Top House Republican Admits That There Are No Grounds To Impeach President Obama


The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee admitted today that Republicans have no grounds for articles of impeachment against President Obama.



STEPHANOPOULOS: One of the other things you see coming out of this are more and more calls for the president to be impeached, Sarah Palin most prominently this week. Any articles of impeachment would be drawn up by your committee. Is this something you’re considering? Or do you agree with Speaker Boehner who says it’s off the table?

GOODLATTE: We are not working on or drawing up articles of impeachment. The Constitution is very clear as to what constitutes grounds for impeachment of the president of the United States. He has not committed the kind of criminal acts that call for that.

On the other hand, we do believe that the president is not enforcing the law. And there’s a wide array of issues, not just immigration, where we believe that. And that’s why the speaker, and many of us in the Congress, are getting ready to take legal action to stand up for the people’s right, for their elected representatives to be the part of our government that passes laws, not a president with his pen and his cell phone.

There has been a story floating around for the last few days that Speaker Boehner is pursuing a lawsuit against President Obama in order to silence the calls among Republicans for articles of impeachment against President Obama. If Boehner was trying to take impeachment off the table with this lawsuit, he is failing miserably. The lawsuit is whetting the appetite among the Republican rank and file for impeachment. It is almost as if they expect impeachment if Republicans win back control of the Senate.

Goodlatte is correct. Republicans don’t have any grounds for impeachment articles against President Obama. It is rare that a top Republican publicly states that President Obama is not committing a crime.

Rep. Goodlatte may have hurt the Republican case against Obama with his statements because the Boehner lawsuit sounds more and more like the kind of legislative versus executive branch turf war that the courts have historically been reluctant to get involved in.

Republicans have been calling for this president to be impeached for things that George W. Bush did. Currently, some Republicans want to impeach Obama for Bush’s immigration policy. It never stops, but the Boehner lawsuit has thrown gasoline on the fire. Instead of calming the impeachment talk, House Republicans have made things exponentially worse with their lawsuit scheme.

Veteran congressional Republicans understand what impeaching Bill Clinton did to their approval ratings. That’s why they are trying to steer the base away from impeaching President Obama. However, the lawsuit could backfire on the House Republicans. Instead of firing up Republican voters for November, a refusal to impeach might cause them to stay home. Republican voters have been told for years that Obama needs to be removed from office, so they aren’t going to be happy when their elected members of congress refuse to follow through.

Top House Republicans have painted themselves into a corner, and they are being forced to admit that they don’t really want to impeach Obama. The lawsuit still sets up a path to impeachment, but it is clear that the House Republican leadership is losing their nerve and they apparently don’t want to go down that road.

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  1. What the Congressman SHOULD have said:

    ” We got nothing so we’re going the lawsuit route, even though we know it’s BS but we gotta do something to keep the lunatic fringe( the ENTIRE Republican Party) of happy.

  2. Of course they’ve got nothing. In fact, this is something known as projectional hypocrisy. You see, every GOP politician in this country (yes, ALL OF THEM) is guilty of either Insurrection or Sedition, with many of them being guilty of multiple violations of both….
    If we had a Justice Department with a spine and balls, all of these insurrections/seditionists would be in prison right now. serving long sentences

  3. Apparently Steve Doofus has never heard of a “unisex” restroom before.
    That’s the thing about FOX News — they are not satisfied with merely REPORTING news events of the day, rather they feel compelled to CREATE news stories … even when there is no THERE there.

  4. Ignore above.

    What about the fact that he’s a foreign-born Communist bent on destroying American society as we know it and creating a new world order?

    Palin said that Obama can be and should be impeached, and the fine journalists at World Net Daily concurred, so it must be true.

  5. I agree 110%. As well, if the President did half of what the deranged GOP is doing, or if Dems did it, it would be a totally different response.

  6. Its not a “a refusal to impeach” its an “a inability to impeach”

    Boehner has screwed himself and so have the republicans. Electing people who have no idea what the constitution says, means or anything else. They enter office thinking they have the power of Skelator and they have nothing

  7. The Republicans still can’t get over President Obama being voted in 2X with over 5 million votes for president. Republicans have voted to repeal ACA over 50X … and now they want to either sue or impeach him over ACA. President Obama WON … so when can we finally get down to business? President Obama is the only sane person in the room that is trying to do something for all Americans … with grace.

    Republicans, on the other hand, have wasted billions. Let me count the ways: government shutdown (taxpayer funded), IRS witchhunt (taxpayer funded), Benghazi witchhunt (taxpayer funded) and this lawsuit (taxpayer funded whether we like it or not), batting ZERO on unemployment ins, SNAP, education, JOBS, infrastructure funding. The only thing they came up with this month is to make permanent $360 BILLION in tax cuts for corporations – which taxpayers fund. Republicans in the House should be sued and impeached!

  8. Andrew,

    This is something that people misunderstand constantly. It is not spine or balls preventing the Justice Department from doing anything. It is the courts’ interpretation of Article 1 Sec. 6 of the Constitution. Via: The Legal Dictionary (, “Article I, Section 6, Clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution states in part,

    for any Speech or Debate in either House, [senators and representatives] shall not be questioned in any other place.

    The purpose of the clause is to prevent the arrest and prosecution of unpopular legislators based on their political views.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has gradually defined and redefined the Speech or Debate Clause in several cases over the years. The first case concerning the Speech and Debate Clause was Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. (13 Otto) 168, 26 L. Ed. 377 (1880). The Court has interpreted the Speech or Debate Clause to mean that members of Congress and their aides are immune from prosecution for their “legislative acts.” This does not mean that members of Congress and their aides may not be prosecuted. Rather, evidence of legislative acts may not be used in a prosecution against a member of Congress or a congressional aide.”

    The problem is the broadened definition of a legislative act. The Justice Department would have to be able to prosecute a member of congress for committing sedition while not in the process of committing a legislative act.

    Since members of Congress consider what they do back home in their districts as part of their jobs. Theoretically, as long as what they are saying is something that is involved with, or a part of the legislative process, they can’t be prosecuted.

  9. Except they have no dog and they have no pony. While claiming they have a pit bull and a Clydesdale.

  10. The problem is the Republican base they are trying to appeal to is a tiny, noisy bunch of fanatics who stir things up on a regular basis. They are afraid of what that tiny group is capable of, so congress critters chicken out of standing up to them.

  11. The people og this country should rise up against Gop and show them, they better stop wasting the peoples money. We can no longer afford their stupidity and old time ways.

  12. So far, the only real fault I can find with President Obama is that HE DID NOT PROSECUTE BUSH & CHENEY for war crimes & torture & the illegal, unfunded wars. Had he done that, this “Republican problem” wouldn’t be so seriously rearing its ugly head. They have been empowered by people who didn’t vote in 2010 because they were disappointed Obama didn’t deal with the corrupt Bush administration AND the Banks & Wall St. who stole from everybody but the rich.

  13. Barack Obama would be impeached for exactly the same felonies that got President Nixon in trouble. It’s always the “conspiracy” to coverup “LYING” to avoid telling the truth to wit using the IRS and other agencies to punish political opponents its abuse of power
    The GOP is afraid and as usual when you have no courage the bully senses your fesr and beats you up even worse
    The GOP are Eunuchs.

  14. LOL, no, Nixon committed crimes. Obama has done nothing against the constitution, nor committed any crimes

  15. @Labman57 – apparently people don’t recognize sarcasm when the read it. Ah, you were being sarcastic, right?

  16. You are so right! Do not understand why the GOP leadership lacks such backbones. They are driving us more moderates (used to be called center right and now called liberals) out of the GOP in favor of the hard right who are not the most reliable voters. As I told my Congressman on 1 Sep 2014, first day I can reregister as a Democrat, that is exactly what I am doing. I won’t remain in a party that waste our tax dollars on a lawsuit aimed to please the hard right nutcase base. GOP can shove it my book and they only have themselves to blame for putting the hard right over people with common sense especially women. Wish the whole GOP nothing but loses on Nov 4, 2014.

  17. You God Damn right we have a reason to impeach this Socialist Bastard.
    ! The Stock Market passed 17000. When he took office it was 6500. Impeach!
    2 Two wars on a credit card, 4.6trillion debt. Damn right. Now they are over. Impeach!
    3 Haeathcare that is “Working” believe it or not. It is. I am living proof of it. Yep. Impeach the socialist Bastard. If President Obama were such a “Socialist Bastard” then why is the Dow at 17,000 and climbing?

  18. We all need to remember all of this and get out to vote “BLUE”. Vote all of the gop out ! We have the power to do that ! Make sure to get everyone that you know out to vote. That is how we voice our distrust and disappointment in the tea party .

  19. Real scandals of the right
    Iran-Contra guns for oil
    Savings & loan collapse
    2001 sleeping on the job
    Financial Depression/Recession
    Housing Bubble
    And who do you think actually sold the WMD’s to Iraq.. The one’s used against Iran and the Kurds
    And Who hosted the Taliban in Texas

  20. I notice how everyone tiptoes around the real reason the GOP behaves the way it does. No mention here of how with every passing day the Republicans are giving our country away to the corporations. They are literally assisting them in a government takeover which will finally be accomplished if President Obama signs the TPP. But first the Congress has to approve a Fast Track version which, no doubt, will only show the positives of the proposed trade agreement. Even though it is well-known that there have been leaks about the Trans-Pacific Project’s negative aspects, like the abolishing of unions and the Child Labor Law, making every state a Right to Work state, no minimum wage, no weekends or holidays, no overtime pay, cutting of funds for education (your child will be working with you in their factories), twelve nations involved, all of whom will be allowed to change another of the member nation’s laws if those laws don’t work for them.
    And there’s more, but I’m sure you get the…..

  21. We know that, and in my opinion if that passes it will kill any history that Obama will have in the future. He will simply be known as the guy who passed the TPP, and his name will be scratched off all the buildings books and librarys

  22. Sharon, I went through the same thing. The GOP has gone so far off the reservation, they made it easy for me to switch. I made the leap back in 2008 after Sarah Palin was to be VP. You watch one interview with her and that’s enough of the “party of stupid” for me. Tired of having to defend things that I don’t believe in just to tow the party line. I believe in science and God, I believe in a womans right to decide what happens to her body, I believe in education, I believe in regulations and governance for all as without rules we are bound to fail. I think we ALL should be involved in our government, not less but much, much more involved. We should do away with Congress and let American’s decide. Could you imagine if they actually used popular vote on things like gun control, and immigration? I think the majority of Americans are quite smart, and we could provide and agree on how to move forward with common sense proposals.

  23. @John Boner…UNEMPLOYMENT IS DOWN, PEOPLE are working.IMPEACH, IMPEACH the Socialist Bastid for getting America and Americans back on track. How dare this Kenyan, Communist N**g*er turn the Country around for the better.

  24. You link explains impeachment, it gives no reasons why unless they are religuous. Religious moods are meaningless to the law. There are no articles of impeachment and any lawyer knows that. But thanks for the propaganda site

    And thats all the reasons at the bottom of the page are. Propaganda

  25. Republicans are feckless and leaderless. Best thing for thinking moderate people is to let idiots like Perry Cruz Paul Goemert have as much mike time as possible. Voters will then realize how unqualified they are to hold any office.

  26. Why do these “journalist” twits not just shut down the BS arguments, using FACTS ? ?
    Is it because they are unprepared and haven’t done their homework ?
    Instead of allowing this motormouth Congressman to continue his rant, why not confront him with the REAL numbers, which clearly show that Pres Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any other President before him ? ?
    He has especially deported more of those who have committed criminal acts, completely contrary to what this dishonest Congressman is telling us.

  27. Well, then of course St. Ronnie also granted amnesty to over 3 MILLIOM illegal aliens ! !
    Has Pres Obama done THAT ? ?

  28. AMEN. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice & Libby should all be lifers in prison. They got away with murder 4500X’s.

  29. If liberal policies work so well, what the hell happened to Detroit? What I find weird is rather a Republican or Democrat, the majority of people like to make money, so why would you be for a party that is for raising taxes at such an alarming rate due to the overabundance of handouts given among other things?

  30. You are right about the handouts increasing my taxes, and I am truly angry about that. Why should those rich corporate moguls and the corporations they run pay a smaller percentage than the working people of the middle class? Even the base rate is lower, and then all the loopholes and off-shore shelters make it worse. The Bush tax-cut for the rich has made the already disproportionate share for the middle class to pay even worse. That’s the handout that should be ended, not the assistance for those with the hardest life situations.

  31. Notice that he waited until AFTER his primary was over to say that there were no grounds for impeachment… If he had said this 3 months ago… the TEA Party would have primaried him from the right… as a punishment for not drafting articles of impeachment for “Presidenting while Black/Kenyan/Muslim/Communist/Socialist/Fascist/ImmigrantLoving”… or whatever they could squeeze out of their feeble brains…

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