More Bad News For GOP: Gov. John Kasich Is Tied With Democratic Challenger In Ohio

OhioCares Kasich

A new PPP poll confirms that the race for governor in Ohio is a dead heat. Republican Gov. John Kasich leads Democrat Ed FitzGerald by a single point 45%-44%.

The PPP poll shows why Ohio is so close. Kasich has a four point lead with men (46%-42%) but trails with women (44%-45). The contest in the Buckeye State looks like a microcosm of the presidential election. Kasich has big leads with white voters (50%-38%), and voters over age 65 (60%-32%). FitzGerald leads with African-Americans (77%-14%), and younger voters (55%-17%).

Ohio’s next governor will likely be determined by who turns out to vote. If the electorate looks a little more like the one that voted for President Obama twice, Kasich will lose. If the electorate looks the same one that elected the governor in 2010, he will win a second term.

Republicans are holding their 2016 convention in Cleveland because they are still “clinging” to the hope that they can flip Ohio, but these polling numbers suggest that it may be a lost cause. Ohio’s voting pattern looks an awful lot like a blue state.

With Tom Corbett, Rick Snyder, Sam Brownback, and Rick Scott all on the ropes, Kasich was widely thought to be one of the safe Republican governors in 2014, but this may turn out not to be true. Kasich seemed to right the ship after suffering a humiliating defeat when he tried to bust Ohio’s public sector unions via SB 5, but voters haven’t forgotten.

If Kasich goes down in November, it will be more proof that the Republican attempts to turn Ohio red in 2016 could be a lost cause.

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  1. I fervently hope that Republicans efforts to turn any places red meet with disaster.

    I think they have done the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish in the last several years.

    Instead of making Democrats and the President look bad, they have made their party into the anti-everything truly American party.

    Until Republicans are tamed at the ballot box, we will have little to no progress in this country.

  2. I hope Kasich loses. He’s another model ALEC Republican governor. That is, he works only for his wealthy benefactors, skewing all the laws to favour them and not the 99% of the people victimized by those laws.

    He’s been remarkably tin-eared when it comes to listening to Ohioans who want more than just chicken feed paying jobs, rights to collective bargaining and who want less government intrusion into their reproductive choices.

  3. Like most people, we Ohioans can be accused of political amnesia. But we can’t continue to get it.
    Republican governors must go.

    Kasich roared into the governorship as a complete wing-nut. He insulted law enforcement because he got a speeding ticket and tried to destroy the unions. He got smacked hard by us and took the medicaid expansion because he was running for re-election and wanted to throw a bone. Of course he continued to watch–smirking —as voting rights got whittled away in the state, women’s reproductive rights went down in flames. Its becoming a republican wonderland in the state.

    Time for a change.

  4. He has been remarkably quiet for quite some time now. His last huge headline was caving on the APA expansion of Medicaid, which earned the predictable howls of poutrage from the fascist contingent. I’m guessing THAT’S why he’s polling as well as he is.

  5. What killed Kasich is that he was late to one of his first press conferences after being elected, he got pulled over and lambasted the police force, calling them idiots then coming out with SB5. He kills state job bills by letting the Koch Bros money do it’s bidding. Honestly believe he became governor because he ran for president.

  6. Note that among young voters, the GOP candidate trails 55%-17%…This IS the future of the GOP…dead and too stupid to lay down.

  7. This time it might be a lot different than 2010 people don’t hate the president as much as they thought did and was led to believe. Those teaparty governors do have a lot to fear because all of them screwed up big time by getting elected to office and right away start taking rights away from people and from the very ones who got them elected not by the ones who stayed home. Those who will be the ones will be punishing them the ones who elected them. The ones who stayed home the lasted time will realize what a mistake that was and will be out in full force because the cheerleader with the president and Nina Turner out there to remind. Plus when you start messing with people voting rights and then the healthcare you have awaken a sleeping giant. Now it is ss medicare,medicaid,ACA voting rights and women rights civil rights, workers rights, minium wages the teaparty sure have a big headache.

  8. Obama is falling in the polls, Americans have lost confidence in his leadership and regret giving him another term. I am one of those voters. Watching his display od incompetence at the border, I am pretty sure the dems will lose the senate and lost more seats in the house. Obama has damaged the party in so many ways. With holder out there playing the race card, it will only get worse.

  9. So… because you’re an uninformed disappointed Obama voter (or more likely a troll), everyone else is too?

    I love it when people talk with authority about what everyone else thinks.

    You’re pathological.

  10. Wow, lots of right wing talking points here in your post. Makes me doubt that you voted for him at any time. Just doesn’t make sense. Too much of a 180 degree turn.

  11. Also, doubling the number of border officers isn’t enough? Then talk to Boehner and tell him to stop blocking the immigration reform passed by the Senate and appropriate the funds needed to improve border security.

    Only a troll or an idiot is blaming the President for the border situation.

  12. @Fish stick…a troll pretending he/she voted for PO. Take your crap and shove it. He’s the best thing to have happened to the Democratic Party and the Country. Get off your ass and do some research on his accomplishments. He was correct to stay away from the Border thus denying the useless R’thugs/Teabaggies talking propaganda points.

  13. FitzGerald’s hardly known outside of Cuyahoga county, where he was chief exec. Cleveland doesn’t influence the state like Detroit in MI or the Twins in MN.
    I can’t figure this poll. I think it’s an aberration.
    And I’m a D.

  14. Mr.ed….Mr. FitzGerald’s fb page shows that he is constantly travelling across the state. Perhaps his outreach is effective?

  15. This is going to be met with panic in conservative land because Kasich was one of the 2010 governors who was supposed to win easily. If other supposed “safe GOP governors” start to see their lead in the polls depreciate(Walker, Snyder, Brownback)conservative PAC and donor funds will forced to be thinned out. Which could take precious GOP funds out of other close congressional races all over the map. Democrats need to MOBOLIZE NOW!

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