Chaos In The Republican Party as Fox News Hosts and Destroys Rick Perry



The Republican Party is crumbling as the crisis unfolds on the border. Fox News Sunday hosted Rick Perry today and promptly tore the Texas governor apart.

After asking Perry why he wants troops added to the border, Fox News Sunday host Brit Hume went after the Texas Governor’s position.




HUME: But if you strung them out along the border, national guardsmen and women, they are not, under the law, allowed to apprehend any of these children that are crossing, are they?

PERRY: Well, the issue is with being able to send that message, because it’s the visual that I think is the most important. And we know that. We listen to the conversations — or I should say their conversations are being monitored with calls back to the Central America, and the message is, hey, come on up here, everything is great, they’re taking care of us.

And that needs to stop, because if you don’t stop the bleeding, if you don’t staunch the flow of individuals that are coming up here, this is only going to get worse. And at that particular point in time, the size of this crisis is even going to be more monumental.

HUME: I think nearly everybody agrees with that, Governor, but the question I’m trying to get at with you is this — if these children who undergone these harrowing journeys, to escape the most desperate conditions in their home countries, have gotten this far, are they really going to be deterred by the presence of troops along the border who won’t shoot them and can’t arrest them?

PERRY: And I think we’re talking about two different things here. And what we’re talking about is sending the message back now so we can staunch the bleeding. Those that are already here to address them, to humanitarily take care of them, to make sure that they are safe, process them as quickly as you can to reunite them with their families. That’s the most humanitarian thing that we can do.


HUME: I get that’s the message, Governor. What I don’t quite understand is, how it is with the law being the way it is, the presence of more troops or forces on the border who are not legally able to apprehend these immigrants, these border crossers, is going to change anything without the law being changed first.

PERRY: Here’s the way it will. The presence — and we’ve done this multiple times. We’ve surged large amounts of Texas law enforcement with local law enforcement and coordinating with the border patrol into sectors. We don’t have the ability on a 1,200-mile border to do that. About 20 percent of the individuals coming across are these unaccompanied alien children. You got 80 percent of people out there that these laws don’t fall into, but we’re being pulled away having to deal with these children.

And my point is, you bring boots on the ground to send that message clearly, both visually and otherwise.

There are many reasons why Fox News would turn on Rick Perry. Fox and the Republican Party clearly don’t want Perry anywhere near the 2016 nomination. His anti-immigrant rhetoric is gaining steam because the backbone of the Republican Party is now composed of old Southern white men who hate the idea of letting more non-white people into the country.

Fox News is the gatekeeper for the Republican nomination. The way they treat potential 2016 candidates reveals a great deal about who they believe is viable. Fox became the Mitt Romney network in 2012, and they have been so protective of Chris Christie that they won’t discuss the various scandals that are ruining the New Jersey Republican’s presidential dreams.

Except for getting cutoff in mid-insane rant by ABC News last week, this was a tough interview for him. Gov. Perry had to reveal that what he is proposing is nothing more than an empty gesture. It looks like Fox News is trying to chop down Rick Perry before he gets any momentum ahead of 2016.

Fox News is trying to clear the field for Mitt Romney, or they are in the process of eating their own. Either way, the Republican circus, has come back to town and they are getting warmed up for 2016.

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  1. I am amazed at Perry’s willingness to show America just how stupid he is. Is he still on drugs? ? He must be pretty desperate to show up on Hannity liemongering.

    OOPS OOPS OOPS idiot, the glasses dont help, “he must of had a stroke” right Rove?????

  2. The GOP circus, indeed, has come back to town. The only question is, “which GOP clown is driving the clown car?” LMAO

  3. I can’t decide if Perry is a snake-oil salesman or a used car salesman. But ya, low-information voters will buy into whatever he is selling.

  4. I generaly agree with you and I feel we must become the welcoming nation that we were. However when you blamed the problems on old southern white males, well you pissed me off for I am a old southern white male and very progressive. I also see a whole lot of isolationist hate spewing mid westerners and northerns and thier politicians screaming against the immigrants. So do not brand your prejudices on me or my neighborhood.

  5. He kept asking the question and rephrasing it, and all Bozo the clown could do was sound like a broken record. Saying the same nonsense over and over. Almost like he had is scribbled in his hand or something ROTFLMAO.

  6. I am tempted to say that the GOP could completely implode and they still would have a House majority because of districts that are gerrymandered to the max. Something needs to happen to undo this mess. The districts are so safe for the GOP that new candidates can be to the right of Attila the Hun and still win. Witness the witless candidates and their statements. Who could ever get away with that 10-15 years ago?

  7. Rick Perry and Y’all Qaeda come up with some of the weirdest things don’t they? He thinks “the visual” of troops massed on the border will “send a message” to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala? That’s an expensive message to send. Perhaps huge billboards of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary telling people in Spanish to turn back would be more cost-effective.

  8. Governor Maginot.

    Yeah, that will work. More “boots on the ground,” stamping their feet in unison will send a clear message, that we’re mad – but we’re not going to actually DO anything about the problem. People might start thinking government is some sort of solution, and we can’t have that. But boots on the ground don’t come cheap, even though Perry refuses to say how to pay for it.

  9. perry speaks double speak: on the one hand he wants to do the humanitarian thing. in the next sentence he wants the national guard to stand by the border as a deterrent and send them back. which is it?

    it’s not humanitarian to send them back. if anything you are sending them back to their deaths one way or another.

    so what perry is saying is he has no solution for the problem. yet be has the nerve to quarterback and attack the president, when he has no answer himself.

  10. “Y’all Qaeda”?! Reading that phrase is a reason why I love social media. You never know what you’re gonna see. I must borrow this!!! LOLOL!

  11. Exactly. And the hole that Perry and really most of the GOP have dug for themselves is the fact that Bush’s law in ’08 prevents them from turning back these children and mothers. It’s that simple. So the only argument they can possibly try to use is to conflate this influx of children/mothers with every other person crossing the border.

    His entire argument here was absolutely flimsy. Send National Guard, and their presence is going to stem the tide of these children? No, it’s not. They know they’ll be taken into custody and the procedure starts. They will NOT be turned back and Perry knows this. He’s desperate to find a way to blame Pres. Obama for this and trapping himself in his zeal to do so.

  12. Plain and simple Perry, Gohmert Palin, are voice of the teaparty; they represent everything the teaparty stands for; if you think they are ignorant well thats the TP at its best.

  13. “Process them quickly. ” isn’t that exactly what the President’s request is for? More judges so we can process them. The National Guard can’t process anyone. Perry is dumb as a board, or that infamous rock at his family vacation spot.


  15. Well he did his photo op with Hannity and what a couple of fools they looked, in a boat with guns and hats on backwards.

    The president sure knew what he was doing when he passed on the photo op!

  16. Jason Easley and Editors of Politicususa:


  17. Rick Perry can call out the Texas National Guard anytime he wants to. So, why hasn’t he done it?

    He doesn’t need Congress’ approval and he doesn’t need the President’s approval.

    Pick up the phone. Be a leader. Make a difference, Rick….

  18. I think Governor Perry is on the right track. If we get enough guardsmen to lock arms they should be able to prevent kids from crossing. It would be like playing a big game of Red Rover and our soldiers should win that game every time! ;)

  19. OK- now I’m officially worried most of the GOP in ANY leadership position has been believing their own Southern Comfort version of reality for so long, everyone will suffer under incredible their incompetence. Having been to Honduras, pretty, well dressed, unarmed, soldiers who haven’t ( or have ever )had fun with a machete on someone ever, is a GOOD sight. Besides, our guys smell MUCH better Mr. Perry a**wipe do nothing blowhard idiot. So typical, all rhetoric with no solution, no wonder we’re heading down the crapper.

  20. deileend: that would require him making the appropriately sane decision, standing behind it, and having some sort of a plan before you do. Much easier to point fingers if you’re stupid…..

  21. Rick’s gone Maverick(if maverick means dumb) usually ,FOX or ALEC(funded by Koch) writes the script.
    Everyone knows the migrants voluntary surrender, actually seek out Boarder Patrol.
    So the story doesn’t include the Army scaring Kids. We’ll leave that to grown men in Texas who enjoy scaring children and going into drug stores with guns , cuz you know …Taking back ‘Merika..

  22. I do not believe you heard it from those up north, as you say. Lived in OH and NY for decades.
    I live in TN…and yes I hear this stuff from my rich, white, old relatives all the time. You are very brave to be a progressive in the south!

  23. Sure,
    Fox “News’ will invite him on,
    they almost have to for 2 reasons.
    He’s the Gov. of Texas & he is anti-
    immigration, so they will let him
    Then cut him off at the knees.
    Kinda like, we respect you for your
    HATE, but you’re just not ‘our kinda

  24. Hume is after Perry———–clearly wants to cut him down to size. An Sean Hannity is for Perry an pumping him up! Fox needs to get together an decide what crazy Republican or Tea Party they are going to back an want ones they are going to tear down!

  25. I read somewhere earlier that the Courts are starting to undo some of that gerrymandering. Wish I could remember where I read that. At any rate, lets hope they keep doing it.

  26. Patric, The whole phrase was, “His anti-immigrant rhetoric is gaining steam because the backbone of the Republican Party is now composed of old Southern white men who hate the idea of letting more non-white people into the country.”

    If you don’t vote Republican, I wasn’t talking about your neighborhood, and you have no reason to be pissed off.

    I wasn’t expressing prejudice. Look at the demographic data on who makes up the Republican Party. The party is old, white, male, conservative and mostly Southern.

  27. He’d have to declare a state of emergency to do it and he probably doesn’t want to do that because it’s better for him politically (in his mind) to just stand by and criticize the President instead.

  28. If Gov. Perry were so concerned about this situation, then it would be better for him to help convince Congress to pass immigration reform and pass the President’s request for funds to deal with the situation.

    But he’s only concerned with the optics and those optics are simply “what’s best for Rick Perry?”

    Like too many in this country, he cares nothing for these people. They’re all just “illegals,” undeserving of any humanity whatsoever.

    So much for “compassionate conservatism.”

  29. When it came time to pay for the troops on the border, the House Republicans would try to take it from the least fortunate in this country.

  30. Pat I’m from Mississippi people throw all kinds of names at you no matter where you from. when I hear the word idiots. Don’t bother me, because I say if the shoe don’t fit. why you trying to wear it. I’ve heard the word nigger so much since we elected a black President not once but twice, No nothings disrespecting our President should bother everybody, When the nut wad threw his shoe at Bush I was mad as hell because after all he was my President, and he deserved respect. because of the office he held as my President. have a blessed day and I think there are lots of Old Southern white men who are OK by me because I know they are not all stupid. just some

  31. Why does block of supply not trigger a re-election of the senate? Seems like checks and balances are broken when it comes to bill passing, When we the people elect our candidates we hope their bills actually get passed. Limited terms seem like enough of a safety factor. I am curious why we haven’t amended the constitution due to the block of supply condition. In countries where block of supply happens the people can file a referendum for dissolution and force a reelection unblocking supply. These two conditions must exist and represent law over over all representatives and senate.

  32. I get sick and tired of headlines here and at other sites that scream “so-and-so DESTROYS so-and-so.” when it’s rarely the case. Hume hardly destroyed Perry, although it wouldn’t have been hard to do. Granted, he quizzed him a tad more than FOX hosts generally do, but he hardly destroyed him, and Perry succeeded in repeating his pablum over and over and over.

  33. Man I wish Governor Perry would just shut up !! He makes us Texans look like we are all stupid like him !!

  34. Faux news is all over the place. Last week they were fanning the flames of hate with the picture of president obama at a barbecue in Texas, and Rick Perry in a boat pretending to work… Prompting the Perkins lady to post on FB for an assassination…they continue to play with fire and call for violence over and over. Sometimes subtly and sometimes directly as in Dr. Tiller. Hume, Neil, Greta usually stay above the fray….fox and friends are plain dumb dumbs, the rest, Hannity, O’Reilly, Megan, are the main stokers…and need imprisoned!

  35. Seriously,is no one going to point out Perry’s repeated misuse of the word “staunch”? I mean a insanely moronic misuse of the word? What does anyone expect from a dolt that hangs out a ranch called “N-wordHead” and wants to secede?!

  36. So he wants national guard troops to scare the crap out of a bunch of children with their guns drawn? And he calls that humanitarian? If any other country were doing that to kids, the GOP would be telling Obama to send in our troops and denounce that country for intimidating and failing to assist children! It is disgusting that these idiots expect Obama to break the law signed by Bush and voted on by the very people complaining now! These kids are supposed to get their day in court as refugees. Maybe if we called them all fetuses, they would change their tune? The situation in Central America is grave and the drug cartels and gangs are running things. The thing people don’t know is that prior to Obama coming in, there were a million people coming into the US per year. That number has dropped to 300,000 and it includes the kids coming in large numbers from Central America. The numbers have reduced by 700,000…so border crossings have actually declined under Obama by 2/3!

  37. What I don’t understand about the entire situation is why can’t our troops shoot or arrest them? I don’t want them to shoot if they don’t have to especially not if it’s kids, but why in sam hell can’t our troops arrest them? They are coming over ILLEGALLY! Not legally but ILLEGALLY! Last time I checked when you do something illegally you get arrested. I mean they arrest people every day for lesser crimes than coming into our country illegally. If it was the other way around do you think for one second that mexican authorities would think twice about shooting or arresting americans for crossing illegally kids or not??? Wake up people, Ovomit aka Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing! Hell we Americans are getting told we can’t fly the American flag… oh the irony!!! Wake up America because if you don’t we may not even be able to call this America much longer and we sure as hell won’t have our American rights. We are losing them quickly and quietly already.

  38. I am a stroke survivor and I certainly have more to offer than Rick Perry. He is downright stupid. Can you imagine “open mouth, insert foot” Perry meeting with world leaders? Thats terrifying. The guy seems to have great difficulty putting together a thought.

  39. First of all moron, we dont shoot immigrants. Second, the reason they cant arrest them is because of a law passed in 2002 under your dear leader Bush that we dont arrest of shoot children. Adults are arrested.

    Secondly Mexicans do not shoot people for illegally crossing the border

    People like you, the lowest informed people on the planet are dragging this country backwards 2 million years.

  40. Perry has no chance to ever be president. People remember his past indiscretions and I can easily write the primary ad for Iowa republicans against Perry. What you do is you get the tape of when he went to a SC radio station and insulted Iowa republicans by saying that there are no real conservatives here. Plus there is the ever famous “oops” during that primary debate when he couldn’t remember the 3rd part of government he wanted to shut down. Republicans have been scrambling to find a competent candidate since Bush left office. The closest they have come is Mitt and that one was a joke. After Bush I doubt that the republicans will take an incompetent Texas governor for quite a while. The ads write themselves.

    Gov. Perry may be there but, he has no clue. National Guard troops to scare the kids? Please! Given the conditions some of these kids came from, you could station the entire military at the border and these kids would still run into their arms. Pathetic!

  41. Ah Jessica, take off your blinders of hate, turn off the Fox (non)news and the right wing radio, and think about this situation with compassion towards a child, a living, breathing young person. These children are approaching the border and going to the border agents and seeking asylum. They are not crossing illegally and avoiding the border patrol. Why is that so difficult for you and all other screaming hatred spewing conservatives to understand? These kids are asking for help. How compassionate of you to deny a child the help they seek. Do you deny your child when (s)he asks for help? What a fine role model of hatred you are for your children.

  42. And no active brain cells. That Texassans would vote for this bumbling ‘OOPS’ moron is still a surprise. Have they no shame?

  43. So in other words.. Lets do the bully, intimidation thing.. That’s all this idiot knows.. Perry (like most GOP) thinks anyone without at least a million dollars is stupid.. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that the ones coming over the border KNOW THE LAW.. so you can send a whole army and it would make NO difference.. They are leaving hell.. and he things a few more troops on the border is going to scare.. He’s always been an idiot and he seems hell bent on one upping himself. I don’t really agree with the law.. and I think something really needs to be done about the immigration in this country so we can get back to worrying more about our own.

  44. Yeah campaign slogan ’16 DUMB&DUMBER. I think Fox couldnt even promote that, but they’d try.That would truly be a nazi gubment. Issue uniform and gun at birth.

  45. ” because it’s the visual that I think is the most important.” This quote from Perry tells you everything you need to know about him. And it explains the glasses too.

  46. I think Brit is a great interviewer. He actually pays attention to the guests’ s statements and follows up on it. Many hosts ask a question only to give the guest a chance to say his sound bite. Brit holds them to task. GO BRIT!

  47. I want to know if all of you progressives are going to adopt all of these illegal children and take care of all of them.I don’t want my tax money used on them, since the president is squandering our money any way he can to bankrupt our country.

  48. I’m young and from the liberal Northeast, and I fully support Rick Perry. The Abomination in the WH is destroying our country. Stop drinking the kool-aid liberals and wake up!

  49. Good for you. The tea bags need young and totally already impressed minds

    BTW, check the stock market and the other indicators. Yer screwed

  50. In this interview there was one sentence that totally caught my attention. Rick Perry states that he listens to phone calls made back home by these immigrants. # 1 HOW does he do this? # 2 WHY is this being done? Should these people not have privacy? If the Military or the National Guard were being used, who is going to pay for that? If they were there they really couldn’t do anything more than is being done now. Thank you for that George Bush!!

  51. I watched this interview and appreciated Mr. Hume’s hard hitting guestions–like a true journalist. As well, I understood Governor Perry responses. I am not sure where the interpretation driving this article came from. Interesting assessment, but appears more slanted to desire of what is hoped for rather than the intent of responsible discovery and provision of knowledge enhancement.

  52. Really? You listen to theiir conversations? Hmmmmm. Big uncle Rick is tapping phones from kids? And people not wanting to help children with their taxes bbut were happy to spend trillions for a war overseas.

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