MSNBC’s Republican Loving Morning Joe and Chuck Todd Are Losing To The Weather Channel


Things got so bad for MSNBC’s conservative-leaning shows Morning Joe and The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd that they lost with younger viewers to The Weather Channel last month.

According to TVNewser, “While the show got off to a slow start in March, “AMHQ” has been seeing some bright spots. For the month of June, “AMHQ” topped the 7am-10am hours on MSNBC in the A25-54 demo by +3%. On July 4, “AMHQ” averaged 173,000 total viewers, outranking MSNBC, CNN and HLN.”

Let’s toss out the bad ratings for MSNBC on July 4th, because regular hosts are on vacation and it is significant weather day as most people are outdoors for cookouts and fireworks. It is telling that two hours of Morning Joe and one hour of Chuck Todd’s The Daily Rundown were beaten by the weather in the month of June. It wasn’t the middle of hurricane season so extreme weather events were not dominating the news. The other essential point is that MSNBC didn’t lose to The Weather Channel with older viewers. They lost with people age 25-54. This is the demographic that the Lean Forward network is targeting.

The problem at MSNBC remains that the people running the network continue to give the viewers what they don’t want. MSNBC viewers don’t want to hear three hours of inside the Beltway talk led by a host who sings the praises of the Republican Party. Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show is more balanced than Scarborough’s, but still features so much Beltway conventional wisdom that is so out of step with the rest of the country that it is easy to see why Todd is not popular with the MSNBC faithful.

MSNBC incorrectly believed that by getting younger hosts they could attract younger viewers. This has not happened. Most of the worst performing shows on MSNBC (Ronan Farrow to name one) are fronted by the younger hosts.

MSNBC loves Joe and Mika. They will never make a change to their morning show unless they are forced to. The network adores them, because they are a mostly steady second-place finisher behind Fox and Friends in the ratings. MSNBC isn’t listening to what their viewers want, but things have reached a whole new level of bad when the network’s centerpiece morning show is losing to The Weather Channel.

MSNBC is capable of doing much better, but it won’t until those who are calling the shots start giving viewers what they really want.

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  1. Because the Weatherchannel is MORE Relevant
    than Joke Scarborough and F&ck Todd.

    What’s your next Question ?

  2. Scarborough is the reason I won’t watch MSNBC in the morning. I watch Stephanie Miller instead. I never watch Todd. He is an idiot and is still mad he wasn’t made the president’s press secretary. As if, Todd, as if.

  3. On the plus side, Comcast/NBC Universal owns both cable networks. I used to watch Morning Joe and The Daily Run Down but stopped watching about a year ago in favor of the more hip Today Show on NBC.

  4. The concept isn’t the problem. It’s Joe, who has a destroyed credibility. At least Mika shows courtesy to those speaking. Perhaps less interruptions, more allowing the guest to share would be an improvement. I also feel that Joe doesn’t realize that his audience is more liberal than Fox, and if that’s what he’s going to push his views down our throats, CNN may soon take his audiance.
    Chuck Todd, I’ve lost all respect, he started out as numbers guy, but he became a little crass in his attitudes.

  5. Kathi – where can I watch Stephanie, I have Dish TV and cannot seem to find her?

    I stopped watching Morning Joke ages ago and now watch BBC or Al Jazeera.

  6. Why doesn’t NBC take David Gregory off put on Joe and Mika Sunday morning and put a good morning show on on MSNBC in place of the joke Joe and bobblehead Todd?¿??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Joe and Toad are horrendous. Chris Matthews is way too old and does not come across as a Democrat at all.

    The younger hosts NEED to be on at different hours. Most people work all day and are not at home watching teevee.

    I turn on MSNBC at 5:30 in the morning. By 5:35 I’m sick of Joe, his arrogance, pajama wearing ugly outfits, not being in the office while pontificating on everyone else and hosting NOTHING BUT REPIGS and everything President Obama does is horrible.

    Yep, that takes all of 5 minutes. I turn it back on when Lawrence comes on and watch Maddow and Chris while in bed after Lawrence.

    I’m 60 and work in a law office – 8:30-5:00 like millions of others in America.

    Waking up to hate is no fun – I might as well turn on the Three Stooges at Faux Noise.

  8. I was a faithful viewer of MJoe for years but now “Boring” and Joe is a waste. Too condesending to Mica and that’s putting it mild.Joe is so pompous that no one can get a word in.He is incapable of having a conversation which might include anothers opinion.Stay home Joe,let Mica take over for awhile.Todd can stay home with you.

  9. 9415 on Dish. Bill press on before Stephanie and Thom Hartmann follows her. I can’t stomach daytime MSNBC until Ed Schultz comes on. Before them they ask all dayOn Msnbc how can the republicans improve their popularity and win in 2014.

    Blah blah republicans good democratic party win and can’t win in November.

  10. I told you so now for over a year either be a solid PROGRESSIVE STATION or lose younger people .msnbc and nbc suckheres the problem David Gregory, JOE SCARBOROUGH, Chuck Todd, ANDREA MITCHELL, Ronan Farrow,wake up

  11. I can’t stand Morning Joe with Mika! I only turn Ed Shultz, Rev., and all evening starting with Chris Hayes. Don’t like Chris Matthews anymore either/ to critical of our Pres. And doesn’t call out the GOP & tea party.

  12. I have watched morning joe until i get sick at the stomach, i only watch now to see joe belittle mika and her famous phrase. “This scares me”, have no idea what her party of politics are, sometimes she replies as a democrat until joe jumps down her throat. And now every morning, everything is Obama’s fault! Obama has done everything wrong…..REALLY!!!!! I cut them off now and because of them i only watch chris matthews, rachel maddow and Lawrence ODonnell. that’s all.
    joe makes me sick and only reminds me of the republicans and how racist they actually are. I wish MSNBC would remove them before it’s too late. Because people who make good common sense are not on morning joe at all. He even told the one black journalist that he was wrong in his opinion. REALLY?! Joe go home and stay home.

  13. Most younger conservatives are busy working and can’t watch , and the young liberals don’t really care about anything but their image so no need to watch real news.

  14. Morning joe as well as other (so called)cable news shows are not news shows. They’re opinion shows. Cable news are no longer built to inform but to express their opinions.

  15. I can’t stand Joe….he’s absolutely crazy! I do like Micah,but quit watching! David Gregory is another one I can’t stand…all he does is put Democrats on the spot, if I wanted to watch all this unfair crap I’d watch Fox!!

  16. MSNBC is the only valid progressive channel on cable. Why do we have an angry moderate conservative for the morning show? Oh and as far as Mika goes, Joe just tramples all over her, steps on her commentary while she whines and looks defeated. Even Rachel Maddow’s commentary seems choked down to the Mundane and invalid. FAUX NEWS runs their drivel all weekend 24/7. MSNBC plays PRISON VIDEOS? Do they think this is of interests to progressives? BORING!! WHO REALLY WATCHES THIS STUFF? EX CONS who are HOME SICK?

    WAKE UP MSNBC.. Joe Is a NO GO!

  17. Turned off the television years ago. Haven’t missed it. And sounds like I’m not missing anything either.

  18. it’s too bad people have to be told what to think instead of thinking about what their actions and statements say about them. Liberal…O.K. Conservative..O.K. prove it.

  19. I’m an American who is simply concerned that the well being of the Ticks in D.C and scattered around the rest of the country is more important to them than the well being of the people of America off who’s blood they feed. It’s a shame so many people are so intensely eager to be divided in a country who’s strength comes from unity

  20. Tell you what James. Your pathetic attempt at condescension lets me know that you have absolutely no idea what “real news” is.

  21. I believe it was last week, that I was noticing one morning that I was really enjoying the Morning Joe show and then realized it was because Joe and Mika were not there!

  22. I can’t stand joe anymore. I don’t like how meka. Says. (take joe). Then he bashes obama for the next 3 hrs. I think he should be on fox. Then they use the show to push their books,just hate that

  23. I’m 59, and have about the same taste as you, only I’ve stopped watching most of the MSNBC line up with the exception of Maddow, O’Donnell, Hayes in the evening. I suffer from insomnia and still can’t stomach Morning Joe. He’s ridiculous and Mika is so boring,and pathetic, it only angers me. I’ve taken to watching BBC, Al Jazeera America, They lean to their countries, but I’ve found them more truthful than all the others put together.

  24. Free Speech TV airs Bill Press, Democracy Now and Stephanie Miller in the morning. These are always more interesting than what ever is on the so-called major channels. If you have DirectTV or Dish Network you get that channel.

  25. is it a balanced station focusing on news or pushing a political agenda like the rest of the stations? It would be nice to see a channel focusing on unbiased facts so we can come to our own conclusions

  26. All I want is a person behind a screen reading the raw news. No opinion, no networks opposing each other and no ties to any political party. If it wasnt for AJ America you wouldnt know this country had anything outside of Washington

  27. FYI, msnbc added a new hispanic commentator to their line up today at 10 am ET. i am looking forward to hearing what he thinks, i hope it will give me insight into what newscasters are saying on telemundo and univision. those stations have huge viewership and what they say could swing elections.

  28. A Nation Divided will eventually fall flat on its the last minute we will all stretch forward, but those we reach for will be too far away. As we loose our balance reaching to far we all fall on our face. The only ones who won’t fall are those who don’t reach..and they will go one to lead whats left.

  29. I tried. I really, really tried to watch Morning Joe, but he is so obnoxious and rude, I just couldn’t listen to him any longer without puking. Have not watched him for quite some time and not going back, ever. Chuck Todd is not as bad as Joe, but he is not worth watching either; he’s gone downhill fast!

  30. The Morning Joe concept was a good one. However, Joe poisoned the show. I wrote the network repeatedly about his rudeness to guests he doesn’t agree with and about Mika’s and others’ cowering before Joe. Then I, like many others, just gave up and stopped watching. I watch or listen to CSPAN or AJ America in the morning.

  31. I quit watching msnbc because they do not cover important stories, just bs politics. they do not do stories on fracking and tar sands. why? because the take advertising money from fossil fuel companies. any stories on gmos. maybe pnce in awhile they do a half-a** story on these subjects. any progressive or liberal is wasting time watching this channel. its corporate brainwashing. they get you all mad a bunch crazy republicans. heres an idea. you already know who you are going vote for so spend your time actively making a difference or enjoying friend and family. tell msnbc they suckby not watching them. all their hosts know if they did real journslism they would be fired.

  32. rethug joke
    joe. is impossible to watch! jo jo is a total REPUBLICAN clown venting on MSNBC. why? what’s crazy is AlJazeera is much more informative.

  33. Time for them both to go. Joe is irrelevant and an embarrassing chauvinist.. Chuck Todd is just boring and does a very poor job.

  34. I was a Morning Joe fan for a long while, but now find I cannot tolerate Joe’s rants anymore! If I hear that Mika’a father will be a guest on the show, then I will turn it on just for his interview. When Zbigniew Brzezinski told Joe he was amazed at how uninformed Joe was, it really made my day. I do watch Rachel Maddow – her investigative reporting is very educational. And I agree with a former comment; why oh why do we have to watch prison shows on this station? So disappointing!

  35. I’m seriously in the minority here, but I really enjoy the friction, banter and insider politics of Morning Joe. As a Southern liberal, it’s one show I can discuss with my conservative political-junkie relatives.

    Perfect? No. Issue-oriented? Not really. Is Joe a blowhard? Definitely. But if you see the world through purely political glasses, there’s something on MJ for liberal and conservative politinerds.

  36. Thats kind of true. Joe used to be the only show I did like. Occasionally he would come up with something actually intelligent

  37. I stopped watching MSNBC more than a year ago, then stopped all television completely. It’s the same gaggle of pundits, and the same stories repeatedly all day. The lefties are preaching to the choir, which sometimes seems strained and spun, and Joe Scar, Chuck T, and Andrea Mitchell are just insulting as hell. So is Mika, the platinum potted plant. Nowhere near as hideous as Fox, of course, but MSNBC also suffers from the ‘balance’ trap, by allowing false debate over facts. And I count David Gregory as an affiliated member of the team. Nope.

  38. Mika and the panelists who even purport to be Democrats all wind up being lap dogs for Joe. The cowering token liberals who are frequent the show should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up to Scarborough. I guess they’re afraid they won’t be invited back

  39. Chuck the Toad & Morning Joke give me acid stomach & elevated blood pressure for the entire day. I like Al Jazeera, don’t always agree with them but that is a good thing done in a balanced way.

  40. You obviously haven’t been watching much. Ed has done several spots on fracking and those most directly impacted. Rachel covers many of the contraceptive related stories. Chris Christie’s shenanigans and lies have been repeatedly revealed and documented.

    The hosts do get into issues, and often are those covering with most detail and background information.

    Hosts reading raw news without context are no better than teletypes rattling off the news. Hosts reading stories planted by echo chamber round tables are just tools. That explains (partly) why Faux Gnus is never on – I get a good enough summary about them from Media Matters.

  41. I hate those prison lock up shows. More folks are home on the weekends and MSNBC blows it big time. Get rid of Joe and Todd. Mika should leave, but really come out and say why. How long will she put up with being a token? When I do watch (not often), it’s painful to watch her.

  42. Why does MSNBC give the truly terrible Morning Joe 3 hours of time? I won’t watch Chuck Todd either, and gave up long ago on Meet the Press.
    Joy Reid is a joy to watch.
    I love Steve Kornacki.
    Alex Wagner,Ed Schultz, Al, Chris Hayes, Rachel and Lawrence are all great.
    Why don’t they show reruns on weekends instead of the terrible prison shows.

  43. I can’t stand Nicole Wallace. Every time I hear her voice and her comments I like to scream. Where did MSNBC ever find her. She is a loser also.

  44. MSNBC needs to get rid of Scarborough, Todd is OK, and they need to get rid of all that prison crap and put on some real programming. Nobody wants to see that crap, especially in reruns. I have no idea who does their programming, but they need a better strategy. Surely there is a lot more things for progressives to be interested in, instead of making us turn the channel, MSNBC should keep those viewers. At least make an attempt, ya know?

  45. So bassicaly those whining baout Republcans being on MSNBC, want MSNBC to be lie kFaux News.

    Faux news puts up fake Liberals to appear balanced, MSNBC has ACTUAL CONSERVATIVES and IS balanced because of it.

    Don’t whine about Faux News, then want MSNBC to be just like them, it puts you on the same level as them.

    Seriously, some of you people act just like the idiots on Fox News. You are giving liberals a bad name, we are supposed to be better than that

    Don’t like the shows with Republicans? Change the channel.

  46. I totally agree, I use to watch Morning Joe every morning but, when I look at how he disrespects the President and how he talks down to Mika and she just sit there and stare at him just like he is something good to eat or something good to look at, he does not respect any of the Democrats that are on the show most of the time. He needs to go give that spot to someone else. Mika only speak up when he is not there and she is not good either because she always try’s to talk down on what the other guest are wearing she needs to get real also.

  47. Actually Lock Up is very popular and is one of MSNBC’s longest running programs. It draws a pretty solid wide ranging audience. Hence it’s been running so long.

  48. I drive long haul truck all over the beautiful US so I stop and eat at a lot of establishments. One thing I’ve noticed is no matter the establishment no matter the state Fox News runs 24/7 every frigging where. I hate it! I go to Dunkin Donuts Fox News is on, I go to a non-chain private owned restaurant or diner sure enough Fox News is on their TV. Even the ER in every hospital I have been to has Fox News on in their waiting rooms. One time I just was tired and did not want to hear Sean Hannity and his propaganda mouth so I got up and switched the channel over to MSNBC. Let me tell you all the looks I received from the other patrons could have sliced me in half. Take away the blonde bombshells who have no business being on a “news” channel and I bet Fox News ratings would drop in half. Fox News is basically old white retired men soft news porn.

  49. I have watched a new guy, well, new to me as I turned CNN mornings off after they got rid of Soledad O’Brian. I used to watch her because Joe Scaeface got to be too much bullcrap from GOP guests that never got called out. Now I was surfing in the mornings and ran up on a guy named, I think Cuomo on CNN in the morning when Morning Joke is on. I watched him take apart Cliven Bundy first, then the other morning, he had a couple GOP guest on. He was calling out their lies and bullcrap, and he was getting visibly angry at them. I am going to keep my eye on him in the AM. At least til CNN decides he is too Liberal and fires him. At which point, I hope MSNBC picks him up.

  50. I got so sick of Joe years ago. I can’t stand the way he inserts himself in every issue — he’s done this, he’s done that. Then the way he treats Mika is terrible. I miss The Don Imus show, predecessor to JOE. Granted he was crusty and biting but he is smart and had on great guests. I only watch Maddow, Sharpton and sometime O’Donnell. We need a progressive channel again.

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