Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires as Democrats Trounce Republicans In Fundraising


John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is seriously wounding Republicans. The DCCC announced that they had outraised Republicans in June, $25.3 million to $10.9 million.

Congressional Democrats have $50.9 million in the bank, and $18.4 million more than they had at this point in 2012. As of June, House Democrats have $8.4 million cash advantage over House Republicans.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel said, “Whether it’s the Republicans’ shutdown or the Republicans’ lawsuit against President Obama, their misguided priorities and damaging agenda are energizing our supporters to elect commonsense leaders who will stand up for the middle class. While Republicans cater to the most radical elements of their party, Democrats will continue to fight to end the damaging dysfunction and focus on strengthening the economy for middle-class families.”

The cash advantage is already starting to payoff for Democrats. According to the DCCC, “The impact of the DCCC’s fundraising dominance is becoming clear, when the DCCC reserved $14 million more than the NRCC in fall ad time in 10 more districts. In addition, the DCCC has massively expanded its investment in field operations and put staff on the ground in dozens of districts starting in January – six months earlier than ever before.”

On the other side of the aisle, House Republicans are so broke that they are having to strong arm members to pay their dues. There is serious concern among Republicans that the lack of funds could cost them seats in November. The national Republican Party and outside groups are putting their resources behind capturing the Senate, so many incumbent House Republicans are on their own.

Speaker Boehner’s gimmick lawsuit against President Obama has misfired on many levels. Politically, it has energized Democrats instead of Republicans. Financially, House Democrats have been able to raise millions of dollars off of the Speaker’s decision to sue the president. The lawsuit also gave Democrats a ready issue that allowed them to make the Republican refusal to do their jobs for the benefit of the American people a central theme of the campaign.

John Boehner has harmed the Republican Party with his lawsuit. Democrats are invading districts earlier than ever, and they are organizing voters to come out in November. House Republicans may be counting their chickens a bit too soon. If Boehner and the GOP aren’t careful, Democrats will be gaining House seats this November.

16 Replies to “Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires as Democrats Trounce Republicans In Fundraising”

  1. I think all the so-called experts and political forecasters are going to be in for a huge surprise this November.

    I have a feeling we are going to be making history this election cycle, and again in 2016.

  2. What did the Republicans expect was going to happen. They’ve been relentless in their campaign to piss people off.

  3. Boehner and pals agenda is obstruction. They are doing just that. Juvenile at a very high price for America.

  4. I have a great idea that would help the GOP raise money: I propose to make a video game called ” Mow Johnny Mow ” ( in reference to where he ‘still’ mows his own lawn). There would be a ready tanker truck full of Merlot on hand to power his John Beere mower, where he can stop and slake his unquenchable thirst. He could then haphazardly mow his way over to the little people, for a brief wee on the little people with shake. (timed and ya get bonus points for those average Uhmerikans pissed on ) All why wearing his favorite green JB dunce hat with tincup in hand. Coming to the app store soon……… Oh wait, and I off, or is Boehner?

  5. All the money raised is not going to help get people to the polls. That’s what we need to keep working on.

  6. I am in Texas bet money people are going to the polls they are really ticked off. I know I am and I can vouch for 3000 people in my family that will be voting in Texas. We are teachers lawyers doctors, big military computer geeks. I have a big family and we are democrats for life. I am deputized to register voters and I will be driving people to the polls taking off work no excuses not to vote. Education make sure have proper ID and you know where to vote fight fire with fire. I have never had a problem voting I vote early. Bring your pitch fork (your vote) lets make history I got my presidents back. its time to drain the swamp of the Vermin as they say in the south.

  7. It’s time someone sued John Boehner for not doing his job and waisting time trying to find things to sue the President. Even if the looser finds some reason to sue, by the time it went to court, Obama will no longer

  8. Bravo! I am a devoted Dem and will also be driving people back and forth to the pols in our August primary and, again in November! We must all vote, especially all women.

  9. Oh boy, who let the sheeple out? You are all insane if you think people are going to vote in more democrats or liberals. I really hope you are all enjoying the change your president has brought in his 6 years you all can keep it.

  10. It has to be obvious to most of us that the Republican Party wishes to destroy Americas faith in our government so Corporate America can take more control of our lives and privatize our entire political system.Essentially they are anarchists and traitors.

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