Open Carry Texas Schedules New Date For Armed March Through Black Neighborhood

open carry texas


Open Carry Texas, a gun rights advocacy group, announced that they have scheduled their march through the Fifth Ward in Houston. The march, which was initially scheduled for Juneteenth but postponed at the last minute, will feature open-carry enthusiasts marching through the streets of the predominantly black Houston neighborhood carrying long assault rifles. The group has gained notoriety in recent months due to their publicity stunts which have featured members entering restaurants and stores with their assault rifles on full display. Apparently, the group has decided to up their game.

CJ Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas, decided to address the criticism his group has encountered regarding this planned march. When the march was first scheduled, Grisham and the group came under intense criticism for a variety of reasons. Even after OCT postponed the march, the group was under fire due to the appearance of racial insensitivity. OCT posted the following late Monday evening on the group’s website:

“We are not going to be marching through 5th Ward,” said OCT Founder CJ Grisham, “we’re going to hopefully be marching with 5th Ward.”

Open Carry Texas believes that Texas’ gun laws continue to be rooted in racism. In order to obtain a concealed handgun license in Texas, one needs to shell out over $250 in fees and requirements to do so. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate in Texas was 14.4% in 2010, the date of the last census. In the African-American community, the poverty rate was 27.1%, nearly twice the state poverty rate and almost three times higher than non-Hispanic whites. In other words, the extreme cost to obtain a license in Texas – over $250 – disproportionately prevents African-Americans from getting one.

Texas law prevents anyone convicted of a Class B misdemeanor or higher from qualifying for a concealed handgun license for at least five years. The convictions do not need to be related to violence or even involve a gun. Some examples of “crimes” that will cause you to lose your CHL or fail to qualify for one are littering, writing a hot check, or even certain traffic infractions not involving another person.

Much like the Jim Crow laws of the past, Texas gun laws seem geared towards preventing the minority community from exercising their rights. We aim to change that.


Open Carry Texas also announced that they’ll have a real-life black person marching with them, Maurice Muhammad. As Liberaland pointed out, Muhammad is a radical who promotes the killing of police officers on his Facebook page. He also is apparently the leader of a group that openly wishes for a race war. Liberaland also pointed out that OCT’s blog entry is more about Grisham’s own issues with the law than his concerns about the black community. While he talks a big game about unfair laws regarding gun ownership, and he positions himself as some kind of civil rights fighter, the reality is that he himself has a conviction on his record and cannot apply for a conceal-carry license. Which is likely the reason he started this group in the first place.

Anyway, these gun nuts plan on marching through the Fifth Ward on August 16th. Once again, like they claimed last time, this is only supposed to be a peaceful demonstration as well as a charitable action. They just want to educate the residents of the area. They positively, absolutely do not want anything unseemly or ugly to occur. Nuh-uh. No way. And this time, no one can claim it is all just a bunch of white guys marching through a black neighborhood carrying a bunch of guns. Because they got a black guy with them. It is totally cool now.


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  1. “We are not going to be marching through 5th Ward,” said OCT Founder CJ Grisham, “we’re going to hopefully be marching with 5th Ward.”

    The first armed black man that walks up to that crowd will be shot. It’s a hell of a way to make a point.

  2. why the eff are you calling them a “gun rights” group? they are a gun fetishist cult, at best. they have all the rights anyone could ask for. stop giving them more legitimacy than they deserve (which is: none).

    and while we’re at it: let’s stop using the term “gun control”. nothing is under control. gun safety. gun responsibility. real goals that will not erode rights yet will make us all safer.

  3. So good of OTC to let people in 5th ward know when not to be out and about in their own neighborhood, Wonder how many of the homes there have a good sightline to the marchers?

  4. They should march in their own damn neighborhood and play cowboys, and indians,or cops and robbers.Maybe while they are marching in the black neighborhood,the blacks should march in the white neighborhoods….What do you think?

  5. So when they walk through the 5th ward are they expecting the fellas to rise up and march all the way to Austin and demand to speak to the Governor and force him to let all black men wear guns into the local convenience stores? yeah right. They don’t understand that the police treat black and white men differently. A white man walks down the street with a gun the cops will have a chat with him and then move on. A black man walks down the street with a gun the cops will call the SWAT team, FBI, National Guard, Sheriff, CIA, Immigration and your baby momma. They would fire every gun they have, reload and fire again just to prove a point.

  6. How is MARCHING through a minority neighborhood with weapons “educating” anyone? Weapons in the hands of white men is what has gotten the people in this neighborhood killed since the beginning of this nation. All this is is terrorism. This group is a terrorist group not an anything rights group. They fight for the “right” to kill whom ever they chose.

  7. Here again everyone, is another episode of ‘Some White Boys being Stupid!

    Let’s just see how much camaraderie they have when a bunch of Blacks march in rural or suburbia communities w/ Assault Rifles! Does SYG have a familiar ring.

  8. So..since Texas is a Stand your ground state, if a black man who lives in the neighborhood the are going to march in feels threatened, can they shoot one of these morons??

  9. a white terrorist group is prepared to march through s predominantly black neighborhood. included in this group is the leader who belongs to the john birch society. a group that in all sincerity are the intellectual version of the kkk.

    this leader has found a black man who belongs to the Nation of Islam. He is a muslim and follower of the late Louis Farrakhan.

    the same Louis Farrakhan who thought all black people should attack all white people.

    there is something seriously wrong with this picture.

  10. First of all, how in the hell are you going to educate anybody if you are an idiot. And second, I would like to see them go to nearest cliff and march over the edge.

  11. Let me attempt to game this out:

    They march, wearing bullet-proof-vests. They provoke a confrontation. People are shot. Their people don’t die from the shootings. They have been baptized by fire, and live to tell the tale – because the people they shot are dead – but they become instant celebrities, and “true” spokesmen for Open Carry, because they are willing to risk death for their beliefs.

    I only hope the neighborhood thinks ahead, and places cameras on every rooftop and street-corner, to document their slimy tactics.

  12. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Blacks were to return the favor, and march armed, through a white neighborhood. Something tells me the law would be on the side of whites, if they opened fire and started shooting because they felt threatened.

  13. The solution to this is quite simple. Get a hundred or so blacks and hispanics together and have them march through an all white neighborhood with their guns slung over their shoulders.

  14. To the person who posted the late Louis Farrakhan, what is he going to be late to the march or late for Mosque? He’s not dead, do you mean the teachings of the late Elijah Muhammad? Get your facts correct please.

  15. You can bet none of these guys would be walking through a black neighborhood if they weren’t in a large armed group.

  16. “A black man walks down the street with a gun the cops shoot him if a white guy with a gun doesn’t get to it first.”

    There. Fixed it.

  17. 5th Ward. Don’t fall for it. You don’t want any part of this mess. They don’t give a rat’s ass about your rights to open carry. They just want to see how many blacks have access to weapons for when they start their race war. Keep your stash hidden. Keep them guessing.

  18. Maybe all should join together for the cause. Blacks join the whites and whites join the blacks. Black people also legal carry….open & concealed.

  19. These wackos are a danger to this country. They are appearing everywhere intimidating various groups. They are at the border as well, and makes me so angry, but I just feel helpless. We should not give up an denounce these groups, who are the modern day klan.

  20. God….I’m going to have to stop reading the news! This guy who thought of this must have a marketing degree….(sarcasm).

  21. If they had real strength they would leave their weapons and walk alone.
    False bravado when they need their weapons to walk in a Black neighborhood,or face others who are unarmed,like kids at the border,most revealing.
    We called them Bully’s,seems fitting.
    Sad,they truly need to pull on their big boy undies,and leave their penis extension/weapons at home,or at their Klan Circle Meetings..
    Oh dear,they don’t even see themselves as others do.

  22. Because they don’t qualify as people. The are terrorists who will be committing a terrorist act by marching armed through that neighborhood.

  23. Because they don’t qualify as people. They are terrorists who will be committing a terrorist act by marching armed through that neighborhood.

  24. You have to say it with more bass. Like this, “we’re not gonna fall for a banana in a tailpipe.”

  25. The John Birch Society is the KKK for where there aren’t enough ignorant hillbillies to make up a posse to do the dirty work for the JBS.

  26. I think that nothing would please these loons more than to have one of their marchers shot, *particularly* in a black neighborhood. That’s all the justification for Open Carry they would need for the next 50 years (and for lifting any pathetic remaining legal obstacles there may be to stockpiling arsenals) . Only the craziest of them would actually want to BE that martyr for the cause, but you can BET they would be pleased to see one of their own take one for the team.

  27. Everyday, I get up and read something else about the craziness in this country and I worry myself sick with fear for my kids and my grandchildren. Every day there is another issue that is being fanned with flames of hatred-Americans hating their fellow Americans-when we should all remember that if you scratch any of us we all bleed red. Damn, I wish I could get that through people’s heads.
    These gun carry guys ARE terrorists for I know if I saw them coming through my neighborhood, I would be terrified. Too much can go wrong with so many fanatics carrying guns in one place.

  28. Every single point that C J Grisham made was idiotic and convoluted. Every time a gun cultist opens their cake hole stupid flies out, I don’t even give them the honor of being human and to call them animals would be an insult to animals. The NRA has Blood on it’s hands and money in it’s pockets.

  29. OK, sure. Just as long as these Open Carry guys cheer when black Open Carry members march through the predominately white neighborhoods with their weapons.

  30. Good response: show up with a giant rubber dong strapped across your back and march with them. Say nothing.

    They will hem you in, but this will use up five of them. Bring your friends.

  31. Show up wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a disposable clear hooded poncho, with giant neon-pink rubber dongs strapped across your back and chest, and march with them. Speak to nobody except law enforcement; your appearance is your communication.

    You will be peaceably hemmed in and hidden from view by five marchers. So bring a vanload of dong-bearing friends.

    (Deposit the friends in full regalia near the site and promptly drive off. Park in a busy parking lot, remove your license plates, and bring them with you along with your costume. Join your friends and suit up there.)

  32. Hi Elizabeth .. of all the comments I’ve read, yours appears to carry the most common sense! 100 Thumbs up!

  33. If people of color decided to organize such a march, they’d be met with the most brutal of force. Yet these yay-hoos will march through with their guns and machismo, and all the anatomical deficiencies for which their “big guns” are meant to compensate. I pray for the safety of all in that neighborhood, but just cannot believe we have so many instances of “redneckistan” in these country.

  34. To me this is saying: —“Hey look, see…we can walk through YOUR neighborhood now, because we are in a group and WE HAVE GUNS. What y’all gonna do ’bout that now?
    This seems like a provocative act. What else will it symbolize? Then what if a bunch of Gang-Bangers roll up on them in their drive by autos, and GLARE? A “whatchu’ lookin’ at?” moment will spark a shootout for sure. The white dudes will think they are in Somalia. Surrounded and saying: “What we got ourselves into now?” Maaaaaa!!!!

  35. How does avicating for the right to open carry a modern pistol for all none felons = racist? We talk to citizens in all communitys about laws that affect them. If we didnt fight for the rights of all citizens then we could be seen as racist but its just not the case. We will be stationary, not marching as we would like to upset as few people as possible and will teach the current laws to those whom want to know what they are. We have had thouthands of safe and incedent free demonstrations and see no reason why this on should be any different. Also we are Americans, all of us. Some are male, some female, some old, some young. Certainly we do not all have white skin so to say we all do is simply untrue. I personally judge people on their actions, not by the color of their skin or their place of origin. Americans are Americans and suggesting violence against non violent, law abiding citizens while race baiting is just evil

  36. So basically you have the same inferiority complex the nits do that have to march through black neighborhoods?

    You can get help for that

  37. I think it’s a great idea. They have no value for life, maybe not even their own. We’ll see if they don’t weasel out of it again. They think it’s all a game & they are pretend GI-Joe’s. Many of the young men in African American communities aren’t going to play along. They are serious, know how to handle a gun & know what a code of silence is. The untrained, militia wanna be’s might not know what hit them.

  38. They DO understand fully the black/white differences with the cops. That’s part of the reason they’re doing this, hoping it will spark an incident that they’ll come out of blame free.

  39. I think this is the real issue.

    If Nation of Islam decided to organize a march for heavily-armed black men through predominately white neighborhoods, there would be a complete meltdown.

    I can only hope they do this; I’m standing by with the popcorn.

  40. humbly suggest they table an information campaign in 5th ward. May prove their “Brotherhood” if they join a campaign to take away 250$ surcharge on 2nd amendment rights in “Republic” of Tejas. May I also humbly suggest this best served by going forth unarmed? …as sign of “solidarity.”

  41. I humbly suggest they forget guns as a campaign and work on poverty and needy children. Something that’s important.

  42. No, T.A. we don’t have all the rights we want, and all the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. In Texas it is illegal to openly carry a pistol or revolver. The only guns legal to carry are long guns (rifles and shotguns).

    We don’t want to carry long guns. They are too big, too heavy, and too awkward. If the legislature will decriminalize the carry of handguns the long guns will go away.

    That is called “political activism,” not “cult” or other examples of ad hominem. :)

  43. I think that is a great idea. The more marchers we have to more Austin will have to listen. Anyone from the 5th is welcome in my neighborhood any time they want to march for all of our rights. :)

  44. It was the racist gun control laws that disarmed African-Americans that got them killed. Unfortunately the KKK is still alive and well and still disarming African-Americans. We are trying to stop that. Are you?

  45. Till they want the rights of anyone then YOU will bring in the bible and try to exterminate them. Save us your hypocrisy Billy bob

  46. “Armed March Through Black Neighborhood”

    That’s called armed aggression in most parts o the world.
    If a bunch of armed black people marched in their neighborhood, they’d call it a riot.

  47. When the open-carry armed group of black and brown people March through town, should they do it through the richest part, or past city hall and the police station?

    The whole open carry idea is crazy.

  48. In order to teach the law of any governed state you have to be a lawyer. Just do a public service announcement on the news because it will cost less.

  49. And here I thought gun control advocates were about reducing gun violence.

    Must only be about reducing gun violence for people with like-minded opinions.

  50. This is a nation wide problem, and it isn’t all about guns. Driving, media, hunting, national sports, decent housing , education, etc. The cost of any of these are becoming more and more expensive that any body under the medium income, cannot afford them. You can’t tell me this isn’t part of the plan. Only the Elite will be enjoying these things.

  51. Actually they are a civil rights group. They are working closely with Texas legislature. So much so that both major candidates for governor support open carry. Perhaps you should read the recent 9th circuit court decision. It certainly puts their cause square in the middle of a civil rights debate. And yes it is control. Safety has nothing to do with it. Knee jerk emotional laws based off of emotion will not and can not combat the real issues, and it isn’t guns BTW.
    People in poor neighborhoods need to be able to protect themselves. Gun laws are very much racist, and effect those that need it most.

  52. New study: In 14 states, gun deaths exceeded motor vehicle deaths

    Gun fetishists like to argue that cars kill more people than do guns, and therefore there should be calls to ban cars, just as there are calls to ban guns. It’s a patently stupid argument given that so many more people use cars than guns, and even more stupid given that cars are heavily regulated, and that those who drive them even have to be licensed. But in over a quarter of the states, even the most basic point of this patently stupid argument is itself not true:

  53. Good idea. Why don’t you take your own advice and do just that? One of the main functions of the NRA after its founding was to educate and arm former slaves (yes, black people) so that they could protect themselves.

    And earlier comments asked what we would do if 100 armed black men marched in our presumptively white-bread neighborhoods. Allow me to answer that. I am confident that I speak for the majority of pro-second amendment folks when I say that I would grab my rifle.

    I would then take that rifle, sling it on my back, join the group of black men in the street, and I would PROUDLY march among them. It wouldn’t matter if I was the only white person to be found. I don’t care what color you are, or what your neighborhood looks like. If you share my desire to be free, and are not afraid to show it, you are my brother/sister.


  54. Why not do something dramatic? Dump the gun, and go do something productive. Stop acting like inferior clowns

  55. Closed minded “progressives” like yourself are the only ones in this issue who call for offensive violence. Sure, there are a few pro gun morons who think that Muslims/minorities/etc. are the problem, but that is only a tiny fraction, and most of us openly disagree, and shun those people.

    We don’t talk about or desire to kill people we disagree with. That’s on YOU. Your side constantly claims to want “an open discussion”, yet shuts down any attempt by us to do so. Either you censor comment sections on youtube videos, facebook pages, and blogs, or you immediately resort to ad hominem attacks, say we deserve to die, and refuse to even listen.

    I literally can not find a single comment section on an anti-gun story without AT LEAST one of each of the following: A reference to penis size, calling us unintelligent racists/hillbillies, advocating violence against pro gun people and the NRA, or often even wishing death on our children.

    Want us to take you seriously? Cut this…

  56. Its obvious you have a penis problem. No, you dont have to take us serious because we dont take you serious. Grow up. Do something productive.

  57. I am sure that guns for Blacks was a fairly recent claim. After all, its for recruiting. The NRA was created for marksmanship and using guns. Not for Blacks, not at that time.

  58. No, Barbara, we are not the problem. You are. I love how you resort to remarks about penis size and racism, which only shows you have no factual base to your argument, and are simply letting your prejudices and emotions do the talking.

    As I said above, if a big demonstrating group of armed black men marched through my neighborhood, you’re damn right I’d grab my rifle. Not to shoot them, but to join them, and I would do so with pride.


  59. Must be fairly recent because when the Black Panthers tried to exercise their rights they were shutdown by Ronnie raygun with the NRA blessing

  60. Bunch of pussies if yall believe in open carry so much stop fucking with people in stores restuarants and neighborhoods. Go assert your second amendment rights at state and federal buildings. Let me see how much you really believe in your movement

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