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Another Bad Day For Republicans As President Obama Is Nominated For An Emmy

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President Obama is such a fail. First he wins a Nobel Peace Prize and now he’s been nominated for an Emmy for the interview he did with comedian Zach Galifianakis on his Web series “Between Two Ferns”. This is proof that the entire world hates Republicans.

That web based Funny or Die clip has been nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program category.

Really, Republicans deserve the credit for this Emmy nod (which is good since they can’t credit Obama for anything except blaming him for things they did), because if they hadn’t been fear-mongering about Obamacare in the first place, the President never would have had to take such extreme measures to get the word out.

But Republicans told Americans that Obama was going to kill their babies with death panels and the government was taking over their medical decisions. In contrast, to show you their idea of American freedom, Republicans have successfully fought to let your boss/faceless corporations with an agenda make your medical decisions. That’ll show Obama!

So Obama did an interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis on his Web series “Between Two Ferns” and together, using satire and wit, they increased views to Healthcare.Gov by 40%.

The President and Zach Galifianakis have some stiff Emmy competition, facing off against a Super Bowl halftime clip and a Parks and Rec mini episode. (Vice President Joe Biden was on Parks and Rec, by the way, and the show pays obvious homage to Hillary Clinton as a role model for female politicians).

The Right wing will be beside themselves over this, after all, they went nuts over his mere appearance in the show, as they feel he should not be mentioning the law in public or something:

During Fox & Friends, Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, “Some would argue that it’s inappropriate for the president of the United States to be advertising a law, an insurance plan.” This was after co-host Brian Kilmeade stated it was inappropriate for the President to be sitting down for a fake interview that was really a comedy skit. This is really rich. Somehow, Hasselbeck feels that President Obama should not be saying anything positive about the current health care law or encouraging people to sign up for health insurance.

Right wing media declared the Emmy nominated President “desperate”:

The Daily Caller and Washington Free Beacon, both conservative news hustlers, got columns up right away declaring how awful and agenda-driven the interview was. Laura Ingraham, Katie Pavlich and Martha MacCallum, all Fox News personalities, took to Twitter and made sure to advance the narrative of the day that this was a very, very bad thing that the President did.

Oh, yes. Everything Obama touches is such a glitch fail. Why can’t he be more like former President Bush?

Republicans sided with the Taliban when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, so there’s really no telling how this Emmy nod about a show he did to help get the word out about affordable healthcare will impact them. Brace yourselves.

The good news here is that this just might be the just cause Speaker Boehner is still searching for in his threats to sue the President. Boehner should sue Obama over getting an Emmy nod. This would finally break Republicans of their habit of trying to sue/impeach Obama for things Bush did. And it’s safe, too, because it will be a long time before Republicans have a candidate with a sense of humor who is willing to poke fun at themselves in order to help the American public. So the chances of a future Republican President getting nominated for an Emmy are slim, unless of course we unskew that opinion.

Also, Republicans are noticeably silent about their 6 year push to kill affordable health insurance for the American public, and while they keep claiming they have an alternative, they have been unable to produce one as of yet. Maybe in another 6 years they will come up with something. Here’s hoping.

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