Darrell Issa Destroys His Obama Investigation With Admission That It’s Political Theater


Rep. Darrell Issa has managed sabotage his new allegation that the administration is using taxpayer dollars for political purposes by admitting in 2011 that a similar investigation was nothing but political theater.

Rep. Issa (R-CA) wrote that he will be subpoenaing the head of the White House Office of Political Strategy, David Simas to appear in front of the House Oversight Committee because he is investigating whether or not the White House is using taxpayer dollars for political purposes, “In an effort to appease its political allies, the Obama Administration broadcast its intention to re-open a political office within the White House to assist in partisan election efforts and fundraising. This follows a serious pattern of behavior at the highest levels of the Administration. Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, both members of President Obama’s cabinet, were faulted by the Office of Special Counsel for inappropriately using their offices in violation of the Hatch Act. This hearing will examine abuses of taxpayer funds for political gain and the level of White House commitment to preventing them.”

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Elijah Cumming (D-MD) shot back with a claim that this is all part of Issa’s temper tantrum that has been unfolding since Boehner took the Benghazi investigation away from him, “Over the past several weeks—ever since House Speaker John Boehner took the Benghazi investigation away from the Oversight Committee and transferred it to the new Select Committee—you have been engaged in a subpoena binge, issuing more unilateral subpoenas than at any point during your tenure, and all with no debate or votes by our Committee.”

Cummings continued, “Since you became Chairman in 2011, you have issued nearly 100 subpoenas—more than all three previous committee chairmen combined—in less than half the time. In the eight years from 2003 to 2010, former Republican and Democratic Chairmen Tom Davis, Henry A. Waxman, and Edolphus Towns issued a combined total of 78 subpoenas. With only rare exceptions, they issued all of their subpoenas with the concurrence of the Ranking Member or a vote of the Committee. In contrast, over the past three and a half years, you have issued 96 subpoenas without any debate or a vote of the Committee.”

The problem for Issa is that he tried something very similar to this stunt a few years ago. In 2011, Issa tried to investigate the Obama and the DNC for filming a video in the Map Room at the White House. Issa also told The Washington Times that his hearing was nothing but political theater, “It’ll be good theater. The Democrats will make the claim that somehow we were wrong. And we’ll remind them that this isn’t much different than what Waxman looked at. And then it will end. The sad truth is, the most we can do on our committee is the equivalent of a pitcher who gets tired of a batter crowding the plate. Our hearings can maybe brush him [the president] back a little.”

Fast forward to 2014, and Darrell Issa is stomping on the same old ground that got him nowhere three years ago. This is a typical pattern for Issa. He has bounced from fake scandal to fake scandal since he took over the chairmanship of the Oversight Committee. The California Republican keeps going to the same dry wells repeatedly in an attempt to find something to use to impeach President Obama.

Democrats are correct about Issa reckless unilateral use of his subpoena power. As Republicans accuse President Obama of unilateral action, they continue conveniently to ignore Darrell Issa’s taste for acting alone. Issa has managed to knock down his own house of cards, as his desperate attempts to find a scandal to bring down Obama continues to flounder.

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  1. Darrell Issa, coming from the Department of Obvious, admits that he’s a histrionic head line grabbing moron trying to deflect attention from his own lengthy rap sheet.

    News at 11

  2. He used funds to sell his ideology to the country about his crusade to destroy the Postal Service.

  3. Issa and the G.O.P. are attempting to use their positions to force their right-wing ideologies down our collective throats.

  4. If Issa is re-elected, then some big paper company should do a land office business selling paper bags to his shameful constituants…

  5. Darrell Issa needs to be taken down drummed out of congress. Publically shamed WORSE than Tricky Dick. At least Nixon ended the Viet Nam war.

  6. Too bad Issa could not be personally responsible for every cent spent and forced to repay the taxpayers.

  7. It’s to the point now where I think Issa needs to be institutionalized. The man is INSANE. Diabolically insane.

  8. I’ve often wondered why not. If we pay for a service to a local business, and they fail to produce the agreed upon task, then one can re-coup their funds through the courts. If a business manager wastes the funds of his clients, those clients do have the ability to re-coup their losses, again through the courts. Issa, among others, is not upholding the oath of his office, waste more taxpayers money than fund social welfare programs, and is brazenly not doing the job he and his cohorts were elected to do. Obstructionism is not part of bipartisan governance. They were each elected to work on our behalf. That’s what the pay is for. It is our tax money he and the others are wasting. So, yeah, why not? I really would like to see a fresh out of law school, idealistic and tenacious attorney or group of attorneys do this on behalf of We, the People. There’s gotta be someone smart enough to challenge the “above the law” status quo of our elected officials.

  9. He doesn’t destroy his credibility at all. Anyone with any sense knows it’s a dog and pony show, and anyone on the right doesn’t care.

  10. This political Monsters if I had my way I will flush them out Washington. They are of no use to American citizens. They are only good at obstructing development for the Nation.

  11. This political Monsters if I had my way I will flush them out of Washington DC
    . They are of no use to American citizens. They are only good at obstructing development for the Nation.

  12. This political Monsters if I had my way I will flush them out of Washington DC. They are of no use to American citizens. They are only good at obstructing development for the Nation.

  13. It’s a tie on who the biggest liar and money wasting Republican is – Ted Cruz or Darrell Issa. Can’t wait until they both get voted out. They’ve both done a great job destroying America just to line their pockets. Between them both, they have cost taxpayers probably more than a trillion dollars doing nothing for us except wasting our time and wasting our money.

  14. The real question and investigation should be ‘who is Darrell Issa working for? Who is his master?’ Because he hasn’t done anything except lie to the American people and waste billions accomplishing nothing; he regularly leaks confidential info; and he wouldn’t recognize the truth if he stepped in it.

    And the main question is with his waste of taxpayer money and inability to recognize the truth, why is he still employed?! What does it take to get these bums out of government?

  15. I agree. They do nothing to help the American people and when they do something, they make things worse for everyone. Both Cruz and Issa are an embarrassment to both Texas and California. Time to Turn Texas Blue and make California even more blue than it already is. DAVE PEISER 2014! MAXEY SCHERR 2018!

  16. Issa treats evidence in the same manner that Christian social conservatives treat the Bible — as a source of material to be CHERRY-PICKED for excerpts that can be used to support a preconceived, biased conclusion.

    Of course, Issa doesn’t have time to wait for actual evidence to materialize. He has an agenda to complete and a deadline to meet — the 2014 midterm elections.

  17. will someone ask him about how much insurance he got when he torched his auto business in southern California? this snake with three heads has to go. I hope Californians are smart enough to vote him out in the next election! this maroon is getting away with slander. when is enough, enough?

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