Editorial Cartoon: Liberty Deportee

Tegucigalpa, Honduras- “A girl (11 years-old) resisted being robbed of $5. She was clubbed over the head and dragged off by two men who cut a hole in her throat, stuffed her panties in it, and left her body in a ravine…”  bd140715fbSonia Nazario, NYT, July 11, 2014

7 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Liberty Deportee”

  1. This is despicable. People of America please wake up. These children need our help. We need to urgently open our borders to these young refuges. If we do not, I fear for what this United States of America is becoming. God help us to open the eyes of those who are asking us to return them to the hell they are living in now. Just imagine if this happened to one of your daughters.

  2. RuthB,
    There has to be a method to the madness. Where does it end? How many is too many? What is the threshold? I firmly support methodical immigration. It is, in fact, the strength of this country. However, how do we integrate several thousand children into the system. Who pays the bill? Who raises these children? To think that they all magically melt into some per-existing family structure is naive. We are quick to aid others but rarely look at our own homeless (children). Ironic, isn’t it? Secure our borders, ID those that want to assimilate, and set them up to succeed in our system. The last thing anyone wants is to create a situation that resembles the one from whence they came.

  3. Again a false argument from the right. One would think by the rights argument that the children in question want to leave their home, family and country just get some obscure help from the U.S. Personally, I don’t believe it. I would rather help these children with U.S. funds then pay for one bullet for the Iraq and Afghan wars.

  4. Yeah, just look what happened to the Native Americans when they let in all those undocumented Europeans!

  5. RuthB No doubt we need to show compassion for the ones that are here; especially the children……but I disagree that we should simply open our boarders. The influx would be crippling to our economy. So While we should be fair and compassionate to refugees, there in nothing wrong with limiting access at our boarders via FAIR, humane immigration policies.

  6. So now we are going to advocate genocide. Send all these children back to their Country that Corruption is the majority of their policy, and ruled by Gangs, thugs and the lawlessness.

    These children know how to survive, they also see commercials, from save the children, and UNICEF, so they flee to America, where they find Hate, and bigotry.

    Now they will join the gangs etc. in their country, become angry and resentful, not to their Country but to the USA, and will some day strike out at us.

    We will now become the ENEMY not the GOOD SAMARITAN.

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