Conservatives On Supreme Court Lied and Immediately Violated Their Hobby Lobby Ruling

Americans have been led to believe that of all the institutions in government, they can depend on honesty from the members of the highest court in the land. However, since the justices on the Supreme Court are above the law, and ethics requirements every other judge in the nation are held to, it is not surprising the conservatives on the Court lied and immediately violated their own ruling to fit their religious worldview.

In the Hobby Lobby ruling, Justice Samuel Alito stated the ruling was narrow in scope, and “should” only apply to religious corporations opposed to certain forms of birth control. That sentiment lasted less than twenty-four hours until the High Court quietly ordered all lower courts to rehear any cases in which private for-profit religious companies sought to deny coverage for any type of contraception; not just the specific types Hobby Lobby was opposed to because in their religious minds, they are abortion.

Under the Affordable Care Act, there are 20 forms of contraception that were required to be covered as preventive services and necessary to women’s health. Although the Court did not dispute the science, or a compelling need for women’s health, they agreed with Holy Hobby Lobby that Plan B, Ella, and two types of IUD were abortion and violated the corporate religious principles. Justice Samuel Alito, in writing for the majority, used several questionable qualifiers he claimed limited the ruling’s scope, but the very next day they issued a series of orders contradicting the “narrow interpretation” of the decision.

The Justices vacated two separate decisions by the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Autocam Corp. v. Burwell and Eden Foods v. Burwell, and ordered the appeals court to rehear the cases and issue rulings in accordance with the Catholics’ Hobby Lobby decision. The Sixth Circuit rejected requests from Catholic-owned businesses that demanded exemptions because Catholicism considers artificial birth control abortion and is therefore a sin against god. The Court also ordered the District of Columbia Appeals Court to reopen a similar case, Gilardi v. Department of Health & Human Services, and waste taxpayer money because “the conservative majority endorsed the idea that religious objections to insurance that covers any form of preventative healthcare for women have merit” according to Catholic Church doctrine.

It is relevant to note that the five male conservatives, who agreed with Hobby Lobby, as Catholics believe that any form of “unnatural birth control” is abortion. This is despite all known medical science, and fundamental common sense to the contrary. The Court’s Catholics rejected claims filed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and several other medical associations that “there is no scientific evidence that contraceptives, emergency or otherwise, available in the United States and approved by the FDA affect an existing pregnancy. Instead, they prevent ovulation, so there is no egg to fertilize, and no egg, like no implantation, means no pregnancy and no abortion.” But that is medical science and the Church speaks for god and Catholics have the documentation to prove it.

According to the Catholic Humanae Vitae (n.14 [3]) and not the Christian bible, the Church holds that “any unnatural or artificial means of birth control are immoral, blameworthy, sinful, and violate god’s law because they are abortion.” The Catholics also claim that at one time all Protestant religions in the world obeyed Catholic dogmata regarding “unnatural birth control” and they are on a crusade to rein in all Protestant denominations to dutifully adhere to Church doctrine; precisely as the High Court’s conservatives intended.

There is nothing that will sway Catholics from their belief that as religious rulers, when they say no contraceptives, they mean no contraceptives; even if they are provided by a third party at no cost to Catholics. For example, Notre Dame was given an exemption from providing contraception coverage in health plans, and the cost of providing them was shifted to a third-party to completely isolate the Catholic University from dealing with, or providing, contraception. It was not enough for the Catholics and they argued that it was immoral for a third party outside administrator to provide the objectionable coverage they regard as abortion. The Seventh Circuit Appellate Court denied Notre Dame’s demand to, as Judge Richard A. Posner wrote, “Forbid any insurer and plan administrator from providing any contraceptive coverage to Notre Dame staff or students.”

Notre Dame is appealing the ruling to the High Court because now that the conservatives ruled according to Catholic dogma, they will get the ruling, and control over students and staff, they demand. A spokesman for the Catholics said, “Our concern remains that if government is allowed to entangle a religious institution of higher education like Notre Dame in one area contrary to conscience, it’s given license to do so in others.” Many Americans’ concern is that if Catholics are allowed to enforce their birth control dogma contrary to women’s conscience’s regarding their own reproductive health, it will take license to do so in others. Catholics are already attempting to take license to discriminate against hiring gays or employees that do not share the employers’ faith.

Interestingly, according to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2011 98% of self-identified Catholic women of reproductive age (15-44) have used a method of contraception other than natural family planning at some point during their reproductive lives making them sinners in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Further, 88% of Catholic women are currently using contraceptives the Catholics consider unnatural, sinful, immoral, murder, and a violation of god’s Catholic doctrine. Now that the Catholics reined in Southern Baptists, Pentecostals, and other evangelical fundamentalists, the five conservatives on the High Court increased the chances their crusade to ban contraceptive use in America is one step closer to realization.

As Americans are witnessing, regardless what Alito and the other conservative Catholic justices claimed, their decision set a deliberate precedent the religious right and United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will use to affect the change Church dogma demands. Besides giving lower courts permission to expand their logic in the Hobby Lobby decision, they immediately broadened their decision’s scope by ordering other appeals courts to rehear and reopen (rule according to Catholicism) prior cases to issue the correct (Catholic) ruling. The Supreme Court’s conservatives are doing precisely what Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicted in her dissent noting the logic in Alito’s decision went far beyond the limited scope the conservatives claimed. When she wrote that, “The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield,” she misread the intent of the conservatives.  They did not randomly “venture into a minefield,” they planted the mines and opened the floodgates for Catholics and the religious right cohort to do what they yearned after all along; ban contraceptives and put an end to married and single women alike from having “consequence free sex.”

For centuries, the Catholic Church ruled the so-called Christian world unchallenged until England’s King Henry VIII broke the cycle of religious tyranny when he informed the Pope in Rome that his authority ended at England’s borders. Unfortunately for American women, and soon the gay community, there is no King Henry to hold the Catholic Church in check. Now that the conservative Court empowered the Church to define contraceptives as murder and abortion, the GOP gained a powerful ally in their war on women.  With assistance from the religious right, Catholics are a step closer to impose personhood on a zygote and ban contraceptives they, and Papal Supremacy, regard as murder.


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  1. I am Catholic and I believe a woman should have the right to choose; whether it be using contraception or to have an abortion. I may not choose either, but that does not mean that other women should not have the choice. I strongly feel every woman should have the right to choice. Period.

  2. The only possibly positive effect of the religious rights recent gains, and all their efforts to impose their beliefs on everyone, is that it will motivate more people to get out and vote.

    Those who trully care about, and understand the ideals of America, know it is time to remove the anti-American right wing from our government in as many numbers as is possible, and as soon as possible.

  3. Religion, regardless of what religion it these United States of America, has no right whatsoever to impose its tenets on anyone else..I repeat..No religion has that right.

    The Right Wing is “using” religion to further their agenda. If they were sincere Christians, they would not be as toxic to the poor, infirm, minorities, and anyone who is not like them. It is a ruse, and if there is one thing I cannot when people use “religion” to further their agenda.

  4. Great article although uh, I don’t know that I would look to Henry VIII as the Breaker of Chains. He did kill a lot of Catholics, including Thomas More, for refusing to convert to Protestantism. Also, there’s that matter of him killing 2 of his wives and abandoning his first queen just to get a male heir. Not sure so many women would see him as a savior.

  5. I am Catholic and I believe that what a woman chooses to do with her own body is between her and God. God is our only judge in these matters. It is no one else’s business. The church….any church needs to open their arms to the people, not to dictate, force and condemn and try to use our government to control their followers. They should be totally separate! Supreme Court Justices are impeachable and maybe it is time to prove it.

  6. Absolutely, Army Mom, spot on.

    I think the power has gone to their heads, the SCOTUS men. Hubris, pure hubris.

  7. I am Catholic educated through college and I whole-heartedly reject this rigid anti-scientific Taliban like thinking. Something has to be done to rein in these far right crazies from establishing a religion in America. These new justices are young and have a long life ahead to change America. Please vote accordingly people! What else can we do?

  8. Protestantism did not begin with Henry VIII rather it began with Martin Luther posting his objections to the Catholic Church’s selling plenary indulgences that shortened time between the living and heaven in purgatory and selling relics of dead saints as a method of raising monies for various causes as well on the door of a cathederal. It turned out that he was not the only one to find the corporative practices of the R.C. Church objectionable. Luther’s local bishop demanded his recantation. Luther refused, the Pope when informed of Luther’s heresy excommunicated him . Henry VIII started out a devout Catholic who joined in persecuting Protestants but decided that he as king ruled by divine right, not subject to the Papal authority refusal to allow him an annulment from his first wife Catherine of Aragon. The actions of the SCOTUS represent not just a conflict of interests with the First Amendment’s intent,but an unseemly lack of self awareness of the damage to the court’s…

  9. The Catholic Church has always placed their ideology above science. Remember Galileo? Now the Supreme Court has assumed the role as enforcer of their ideology. However, as in the past, ordinary people are way ahead of the Church and Church will eventually have to change or become more and more irrelevant.

  10. More was not executed because he refused to convert to Protestantism, that didn’t exist in the way it does now. He was killed because he refused to sanction Henry’s marriage to Anne Boleyn and to acknowledge Henry as the head of the English church, which was about as close to Catholicism as you could get without a pope. Catholics love to make More out to be some martyr but he murdered people for what they believed in as well.

  11. While I LIKE the idea of removing them, in reality it is quite difficult. Both the House (articles of impeachment) and the Senate (a trial and 2/3 supermajority) are involved. It has only been done once (1804) and the Senate voted to acquit. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to wait for grandpa to die and then fix his messes afterward and that sux.

  12. Where you are right the movement started with Martin Luther the control over his country and changing of it’s religion had a very lasting effect. One of my ancestors moved here and created the first Lutheran church, I don’t claim he founded the religion, but have an important effect on it.

  13. For AustinBos.. you should check your history.. Henry VII DID NOT have Thomas Moore beheaded because he wanted him to convert.. he was desperate to have a male heir, and wanted to be divorced from his first wife, Katherine. The killing of Moore was more politics than anything else, involving who was master of England.. King or Pope.. and THAT is the real bases of what is going on with Hobby Lobby.. religion mixed in politics, and using religion as a cover for the politics. Catholic women do use birth control.. I know because I am catholic, and natural birth control DOES NOT WORK.. so you either keep having children year after year, or you do something else.. and the church really can’t do anything to stop women who want to limit the size of their families…Henry VII wanted only ONE power in England, and he decided it would be himself, and not the church..

  14. The old men fighting women one decision at a time; they all have a perverted idea of what human beings are and what they think they should be .

  15. What ever happened to separation of church and state? When making a secular decision which is the government, not church, The supreme court should be making law decisions, not decisions based on their religious affiliation. Right now what that are doing is behaving like officials of the church, making laws for all the population, somehow to me that speaks of tactic used by inquisitionists in the early life of the church.

  16. If their against “unnatural birth control” then doesn’t that include when women get egg implanted in them? That is controlling birth and is not natural…maybe God did not wish them to have children?

    Or when a guy get ed meds?

    It all seems to be one sided and they choose what to object to and not.

  17. I will believe the pro-life people are serious about their position on “life begins at conception” when they stand outside fertility clinics and protest and abuse the women entering — or they take on the job of incubating and saving the “lives” of the fertilized eggs that are thrown away at such clinics all over the country.

  18. i have the right of self. i have the right to tell anyone i damn well please that they have no right to tell me what i can or cant do with my reproduction capabilities.

  19. With a history of inflicting pain and suffering throu-out the world, from the time of their inception til the present, you surely must be a coward, so afraid of dieing that you’ll join the Christian organization with the hope of living forever, and close your eyes to all their cruelty and even find I way to justify their transgressions!!!! We will never find heaven til we find a way to eliminate the Christian organization. Ohh and the rest of them too.

  20. Way too many men trying to control American women. It’s not going to work. And while it’s not working they’re proving to be completely unsuited to the robes they where.

  21. The Church has finally done it. As the founders feared, the Pope now controls legislation in the U.S. Not because of the Irish Catholics, but because of the Religious Right.

    This is what our country feared most in it’s earliest stages – that the Church would be able to rule it from afar, and this Supreme Court has handed them the reigns.

    This is what you wanted, Republicans. Enjoy it until it blows up in your faces.

  22. When businesses find out that the first question asked by a prospective female employee is whether their insurance covers contraception, maybe they’ll begin to understand that their religious convictions is being rejected by skilled employable females that ultimately will cost that business money.

    Old white men may have their way for a few more years, but the religious right is losing the young people who will soon be making the rules.

    SCOTUS is busily making itself irrelevant with rulings that will be followed by no one. Just ask the Pope.

  23. Your post is exactly correct.

    Martin Luther did not “start” the Protestant Church. His intention was to dialogue with the Church.

    And, Martin Luther NEVER left the Roman Catholic Church as some will claim, but he was constantly pursued by the Roman Church to be killed.

  24. Personally, I think the more “politically correct” way for women in the workforce interviewing for a new job to determine contraceptive coverage is to ask: 1) Where does the building pick itself up and move to in order to express its sincerely held religious beliefs and 2) On what day of the week does it do so.

    This would tell a women what religion the company follows as well as one of the days of the week she would likely have off (presuming the company can’t do business while relocated and occupied with its worshipping.)

  25. As a Catholic, I am very near to leaving the church as a result of these actions and the abuse and control over women that all of this represents.

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