Attorney General Eric Holder Obliterates Sarah Palin With Just Two Sentences



On ABC’s This Week, Attorney General Eric Holder dealt with Sarah Palin’s calls for Obama impeachment by using two sentences to call her a bad VP candidate, and even worse judge of who should be impeached.




STEPHANOPOULOS: One person who did stand up this week, Sarah Palin, calling for impeachment over this issue.


SARAH PALIN, FRM. GOVERNOR OF ALASKA: Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border crisis for me it’s a last straw. It makes kind of a battered wife say no mas. That’s enough. It’s time to impeach.

HOLDER: She wasn’t a particularly good vice presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why.


As much as it felt good to hear somebody from the Obama administration push back against Palin’s endless campaign of hate and jealousy against this president, Attorney General Holder did violate rule number one when dealing with her. The rule is that anyone in an official government position should never ever feed the bridge troll of politics known as Sarah Palin. The former half-term governor lives for the kind of attention that Holder gave her.

Palin, with the help of Fox News, will now try to turn this into her taking on the Obama administration. Holder could barely hide his contempt for Palin because she represents much of what he has been calling out during his time as attorney general. For years, Holder has been speaking about the racism in American culture. Sarah Palin has been one of the most shameless practitioners of race-based attacks against this president that date as far back as the 2008 presidential campaign.

Attorney General Holder was correct about Palin. She is nothing but a failed vice presidential candidate. She doesn’t have the qualifications or the judgment necessary to be determining if anyone should be impeached. All officials in government would be wise to ignore Sarah Palin, but Eric Holder deemed it necessary to knock the bag lady of American politics on her can.
Holder hit Palin where it hurts most. He reminded her that she lost. Palin will try to mine Holder’s remarks for attention and profit, but his dismissal of the political flop from Alaska demonstrated why she wasn’t even worth an afterthought.

46 Replies to “Attorney General Eric Holder Obliterates Sarah Palin With Just Two Sentences”

  1. I hope a top government lawyer can obliterate Sarah Palin in just two sentences. Palin gets far too much credit and press. Far, far too much. She cannot even form a complete sentence. Most info commercial talking heads have more intelligence.

  2. Happy to see Eric Holder tell Sarah Palin off. Many Republicans have all ready said there is no basis for an
    impeachment process against Pres. Obama. Most Republicans are already distancing themselves from Palin remarks and leaving her out on a limb.

  3. Well, he got asked directly. Avoiding the question wouldn’t have worked. So, his two sentences were pretty perfect: succinct and completely true. One might call his response…unimpeachable…

  4. HOLDER: She wasn’t a particularly good vice presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why.

    OH SNAP!!!

    Next up, Quit- a- boo Barbie on Fox crying how they’re being mean and attacking her.

  5. I would have liked Holder to take the opportunity to remind the GOP, and the nitwit Palin, that the president is in fact following the letter of the law in the handling of the children’s crises at the border.

    A bill in fact signed into law by none other than George Bush the younger. It states that we must accommodate child immigrants, illegal as they may be, with proper housing, health, and nutrition until they can be reunited with family. This law does not say we are to greet them with gunfire at the border, as the idiots from the Right would like to suggest.

  6. Oh, this is just too good! She loves to play the victim and, of course, this will give her an avenue, but it’s a very narrow one. It’s hard to be the one maligned when you’ve just called for the President of the United States to be impeached, as well as lawless, Rocky Mountain high, buzzed, not to forget accusing him of not having the balls or a big enough stick, lazy, among other ridiculous things, and even the GOP has blown you off. There’s not enough popcorn in Costco for what’s coming….she’ll be going off the rails in three-two-one………..

  7. ScArah is a teabaggin prostitute for the rightwing nut jobs of America and this two bit media whore thrives off of bull$#!t. I just wish the media would ignore this Wasilla thrilla rather than pimp off of her for ratings but I guess everybody stops to see an accident.

  8. ..eric holder, attorney general of the united states, responds to the 1/2 leader of the republican party.

  9. Well lookie there, Sarah, you finally got the attention of a Black man in the administration. Too bad it’s not the one you lust after.

  10. Can’t wait to hear Sarah’s one hundred word sentence response to Canter. Hahahahahah!
    Go away Sarah!!!!

  11. Eric a Holder gives her far more attention than she deserves.

    Why does the media always seek out the two headed calf, the absolutely freakish clowns in politics. Are they that hard up for ratings?

  12. Sarah Palin needs to pay some more attention to her own family. She has managed to have 2 TWO illegitimate grandchildren – one from a drunk underage daughter, the other – son impregnates girlfriend. Who is caring for her child with downs syndrome? Who goes to therapy with him? Mommy is never there, she prefers hanging out with gunnuts and lying newscasters and chasing money. If she got the right offer, she’d ditch her whole family because shes a money & fame whore.

  13. wtg Mr. Holder. Palin is a complete moron and its about time someone stood up to her. So what if it doesnt make a difference over at faux, wth does?

  14. Well one thing is for sure, she can’t call and whine to Phil Griffin and get him shitcanned like she did Martin Bashir. But mark my words, every Fox program will be playing the Simple Sarah victim card 24/7 for as long as they can milk it.

  15. I understand that no one should give her the time of day, but this bullcrap has been going on for years unchallenged. And if someone does challenge her, they get punished. That’s serious BULLCRAP! I’m glad Holder called her out. I’m glad he denounced her value as judge and jury! I’m glad he denounced her political knowledge. I don’t think she can get Holder fired. I miss Martin Bashir on MSM. He called it like he saw it. He was not brainwashed by the corporate media to satisfy their right wing agendas or need for sensationalism. She has no right to win air time over truth. Ignoring her just gives her more power to express more racism, hate and ignorance. There’s at least a bit of satisfaction in at least hearing the truth on the airwaves about this opportunist if only for a second. When she responds, it will simply demonstrate how much hatred is really inside her and maybe the public really needs to see that and react accordingly. Bravo Att Holder!!!

  16. I’m glad he said what he did. It’s about time she gets called out for her nonsense. She has NOTHING to add to our political discourse; it’s all hate, all the time with her and we can do without it.

    Time for her to go home and stay there and let the adults do their work.

  17. You’re absolutely correct! Remember Martin Bashir was punished when MSNBC fired him for speaking truth to Sarah Palin.

    Great post!!!

  18. Attorney General Holder’s words are few enough to remember and strong enough to have an impact!

    Thanks Mr. Holder. It’s about time someone else spoke out for our President. Too many have spoken against him. This daily dosage of poison makes one want to vomit.

  19. I notice the Republi-slime are up in arms about Holder’s vigorous defense of President Obama. They’re willing to dish it out but can’t take it when someone fights back – hypocritical cowards.

  20. The way the Democrats have handled this kind of thing for years hasn’t worked. Maybe it IS time to start fighting their lies with TRUTH. Go after people that use lies to try to overthrow the government and/or strictly for attention. Too bad we can’t ask the two policemen how they feel about people like Palin stirring the real crazies up to murder. Just like she did in Arizona. And instead of paying a price for her recklessness Fox rushed over the dead bodies to give her a bigger voice. Instead of rewarding these people we need laws making them personally responsible for ANY lie. And a BIG penalty, like a public perp walk instead of photo ops they have from the men controlling the media. Just LOOK what they have done to this country since Reagan.

  21. Where is the outrage over this simple minded woman comparing impeaching Obama over this ‘crisis’ to a battered woman saying no mas?

    I can assure Sarah Palin, and those that think like her, you not getting your way in the white house, is in no way shape or form, like being battered by a man who tells you he loves you.

    Once again, because she consistently says stupid things,she seems to be getting a pass in making light of a horrible situation that those in domestic violent situations and the press totally ignores it.

    Quick facts from CNN

    24 people per MINUTE are victims of partner abuse. Do the math. That totals to 34,560 people per day….IN THE US.

    3 or more woman are murdered everyday….IN THE US.

    Each year, 12,000,000 people are victims of intimate partner abuse….IN THE US.

    Now, will you, or Sarah Palin, please tell me how the two are comparable?

  22. I’m so surprised this this empty headed moron has not been yet sued for slander. There are certainly enough people out that who could do that. All this shit-brained idiot does is slander people. Why anyone even pays attention is a mystery and an even bigger mystery is why she even makes the news. She is a nothing, no more important or standing than the woman down the street, yet the media hangs on every piece of crap that escapes her nasty mouth.


  23. Do you (personally)know these accusations, regarding her youngest child, to be true? Such charges are very severe, and should not be said unless absolutely certain of their validity. As the Mother of severely disabled daughter, who required endless hospital stays and care, I remember thinking, during her run for the VP spot, that woman uses that poor child like a prop, but, of course, I had no knowledge of what went on behind the scenes. Nonetheless, I think she is probably one of the most heinous creatures to walk the earth, and have no doubt, that she is a terrible parent, but I would not make specific accusations, regarding her child, unless I was absolutely certain of my facts. Given the sort of person she seems to be, though, perhaps the child is better off, in the care of someone else…someone who at least has a soul; it’s quite clear, the woman in question shed hers, many years ago.

  24. The fact there are pictures of her less then a month before giving birth looking decidedly NOT pregnant is sometimes a dead giveaway

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