Really? House GOP Whines About Border Crisis While Killing Its Own Immigration Reform Plan

John Boehner


You just cannot make any of this up.

Over the past few weeks, Republicans on Capitol Hill and conservative commentators have focused on the situation at the border where tens of thousands of migrant children are being detained. The children are refugees escaping from violent conditions in Central America. Per a law signed by President Bush in 2008, children from specific countries in Central America who reach the border must be allowed to seek asylum. Therefore, they need to be processed, and a determination needs to be made if they are eligible to remain in the country. Due to the influx of migrants from Central America, a bottleneck has been created, causing overcrowding in the detention center system which has led to this humanitarian crisis.

Republicans, meanwhile, have decided to use this particular crisis to rail against President Obama (natch). One criticism has been that the President lured these refugees to the border when he issued the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a memo that provided DREAMers a temporary reprieve from deportation. This memo was meant as a stop-gap until permanent legislation was passed, as the DREAM Act was in Congressional purgatory at the time (and still is.) Conservatives have claimed that this action by POTUS has convinced those coming to the border that they will be granted citizenship once they arrive.

Another criticism leveled at the President from the right has been that he isn’t doing enough to secure our borders or stem the tide of illegal immigration. It doesn’t matter that these children are actually stopping at the border and being detained by border patrol agents. Or that that deportations are higher under President Obama than his predecessors. Or even that we have more border patrol agents and other border security measures than during President Bush’s tenure. It doesn’t really matter to the GOP. They continue to complain that POTUS isn’t doing anything.

Except, he is. President Obama has pushed for comprehensive immigration reform since first taking office. The bill finally passed the US Senate over one year ago with bipartisan support. That bill included increased border security measures, such as an increase in border patrol agents and more fencing along the Mexican border. However, the House Republicans have refused to act on it, with Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) not allowing it to come up for a vote. The House GOP said they would come up with their own alternative to present to the Senate. On Thursday, that all came to an end.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) was tasked with coming up with the House’s alternative immigration reform bill. During his tenure in the House, Diaz-Balart has made it a mission of his finally see sweeping changes made to the country’s immigration policy. He has worked with Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), along with others, to come up with at least a somewhat bipartisan solution. Diaz-Balart felt that progress had been made and that the policy his group had come up with easily pass in the House if brought up for a vote. Instead, he informed reporters on Thursday that Republican leadership had told him that immigration reform was officially dead in the House, and they wouldn’t be moving on it at all.

“I’m really, really disappointed. We have a good bill. We have a unique opportunity to secure our borders, fix our broken immigration system, help our economy and do so in a way that adhere to the rule of law. But unfortunately I’ve been told we’re not going to be able to pursue it. And I think that’s highly unfortunate.”

The Florida Republican also told reporters that the main reason he was given by Boehner that they won’t move forward is because they can’t trust the President to enforce the laws. In essence, Boehner told Diaz-Balart that Congress won’t pass any laws while President Obama is in the White House.

I have no idea how Boehner thinks this is going to fly with the American people. It appears he has completely painted himself into a corner. On Thursday, Boehner threw a hissy fit when confronted with a question about passing the President’s emergency spending request regarding the crisis. He wanted to know, “When is the President going to take some responsibility for this.” In essence, he was telling the President to continue to use executive orders to deal with issues affecting the country. At the same time, Boehner is filing a lawsuit against the White House for the use of executive orders.

I have no idea what the endgame is for Republicans in Washington. The fact is, if House Republicans had passed comprehensive immigration reform over a year ago, there would already be more resources at the border to deal with this crisis. Instead, they have to wait until the President sends over an emergency spending measure during the height of a crisis, and then complain about him not doing anything to prevent this situation from occurring. They want him to act like a ‘leader’, yet refuse to work with him and sue him when he circumvents them in order to get something done.

They have no plans, only complaints. Everything is the President’s fault. They can’t trust him. Therefore, they refuse to work with him. Boehner will not allow any bill that comes from the Senate to pass the House. He is just going to sit in a corner, pout, and tell anyone that asks him that it is the President who isn’t doing anything. It is the President who is passing the buck. But the President is also doing too much, and we need to sue him.

It just makes your head spin.


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23 Replies to “Really? House GOP Whines About Border Crisis While Killing Its Own Immigration Reform Plan”

  1. If the USA were to take in children from every combat zone, (Palestine, Ukraine, Sudan, Irag/Syria, Myanmar) as refugees, our Social Services would be incredibly strained…As for caring for these children – would suggest opening up elementary schools throughout the SouthWest to house them until Mid_August. Hold court hearings in classrooms, 8 hours a day/five days a week, with Temporarily-appointed Judges chosen from current upper management of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from all over the US. Ask every registered/bar-passed lawyer in the border towns to donate 40 hours pro bono to support the children after sitting through a free-to-them 40-hour short course on Immigration Law as it applies to refugees. Think GET IT DONE.

  2. John Bonner and all the obstructionist republicans should be tarred and feathered and ran out of Washington on a rail, every single one of them, they all have the mindset of a mentally ill escapee from Faux news or on some mind altering drugs ? this is the republican politician of today, their so blind with hate of the President they can’t even do the job they were sent to Washington to do.

  3. finally i see mention of the DACA! it is very straight forward and applies ONLY to children who’ve been in the U.S. for an extended period of time.

    i was in Honduras last month and was told the ‘Coyotés’ have used it to scare parents in Central American countries to get their children to the U.S. NOW, because it was going to do away with DACA. DACA NEVER applied to new children coming into the country. the ‘Coyotés’ twisted it seeing it would make more money smuggling children. the idea also came from the fact that Repugs in the House pulled the plug on immigration.

    the real problem isn’t just with immigration reform but all of their ‘issues.’ the problem is Repugs not telling the truth – about anything. oh yeah, they don’t ‘say’ things directly, but a lie of omission is still a lie! the Faux News followers believe as ‘bible’ anything it & the Repugs say, and they turn around & say it LOUDER!

    we need to say it louder & more forceful, “I’m mad as h…

  4. The endgame, I guarantee you, isn’t the lawful election of their party in Congress or the White House. The endgame is trapping the President into either doing nothing, or into doing something without their co-operation. The former they will call nonfeasance,the latter malfeasance. When they believe they have built a convincing enough case against the President,they will attempt an extraconstitutional seizure of power in the name of ril uhMerikuh.

  5. Remember, if Obama uses his executive authority to get things done … he’s a tyrannical despot.

    If he appeals to Congress to take action, and nothing gets done because the Senate minority filibusters legislation or the House majority refuses to tackle the problem … then Obama is weak and ineffectual.

    Such is the world according to GOP.

  6. It’s a given: Diversity is a strength.
    Sadly, Reich-wingers cannot grasp this simple, yet noble concept.

    Opening our (US) borders will destroy White supremacy and usher in an age of enlightenment that is only seen in African nations.

  7. Mary – you Reich-wing hussy!

    These children of color need our help more than ever. If we give resources to these children now, they will be the doctors, lawyers and leaders of tomorrow.

    Children of color deserve free stuff.
    I say, “take it from the White oppressors.”

  8. Republicans are just ridiculous. The lawsuit is stupid; Boehner doesn’t want to part of the solution; and the children are caught in our broken immigration system. HEY CONGRESS, WHAT DO YOU GET PAID FOR? We are tired of you not doing your job. I’m over it. Ughhh!!!

  9. I think americans have had enough with republicans…they are showing how desperate they are to take back the whitehouse..they don’t care if it’s women, veterans or children they hurt to try to keep their nutty base fired up about Mr.Black President. They oppose everything he does, everything he does is the ‘worst’ thing ever to happen to america..they are bigoted, non christian a-holes in my opinion, take it to the poles folks!! take it to the polls!!!!

  10. I am Afro American, republicans and democrats, are in fault. I have been Democrat all my life, except now. Independent all the way. No one enforce the law. We were lied to about NAFTA was gonna fix the border by shipping our jobs south of the border and the illegals would want to stay in their own country and sell goods to america. Instead opposite effect. Even tho I dont like the republicans policies, I agree, they should fix the border first and we do have laws, enforce them. Name a country in the world where illegals can even have a voice. Even in Canada, you overstay your visa you are marched back to your country…USA side, I have migrated outside of the USA and I did it legally, not hop the fence and want rights to a country. for cheap labor. What about the USA Citizens that is here. our government dont help them.

  11. These comments are cute. You’re all really great at looking at both sides of the coin. It isn’t about RACE, women, children, etc… get your heads out of the sand. Seriously.

  12. What a racist remark! Shouldn’t you be a bit more offended that democrats tell us we’re not good enough and we need their help in exchange for our votes?

  13. What is racist in her remarks? What effing planet have you been on for the past 6 years? You area idiot for even coming up with that remark

  14. I don’t know why you’re denigrating repulicans. They’re on your side. They wrongly believe the “immigration system is broken”.

    That word doesn’t even exist in the Constitution. There are laws! They work when they are worked, when they are enforced.

    You seem to be confused about the role of Congress. Congress is a coequal branch of the government. The pResident does not have the authority to illegally, unconstitutionally veto a NO VOTE by the Congress of the United States. Read Article I, Section 1 and Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. Perhaps this will clear up your confusion.

    The Congress has a job to do. If nothing gets done, there are a number of reasons why. What’s more important is that the device created for policy and law making is not supposed to be easy. It is supposed to hard write laws, especially when they go against existing law and especially when they limit liberties.

    It’s not always right but there are a lot of bad laws passed…

  15. When losing the argument, confronted with irrefutable facts, the law, the truth, LIE, deflect, misrepresent facts and issues; say someone doesn’t care! When all else fails adopt a straw man for an inequality debate and call someone right wing, nazi! Make up a mental illness and offer diagnosis, maybe homophobic, xenophobic, sexist or misogynistic. Call success evil! Find a victim of success and vow never to forgive any kind of prosperity. When all else fails, call them a “racist” to stop the conversation, outright!

    Divide the country! Intimidate! Present ignorance to the ignorant, demand tolerance while giving none, use bigotry toward those that believe differently!

    How can anybody make an assertion, offer an idea if they’re too busy repelling charges of racism?

    That’s the real left wing playbook! Call the law abiding, tax paying citizens names,”racist”. Make those obsessed with identity politics and the politics of jealousy envious once you’ve demonized the…

  16. The Conspiracy to Commit Legislative Constipation
    In a scene reminiiscent of the summit meeting of mob bosses in The Godfather, Republican House leaders were summoned by evil marshmallow and message-crafter Frank Luntz to hash out a strategy to cope with the defeat of their party in 2008 and the election of the newly inaugurated President Obama, according to Robert Draper’s just published book Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives.

    From a report on Draper’s revelation by Ewen MacAskill in the Guardian UK (the bolding is mine):

    During a lengthy discussion, the senior GOP members worked out a plan to repeatedly block Obama over the coming four years to try to ensure he would not be re-elected.

  17. I present to you, a product of the Post-Constitutional American School System!

    Keep charter schools open!

  18. School reformers keep talking about charter schools as if they were the answer to public education’s problems, when there is a great deal of evidence that shows big problems with the charter sector.

    For example, a report on Pennsylvania’s charter schools recently released by a state legislator found that only one in six of the state’s charter schools is”high-performing” and it notes that none of the online charters is “high-performing.”

  19. Especially the ones they are closing for fraud? For milking the government of money and teaching religions? All across Tennessee they are shutting them down

    No tax money should ever go to non-pulbic schools.

  20. “Remember, if Obama uses his executive authority to get things done … he’s a tyrannical despot.”

    Finally! One of you said the something that is correct! Ding, ding ding! Too bad you were being sarcastic and were right by accident!

    Such is reality! There is no provision in the Constitution that says that the Congress has to follow the coercion of the executive.

    I don’t understand your assertion and your attempt at irony but you don’t either.

    Allow me to clear it up for you. The pResident does not have the authority to do Congress’ job, period! Just because Congress doesn’t want to do what the pResident wants them to doesn’t mean they are not doing their job, although the 100+ House passed bills sitting in hairy reid’s bottom drawer, including bi-partisan bills, in the Senate is factually the real obstructionism the democrats charge of the other side.

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