Cheered On By Fox News and The GOP Cliven Bundy Has Energized Anti-Government Militias


Human beings steeped in intense and enduring hatred, aversion, and hostility toward individuals, entities, or ideas are easily incited to action that, more often than not, results in death and destruction. Many psychologists consider long-lasting hatred to be more of an attitude of disposition than a temporary emotional response, and it is beyond refute that most of the current hostility toward the government is borne of racial animus, religion, and conservative ideology. This is evident in the increased number of hate groups and armed militias that typically rise during a Democratic administration and decrease when a religious Republican administration is in power. It was little surprise then, that when Americans elected a Democrat and African American man as President that conservatives claimed was a Muslim, the number of hate groups and armed militias exploded and led to threats of armed rebellion against the government.

The recent Bundy Ranch standoff was not so much about grazing rights, patriotism, or tyrannical government overreach as it was the result of nearly five years of simmering hatred toward anything related to the African American man in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, the hatred on display during the Bundy affair against the federal government inspired other “copycat militia actions and violent events” according to a new Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) report. The SPLC report, “War in the West,” said  ”The Bundy standoff has invigorated an extremist movement that exploded when President Obama was elected, going from some 150 groups in 2008 to more than 1,000 last year. Antigovernment extremists have long pushed, most fiercely during Democratic administrations, rabid conspiracy theories about a nefarious New World Order, a socialist, gun-grabbing federal government and the evils of federal law enforcement.”

The assertions in the SPLC report cannot be denied; particularly after two Bundy participants parroted the “2nd revolutionary war starts now” as they murdered two Las Vegas police officers and a “good guy with a gun” attempting to intervene and stop the killers. The Bundy standoff also incited two Utah men to stop a BLM employee and hold him at gunpoint while carrying a sign that said “you need to die.” When right-wing media outlets and extremist Republicans glorified the Bundy standoff as a group of patriotic victims of an “overbearing Obama Administration,” it fueled the hatred amongst other racists and anti-government groups the SPLC is warned are fueling copycat militias to focus on the immigrant-child crisis intensifying near the Texas border. In a prophetic warning, a senior fellow at SPLC, Mark Potok, said “it is possible that people at the Bundy ranch are headed toward the Texas border now.”

The possibility is becoming reality as at least one militia led by a man named Chris Davis is beginning to deploy armed militia members along the border after Davis posted a message in a YouTube video advising his followers to aggressively confront those attempting a border crossing. Davis said if “You see an illegal. You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.'” Reportedly, the video was removed and Davis is claiming his militia is just mobilizing to “supplement law-enforcement efforts along the border,” but Texas law enforcement officials said self-appointed militias are not needed at the border. However, Davis’s group does not care what government officials say because his militia is simply “serving freedom, liberty and national sovereignty.

What Davis and the Bundy militias never elucidate is how their personal freedom, liberty, or sovereignty is being abridged; particularly by immigrant children or federal officials serving a court order on a rancher trespassing on government property. Those armed militias are not serving freedom, liberty, or sovereignty; they are serving their deep-seated hatred for the government with an African American man as President. They certainly did not issue a call to arms during white Republican administrations, especially the George W. Bush administration responsible for the immigrants coming to America from Central America, or when the same administration eliminated Americans’ rights according to alleged homeland security threats. Of course, during the white Bush’s administration there was no constant barrage of media, right-wing and mainstream, outlets and Republicans inciting hatred toward anything remotely related to the government.

The SPLC report warned that government and law enforcement officials need to recognize what motivates the armed militia movement it asserts “is going to inspire more violent action against the government, or immigrants and will demonstrate their anti-government rage with bullets.” According to the report, it is bogus political theories and conspiracy-mongering that are clearly encouraging an increasingly enraged movement. Although mainstream Republicans and extremist conservative groups are driving the bogus political theories and conspiracy-mongering, it is the media that gives them a forum to incite Americans prone to hatred against the government with an African American man as President.

Of course, the Republican media outlet, Fox News, is the primary driver of anti-government, anti-minority, and anti-immigrant hatred, but every network jumps at the opportunity to host fear and hate-mongering Republicans to incite hostility in people seeking a reason to act on their hatred. On any given Sunday, every network parades Republican after Republican on national television to spread their lies, and racially-motivated hatred, against the government, President Obama, minorities, gays, and immigrants. They are fueling a veritable feeding frenzy of hate that is going to result in more violence and it is unclear if it is for ratings, favors from Republicans, or a real desire for a bloodbath that looks more likely with every media program giving a forum to the likes of Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and every other anti-Obama Republican.

The SPLC report’s call for government and law enforcement officials to understand what motivates armed militias does not go far enough. The government and law enforcement clearly understand that hate motivates armed militias precisely as it motivates Republicans. The government needs to hold those who feed the smoldering hatred accountable for their culpability in inciting, championing, and glorifying armed militias intent on violence toward not only the government, but minorities and immigrants as well. It was reported here last week that Nevada law enforcement and federal officials are actively investigating the Bundy standoff to hold Bundy and armed militias accountable for their sedition. That is all well and good, but they also need to hold the accessories to violence against the government (Republicans and Fox News) accountable for inciting the confrontation. How they would hold Republicans or the media accountable is unclear, but after five years of inciting hatred towards the government, minorities, and immigrants since election night in 2008, it is time to take action before there is a serious loss of life.

Republicans are as hate-filled as the armed militias, and mainstream media is facilitating their hate with impunity and full knowledge they are promoting violence against the government and immigrants with every Republican hate-monger they allow to spew hatred with impunity. The SPLC report warning that the Bundy standoff would inspire armed militias to rush to the border to confront immigrants may appear prophetic, but as an organization that monitors and tracks hate groups, they simply reported what the result of five years of Republican hate and fear-mongering would continue to produce; armed militias threatening violence.




27 Replies to “Cheered On By Fox News and The GOP Cliven Bundy Has Energized Anti-Government Militias”

  1. What some would call “patriotic local militia”, most would describe as trigger-happy vigilantes with a personal agenda.

  2. Our Nevada state Governor and our senator both spoke supportively about the terrorists over at the Bundy ranch They called them ” law abiding citizens” and ” patriots” .
    What about the BLM rangers and Park Service rangers and Las Vegas Metro Police and Sheriffs who, while attempting to carry out a court order, had weapons trained on them and their lives threatened by these so called “patriots” and ” law abiding citizens”?
    I am so disgusted with Governor Sandoval and Senator Heller. They should both be impeached.

  3. If the next two elections go the way I am hoping they will, you better hold on to your hats.

    If Republicans get the thrashing they deserve, they won’t take it too well. I look for some of them to go off of the deep end and do some really stupid things.

    I keep saying that it should be obvious to all reasonable people what the right wing wants, and the fact that we need to vote them out of our government since they hate America so much.

    The problem with getting people motivated to get out and vote, is the fact that most people are woefully uninformed insofar as politics goes.

    I was talking to a young person who is a college student and when I said the ACA, he didn’t even know what it was, but he did know Obamacare.

    I don’t know what it will take to get more people informed and involved in the political process, but something needs to happen.

    Unfortunately, I think things may have to get worse before they get better. Call me a cynic, but that’s how I see it.

  4. Conservatives are on the losing end of the demographic transition going on the US. They can scream, rage, parade around with their weapons, but eventually they will be driven from political power and any violent behavior they exhibit will be squashed.

  5. Listen, they have been on the verge for awhile but it takes a special lunatic to act. Nevertheless, they should and I hope the government is checking a pulse on these people! It’s a shame we have so many home grown terrorist, treasonous, Americans, with everything going on in Syria and the Middle East!
    Everyone in society needs to become more active and aware of potential dangers to society and report militias, anti government, “lone wolf” mentality” to the local FBI. I wish the FBI would put out a list and distribute to the public, if you see “this” please report and give different ways to report suspecious behavior.

  6. I too agree, a confrontation is on the way, It’s so sad to see what has become of the right wing conservatives who preach Hatred. I bet Abe LINCOLN is turning over in his grave see what his party has stooped to when not getting their way. These nuts are coming out like Roaches. Time will tell but when these nuts go to the border and point their guns at Kids and the Border patrol. Then we all will know what stand your ground. means these nuts are so consumed with blind hate they can’t see past their own nose and that file odor we are smelling is the hate from these people that are smelling their TOP LIPS. MASS HYSTERIA of the crazy ass right. The Federal government just may have to STAND THEIR GROUND. I don’t advocate Violence. but we will not stand down. I pray it never comes to such a drastic action, but these violent ass people gonna keep pushing until we the people for the people by the people are GONNA have to STAND OUR GROUND SO VERY SAD. ALL I CAN SAY IS GOD BLESS AMERICA

  7. Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    Nothing says that they can only come from Europe
    A nation of immigrants who fled persecution persecutes immigrants fleeing persecution, irony has surrendered to stupidity!

  8. Bundy and his followers should be charged with insurection and sent to prison for the maximum 10 years and fined as well.

  9. Isn’t this considered a vigilante mob? What would happen if an inner city (read African American) group of gun toting, smack talking, crazies headed down there too, would the locals put up with that? I seriously doubt there would be a welcome wagon for them.

  10. Another armed confrontation is inevitable. Fox News stoked these haters into a feverish pitch and now they have no outlet for their hatred.

    I don’t know WHY all the other news outlets keep parading these Republicans on their news shows.

    I am tired of seeing these freak show clowns. This isn’t going to end well.

  11. Astorix, I know you didnt know this but we dont allow addicting info links here, so I have to remove the link. Sorry :(

  12. You commies will whine and whimper like Boehner when the evil you worship destroys You. Evil has one goal .Kill, steal and destroy. You and your antigod leaders, go down .
    You are extremists according to God’s Word.

  13. I am sure this is one of the reasons President Obama did not go to the Texass border to see first hand the issue with the children refugees. Secrete Service was probably having nightmares about the security, snipers in the hills, guns pointed at federal officials, armed persons with an agenda.

  14. The same Chanel that fights for the fetus turns its back on children at the border who’s parents didn’t have obamacare to stop unwanted children… ( fox news would have fought against them getting it anyway ) The same Chanel that bitched about how unsafe Chicago is because they all have guns making it unsafe to live there.. Then says later on that day we wouldn’t have school shootings if we all carried guns..the ones that care about the reporting of what happen at Benghazi not being accurate but are fine with the 4,000 Americans that had to go to Iraq and die looking for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. The ones that will turn a Christian into a screaming maniac because you said happy holidays instead of that made up word they use to call the birth of Christ .. Merry Christmas… It becomes not so Merry because Fox News tells them there is a war on their religion. The ones that say all Obama does is photo ops and then bitches he didn’t go to the border for a…

  15. Dude. You know as much about commies as you do about the Christ. Get out of the old testament mentality. Good Christians are Democrats and keep quiet and don’t talk all the stupid crap you moronic right wingers do for a reason. Jesus didn’t preach hate and murder. He preached love and understanding along with helping others not as fortunate as you.

  16. Fox News had better have a “Come to Jesus Moment” soon. It’s doubtful that this was their mission when Rupert handed Roger Ailes the reins.

  17. Bundy fiasco has already sent two idiots to do their dirty work which killed 2 police officers having lunch in Vegas. This asshole was on the local abc TV station as a spokesman for Bundy. Time to Shut this stupidity down! The Justice Department should impose a law with jail time for words used to incite people to Murder, Attempt Murder & Threats on all forms of communication networks (TV, Radio, Social Media). #DomesticTerrorist #FauxNews, #RupertMudoch #RogerAiles #RushLimbaugh #BainCapital #SeanHannity #GlennBeck #AnnCoulter #LauraIngram #BillOReilly #BundyRancH

  18. This is the most amped up I have ever seen one side of the political aisle. The comments online from right wingers about our president is downright shocking. This goes beyond the normal pale, this is pure hatred and racism for president Obama. When even on supposed nonpartisan sites conservative comments are receiving the overwhelming number of thumbs up you know the conservative propaganda machine is in full swing mode. I was hoping the improving economy would give president Obama a lift(especially with independents)but unfortunately even independents are buying into the medias faux Obama is failing propaganda. How many more good job reports will it take for America to figure out Obama is really kicking ass and taking names? Non conservative Americans have got to start seeing through this current false conservative anti-Obama propaganda soon because it is so obviously false.

  19. Of course that was his mission or he would have never ALLOWED the things they say and do to happen. That is exactly HOW he has built his empire. He allows the same thing to go on with everything he touches. HE is the one that needs to be deported. Instead he will be allowed to buy Time Warner. I remember the days when people like him weren’t allowed to have monoplies. I would like to see an article following his rise to power in the US. Exactly WHO with NAMES and how they had the power to change the laws that were in place to prevent this very thing. They are all traitors to this country give murdoch’s record and actions in every country he was allowed to invade.

    And what I would REALLY like to see would be investigations into ALL his business deals and prison for the people that sold America out. England made a start and put on a good show. Just didn’t go far enough or high enough. But at least cleaned out, at least temporarily, one little nest of vipers.

  20. The Dumbing down of America has only gotten worse with a Judge in the florida Theater shooting caused by a popcorn has been released on bail? A packed theater with kids and families watch in horror as a 71 year old man murders and can be bailed out because some Judge likes the X-COP????????

  21. @Sandra, I to am disgusted but also with the Secret Service and the FBI. If these unpatriotic moron were Democrats, I bet they would be all over them like white on rice. I can’t imagine why the SS is not arresting these moron including Failin Palin for making threats against and actually talking about and encouraging people to asassinate the President.

  22. @joseph large. Is that from the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France. Sounds familiar. Beautiful words which have been forgotten or being ignored, alas.

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