The Republican Myth of Obama’s ‘Part-Time America’ Gets Destroyed With One Graph

part time America via Derek Thompson for The Atlantic
part time America via Derek Thompson for The Atlantic

Derek Thompson slayed the Republican talking point about Obama’s “Part-Time America” today in The Atlantic in an article entitled, “Here’s What Obama’s ‘Part-Time America’ Really Looks Like.”

He opened with a bang, “The president’s critics love this talking point. But since 2010, full-time jobs are up 7.6 million, and part-time jobs have declined by more than 900,000.”

This Republican myth has been debunked regularly but that doesn’t stop them from trudging it out at the corner of embarrassed and desperate, thus Mort Zuckerman dragged out the mold yesterday for the Wall Street Journal, aka, Rupert Murdoch’s Other Foxian Arm.

So Thompson goes in for the kill. All it took was a graph.

Here’s a screengrab but you have to go to The Atlantic to play with it:

part time America via Derek Thompson for The Atlantic
part time America via Derek Thompson for The Atlantic

(Data fromFRED Thompson notes, “Y-axis in 1,000s, again.” )

Thompson pointed out several facts to bear in mind regarding the part-time versus full-time discussion, one of which was via a document produced by the Fed, which explained that “current levels of part-time work are largely within historical norms, despite increases for selected demographic groups, such as prime-age workers with a high-school degree or less.” Of course, Republicans don’t “believe” in the Fed. They think the Fed is part of an evil Marxist plot to takeover America with marketplace competition like Obamacare. So these facts probably won’t get you anywhere in a “debate” with true believers.

In September of 2013, we debunked the fevered hopes of a flailing party after House Majority Leader-elect (then Whip) Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tweeted, “90% of the jobs created have been part-time. Obamacare creates a part-time economy, part-time opportunity, and a part-time America.” Not true.

Just a month prior, PolitiFact had taken on this hazy right wing fantasy when they rated as true a claim by Alan Krueger, the chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, that most jobs created since passage of the health care law have been full-time positions.

“(S)ince the Affordable Care Act passed, 90 percent of job growth has been in full-time positions.” The statistics show that 87 percent of the increase in jobs between March 2010 and July 2013 consisted of full-time jobs. A shorter time frame would show the opposite pattern, but on the numbers, Krueger is right. We rate the claim True.

It’s mid 2014 and Republicans haven’t changed their claims one bit. No need to let reality intrude on their pleasant dreams of America failing.

Republicans like to infuse the image of the President with their idea that under him, America has become lazy and due to his healthcare reform law, America is so lazy that it’s broken. Thus, they call him the part-time President and slobber over their fictional idea that the first black president has created a nation of lazy Americans who are only working part-time. Because, you know, they are so not racists.

Yet these same Republicans justify the laziest people in government — the US House of Representatives. The GOP-led House is the place legislation goes to die and crazy extremist go to be enabled. Meanwhile Republicans cut the working days down each year, demanding their same salary for doing nothing and instead spend 30%-70% of their time fundraising. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor rewarded the least popular House in history by cutting their number of scheduled work days even further than the already whittled 126 in 2013 to 113 in 2014.

Nice work if you can get it.

The truth is that Americans are hurting for well-paying jobs. The President has been urging Congress to follow his lead and raise the minimum wage, but Republicans are against this previously bipartisan action. They claim they are sure it will kill job creation, but that has been debunked by the Economic Policy Institute, who pointed out that in fact not only would it be good for the economy, but it will also have a positive effect on job creation.

Americans aren’t lazy and neither is President Obama. House Republicans? They’re as lazy and entitled as they come. They are also the only people in this scenario who willfully reduced their own working days until they are part-time legislators, but demanded the same pay for less work. That finger they’re pointing at Obama? Four more are pointing back at them.

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  1. the republicans have cheated the “people”. this country could be so much more ahead if there was bipartisanship. I do not understand their logic to “lying”. when you “lie” the truth comes out eventually and it makes one look like a fool. they keep trying to sink Obama and haven’t succeeded.

  2. When did Eric Cantor become House Majority leader . Honestly I enjoy reading these articles , but could you maybe proof read them before you publish ?

  3. Glen Reed. Eric Cantor has been the majority leader since BAINer took over as speaker. He is stepping down due to losing his primary and McCarthy is taking his place. Maybe you could stand some reading on who is actually in what job in the house.

  4. My net worth has TRIPLED during the Obama years. Stock market is roaring. Life is good.

    I like to sneer at idiot tea bagger racists who bought $55K vanity pickups (on credit) and are financing a depreciating asset instead of buying 20000 share of GE at $5 in 2008.

    I drive a fuel efficient Civic ($25/month for gas), insure it for cheap ($22/month at Insurance Panda), and live in a nice part of town in a house PAID OFF IN FULL. I’d like to thank the Obama economy for my recent success, but still, gotta laugh at those fools….

    “Durn thet african Oboingo, there aint no opportunities fer a white feller no how! Now let me go drive muh F-350 Super Duty down to the Circle K and put $175 worth of diesel on muh maxed out providian credit card.”

    What I get a huge laugh out of is the fact that every step of the way from Dow 6,600 in March 2009 to Dow 17,000 in July 2014 the doom-and-gloom boys at ZeroHedge have been screeching at everyone that the markets are on the verge of…

  5. Cantor is the Majority Leader, Boehner is the Speaker of the House. Learn what you’re talking about before criticizing.

  6. Statistics are correct, but may not reflect the true issues. The growth in jobs reflects only. 2010 forward and only shows new jobs created, many of which are old jobs from before the 2007 crisis.

    More accurate way to review data is to show total full and part time jobs available and to use a longer period of time, starting before his term in office. Longer ranges are better and I would recommend starting before Bush as well, starting in at least 1990 or 1995.

    One must look at a variety of numbers to get the full picture.

    Even unemployment needs a better definition. Total working full time divided by the number of people in their working years. A constant statistic over a period of time establishes statistical credibility. Definitions should not be manipulated.

  7. take your on advice.

    Republicans set leadership elections for next Thursday, and by stepping down as majority leader quickly, Mr. Cantor hoped to limit a festering struggle within the House Republican conference over who would assume his post, a feud likely to push an already conservative Republican House leadership further to the right and embolden the chamber’s most stubborn conservatives who have long chafed at what they saw as an accommodating leadership.

    Keenly aware that forsaking home for power in Washington can spell defeat, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the new House majority leader,

  8. Thank goodness. For a minute there, I thought with all these people depending on part-time, minimum wage jobs, we were going to have to increase the minimum wage. Your article has convinced me this is not the case. With the collapse in part-time employment, and all adults gainfully employed full-time, there must be a flood of teenagers able to fill these few part-time jobs. Therefore we should not even consider increasing the minimum wage until 2017 at the earliest.

  9. How much longer can we stand for the Republican Party/Tea Party to appear day after day on TV, on the Internet and repeat their lies? The Dem politicos are so afraid of their own skin for fear they will be primaried. Where are the people who can speak for the party? Where are they? Isn’t anyone willing to go after these haters and liars. Where is “our” voice? This has to stop.

  10. @ glen r reed. This site must start doing better proof reading. Period. I’ve emailed the site in the last month suggesting such need. Even some titles hv errors. Sorta embarrassing how bad its become.

  11. It was the Liberal “voter apathy” that lead to the Tea Party/GOP take over of the House of Representatives. We can not let that happen again. If someone you know needs a ride to get to a polling station lend them a hand and help provide them a way to get there… vote and bury the Tea Party/GOP!!

  12. ANY part time jobs that actually are created… are NOT Obama’s fault. They are a direct result of CORPORATE GREED… it’s that simple!!!!!

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