. It sux now but the end result will be great – a split gop and cemented Dems.

  12. Trying to suck up to the middle in an election year much, Faux News? That’s kind of funny, because the middle doesn’t pay attention to a word you say and they never will.

  13. Perhaps you could explain in a few sentences what exactly it is that the R’s stand for if it isn’t what Mika and Ann and Mitch and John have been spouting off for the last 12 years. It’s NOT “fiscal conservatism”. Not paying for anything then saying that you can’t raise the debt ceiling (a higher math concept for you, I’m sure) is NOT “fiscal responsibility”.

    So do tell. What is it that the R’s stand for if it’s not guns, misogyny and general hatred of everyone who is not you?

  14. Most Republican politicos realize that their chest-thumping and fist-pounding about suing and/or impeaching Obama is little more than election-year political theatrics.

    However, there are some spotlight-seeking pundits and political wannabes who lack the intellectual insight necessary to understand that there is no legal foundation for a lawsuit and no rational justification for an impeachment, nor do they have any clue about what these processes actual entail.

    But hey, it makes for a great sound bite, so it’s all good.

  15. I think we should have her brain exhumed to find out why it died. I suspect lack of use. Maybe we can save future generations from the same malady.

  16. Palin needs to go home and take care of her kids like all good republicans do according to them, I guess her younger children are raising her handicapped boy.

  17. The Benghazi hearings are going NOWHERE.

    Just mention “Impeachment” often enough and
    the Village Idiots will be Happy to cough
    up more Donations.

    “There’s a Sucker Born Every minute” – PT Barnum.

  18. “Disturbing”? “Scares me”?

    Where the eff is your ANGER, woman?? Timidity has never gotten any of us anywhere.

    With few remaining exceptions (Joy Reid, Ed, Al, Rachel, Lawrence), MSNBC has itself become a Morning Joke.

  19. To be truthful, I think Ms. Brzezinska has reason to be scared, and so do we all. As the daughter of an arch-Machiavellian, she can see the outlines of the future pretty clearly.

    Can the Koch cadre win national elections fairly? No: not enough people will fall for the hysteria they’re stirring up to do that. Through electoral fraud? With a really good vote-hacking program, maybe. But they are stirring up the kind of people they can use as Brown Shirts, if they have to take over by force.

    Vote. Vote. But don’t relax vigilance even then. This story has been told before. This time,it must have a happier ending.

  20. Sarah Palin is not worth the cost of powder it would take to blow her off to another planet. She incites the stupidity that can be painted with a broad brush throughout the extremist base in the Repuplican/Tea Party. She is an attention whore who doesn’t care what she says or does to remain in the spotlight. She knows zip, zero, nada, 0 about the Constitution and she makes a fool of herself everytime she opens her mouth.

  21. Obama is a traitor. Obama runs a baby-Stalin dictatorial regime. Obama is an imperial president. Obama and his regime are the enemies within. Obama and his regime are the enemies of faith, freedom, family and liberty. Obama has bought our LEOs and Military with Pay and Pension with Printed Fake Federal Reserve Notes. LEOs and Military should note that those FRNs are paper, but our freedom costs much blood. We need to end thus regime and most of the government needs to be re-chained as the Constitution wanted. All of the acolytes of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven should be arrested and imprisoned for their sedition, for their treason, for their utter evil. c

  22. Obama’s “dictatorial regime” was a gift to him from George W. Bush, whose administration thought it would last a thousand years and no Democrat would ever hold the seat again.

    And yes, our freedom cost blood. Not yours or mine, obviously.

    Before you get all breathy about jailing people, remember that W is considered/charged as a war criminal in at least a couple countries overseas.

  23. Mika is a worthless, brainless tool. I’m certain that her awesome father cringes every time she opens her mouth.

  24. It SHOULD bother her since she has been so willing to prostitute herself helping the republicans with their lies that has caused this garbage. She is in a position to KNOW what the truth is.. But she is still party to it all. I have nothing but contempt for her.

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