GOP Hits a New Level of Crazy: Quitter Sarah Palin Implies President Obama is High

sarah palin

If she doesn’t get to impeach President Obama, can the bitter quitter from Alaska at least growl at him daily?

Yes, she can! Because Fox News will find a way to make a buck off of their failed Palin investment if it kills them. So on Friday they published an “op-ed” from Palin in which Palin called Obama a teenager and repeatedly inferred that he was high, because only real adults quit their job half way through in order to chase after taxpayer-funded reality TV shows that bomb.

Clearly jealous that the President is able to fundraise so easily off of the crazy Palin used to have a trademark on but Speaker John Boehner has encroached upon, Palin sniped about Obama eating pizza. How dare he. “President Obama was absolutely swamped the other night, staving off the munchies at a pizza party in the Mile High city, hobnobbing as headliner at numerous Democrat shindigs, collecting big bucks from big donors all day.”

In case you missed that you’re supposed to picture him as a high, lazy loser now who, and this is a bit of a problem for her imagery, sits around being fed big dollars by lobbyists, she spells it out for the reader later, “Whew. Racking balls, getting buzzed on suds, maybe humming ‘Rocky Mountain High’ while kicking it in those Rockies, hard choices had to be made – stripes or solids?”

So in Palin world, Obama is both high and collecting big bucks. Collecting big bucks is always a good thing when a rich white man does it for the GOP. Then it’s because they are good at their job and anyone who objects to CEOs getting million dollar bonuses while Americans starve is just lazy and jealous. But when Obama does it, well, he’s high.

The person who quit her job just accused the person who is doing his job of being high. For no reason.

“After watching what’s going on, does anyone else feel an urgency to take away the proverbial teenager’s car keys to prevent the inevitable crash down the road? But maybe that’s just the mama in me,” the GOP’s “pitbull” wrote. Here’s hoping spittle-encrusted jealousy is not actually “the mama” in her.

Palin had a bit about hairballs because really, what serious political operative doesn’t? “The president conveniently disparages these fat cats in public, but in private their group hugs are a whole lot of cuddlin,’ purrin’ and rolling over for more tummy tickling from the one who feeds them. And it wasn’t hairballs any felines coughed up Tuesday just to hear Obama talk…and talk…and talk some more.”

And then she destroyed the GOP’s attempts to seem less crazy by claiming Obama has so numerous impeachable offenses — this coming from the woman who was found guilty of abusing her power as governor, “The attention deficit that prohibits this administration from tackling even ONE serious problem, resolving even ONE impeachable scandal or self-made crisis, is probably due to having so much on the plate at once, including one heck of a high priority project currently underway.”

Like what she reads, Palin couldn’t name any specific impeachable offenses, so she tossed out the ever mocked “any and all of ’em” approach, “But Barack Obama has most certainly engaged in impeachable offenses. Many. That’s a given.” Oh,yes, a “given”; aka, don’t ask for deets because she ain’t got ’em! Any and all of ’em, Katie.

Being found guilty as Palin was is not the same thing as having political opponents who lost to you like Palin lost to Obama claim that you are guilty. Just saying.

Then Palin drifted off into a frenzy of rage about a White House bowling alley refurbishment project, as if she had never put Wasilla into millions of dollars in debt over a sports center located conveniently near her home, or redone her entire office when elected as Mayor of Wasilla. Or had a recall campaign threatened against her for being a bit of a tyrant.

People say Sarah Palin is stupid. Sarah Palin is immature, petty, misinformed and really, really angry. But she’s not stupid. The GOP would give anything for her to shut up on cue, but she won’t, and that’s part of what makes her so great for the Democratic Party. Whenever the GOP is trying to sell the public that they are not crazy, up pops Sarah Palin from her Facebook Bunker or Breitbart or Fox News to remind everyone of when they sold her as the average Hockey Mom Next Door.

The GOP is full of crazy. She’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah Palin is exactly what the GOP wants America to forget: Sarah Palin is the living and breathing debunking of every Republican myth. Sarah Palin is Ted Cruz who is Scott Walker who is George W Bush who is… the next Republican who tells you they are a moderate, small town, just-like-you average hockey mom/dad. The individual puppets get debunked but the shell game continues.

So there’s your Saturday hee-haw moment. It can only go up from here.

70 Replies to “GOP Hits a New Level of Crazy: Quitter Sarah Palin Implies President Obama is High”

  1. “Palin is immature, petty, misinformed and really, really angry. But she’s not stupid.”

    Her biggest trait that sticks out like a thumb that just got smashed by a hammer (to me anyway), second only to being in a perpetual rage, is that Sarah Palin has severe mental illness.

  2. Moose Juice — a unique and particularly pungent blend of insipid Kool-Aid, bitter tea, ipecac, and vitriol … personally brewed in the cauldron of the ‘Whining Wannabe from Wasilla’.

  3. I agree Shamus, Palin has a mental disorder,
    someone needs to get her away from normal
    people, McCain must be squirming (I hope) for what he has done to the country.

    Where is the special needs child that she says takes all her time!

  4. “The president conveniently disparages these fat cats in public, but in private their group hugs are a whole lot of cuddlin,’ purrin’ and rolling over for more tummy tickling from the one who feeds them. And it wasn’t hairballs any felines coughed up Tuesday just to hear Obama talk…and talk…and talk some more.”
    That is *the* most demented thing (analogy? metaphor? parable? wtf?) that I have ever seen purposely put to print by anyone ever.

    The takeaway is that, what? She hates cats? There was some sort of orgy involving licking and tickling and cats to which she wasn’t invited?

    The real reason for her rage? Could it be that her highness’s presence couldn’t sell 400 tickets to a nothingburger venue in Tennessee, while people fall over themselves to hurl money at the President and Democrats every time she opens her demented yap?

  5. Make up your damned mind. If he’d dined at a 4 star restaurant he’d been an elitist, if he’d ate Chinese – Communist. How about eating Middle Eastern cuisine, well we all know what that means.

  6. She’s going off the deep end! Reminding everone of the bullet we dodged in 2008. And shaming John McCain and the republican party for foisting her on the American public.

    She’s nuts.

  7. Doesn’t she have a special needs child that she should be taking care of? Or was he just on loan for the 2008 election season?

  8. the gop are nothing more than fear and hate mongers. they claim to love this country, but they do not.

    how can you say you love your country when all you do is cause division for monetary gain?

    everything the president does, they find fault with. they have to, or else their $$$ drives up.

  9. She is so disrespectful and bitter. She’s the one who brought the ugly into our politics while on the campaign trail. She’s the one who we can blame for fanning the flames of the tea party and party of “no” disfunction in our government.

  10. Every time these folk open their mouths and lies fall out, it energizes the minds of the rational to work harder to make sure their kind are voted out of office and controlled by appropriate laws.

  11. Great piece (not Palin, the article). She is so many ugly things and, personally, I include stupid among them. Little more than an aging arrested adolescent, she truly believes that any and all attention she can get by vindictive, racist behavior equates to power and adoration…and that’s stupid. She believes she’s untouchable, that the immediate gratification she gets from said behavior is more important than the inevitable ramifications of her actions…and that’s stupid. She believes she’s the smartest one in the room…including the Oval office…and it really doesn’t get any more stupid than that.

  12. Wallin’ Sarah Palin has been destined to play outmoded female stereotypes all her life. Now she is playing the role of the slightly – or more than slightly- unbalanced crank and vindictive bitch. Angry at the world for not giving her something she didn’t deserve in the first place. That sort of thing.

    As far as this latest claim, looking at her rapid physical deterioration since 2008, she is the last person to talk about drug addiction. Would it surprise anybody if tomorrow her family sponsored an immediate intervention for her? it WOULD be a relief, for the rest of the world, of course.

  13. Your right she does need intervention. That 100 proof moose pee has turned what left of her brain into mush. Good Lord commit this women before some body gets hurt.

  14. There was a comment yesterday on one of Malia Litman’s articles about Shailey Tripp being in a hospital under police protection. Malia said she is following the situation but can not reveal any more at this point. Anyone know anything about Shailey? The comment is under the article Malia did on leprosy – could not read the link as it was too small – getting old is a pain!!!

  15. No matter how much money Sarah Palin makes, she will always be White Trash. She can’t write or can’t speak to save her life … hard to believe she was college educated.

  16. Five different schools and no proof of graduation… you are assuming that she IS college educated.

  17. John – what you say is true – and why I am worried about Shailey. I know in the past Malia has warned of the physical danger ST has been in – up to and including it in info she has sent to US Gov. Scary situation.

  18. What will happen to her when Obama leaves the Office? She will no longer be needed to open her dustbin. Who will she attack then? Hilary Clinton – hang on , she is not black and not a muslim. Start looking for a proper job Sarah!

  19. I agree Gindy.

    Back in her “glory days” Sista’ Sarah could raise enough money for 6 months, then disappear from the political scene.

    However, Republican minions are having tough times between open-carry events, NRA money bombs, aiding Bundy in Nevada, and shopping at Hobby Lobby. They don’t have much to spare for the WasillaWannaB.

    Or maybe they have finally realized she never intended to actually DO anything except spew hatred & fear against the government.

  20. ” “Whew. Racking balls, getting buzzed on suds, maybe humming ‘Rocky Mountain High’ while kicking it in those Rockies, hard choices had to be made – stripes or solids?”

    If her intent was to show him as some elitist, she failed. Drinking suds and shooting pool are MORE American pastimes than hunting, fishing, or anything else she can name. She just insulted every beer-drinking bubba, either by likening them to Obama, or by suggesting that what they do to relax is somehow shameful. I can smell the desperation rolling off of her, like bad, expensive perfume.

  21. this woman really likes to show her hatred for the president. watch what you say sarah – those are suing words – defamation of character – did you drug test him to know all this? what an evil woman.

  22. I’ve given up trying to figure out what is wrong with this woman, and I’ve given up trying to understand why people continue to send money to her PAC. They’re just as crazy as she is.

  23. Really will these morons stop at nothing….he could be a raving drug addict and still do a better job than these idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The one thing Snowbilly Grifter wants from President Obama is for him to acknowledge her existence….he will not do that — she wants that for the same reason GoodHair wanted to be seen next to the President – they think that will be put them on the ‘same level’ and show them as powerful. They are both imbeciles. They will both continue to badmouth the President because they will never be what he is…EVER!

  25. Shamus,
    I agree with you that half-term quitter is all you have said, but, she is indeed extremely stupid. Palin is a media whore and will do or say anything to get her ugly mug on the tube. I just love how these holier than thou teapublicans are such hypocrites. She is noone to look up to as she has 2 TWO illegitimate grandchildren and has cheated on her husband with his business partner. She also seems to want to do anything to get her away from her children. Extraordinarily bad parent. Not to mention all the lies she spews.

  26. I’ve never seen so many people filled with so much hate…………

    May every republican possible, be run out of office in November and 2016 and for the sake of this Nation, may they never, ever hold the office of the president ever, ever again.

  27. They cause the chaos and division and then say that the president is the most divisive president in history. Total insanity!!!!

  28. Scarah is that lame stream media prostitute
    and the media pimps off of her to get ratings. bottomline,other than that, the Wasilla thriller is a real live beech.

  29. Silly Sarah should only wish she had some of what she thinks the President is on. If she did, she would have more than a thimble full of brains. Why else would she allow the media to display her stupidity day after day.

  30. Palin simply cannot get over her and McCain losing to Obama in 2008. Every attack she’s made on him since November 2008 has been/is based on her being rejected by a majority of American voters. She was so sure that if she made ugly attacks on him and accused him of all kinds of false BS, she would be residing at Number One Observatory Circle. She is a vindictive, petty, obnoxious, woman who’s doing more damage to the GOP brand than democrats could ever do. The proof is emerging in the number of denunciations she’s receiving from members of her own party recently. She pitches impeachment, Boehner and McCain say no, and Nicolle Wallace says she’s harming the GOP’s midterm election prospects. My advice to the GOPTP movers and shakers: You created this monster, unleashed it on the populace, and now that she’s trying to eat you alive, don’t look to the rest of us for help. You made your bed, lie in it. Palin is now a huge embarrassment to the GOPTP, and I don’t give a d*mn.

  31. I totally agree. We need to really mobilize every Democrat and vote these teapublicans out and hold them accountable for their hatred of America, women, the disabled(who they call takers), refugee children, healthcare, equality,not doing their job in Congress(less vacation)AND OBSTRUCTION OF FEDERAL GOVT. We should reclaim their pay. Every citizen file lawsuit on Congress.

  32. Sarah and her kids all smoke Pot: North lights or better. Find it growing on there land excellent stuff Family’s crop

  33. I hadn’t heard about the cheating on her husband . Who would be dumb enough to want to have sex with Palin?

  34. How many times does God have to tell her to STFU already…

    I have zero tolerance for these meth heads.

  35. Of course he’s high…. everybody knows that all black people smokes weed. How can these people not see that this woman is just making money off of them? wow. I want to call her an idiot but she is a genius manipulator!

  36. An idea I’ve been chewing over lately…

    …what if Sarah Palin is…dare I utter it…a Democratic Party operative…sent to sabotage the GOP from within?

    If this could be proven, it would rank as the greatest inside job of political subversion in American political history!

  37. How about the media stop enabling this irrelevant grafter? She’s nothing more than a media junkie in need of a fix.

  38. Having pulled off the MASSIVE hoax with “the retarded baby” (her words not mine) it is possible. However, the principle of Occam’s razor says she is probably just mentally ill.

  39. You noticed it too? I’ve been thinking for the last year or so Mrs. Palin is looking a bit worn.

  40. Well, let’s not forget the foundations of the current RWNJ culture was put in place by Rush Limbaugh, solidified by Hannity and Fox (non)News and codified by the Republican Party. Palin et al are just the flowering of this movement started with Reagan’s Silent Majority outreach.

  41. Sari Failin is pissed Obama has high approval/likability ratings around the world while she’s viewed as the laughing stock of the R’thug/Teabagging Party.
    And yes, she’s stupid, slinging arrows and darts all over the place without evidence/facts to back them up does not a smart person make.

  42. Don, want to know the real Palin? Go to a site called Immoral minority from Alaska, you will find all and more you ever wanted to know about this evil, cheating, lying, gifter.

  43. I’m a little late with my comment, but here goes.

    Palin has expressed an interest in being on The View. Whoopie and Rosie would eat her alive. I doubt if she would last even 1/2 the show. It would be interesting, if nothing else

  44. SP looks haggard. What do you expect with all the toxins and hate inside her. She is one miserable, vindictive B-word.

  45. Even Billy Crystal is tell her to shut her pie hole and he’s the one who introduced her to the world. LOL

  46. After reading this article it has once more bought to my attention a critical fact which must be hollered from the rooftops with a megaphone. This midterm election is without question the most vitally important midterm election of our lifetime as progressives. We must approach this November election like our nations future depends on it(because it does). Were the conservatives to take control of the senate along with the house already in their grasp I need not describe to everyone reading this the potential disaster such a scenario would unleash. Grab a friend or family member(heck both!)and VOTE.

  47. Folks….I honestly believe right now, and came to that conclusion just recently after her latest stupidity outburst, that this is ALL A SCHTICK! Sara, KNOWS that it is all a game for her to be on cable spouting the inane stuff that has become her trademark. She knows that she is not taken seriously, just comedic relief, and she doubles down on the outrageous $#!t. Who buys it? FOX and Their friends, that’s who.

  48. Sarah Palin is a freaking freak show. She knows that her banter and gibberish is all SCHTICK! NOBODY takes her serious except the huckleberries on the FOX side of the Fence.

  49. She is really not smart. She is just using the fact that McCain threw away the election on her (not that the R ticket would have won with anyone else) as a political platform to spew her nonsense. You don’t have to be smart when you know you have a face and a name. Palin uses that face and name to barely stay relevant.

    If republicans had any dose of reality they would quit giving her the microphone. It may be good for the simple minded but, most Americans both republican and democrat are over her now. “No mas!” (mocking her slaying of spanish via Jon Stewart)

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