Founder Of Gun Rights Organization Wants President Obama Assassinated


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On Saturday, Kathy Perkins,  the founder of a gun rights advocacy group known as Moms With Guns Demand Action, posted a photo on her Facebook page with a caption that read, “Where is an assassin when you need one?” The photo came from Fox and Friends First, Fox News’ weekend morning gabfest. The image showed President Obama eating BBQ in Texas alongside a photo of Governor Rick Perry riding on a border patrol boat. Perkins has since deleted the post. However, Alan Colmes’ website Liberaland was able to get a screengrab of it before she took it down.





Wow. What’s even more interesting than Perkins openly asking for someone to kill the President is that one person told Perkins to “message me later” in order to get more info on an assassin. It seems that Perkins and the people she associates with are living in a twisted fantasy world where it is perfectly okay to publicly discuss the assassination of the nation’s leader.

While Perkins did take down the Facebook post, she attempted to defend herself somewhat with another Facebook post on the group’s Facebook page. Early Sunday morning she posted a private message she received from someone criticizing her regarding her advocacy for assassination. For some reason, Perkins thought the person’s message was extremely “vile, violent” and “evil,” and mocked him for contradicting the “non-violent camp’s” mindset. The person didn’t advocate violence but did use some strong language. Instead, his hope is that Ms. Perkins is visited by the Secret Service.

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Moms With Guns Demand Action is a hackneyed attempt by Perkins to latch onto the notoriety and exposure that the gun control advocacy group, Moms Demand Action, has attained. Just like other open carry and pro-gun organizations, Perkins’ group is targeting MDA due to their ever-growing national presence. The hope is that by setting herself up as an opponent of MDA, she can maybe get herself some interviews on Fox News or other conservative media outlets. Perhaps she can even sell some merchandise while she’s at it as her website offers lots of options, such as t-shirts, baseball caps and beer koozies.

I guess Perkins got her wish fulfilled. She’s now received notoriety. Of course, that notoriety is going to come with a visit from the Secret Service. Even if nothing happens on that front, she’s exposed herself as being someone not to be taken seriously. Instead of being a “TRUE stay at home mom” who is “an advocate for women, children, and all abuse victims,” she’ll now be known as another tinfoil hat wearing crazy who thinks Obama needs to be taken down before he comes and rounds up all the guns and places all the true patriots in FEMA reeducation camps.


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  1. The fact that she is unaware of the potential consequences of posting a threat against the President, even if it was an oblique threat, demonstrates her exceptional stupidity.

  2. I hope they listen to her phone calls, intercept her mail and packages, monitor her computer, keep tabs on who she associates with like other anti government extremists…then maybe she’ll just drive herself crazy with paranoia!

  3. She is a typical right wing ignorant coward and traitor . Who else would go on the internet and advertise her disloyalty to our nation and flag. She begs for some other wacko to do a despicable act while refusing to do this terrible deed herself……… She is nothing more than a traitorous pig and should be forced to answer for her words and actions

  4. She takes her FB page down. Says it all. She’s a chicken-sh*t. Couldn’t take the heat, so she got out of the kitchen. It’s time all of these ammo-sexuals are arrested and put on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan to help the REAL patriots get out. After our solders are safely out, they need to stay and fight.

  5. These sorts of people are not only not patriots, they hate the ideal of America.

    Although America is still a long way from the ideal country envisioned by the founders, we have come a long way over time.

    If the right wing continues to succeed in their attempts to destroy all the gains we have made as a nation, we will find ourselves living in a country ruled by fear and superstition, and not by reason and law.

  6. Why wait for the Secret Service? Start with the local authorities and go from there. She demands action, so why wait?…let’s give her some.

  7. Throw her in jail for trying to hire someone to assassinate. The president of the UNITED States!!! IF YOU THINK WE ARE NOT UNITED WAIT UNTIL THE GOP TAKES HIM TO COURT WITH OUR MONEY !!!!!

  8. The more I hear them squawking about FEMA re-education camps, the more I think they (the camps) might not be a bad idea. We can start the re-education with a thorough review of American History and a critical reading of the Constitution.

  9. This woman is abusing her kids by home-schooling them. They will grow up illiterate and full of hate and stupidity.

    Twitter is bombarding her –



    Everybody wants her arrested and the Secret Service to bust her.

  10. I restrain myself from saying certain things because they’re illegal. Apparently , they are not illegal for some people. Can I start saying these things or am I one of the less privileged? Or should this person be in jail?

  11. Never mind the nutjob woman. Did you see Rick Perry riding in a boat with his shades and his LaRue Tactical hat turned backwards? What a #*@%head.
    HannyWanny and that boy are doing some serious compensating.

  12. Unfortunately the freedom of speech on the internet requires no personal restraint or self-editing . This leaves lots of nutjobs a forum to express reckless, dangerous and inflammatory opinions and statements. The publication of those thoughts lends “creedence” to their twisted ideas. The leader of this MDA group falls into this nutjob category. I

  13. What we are seeing is a real push for stochastic assassination. We saw the same damned thing a bit over half a century ago, and I remember how that one ended.

  14. I say another civil war is needed to remind southern-minded folks who won. And let’s all remind the gun wackos: Since Obama has been president, they can carry guns in more places than GWB himself personally didnt want to allow people the ability to. So yes, Congress Conserves have allowed this, but GWB, like many, believe its a stupid idea. Add to that, during Katrina, it was under GWB administration that law-abiding Americans had their guns taken away.

  15. I was disappointed with how this piece ended. We can’t afford to poo-poo these actions any longer. When we accept “oblique” assassination attempts being incorporated into marketing schemes, it’s just a matter of time before an Oswald comes forward.

  16. To answer Ms. Perkins question, clearly Rick Perry is more out of touch. Does he really think he’s going to accomplish anything by patrolling the river in a boat, looking for illegals? Just pandering to a popular issue in this state. How did he ever get elected? Never mind, I know.

  17. Well said, Grumpy. I long for the days when every village idiot didn’t have internet access, and their stupidity stayed in their village. Now we all suffer.

  18. And as a TERRORIST, she is going to get a visit from the Secret Service. Facebook feeds information to the FBI, CIA, NSA & Secret Service.

    She really is an idiot.

  19. That pic of her with the Girl Scouts selling (if they actually did) cookies is outrageous and quite disturbing. I hope the Secret Service does approach her and gives more than a stern warning, because one of these days one of these crazies will not write something on FB they will just do it and that is the biggest fear that I have.

  20. Here’s hoping the Secret Service pays her a visit. Dislike or hate the president all you want, but you CANNOT threaten to kill him. I hate right wing nut jobs. They truly are idiots.

  21. You do have to get a background check for gun purchases. It’s been the law for a long time. You would know that if you didn’t get your info from tired, old, intellectually lazy platitudes. The dispute about background checks is for private sales. If your grandfather passed a gun to you, he can currently do it without a background check, and even if you were a whack job, you’d come up clean if you were never convicted or institutionalized. I get the stance you take, but when you look at implementation, the result is always Orwellian, which cowards don’t care about, as long as an institutional Mommy in the way of government promises them they will chase the boogeymen away for them so they shouldn’t do it themselves. Except that it doesn’t always work very well. And it doesn’t account for the possibility of government itself being the boogeyman.

  22. Ok Secret Servive, DO YOUR DAMN JOB AND PUT THIS TRAITOR BEHIND BARS ASAP!!!All this White noise these cowards are spouting!! SMDH

  23. Her apology:

    “I am guilty of nothing and have nothing to hide while the current occupant of the Oval Office is guilty of high treason and needs to attack housewives to distract people from his evil. My regret is joking about his serious crimes against our country.”

    Notice that she completely ignores the effect her words had upon “Casey Hindman,” and that she takes no responsibility for anyone she might convince, with her violent rhetoric. That is the true issue, not her whiny deflection.

  24. These right wing mofo’s have all lost their minds simply because a black man is in the Whitehouse…everyone please help vote these rightwing bastards out and send them packin because our country has gone to the dogs and I am embarrassed the world is watching these hating turds.

  25. I seem to recall that James Earl Ray assasinated Martin Luther King Jr. because of such “oblique threats”.

  26. Believe me, the Secret Service takes these types of threats very, very seriously. The bitch most likely will be “invited” back to Washington with the pros who protect the President for an extensive “education and inquiry” session. We’ll see what she says after that.

  27. Why in the world did the main page show her with a bunch of Girl Scouts though? It’s horrible that she had a gun there (believe me I am forwarding this to GS National), but does scouting really need this added to all of it’s problems? This is against all the rules to have a gun at a cookie booth and the lady is obviously a wack job–come on!

  28. People like this woman are great poster children for birth control! This world would be a much better place if conservative women would learn how to swallow! ;p

  29. She is engaging in HATE Speech,
    reaching out to the crazies. That’s
    how they operate.
    Hannity is the King of it!
    Look what happened when the ‘Instigator
    in Chief’ worked the RWNJ’s into a
    FRENZY over the Bundy Ranch debacle!
    It cost 2 Las Vegas Metro Police & 1
    civilian their lives. When they use this
    incendiary language they are using
    Terroristic tactics. They are well aware of the way it works.
    Their motto is:

    “You have to be lucky all the time. We only have to be lucky once.”

    They put us ALL at risk, put us ALL
    in danger & they MUST be stopped!

  30. Did anyone ask her to be specific about the so-called “treasonous” acts of President Obama? And what has he done to housewives?

    Whenever President Obama has traveled to Texas, I have feared for him. And knowing that crazies like this woman live there does nothing to calm me down.

    Really, what has President Obama done to housewives?

  31. Heubler, you’re exactly correct! Remember the assassin the Bundy ranch? He said ” I don’t want violence, but if they want to bring violence here, then we’ll bring it”. Not his exact words, then they gunned down two police officers in Las Vegas starting their version of a tea party, anti government revolution!
    It’s time to take ALL these threats seriously. Who thought these losers would go on a killing spree? But these are the people that kill our fellow Americans!

  32. I have not heard of no Al-Quaeda, Taliban or ISIS terrorists threaten the President of the United States with assassination…while in our own backyard we have or homebred Terrorist with guns who do threaten him. Who should we be afraid or watchful of? That’s right….men and women like this bimbo. They call themselves “Patriots” yet threaten the President of the USA! She and her group need to be taken DOWN by the FBI, she should be put on the watchlist, monitor her movements, etc. Helicopters hovering above her house from time time ….let’s see how she behaves then.

  33. I recall a story about that a while back, and if I’m not mistaken, they were not invited to be there and were asked to leave.

  34. I don’t remember ever hearing of a call to assassinate George W Bush. Many people wanted him to answer for getting us involved in unfounded wars because the congress was told lies about WMD. People were angry and opposed to the wars but I never heard of a call to assassinate him. And I watch read &study politics closely

  35. This was and is my biggest fear of them screaming for Obama to go to the border. It sounded like a setup. This is NOT Katrina. He does not need to go!

  36. Thank God most moms aren’t like this. Nice words coming from a mom’s mouth. Maybe she is related to Bonnie Parker of Bonnie & Clyde. She sure gave Moms With Guns a bad name – they should probably look for a better representative than one who advocates assassinating our president because he is black.

  37. She needs to go straight to jail for just suggesting the death of the president. May the Secret Service become an ever present force in her life…………..

  38. That approach works until you factor in all the accidental injuries and deaths from the massive amount of privately owned weapons. I have no objection to gun ranges, hunting and responsible gun ownership. I’m not a fan of concealed carry laws though. However, statistics show that more lives are lost and more injuries occur than saved when using a weapon for protection. Mr. Reagan was not an advocate for gun control until somebody tried to kill him and his Press Secretary.

    If someone could ever come up with a fix to that problem that all sides could agree with this would be much less divisive issue.

  39. I know its not going to happen because I’m not a stupid bitch, but I wish the secret service would confiscate their guns lol. And one more question. How many freaking guns does it take to sell girl scout cookies? Just make sure you throw away the key on this bitch

  40. I sent this is idiot a message and reported casey. Gun crazed idiot racists are all that they are. She shut her fb down after i sent that message i hope both of them get in some serious trouble.

  41. The real Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America should sue for copyright infringement. The white trash are obviously trying to get the traffic from the legitimate group to troll & antagonize real victims & advocates of gun violence. I believe these slobs will get a visit from the FBI. Can’t threaten to kill the President for being black. That’s what it boils down to for the militia/tea baggers.

  42. They are cowards who put their own children in danger. They use their children as human shields. Cliven Bundy’s son had his children sitting in front & back of him on an ATV so he wouldn’t get shot by BLM while illegally driving & trampling on sacred Indian grounds. The “militia” admit they use wives & children as shields. What kind of mother would allow her kids to become targets? MWGDA would, while letting their husbands put them in the line of gunfire. Family comes first right? Bunch of shit for brains have no loyalty or ethics.

  43. Have to call out the guy who responded to her post by calling her a “gun toting christian WHORE (sic)”. Same old sexism, emphasizing her sex and then using whore to imply she has stepped out of her appropriate female place. Stick to the issues and facts and leave out the cheap sexist attacks.

  44. I am getting VERY tired of females like this, idiotic “self-glorifying-because-I-reproduced” nitwit. First of all, just because she chose to reproduce does not make her special. I am tired of egg donors like her acting as if they deserve a fucking medal just because she pumped out some children. People have been doing this for a millennia, so it doesn’t make her special. Secondly, a parent (and I use that word lightly) that totes a gun and then PUBLICLY BRAGS about it, makes me start to question her parenting skills. Thirdly, when she talks openly and publicly on a SOCIAL MEDIA site about killing people then I am led to conclude that she does NOT possess the intellectual, moral, or mental capacity to properly and safely own a lethal weapon. Much less care and raise another human being. So lastly, I will close my rant with stating that females like these should be termed as such. They are NOT women. They are definitely not ladies in any sense of the word. Nor are they MOTHERS. They…..

  45. She should be very careful. Some of us may want her disposed of like any other felon, and her gene pool chlorinated.

  46. Having lived through one assassination and at least two other attempts and probably several others that we don’t even know about, I, for one, would not like to see that happen again to our country. It was the worst of times when the President was killed. The idea of it happening again, no matter how bad you may think your President does his job, is not something you really want to see happening again. Voting them out is the answer but never killing or the threat thereof.

  47. Threatening the President or any government official is like yelling fire in a crowed movie theatre. It’s against the law and has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Two points, one: Facebook should never allowed it in the first place and two: Contact her ASAP and require her to have a mental evaluation.

  48. They make fun of how silly Emo kids look or kids with their pants sagging over their boxer shorts. They make fun of how silly kids with downs syndrome look, kids with bad teeth etc. I don’t wear a speedo anymore after I gained weight because it looks silly. If they only knew how dang silly they look with those assault weapons strapped arond their neck they would stop. But these morons don’t feel emotions like shame or empathy, they only feel the hatred for the black dude in their “white” house and hatred for anything not white and fundagelical Christian, or what they consider Christian. If they only realized the harm they are doing to their progeny. Maybe they do, but, like everything else, just don’t give a damn.

  49. A purchase from a licensed gun dealer requires a gun dealer to do checks, or at least have the buyer sign an affidavit certifying their background. I had to do that when I purchased my AR-15. At the moment there are lots of places in the country especially at gun shows where no checks at all are required. Not long ago, and undercover journalist went to a gun show, laughed about a so-called “criminal record” with the seller, and was able to purchase a fire-arm.

    That this person could get away with a veiled threat at assassinating the President is ridiculous. People have been investigated for less; Ted Nugent for example.

    Whether or not I agree with Obama, wishing for or threatening assassination is beyond the pale and only serves to further isolate gun enthusiasts from the general public and convince the general public that more and more restrictions are required.

  50. These so called “Merikans” always wanting to kill somebody.
    Abortion rights activists get to scream at girls trying to rid themselves of a life changing mistake, they get so riled up ,Bill O’Rieley calling “Dr.Tiller the baby Killer” well he gets shot at church, Sarah Palin Riles the dumbass base in 2008,”don’t retreat, reload” well Gabby Gifford and a dozen others will never be the same, thanks tea party (but that’s all you got ,white trash base).
    this whistle dick in Mississippi, lost the Primary, but refuses to go away. Kinda reminds me of Abdullah Abdullah in Afghanistan.
    there’s more but you get the point,….. just saying, these guys ,none of ’em, are worthy of even serious dialogue , they’re idiots ,to be dismissed with the wave of a hand, go away… your embarrassing America.

  51. Her twitter is blowing up, go add to the list of people telling her what you think of her scum life and her violent agenda.

  52. Racism, hatred and bigotry has turned this nation backwards to the 1800’s. Those who were the products of their racist ancestors have risen their ugly heads and have turned this country into an environment filled with domestic terrorism. They’re more dangerous than Al Qaeda ever was. More deaths have taken place at the hands of willing, ill, accidental and dangerous gun enthusiasts than what took place on 9/11. Innocents are being shot down on a regular basis. Cowards in Congress from the Republican Party and Right Wing extremists have been bought and paid for. They’re traitors, not patriots. They’re greedy, brainwashed and dangerous! 2014 and 2016 is probably our last voting opportunity to stop this before we become a third world country run by a few evil, greedy billionaires and right wing extremists nut jobs! And they’re worried our nation’s safety from our borders? How about our safety from inside our borders? Who will protect us from our so called fellow Americans?

  53. Yes, I totally agree with you and it may even be in place as we speak! God forbid if anything happens to this President.. and be it, the first BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States of American, there will be civil war and those ignorant folks who spew this nonsense will be brought down like nothing never seen on this planet before! It is against the law to threaten the POTUS and this man has endured what no other POTUS has in this country’s history! It’s out front and it seems they will say what they will because they are ignorant, blatant racist, nothing but bigots who does not even realize, this POTUS is trying to help their dumb asses. Most of these people live below the poverty line and are biting their noses to spite their faces… to make it even uglier than it already is! I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO MY PRESIDENT AND THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES! FBI, SECRET SERVICE AND ALL THE OTHER AGENCIES NEED TO SPEAK OUT ON THIS AND MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULES!~

  54. Excellent idea. I am sure the feds have the names of all the Bundy wackos. How about implementing a “special” draft for these guys that are so at the ready to stand-up and fight for what they believe is right. They could be on the front lines fulfilling their manifest destinies as patriotic Americans. These good ‘ol boys wouldn’t last an hour in a real combat situation before crying, “mama!”

  55. forget Islamic terrorists, the most deadly threat are white far right domestic terrorists which include: gun rights psychos like nutjob perkins, white supremacists and religious rights fantatics!

  56. Hey, not all of us in Texas are tea baggers OR Republicans. We are working hard to turn our state back to blue, so please don’t penalize us along with the idiots.

  57. On July 19, 2011, the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of Walter Bagdasarian for making online threats against Obama. The court found that his speech urging Obama’s assassination (“Re: Obama fk the niggar, he will have a 50 cal in the head soon” and “shoot the nig country fkd for another 4 years+, what nig has done ANYTHING right???? long term???? never in history, except sambos”) was protected by the First Amendment.

    If this lunatic was not incarcerated, my guess is that the crazy lady from Texas will ultimately prevail, but hopefully not before dragging her flabby fat ass through the legal system for a few years.

    Accountability is a bitch!

  58. She is guilty of encouraging the assassination of an American President; given our history with such assassinations, such talk is dangerous and has no place in our political discourse.

    She says he is guilty of treason, however she is NOT judge, jury, and executioner. Plus, she doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “treason” because if she did, she would know it’s not a charge that can be hurled at THIS President.

    She is an atrocious example to her children. We do not express our political displeasure by advocating the assassination of our leaders. We are supposed to be a civilized society and in this particular society, we have elections. The PEOPLE have spoken about this particular president – TWICE.

    It’s very easy to point fingers at the President from afar; it’s quite another to pluck up the courage to put your own self in the hot seat. I see that’s something she is finding out the hard way now.

  59. People who threaten to kill the President need to be arrested and thrown in jail. Hey, we still have Guantanamo – plant her butt in there!

  60. she doesn’t care for Obama. that’s okay. she was making a joke. that’s okay too. she didn’t say ” I’m gonna kill him.” ” I want him dead”. it was just a joke. we still have some freedom of speech.

  61. Hmmm…Can we lobby the Girl Scouts to disassociate with her?? i would imagine they dont want that kind of bad press…

  62. Brent, please don’t force us to secede. You’d just be giving our resident nut-jobs what they want, and sentencing the rest of us to have to live in a state that gets invaded by another country once a month. We’d have to depend on our “responsible” gun owners for protection, and you can see for yourself how disastrous that would be. Of course, these same people will be the first to call a cop or cry like little girls when someone breaks into their house or one of their kids gets killed at school by a psycho with a gun. They just can’t see or hear themselves. Some of us have made it our mission to hold a great big ‘ol full-length mirror up in front of their faces. It’s a slow, painful process but it’s working, little by little. Wish us luck, but don’t make us subject to wahoo-bubba laws and a wild west style of government. Thank you.

  63. She left up the “Moms With Guns Demand Action” site though… she is founder and saleswoman of trinkets with her groups mottos etc. and a lovely picture of a child shooting a gun – with her mother smiling.. Such a classy organization.

  64. I don’t know what a visit from the Secret Service involves. Maybe they just think showing up will scare this dimwit. Maybe they just think she’s an ignorant blowhard who is actually no threat. I just don’t know. Personally, I think she should be seriously investigated and the fear of imprisonment put into her peabrain. I think any threat against the life of the President of the United States should be met with serious review and a permanent record. She has the means, she has the dumb as a rock mentality like all conspirators, and she made a public statement favoring assassinating the President. At the very least, her ability to own a gun should be removed.

  65. Kathy Perkins is another sick person who worships guns. Fortunately she’s a minority but should be taken seriously and visited by Federal agencies before someone acts.

  66. Home schooling is not bad. There are bad parents trying to home school their children though. In this case, I have to agree with your assessment of her children’s prospects.

    Fortunately, the majority of home schooled children I have met have been intelligent, active, and responsible ones. Probably just like their parents.

  67. She should be arrested and charged appropriately. It is against the law to threaten the life of the President or Congress, etc. These threats to the President are getting out of hand, and arrests should be made. Gitmo is a good place to send them. To allow this threat to spread so openly is unbelievably stupid.


  68. I am Canadian and I just do not understand, how a great nation, can just allow this terrible, horrible rhetoric which is mouthed by these people. Yes, freedom of speech, but to allow people to actually promote such hatred and to call for the assassination of the President is remarkable, and then have someone say contact me. Wow, The USA have gone off the rails. I believe Obama, and this is my opinion had he been white,it would have been an easier Presidency but, the Republicans are still as racist as ever and will not be easy on a woman or a black person unless they are republican. Gee, it is so sad that the USA has lost it’s great nation status, because of the idiotic ideals (sic) of the republicans. I only hope that saner minds will prevail, that there is someone with enough guts to say enough is enough and bring the USA back to prominence in a good way, Obama could have done it, but the OBSTRUCTIONIST REPUBLICANS, will do their best to make sure he fails. SAD, SAD, SAD…

  69. No John B, We Liberals don’t think that way… Those thoughts are persistent with the Right-Wing wackos of your party. The in-breds with societal problems. Who hate everybody and carry guns to feel comfortable in their sick world.

  70. Mr P-51, could you take the ‘ out of your name? I am trying to figure out why you have to be moderated each time and you certainly shouldnt be

  71. SHIVA, Thanks for your observation. The ‘ after the name is just to show “possessive” personal noun. As in owner of the P-51 Mustang plane that’s just flying by with comments :)
    About the moderation. Do you notice that my comments have to pass the censors (Moderators) each and everytime I post? I thought that ALL the posts have to be moderated first before publishing. I was a common rule at the Huffington Post. so I thought it was just a rule. But hmmmmm, I wonder why me? Do you see it for anybody else?

  72. Yes I see that, thats why I am asking you to take the ‘ off the name to see if thats the reason you are in moderation

  73. Defender of sexual, physical and child abuse? I suppose a child should kill the abuser. Physical abuse unless you carry that gun 24/7 your abuser will find a way to beat you up..getting out of shower, etc. sexual abuse…it can happen so fast you don’t have time to draw, especially if you are pinned down, attacked from the back, when over maybe, on all accounts, but if abuser carries also, you best make your first shot count. Does she know how many abuse victims or innocent people in a house get shot or killed because a gun is in the house, over a stupid argument or disagreement? Call a domestic violence sexual assault agency or talk to a victim of or all and you will get some idea. Am victim of all above and a crisis line volunteer. The stats are staggering.
    As for her so called apology which is no apology, just shows how out there in her views she is. No President, no matter how you feel about them should be killed. No person period. That is not the Christian way.

  74. I don’t know James. The ones I have met, are very afraid to disagree with the parents, all seem very uninformed about many things, and all seem to be followers to the letter. Very small child like. Something about them gave me a very uneasy feeling. The girls seemed to be so easily led, that I could see a man, any man lead them to where he wanted. In fact, I heard one very religious young man say, he wanted to marry a very young girl so he, could train her, as he saw fit. For me, it
    was a very creepy feeling.

  75. Question Billy–would you want to depend on any one of these, TO HELP YOU IN A FIGHT? What Man OR Women who is in the military would want someone like that be their partner in a battle field situation? Not me! Not anyone in my family that was ever in the service.

  76. John, I have read your comment at least three times, each has left me with this on my mind.
    I don’t remember any one screaming for Bush’s assignation, or even his impeachment, I do remember people turning their backs as he rode by tho. even that was stopped when decent was regulated to the by ways of Washington.

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