The White House Blasts Boehner’s Obamacare Lawsuit as A Waste Of Time and Taxpayer Money



In a statement, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called John Boehner’s Obamacare lawsuit a political stunt that is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

In a statement, the White House Press Secretary said, “It is disappointing that Speaker Boehner and Congressional Republicans have decided to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a political stunt. At a time when Washington should be working to expand economic opportunities for the middle class, Republican leaders in Congress are playing Washington politics rather than working with the President on behalf of hardworking Americans. As the President said today, he is doing his job – lawsuit or not – and it’s time Republicans in Congress did theirs.”

Speaker Boehner has given Democrats a gift that will keep on giving by deciding to sue over Obamacare. The political landscape has changed. It’s no longer 2009 or 2010. In 2014, people like their Obamacare, so arguing that the president overstepped his powers with a program with a program that people like isn’t a winning strategy.


DCCC Chairman Steve Israel pointed out that stunts like the lawsuit are the reason why this Congress is the least popular in history, “First this Republican Congress shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act and cost the economy billions of dollars. Now, they’re spending millions more to sue the president over ACA. Is there any question why a Congress that continues to force middle-class families to foot the bill for their political stunts is the least popular in history?”

The Obamacare lawsuit isn’t supposed to appeal to the overwhelming majority of Americans who are enrolled in Obamacare and like their coverage. This lawsuit is a sad attempt to recapture the Republican magic of 2010, when a small angry white electorate went to the polls to give Republicans in the majority in the House based on the promise that they would repeal Obamacare.

Boehner and friends failed to repeal the ACA, so they have created a distraction in the hopes that their supporters won’t notice that they have been lied to for the last four years.

The lawsuit has already backfired. It is clearly doing more to fire up Democrats than Republicans. Speaker Boehner has handed Democrats an issue to campaign on. By suing Obama instead of doing his job, Boehner has made the Republican Party the issue, and history tells us that when Republicans are the issue, Democrats win elections.

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  1. I used to give the Republican elite the benefit of a doubt when it came to intelligence, I just figured they were playing to their base of uneducated know-nothings. I’m not so sure now.

  2. For the trolls out here: 102,000 construction projects in the country will be halted unless repubs replenish the Highway Trust Fund. (What, did you think these projects only impact lib-rul areas? Better think again. Projects in Red states and towns may be halted, and repubs come out with a lawsuit?!?

    The President offers a solution to the Border crisis, and repubs come out with a lawsuit?!?

    Oh, one more thing. At this point in their presidencies: Reagan, 381 executive orders; W, 291 executive orders; Obama, 182 executive orders.

    Damn those facts!

  3. the republicans love to spend money on stupid lawsuits that have no merit. just think how many poor/children/elderly/vets they can help.

  4. How are the people of this country going ever recover the money these so called conservatives have wasted now going on six years of extravagant spending on nothing but lies. Nothing constructive.

  5. So Obama delayed the enforcement of the ACA to facilitate the transition for small businesses. Oooh, what a TYRANT!

  6. These do nothing repubs should be forced to pay for these frivolous law suits out of their pockets. See if they’d be so quick to continue with this stupidity.So many more issues could be getting worked on on the meantime.

  7. Speaker Boehner’s actions express a miniscule amount of thought and a vast show of hubris. The cost of house time and taxpayer funds spent never seem to bother him nor his fellow trail riders.

  8. Millions being wasted to keep the UNHINGED HATERS PUMPED UP. All their actions will have huge consequences at the polls.

  9. YEP, Pres. Obama is such a tyrant ,he allows those who threaten and call him names to still walk the streets instead of being placed in jail or worse. Had any if these people calling him a tyrant lived in old England or old Europe their heads would be on spikes on the main street of town Or thrown in the nearest under ground place available, then forgotten. That’s a tyrant people.

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