Bernie Sanders Sends Shudders Up Koch Spines By Explaining Why Republicans Attack The IRS



Sen Bernie Sanders exposed a dirty little secret that the Kochs and other conservative billionaires don’t want you to know. The Republican attacks on the IRS are part of a deliberate strategy to help the Kochs buy our democracy.



Sen. Sanders said:

So when you see Republicans beating up on the IRS, when you see Republicans defunding or cutting back on funding for the IRS so there is less ability to monitor what these organizations are doing, this is not an accident. This is real goal, and let’s be very very clear. What the leadership of the Republican Party wants, and you should talk to them about it. They won’t deny it. Is they want to end all campaign finance regulations. They don’t want to have to go around in this circle anymore.

What they want is the ability of the Koch brothers and others to be able to contribute as much money as they want directly into the candidates that they support, and that is the direction in which we are moving. So you weaken the IRS. You come up with the phony social welfare situation. You pass Citizens. You have a Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United on McCutcheon. It leads us directly into a situation will billionaires own and control the candidates that they support.

What Sen. Sanders explained in the video above is what the Republican Party and the Koch brothers don’t want the American people to understand. The IRS scandal isn’t about the “targeting” of conservative groups. The scandal is a Republican attempt to scare the IRS off of looking into their dark money groups and the billionaires who fund them. Republicans are trying to protect their money machine.

The GOP is extremely dependent on large donors for their funding. They don’t have the small donor base that fuels the Democratic Party. This is why Republicans are pushing for more unlimited contributions in politics. More unlimited contributions mean more direct spending by billionaires to buy their candidates, and when a billionaire owns a member of Congress, that member no longer works for the American people.

The Republican majority in the House is an example of a billionaire owned legislative body. House Republicans aren’t interested in passing legislation to extend unemployment benefits, help veterans, and create jobs. Their top priority is to take away programs that help the non-wealthy (Obamacare, Medicare, food stamps, school lunches, etc.) and replace them with tax breaks for the wealthy and deregulation.

Speaker John Boehner loves to refer to the House as the People’s House, but really it is a billionaire’s lounge. The Koch brothers and the other billionaires are trying to purchase our representative democracy. The last thing they want is for people to catch on to their newfound purchasing power.

The battle to preserve our democracy begins by making sure as many Americans as possible hear and understand the words of Sen. Sanders. Because the Koch brothers can buy candidates, but they can’t buy votes.

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  1. If the fundraising successes of Democratic organizations is any kind of an indicator, the progressive electorate may finally be waking up to the fact that if we don’t fight the Republicans tooth-and-nail, we may lose our democracy.

    If the right wing is successful in their efforts, we will have a country which will be America in name only. It will be nothing recognizable to the founders, or to anyone else who believes in the ideal of America.

  2. We the people can not allow this to happen.We must move to amend the constitution.The power we have is the power they fear,our numbers.It is imperative that we VOTE,each and every one of us.This is a government of the people for the people and by the people.They have bastardized our laws and constitution long enough.Please vote

  3. The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately.

    A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

    With no hesitation whatsoever,

    Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

    The United States of America is NOT a democracy, it is a REPUBLIC

  4. Also, the IRS is the number one most effective tool should the government ever want to make sure that the 99% get to keep more of the economic value they generate. As long as the IRS exists, the government can reverse the upward money flow of the last 30+ years. Without the IRS, distribution to the people is harder.

    And yes, the Koch brothers can buy votes. They have proven that enough money buys enough propaganda to build a majority.

  5. The 1% have already bought the congress, both houses, both parties, and they certainly have bought the media, almost all radio, and definitely all TV is blatantly biased one way or the other. We have the right to replace our government at the will of the vote, but not the spine, stamina or enough money to combat the liars who run this country today.

  6. By definition our government is Republic so “losing our Democracy” wouldn’t be such a big deal. People who take credence in what Bernie Sanders say I think is more the issue.

  7. I always thought that was the case – it is pretty obvious – that Republicans want the ability to hide their money – has nothing to do with the IRS doing its job in investigating obviously non-social political organizations for a tax exemption. There is no IRS scandal.

    Reminds me of the WMD in Iraq; if there was proof we would have seen pictures; there was no proof and the American people knew it; our politicians confused us on the matter. They are trying to do the same with the IRS.

    We need more truth in reporting – and I’m glad we have at least Bernie Sanders as a representative who represents all.

  8. OK John, you wanna’ split hairs, it’s a Representative Republic. I think you know what I’m talking about, so WTF is your problem?

    It is a representative republic because the founders were wise enough to know that there are those who can easily be swayed by demagoguery and lies, that those folks wouldn’t be savvy enough to see through the lies and would vote against their own interests, and the interests of the nation. You know, just like the right wingers of the present day.

  9. Now that this info has been publicized by Bernie Sanders, I wonder what actions, if any, will be taken by those who are in a position to rectify something like this.

  10. It has been the game plan to ham string all of the programs, that would curtail any control over what the republicans want to do, since the gw bush installation.

    How many programs were gutted or crippled, so that they were ineffective, by the gw bush administration. How many low level rightwing advisors did that criminal gw bush install or have installed in low level management positions. Just look at the VA, to see how everything is upside down, because of the rightwing.

    Of course, that is only my opinion, but the truth is in the pudding….time is running out.

  11. Is anyone else tired of paying for internet that’s 50% advertising?

    Think of how much more data you could stream without having to stream ads……

  12. This is certainly not a new tactic. Notice that they denigrated the Government for decades so that when the time was right, few would protest when they got around to actually “drowning it in the bathtub”.

  13. ——–“More unlimited contributions mean more direct spending by billionaires to buy their candidates, and when a billionaire owns a member of Congress, that member no longer works for the American people”———

    This works in all of Latin America. Wealthy families OWN the politician, that’s why they, in effect, OWN the country. Pulling the strings of the politicians, they can run the country without having to serve it.

  14. Our Republic is a representative democracy

    its rather funny that pople think they sound intelligent by dragging out the “US is a Republic not a democracy ” line.

    The entire purpose was to not allow any faction of people have everything their way simply because they have money etc.

  15. So many insist on ignoring history. It is full of examples of the elite and the priveledged getting so over come by their power and greed that only a violent revolt by the people put an end to their abuse. We are lucky in that we can rise up in our numbers and refuse to vote for these sycophants of the ultra wealthy. We have to get the word out.

  16. we need to eliminate the 15 th amendment and go to a value added fair tax for revenue, THE IRS HAS BEEN CORRUPT SINCE IT WAS FOUNDED

  17. I didn’t know that Bernie could lie so well. The laws on 501c corporations hasn’t changed since the mid 1950s. When the 501c corporations were only being set up by the unions in support of the Democrats, the Democrats were fine with that. When George Soros set up, they were fine with that. When the republicans followed their lead, then the Democrats in congress targeted those organizations and instructed the irs to investigate. It is the targeting that is the scandal.

  18. There’s always some too-clever person who pops in to say “It’s not a democracy, it’s a constitutional/representative republic blah blah”

    WE KNOW, EINSTEIN! It’s just a figure of speech ffs!

  19. Historians will document the reason “We, the People”, lost control of the US government on 1/3/2015, the day the veto-proof Koch Congress was sworn in, was because we failed heed warnings of the authors of our Constitution of the dangers of unchecked influence of big money, and we didn’t understand that no democracy can afford billionaires. Decades before we had rigged the tax code in favor of the super-rich getting relentlessly richer and richer and on 1/21/2010, SCOTUS sealed our fate with the One Dollar = One Vote decision and then drove a nail in the coffin with a second such decision on 4/2/2014. The Republican party, which had become the American Quisling Party, was a gaggle of slick sock puppets in expensive suits each jockeying for a place at the royal table of a couple of secretive Machiavellian megalomaniacs who could not be stopped and who bought control of 30 State Houses and the Legislative Branch of the US government in the November 2014 elections. From that position…..

  20. Alas, there is a price to be paid for everything…Or, we could have socialized (national) tv like England. You don’t have to watch the ads and you don’t have to buy the products. Small sacrifice.

  21. The VAT tax hits lower income folks the hardest. If you have a million dollars, what percent will you spend on living? Not the entire lot…but if you only make 50 thousand a year, especially if you have kids, a medical problem, or education bills, you can be you’ll be purchasing a lot and paying the VAT on top of it. Sounds good, like so much else put forth…but please folks, follow the money and think!

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