Republicans Embrace Bizarre Conspiracy That Obama Is Behind Immigrant Surge

yes we can shoe


During the Thursday broadcast of his radio show, right-wing mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh discussed the possibility that President Obama is responsible for the surge of immigrants coming in from Central America in recent months. This is a conspiracy theory that has been gaining momentum in conservative circles over the past few days. Apparently, as this insane theory goes, the Obama Administration has convinced tens of thousands of young immigrants to storm the border. President Obama will then provide them with asylum and eventually turn them all into American citizens. In turn, all of these newly turned citizens will become dedicated Democratic voters, helping to widen the gap between Democrats and Republicans and turn the country into the Socialist hellscape that Obama has always planned. Or something like that.

Anyway, Limbaugh took his cue from The Washington Times and The Daily Caller. Both ran stories on Wednesday linking to the far-right website DMLDaily. The owner of the site, Dennis Michael Lynch, had posted two sets of photos on the site last week showing tennis shoes that had the phrase ‘Yes We Can’ and the likeness of Obama. Lynch stated that he received the photos from Border Patrol agents and that the shoes were on the feet of children who were detained at the border. He admits that he cannot authenticate the photos but that he trusts the agents.

DC and The Times ran with the story on Wednesday. Both of them posted the photos, seemingly as proof that these migrants were taking orders from Democratic operatives that the borders were open, and they just need to make their way to America. Basically, they have an open invite from the President. The Times even sent out a tweet Thursday morning with one of the photos.


These articles helped to feed into the narrative that had already been started by Texas Republicans, most notably Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Louie Gohmert. Therefore, by the time of his broadcast Thursday, the conspiracy theory was ripe for Limbaugh to put it on blast.

Below is an excerpt of his comments, via a transcript from The Rush Limbaugh Show:


RUSH: So, I must confess, I have been tempted to make a joke about something, but I held back. I held back because it involves the children. I’m talking about the children that are arriving unaccompanied all across the US Southern border. And the joke was going to be, “How long’s it gonna be before these kids start arriving with ‘I love Obama’ shirts?'” But I didn’t mention that because I thought people might think it’s a bit insensitive and not taking the situation seriously.

And, lo and behold, every time I either think about or actually make a joke about these people, it comes true! The kids are arriving wearing Obama “Yes, we can” tennis shoes. I have the photo. I have proof right here, ladies and gentlemen. Some of this is hilarious. It is something that you joke about, “They would never do this. They would never.” But they’re doing it!

You know, I told Snerdley this morning that I thought one of the fastest ways to shut this down would be if somebody were able to sneak across the border into Mexico and get themselves on these trains and the other forms of transportation that these kids are coming in on and pass out “I can’t wait to vote Republican” T-shirts and caps and have these kids arriving wearing that stuff. That would shut this down faster than anything you’ve ever seen. If it wouldn’t shut it down, we would be able to get pictures of border control agents ripping the clothing off of these kids and ripping their caps off.


A couple of things here. First off, we are’t even sure that these photos are authentic. They were basically just forwarded to a conservative commentator and filmmaker who has already made two films critical of immigration reform and he posted them on his website. Even with his disclaimer that the photos could not be authenticated, two media sources decided to push his story and try to get it into the mainstream. Besides being sloppy, it shows a complete lack of journalistic integrity. But, then again, integrity really isn’t a word you associate with The Daily Caller or The Washington Times.

However, even if these are authentic photos taken at detention centers at the border, all I have to say is — So what? What does it matter? These are poor kids escaping violent conditions and traveling hundreds or thousands of miles and will wear just about anything that they can get their hands on. We see pictures of two sets of shoes with Obama’s likeness on it. Ummm, ok. How many came across wearing shoes and shirts with other logos on them because they were readily available in their location due to charitable donations? I am sure many were wearing shirts representing sports teams. Does that mean those specific franchises were down in El Salvador or Honduras handing out apparel and telling kids to make it across the border in order to support their teams going forward?


Image courtesy of DMLDaily

23 Replies to “Republicans Embrace Bizarre Conspiracy That Obama Is Behind Immigrant Surge”

  1. So, the story of our great POTUS and Lady Liberty holding her light aloft welcoming the poor and oppressed to a life where if they work hard they can succeed and escape tyranny is a Democrat conspiracy? These people are so mired in partisan politicking they can’t see that is the Promise of the USA that is drawing them.

  2. American recycled clothing is sent by churches, Goodwill and Salvation Army to other countries. Good grief is it such a stretch to think these shoes were donated and sent off?

  3. Living in the border land I and others regularly have clothing drives and take in yard sale leftovers, kitchen appliances, bedding, you name it. We pack it in boxes and load it in vans and pick ups and send it down to Juarez. Once there it is distributed to citizens there and a lot of it also gets shipped further south.

    We do this to help our southern neighbors. Most americans cannot fathom the level of poverty they live in. Most have never had a new pair of shoes. Always hand me downs. I seen a woman come to tears over a 10 dollar toaster, a left over from a yard sale.

    Whether the repubs like it or not those donations are not going to stop. If you can make someone elses life better it is your duty to do so.

  4. The day would not be complete without another nonsensical conspiracy theory emanating from the bowels of the tea-chugging right wing blogosphere.

    And far too many Republican legislators are eager to ‘ride the wave’ of these delusional offerings, hoping to make political hay in order to fill the void created by their inability to discuss issues in a cogent, rational matter.

  5. Are these the shoes Sarah Palin was referring to that they would kick off and storm our border? The person writing her speeches must have been the one who photo shopped this picture and added that message. Just a little inside joke so they can continue praising Sarah for being “in the know”! Sarah, you walk the thousand miles those kids did and I doubt you would even have anything left of your shoes to kick off, birdbrain! Those look brand new to me. Probably in a room of donated clothing for those who have made the trek with only the clothes on their back. Probably donated after the campaign to a charity. I’m sure they get all kinds of political clothing after the elections.

  6. The Blaze is not legit. Under any circumstances

    You should know that these children didnt just start coming into this country. This has been going on for 30 years.

  7. Those shoes and those jeans look too damn squeaky new to have made any such trek. They were either handed to the wearer after arrival or I smell morning doo.

  8. The blaze like to stretch the truth for their own purpose to mean what they want it to mean. The fact that congress is not doing their job and still not doing their job is their problem. What more do you think the president can do? He has already deported more people than any other president, if congress had pass the bill that senate had sent them that included all the things the president had asked for like building more to the walls, added more border control people, etc things may not have gotten so bad. You have to have people to process people out of the courts which means you have to judges, lawyers, etc and all that cost money which was in the bill but they were so afraid that the people would vote democratic that they wouldn’t vote on it. They didn’t want the president to look good, they didn’t want to treat miniorties right so now look what happen. Now they have egg on their face. They aren’t making the president look bad, they look bad, plus stupid.

  9. Those shoes have never been walked in. Not through the hot desert or any other place. These shoes were not even dirty. Take a good look at the shoes of the people coming in, they have been used, hard.

  10. Yes, its a conspiracy:
    Flood the border with unaccompanied minors, then lower the voting age to 5 so they can all vote for Hillary.

    In crayon.

  11. These kids are seeking refuge for whatever reason, most likely the threat of violence. If it were ME seeking refuge, I’d be decked out in any “I love America” “I love the President” “I love Apple Pie” clothes I could find. Conspiracy? No, normal human behavior.

  12. If you read the politifact article, it does not dispute the government job posting. It does not dispute the fact that the government knew there was a surge coming from south American countries. What it does dispute with rush is that obama “planned” it. What did Obama do to prevent any of this before hand? Nothing. This is what happens when you do not secure the border, and instead insist that your not gonna deport any children or anybody else unless you committed “serious” crimes.

  13. If you used this website for reference, you are a lying POS and never voted for any Democrat. Any intelligent person would know this is a POS lying worse than Fox site. Your lies won’t work here sweety. Fo on back to Townhall and try it.

  14. I hear that the Tealiban is floating an idea that Obama is responsible for Dec.7th 1941. I must confess that I am the man who has given access to my time machine to Obama. But NO we are not going back to cause the attack on Pearl, we are going back to change Bob Hopes mind on Democrats.

  15. My take on Rush limp dic Limbaugh, is that he is officially a lunatic. If the right truly believes in what that closeted queen, Limbaugh has to say, then so be it. He is good for a laugh or two.

    But, who am I to say?

  16. By previous presidents, I assume you are referring to Bush. Ok, but that was dealing with the standard flow of illegal aliens at the time, not the flood of other then Mexicans we are seeing now. Congress passed a law in 2006 that would have completed the double barrier fence. Congress failed to fund it. The issue now is that the administration knew months in advance of this wave coming and did nothing to try to stop it.

  17. Bizarre, indeed. This travesty has opened the eyes of all but the completely deluded. When New York Times readers rip Obama to shreds, one knows the end is nigh.

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