Pro-Republican Bias Causes Meet The Press Ratings To Crumble To Lowest Level Since 1992


The ratings for Meet The Press continue to crumble as the American people continue to show no interest in the pro-Republican Sunday morning show format.

Last week Meet The Press finished third in Sunday show viewership with just over two million viewers. The program trailed both CBS’ Face The Nation, and ABC’s This Week in viewership. Meet The Press has struggled with David Gregory as host, and nothing they are doing to revive the show is working. NBC has contemplated dumping host David Gregory, but the rumored swap of Gregory for Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough could take a bad situation and make it exponentially worse.

There have been reports of conflicts among the Meet The Press staff with David Gregory over the style and substance of the show. NBC has tried to reinvent Meet The Press by doing more taped segments outside of their Washington, D.C. studio, but viewership isn’t turning around. The problems surrounding David Gregory’s disconnect with the audience and issues with guests are well known. A deeper issue the fact that the guest structure of Meet The Press is turning off a large segment of the political audience.

Most of the Sunday morning shows are heavily biased towards Republicans. In 2013, three of the four English language broadcast network Sunday shows gave the majority of their solo interviews to conservatives. Face The Nation, Meet The Press, and Fox News Sunday all favored conservatives. Meet The Press favored the right over the left by a margin of 48%-35%. Right-wing guests outnumbered left-wing guests on Face The Nation, Meet The Press and Fox News Sunday for the entire year last year.

Many blamed David Gregory for this pro-Republican bias, but Republicans outnumbered Democrats 2 to 1 when Tim Russert hosted Meet The Press. The difference between Gregory and Russert is that Russert was better at giving off an air of objectivity, even if his show was fundamentally the same as Gregory’s.

Meet The Press is declining because the country is changing. Shows that are dominated by conservative and Republican guests are reflective of a majority of the country. As the Republicans have moved more to the right, the Sunday shows have become a platform for their radical views. Instead of keeping up with the leftward social shift in America, the Sunday shows are interviewing Rick Perry and giving John McCain a virtually weekly slot on national television.

David Gregory is just a symptom. The disease that will eventually kill Meet The Press is pro-Republican bias.

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  1. Be fair. The Sunday shows give their interviews and panel spots to Republicans because everyone else is busy working.

  2. There’s something wrong with this sentence in the context of this article.

    “Shows that are dominated by conservative and Republican guests are reflective of a majority of the country.”

  3. If the conservatives and Republicans are a majority of the country, why do they need to suppress the vote?

  4. I used to watch the Sunday news shows until they started to swing right. The only one I try to catch for sure nowadays is GPS with Fareed Zhakaria.

  5. I think it was an error in the typing, probably just missed the “not” before reflective, at least that’s what the stories context will tell you.

  6. If the bigwigs at NBC doesn’t pick up on what’s wrong with the programing on sunday they will never get it. I stopped watching during Russert’s time because he too had to many republicans on.

  7. Russert was an every man’s Everyman. I don’t watch anymore because those tea party crazies make me mad all day and that’s no way to spend Sunday!!

  8. I haven’t watched Meet the Presstitute since shortly after the Giffords shooting, and I was pretty worn out with it before that.

  9. Poor David. Perhaps he just needs to do a nostalgia show, to turn it all around. He can pantomime looking for his lost credibility under tables, beneath lamps, and behind curtains, with George Bush.

  10. I agree Georgann, I stopped watching news shows altogether. They put me in a bad mood because the lies are being told by the Right and nobody has the fairness to correct them, or even question them!

    The rest of my day is not worth a bad mood because of these jokers.

  11. David Gregory is bad enough, replacing him with Morning Joe would be a disaster. Why not Rachel Maddow?

  12. About: There’s something wrong with this sentence in the context of this article.

    “Shows that are dominated by conservative and Republican guests are reflective of a majority of the country.”

    Could be a Republican typist, or the very last individual who manages the Politicus USA printer

  13. Amen, I was a solid NBC viewer for over 25 years but lately have become so discusted that I have switched to CBS but only because they dropped Katie Couric.

  14. It’s not hard to keep balance in a political talk show. If you have six guests, three are on the left and three are on the right. Any show that fails to balance its guests is doing so intentionally. Personally I don’t watch any of those shows as I can’t stand to listen to the nonsense that comes out of the right wing shills.

  15. I don’t know why anyone would watch the Sunday shows. If you keep up with the news during the week you already know what lies the Republicans will be spewing on Sunday.

  16. They should have Tim Russert’s son Luke to host the show! He has come into his own at MSNBC and I think he is ready to take on show, I never did like David Gregory I always found him condescending in a passive/aggressive way which was really irking.

  17. Asking a series of “gotcha” questions that you know will not be answered does not make for a good interview. Gregory should be replaced but NOT by Joe Scarborough.

  18. That seems like an odd headline considering Fox News’ overwhelming ratings advantage and MSNBC’s nearly non-existent viewership.

  19. Your right they should give the kid a chance. The way that the show has gone down the toilet they have nothing left to loose. As for bringing that Morning Joe turd in they might as well get Shara Palin.

  20. Not quite as overwhelming as Public Radios “all things considered” that makes Fox look like it doesnt exist

  21. what’s the old saying? it is crazy to keep doing the same thing expecting different results. that is what mtp has done. gregory should have been ousted a long time ago. if he were female or a minority, gregory would have been handed his walking papers by now

    I do not watch the Sunday news shows for the simple reason that they have the same old d, white, male, repunlican on board every week. woman and democrats are just fillers.

  22. The Mclaughlin Report is the only Sunday talking head show w/ any balance. Right,left, foreign press & Mclaughlin’s own comments cover the news with a balanced bias from all directions.

  23. It’s because the GOP are a bunch of whiners and liars,so they put on a good show.that is why they book them,and they don’t have anything better to do,with the GOP in charge they will ruin the country with lies and hate

  24. I would love to see Rachel Maddow as moderator of Meet the Press. She is obviously progressive, but she would be fair and balanced in her interviews. Her investigative abilities are awesome.

  25. I never watched MTP with Russert simply because it was always in favor of Republicans. Sure, he would grill them once in a blue moon, but he was outright vicious toward Democrats almost on a consistent basis – unless the Democrat was some ConservaDem like Senator Breau, Feinstein, or Daschle. It was so glaringly obvious that I couldn’t stomach his or any other Sunday (Republican/GOP/Libertarian/American Elitists’) show.

  26. The MSM (News Departments) are repub owned and repub corporate board run. Repubs have worked the “liberal” media scam for quite some time. Sad since we really need a media more independent.

  27. Since Reagan deregulated TV, formerly news-feature programs have been dumped into the “Entertainment” divisions of the networks. Objectivity is no longer a concern of the “editors” of these shows, and the producers simply want ratings. For a while, they got that with the clowns and freaks of the right-wing circus. Now, only true believers tune in. Those of us on the left know horse manure when we smell it. Besides, the money people behind all the networks are of the 1%, and their hired hands know how to suck up to get paid. Further, American journalism has become a joke, with newspapers shutting down, merging, and taking a “USA Today” approach to news: short and dumbed-down. On TV, “news” stories are easy, loud, and stupid, as well as associated with the commercials. And, of course, radio is for the hicks in the sticks and Moron Militia types, also because of pandering to owners. Want NEWS? BBC and Al Jazeera America work, as does Comedy Central, where the REAL analysts are.

  28. It’s understandable that Gregory would want to keep the show going, his career stands at the yawning abyss of viewer indifference. No one but other beltway hacks can stand him, and his prospects for future projects all carry the crossover stink of another nominal, overexposed journalist, forced into the waiting arms of the Fox News undead.

    But his brand is worth nothing, demographics are pushing a shift away from his style, and media platform, and at some point in the near future, even John McCain will start ducking his phone calls. This next election will be his last at the helm of this once proud, now derelict floating rat’s nest. Now, it’s the media equivalent of a barge, leaking all manner of sludge and toxic right-wing rhetoric, and America will be better off, when it’s finally scrapped.

  29. I don’t watch any of the Sunday morning shows either. Gregory is no different than ABC or CBS – but his confrontational attitude toward Dems disgusts me. If MTP replaces Gregory with a different rethug, make it Scarborough and take him off MSNBC. Replace his show with a progressive or a fair minded show.

  30. Russert would do his homework, ask the tough questions and challenge a guests’ statement. Gregory appears to take 15 minutes to prepare and misses so many opportunities to challenge a lie that it’s laughable.I used to dvr MTP but stopped the record schedule and never watch it. To be forced to watch Scarborough would cause me to vomit. I quit that show a long long time ago too. Arrogance and air-headedness are too hard to take that early. Maddow would be fair and nothing would get past her. Chris Hayes does a good job at calling out a lie too. The guy that filled in for L. O’Donnell is good too.

  31. It could be the conservative bias but also the questions David Gregory lets slide. People hate that. It is more obvious than the conservative bias (which is there). I am not sure everybody notices the bias. It seems all the networks recycle the neocons. That everybody notices.

  32. The week that President Obama was sworn in, I sent the President a ‘wish list’.
    The wish at the top of the list was to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine”.
    Damn you, Reagan!

  33. for good radio try Norman Goldman 820 on the AM dial at 5pm in Chicago. you can also stream it. his series about the radio business is worth the five bucks to get his old broadcasts.

  34. Karl Rove’s dance partner.
    Selling out for cronyism is the OPPOSITE of journalism.
    Involves scatalocical invectives as well.
    Why is this man working in this profession?
    What a miserable suck-up schill.

  35. Luke Russert has not earned the right to host a talk show on national teevee.

    He was selected for his job over many of people who were real journalist who had paid their dues. Because of his father.

    He has not demonstrated that he has the knowledge to even have his current job.


  36. Luke Russert? Please.

    Chuck Todd is just a step up from Luke. And not that different from the hack, David Gregory.

  37. Can we please stop talking about Russert as if he was some icon of journalism?

    He was a hack, and giving the show to his kid would be the ultimate display of beltway nepotism. Listening to his (Luke’s) attempts at journalism are just painful, and occasionally nauseating. He’s a fratboy member of the Lucky Sperm Club, with the same gravitas, and commitment to journalistic ethics as Glenn Beck.

  38. David Gregory has been conducting a years long audition for Fox News, on NBC’s dime. He should have been booted long ago. NBC has his replacement ready and waiting: Rachel Maddow.

  39. Ari Melber would be an excellent host. He has the right temperament to handle any guest. He has proven his skills while sitting in for Lawrence O’Donnell.

  40. If I wanted to watch pro-republican crap I’d watch Faux “news”!!! How about UNBIASED information?!?!? Give US the FACTS and info, then let US decide without the media trying to influence us.

  41. did anyone other than me notice the change start when the billionaires start buying up all the media outlets don’t you know its part of their plans
    that Bernie Sanders warned us about the oligarchs

  42. Since we are picking a new host or hostess for Meet the Press, I think Ari Melber (msnbc) would be great. He really did a great job taking over for Lawrence O’Donnell while he was away, recovering from his auto accident.
    I think it would be interesting to alternate hosts between a male and female anchor-type every other week. For the female I think Crystal Ball (also, msnbc) would be a good choice. Putting a female in there would throw off those older GOPTP guys, I think, and their more heinous women (such as Coulter).

  43. This show is very REPUBLICAN can’t stand DAVID GREGORY you better get rid of him fast .Bring back KEITH Olbermann and the show will be #1.

  44. republican bias is insane. the subtle racism/sexism/lies just kills my entire mood for hours if i watch it. that’s why i get my news from comedy central, bill maher, john oliver and the good ol’ washington post!

  45. You let bs politicians come on your show and tell all knids of bs and the commentator is either dumb as sh.. or just don’t have the balls to correct an obvious lie. Rachel Maddow is an excellent replacement.

  46. I stopped watching MTP for its republican bias
    and not pushing back against the lies and I intend never to watch it again, if the ratings stay in the toilet maybe someone will get the message – but Scarboro, no no no way,
    he is such a smarmy know it all I will not have him on either, Ari would be a wonderful choice as would Rachel, I am afraid Rachel would scare the rethugs off remember Rand Paul, he was too chicken to come back on her show.

  47. The problem with Meet The Press is that David Gregory is such a wimp. He’s dumb as a stump so the only thing available to him is to be a suck up.

  48. MTP has become the John McCain and Lindsey Graham Show. David Gregory is a Republican led corporate shill for NBC.

  49. They should hire Martin Bashir back, and replace Gregory with him. I am so sick and tired of constant ‘pro-Christian-Right-Wing’ hate speech and the lies they tell to push their crap. It would be really refreshing to see a true Progressive Independent Liberal run the show and start getting the truth out there. The propaganda being forced on the American public with the Right-Wing shills on air is truly disgusting and depressing. The press has become lazy and inept and have sullied the honorable title of ‘Journalist’. When I took journalism class in high school, I couldn’t have gotten away with the half-baked effort that journalists put out today. There are plenty of ‘real’ journalists out there, you just have to look really hard. Because they have a hard time getting their pieces published. We, as Americans, need to take a stand and demand ‘truth in press’. Neither political side should be exempt from true news reporting.

  50. Put Rachel Maddow on MTP. She will call out the Republican lies and talking points. Remember her interview with Rand Paul. She called him out on what he was saying. There would be some fairness in what was being said.

  51. Meet The Press, should hire either Keith Oberman or Martin Bashir or both. They should format the show and can have on as many republicans as they want. I would pay to watch that.

    Mr. Gregory, he should be doing those late night info-mericals. He’d be a good candidate, for hawking that self roll up-rubber garden hose.

  52. I’d like to see Steve Kornaki replace David Gregory as host of MTP. He’s doing a great job on his weekend morning shows (sat & sun) on MSNBC. He’s someone I never want to miss. Like Rachel, Chris Hayes, & Ari too. Chris Matthews could be good on MTP also.

  53. Gregory keeps pandering to the GOP anymore and one day he’s gonna get Bachmann and Palin on the show and get locked up for pimping them both out ! And if he get’s anymore of McCain on the show he might as well go and get a set of extra heavy duty kneepad’s out.

  54. Gregory’s Meet and dance with the RethugliKKKans show ain’t workin out too good and I wouldn’t give it the time of day.

  55. Rachel Maddow would be great to replace Gregory.The Republicans’ heads would explode at first but she would hold everyone’s feet to the fire, Repub and Dem alike.

  56. I think it’s called Public Radio, and Public Television. It doesn’t use advertising, so it is beholden to no one, but it’s budget is restrictive. So, that’;s why Romney wanted to cut funds to Public Media. And that’s what GOP congress did, so that’s why we don’t see it much. Public media isn’t just Big Bird. Donate and get the truth.

  57. I would think that those who watch the Sunday talking heads on a regular basis are already somewhat better informed politically. To skew their coverage so significantly to the right, and to let all those baseless talking points stand unchallenged, would seem to only add an appeal to conservatives looking for validation of their uninformed beliefs, while losing those informed viewers to other venues.

    Is that what they want?

  58. I support PBS and watch them often. Even they have had the RW pushed on them because of who controls their funding. Like you said, repubs.

  59. More important is that demographics are pushing the country left. Since it has been pushed more and more right since Reagan, we have a very long way to go.

    I have been waiting since Reagan for this to happen. :)

  60. When have you ever heard a politician criticize Israel for anything. Our politicians are afraid to say anything against the NAR or Israel.

  61. Why do you single out David Gregory, he’s not the only one who panders to the GOP? CNN, FOX, C-Span and every single network Sunday show is pro-Republican.
    Democrats are relegated to one or two third tier low-level reps. on every show.
    I don’t think any of the Sunday political shows even care about being even-handed, they’re all showing the flag and playing to the rich, aggressive Republican Party.

  62. There’s a crisis in Iraq and who does MTP put on first to talk about it? cheney, they guy who caused the problem in the first place. If they were going to put him and those other Bush clowns on the shows, then the moderators, including Gregory, should have ripped them apart for their lies. Instead, they were treated like knowledgeable people. Generally, when there are a conservative and a liberal on the shows, the conservative spends most of the time talking over the liberal, who cannot get a chance to give his position. Has been that way for years, which is why I rarely watch any more.

  63. The election with Reagan and Carter was the first election I voted in, of course, I voted for Carter.

    I too have been hoping that this would happen, but it has taken far longer than I would ever have thought back then for the American public to wake up.

  64. MSNBC needs to send Gregory,the meet the teathugliKKKan host packin on over to fake news along with mourning Joe.

  65. Conservatives I admit have done a better job over time brainwashing the nation into believing its conservative. Like that old Gallup poll which since the early seventies has shown a 35-40% to 20% advantage for Americans saying they are conservative. If a poll describes accurately though the policies each side subscribes to before a person checks one or the other that conservative advantage disappears. On progressive taxation to healthcare policies to social issues America is a progressive nation by far, and the millennial generation is even farther left then the Baby Boomers were. Mainstream media either adjust to that reality or it will die a slow painfull death.

  66. MTP has been Meet The Pricks for a long time; same ding dongs week after week giving sound bites to sooth the teabag blood lust.

  67. I was confused about that as well. I thought it might mean that the Republican bias is reflective of these shows’ national audiences. I guess that could be true.

  68. Gregory, and that fat dump Crowley are pro republican, they should just go to Fox News. And the network and them have the nerve to act as if the are neutral. Joe from morning Joe is even worse, never an objective or honest position. Mika and the rest of the bozos can’t carry the show although Mika acts as if she has more sense then the entire panel.

    Just like the republicans that have ignored the unemployed for ever wasted republican talking point will be fired also, the people that have supported you bums are fed up with the slanted stories which are nothing more than misdirection. I have more respect for Bortz, Hannity, Limbaugh, and the rest of the Galaxy Quest bozos for at least being steadfast in not pretending.

    Here is a thought, replace this bozo for Herman Cain ‘999’

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