Right After ‘Constructive’ Meeting On Border Crisis, Rick Perry Runs To Fox And Slams Obama

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On Wednesday, President Obama met with Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry, along with other political and religious leaders in Texas, to discuss the ongoing crisis concerning migrant children from Central America being detained at the border. After the meeting, the President addressed the press. During his remarks, Obama indicated that his meeting with Perry had been “constructive,” and that he had no “philosophical objections” to any of the suggestions he heard from the Governor. President Obama also expanded on his plans to help resolve this ongoing issue.

Obama also fired back against criticism, some even coming from his own party, that he needs to go directly to the border to see the issue first hand. Republicans have claimed that the President not flying down and visiting the border is akin to President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. The GOP got more ammunition for this meme when Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) mentioned Katrina in a Fox News interview. Regarding the bad ‘optics’ of him attending fundraisers while not visiting detention centers on the border, the President had this to say:

“This isn’t theater, this is a problem. I’m not interested in photo ops, I’m interested in solving a problem…There’s nothing that is taking place down there that I’m not intimately aware of and briefed on.”

President Obama also stated that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has been to the region numerous times and has provided detailed reports to him.

While Obama took the high road, pointing out his plans to fix this ongoing issue and speaking respectfully of Perry, the Texas Governor decided to go in a whole different direction. Governor Perry appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Wednesday evening. As one would expect when appearing on a show with Sean Hannity, the President was the main focus of negative attention. Even though POTUS commended Perry just hours before and said that there was common ground that can be reached on a solution, Perry decided to slam the President. During the interview, not only did Perry make comparisons to Katrina, he also ridiculed Obama’s prior statements on al-Qaeda:

“I’m pretty sure that if George Bush had said ‘well I sent my FEMA director multiple times’ he still would have been criticized greatly. Because you need to go. That’s what governors do, that’s what presidents do. When there are natural disasters, when there are crises like these, a president needs to be there to show the American people number one that he understands…It’s the same president that said Al-Qaeda’s on the run and I don’t know whether he’s inept, or there’s something else going on, as I’ve said before. But the fact is, the border is not secure.”

I don’t even know why the President tries anymore. The fact is, men like Perry aren’t serious at all about governing or solving any actual problems. President Obama has sent over a bill to Congress that will request $3.7 billion in emergency funds to address the current crisis, which will involve increased border security among other things. Of course, the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed the US Senate over a year ago also contains provisions for increased border security. However, House Republicans have repeatedly refused to vote on it because it actually addresses other real issues, like what to do with the 11 million+ undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States.

The thing is, this crisis really isn’t about border security. Currently, tens of thousands of children are detained. Why? Because border patrols caught them. More border security doesn’t address the issues going on in Central America. Even if you built a 700-mile double-walled fence all along the southern border, these children would still be fleeing the violent situations going on in their home countries. Moreover, there is a current law that states that children from certain Central American nations will be provided asylum if they reach the border. That law was signed by President George W. Bush in 2008 after being passed by Congress with bipartisan support.

In the end, Perry and other Republicans don’t care about any of this. It is all about framing anything and everything in such a way as to blame the President.  For Perry, he has 2016 aspirations, despite his disastrous 2012 Presidential run. Therefore, he is going to say whatever he feels will energize his ‘base,’ which is little more than angry old racist white guys. It is why you see him floating conspiracy theories about how Obama has a plan to bring in millions of immigrants in order to make Texas blue and keep the White House in the hands of Democrats. It is also why Perry, along with many other Republicans, constantly harp about border security. It is an unsubtle way to demonize Hispanics, but effective when trying to drum up support among the ‘true conservatives.’


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  1. Living in Texas, and as far as I remember, Perry dint show in the border for this either so………well we know hypocrisy

  2. President Obama is a class act, Rich Perry not so much. Do they not realize that we can see right through them!

  3. Perry is a joke. His aspirations of being POTUS are pipe dreams. How could anyone take him seriously. Obama tried to help him save face and he is to stupid to realize it.

    Why they keep harping on Obama going to the border is insanity. He CAN walk and chew gum at the same time. Unlike his predecessor.

    I live 40 miles from the NM border. That fence they spent untold money on is a joke. I had a friend who was a “contracted construction advisor”. He was making $3,000 a week to sit in a truck and watch people work. There will be 3 miles of fence, and then 2 miles of no fence. Stop and start. No coherence at all.

    What people who don’t live in the border region don’t realize that you can’t just close off the border. They come here and spend money and vice versa. Same with jobs. A lot of people live in Juarez and work here, or live here and work in Juarez.

    Wish they’d just shut up and let Obama clean up their mess. As always.

  4. As far as I know Gov. Perry has not visited the immigrant refugees and they are in HIS STATE! When offered FED money for specific border security Perry turned it down because he just wanted a bigger wall and to show up POTUS. I got news for Perry, doesn’t matter if you send these kids back and strangle the route they take currently because they will keep coming. The route here, as dangerous as it is, doesn’t compare to the violence and constant fear of death in their countries.
    There have been 10,000 documented border crossing deaths, bodies found along the way dead of dehydration or poisoning. Local militia men in Texas regularly puncture water depots left by US border patrol and poison wells along the way. Perry knows this, Perry has gotten reports on this, Perry has done nothing about this.

  5. There is rather a difference between going to the site of a natural disaster and going to a permeable border. You can see a disaster site and you can see victims. The border between Texas and Mexico is not only very long, it always looks like the Rio Grande. The chances of a Presidential motorcade witnessing a border crossing in front of their eyes is minuscule.

  6. Is anyone else having an issue where they can’t vote on this site? So many good comments and I cannot vote “I agree!” frustrating..

  7. Perry is an example of the New American Exceptionalism. Exceptionally disrespectful, exceptionally irrational, exceptionally deluded.

  8. Perry is acting up for his minions. Hopefully the intelligent people can see what a fool he is making of himself

  9. So I must have missed where Governor Perry went to one of the detention sites and visited with the children and adults. Did Fox not bother showing it, or did Perry not go? I guess he wanted to appear with the President. Is he afraid to go by himself? Poor dear. I thought that’s what Governors do? Perry is an ignorant slug. He will embarrass himself again in the GOP debates. He knows nothing about anything. He’s angling for a Fox gig. He doesn’t want to be President. Presidents have to work. Every hour of every day. And listen to the other side criticize their every breath. Perry couldn’t hold up to that. Neither can Mittens, Santorum, or Cruz. But please proceed, GOP. You are sinking faster than a California home in a mudslide.

  10. This is no surprise at all. About the time of the meeting yesterday, I said in some comment section that Perry had no intention of solving anything. He just wants to come away from the meeting and say he tried, and then carry on with his usual slamming of Obama.

    That’s exactly what he did. It doesn’t matter what Obama or the Dems do. They could stick precisely to some suggested GOP plan and the GOP would just change the plan and proceed to slam us again.

  11. Perry border demands are all in Senate Immig. bill S.774 being blocked by Spkr. Boehner, but CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC won’t tell you. WHY?

  12. Pres. Obama praises Gov. Perry on the ideas he presented regarding their border issue meeting. Perry then shows no class by immediately making negative remarks about Pres. Obama on FOX News. Truly a classless act by Perry.

  13. Always enjoy reading your sensible comments. Years ago, They had a report about the boarder walls and they aren’t a deterrent at all. The US government, boarder states and the criminal infected countries need to work together to resolve this issue. The Central American countries need to take up more of the responsibility in curtailing the violence that is creating this exodus.

  14. The president always show the republicans respect no matter how they disrespects and lies about him, that is why everything they do keep backfiring on them. But I am wondering why are they so fired up in wanting the president to visit the border. Especially where there are trigger happy nuts who are just waiting for the opportunity to fire a shot at the president and those innocent children for no reason. They will use any excuse to fire their weapons and it will only take one shot for a civil war to start. They claim it is better for the president to see for himself what is going on, will they go ahead and vote and pass the immigrantions bill if the president goes. Time the president keep turning the tables on them. The president will go when he think he needs to go when there will no camera to take pictures for the whole world to see.

  15. I’ve never had a problem voting or commenting. It may have something to do with your upload speed or some other ISP server problem.

  16. If the republicans who are blocking immigration legislation and blocking emergency funds would go to the border, perhaps they would do their job and approve the crisis funding. It is laughable to holler about Obama not doing his job when republicans are the ones who won’t vote on these issues–on any issues decidely for the rest of the year. I don’t think that is realistic, but it appears that is what they are going to try to do.

  17. The GOP will block all legislation to fund alleviation of the problem even if it is their own ideas that Obama offers. And then it true Reich Wing form they will loudly claim that Obama has done nothing at all and is in fact the reason for the influx that we see. No matter what the facts are the Reich Wing will cry foul.

  18. Burgess one of the TexasBaggers said that ‘no money was needed’. He said the Repigs had already given ‘Obama’ more than enough money to fix border security.

    They don’t want to help, they want to hate. He would NEVER answer Chris Hayes question.

    Dipshits, one and all.

  19. because it’s stuck in the house because the repubs won’t pass it… kinda makes you think who is really behind all of this, doesn’t it?

  20. what a show this little man put on. first he wouldn’t meet with Obama, then he did meet and shook his hand. hey perry – the reason governors are elected is so they run their state accordingly. the president can’t be everywhere. where was bush when Katrina happened?????????? the president praised perry and his ideas and then he stabs him in the back by trashing him – really – and perry wants to be president – ha.

  21. Perry, and the GOP could care less about the children, except to use their misery in their political parlor games of back-biting and ass-fuc……!!!

  22. Gov-for-now Perry seems to enjoy using the word “inept” these days…one wonders if he heard it one too many times when he himself was being described, and took a fancy to it. (It IS a fun word to say…)

  23. I believe you may be right Marie, it would be a good excuse to get rid of someone they hate. What a shame.

  24. Noticed that too? Rick “oops” Perry thinks that wearing “Maddow” glasses will give him gravitas like Doctor Maddow. Then he opens his mouth. Oops.

  25. I think u r right…anything happen to Obama there the repubs could cover it up blame 50,000 different people…I don’t blame Obama…repubs r sleaze bags

  26. Perry acts like a jealous brat when it comes to Obama. Can you imagine Oops Perry trying to talk policy with other world leaders – what an em barrassment he would be to this country.

  27. The best thing to happen to Rick Perry is $100/barrel oil. Once WTI spiked back in the second term of GWB the Texas economy took off to the detriment of the rest of America. He gets too much credit for a Texas economy heavily dependent on high oil prices. Texas can afford to keep their low tax rates unlike other states because of its oil revenue. Were oil to drop below $90/barrel for any prolonged period the Texas economy would stagnate big time. But the rest of America would benefit from lower fuel prices.

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