Corporate Greed Exacerbates Drought: Nestle Believes Water Is Not a Basic Human Right


There are few things as fundamentally crucial to the existence of human beings and, indeed, all life on Earth as water. It is difficult to believe any human being thinks water is privately-owned, a commodity, to use for profit at the expense of human life, but Americans know there are entities that will go to any lengths to feed their corporate greed. In several states in this country, climate change is wreaking havoc on the people in the form of severe, multi-year droughts. So, with extreme water shortages, what do two industries do with the vanishing precious resource? They either mix it with deadly carcinogens and pump it, under extremely high pressure, back into the ground, often directly over active earthquake faults, or draw it out of the ground, bottle it, and sell it for profit. It is a wealthy corporations’ ideal business model; free raw materials and a product no human being can survive without.

California, like many states primarily in the southwestern United States, is facing one of its most severe droughts on record. The conditions are so severe that in January Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency in preparation for water shortages that are especially dangerous during the summer months. The critically severe drought has entered its third year of a projected decade (at least) long drought, and throughout California water restrictions are having a profound impact on agriculture. In fact, the water shortage is so severe that farmers in some of the most agricultural-rich areas of the country are being forewarned there may be no water within two years at best; that is if the extreme conservation measures work.

However, while the rest of the state is attempting to conserve what little life-sustaining water California has left, the Nestle Company ignores the emergency measures the state adopted because its water bottling plant is conveniently located on a Native American reservation. Like all N.A. reservations, it is considered a sovereign nation by the US government. It is a water-theft enterprise any greedy corporation would lust after because unlike farmers, individual Californians, and every municipality in the state, Nestle is exempt from complying with any water-saving state or federal regulations. To make matters worse, Nestle is depleting what precious water reserves lie deep underground in the aquifer and pumping it directly to its bottling plant and selling it for profit. This is not a new endeavor for Nestle, and their blatant disregard for Californians’ need for basic survival was best expressed by Nestle’s CEO and Chairman.

According to the former CEO and now Chairman of the largest food product manufacturer in the world, Nestle, corporations own every drop of water on the planet, and because he believes water is not a basic human right; if human beings get thirsty, they have to pay or die. It is the ultimate privatization insult to mankind, and worse because Nestle is intent on privatizing water the world over; a natural resource that falls from the sky and seeps into the Earth for man to use for survival. In the case of California, and other regions around the world, what precious little water remains for basic survival is being stolen by a filthy corporation to sell to those who can afford to survive, and they are being assisted by Native Americans claiming to be good stewards of the Earth. Maybe this is Native American vengeance on the white man for invading their sovereign land, massacring them, and sending the survivors to permanent interment camps with high-sounding names like “sovereign nations.” But that is another story altogether; this is about Nestle draining California’s water.

The Nestle Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water bottling plant is located on the Morongo Band of Mission Indians reservation and drains water from a Mojave Desert oasis at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains 85 miles from Los Angeles where just three inches of rain falls each year. Their little enterprise prevents water from seeping downhill to fill aquifers of nearby towns struggling for water during the drought, and prior to 2009, about when the drought began, Nestle submitted annual reports to local water districts detailing how much groundwater they were extracting for profit. Since the drought began, neither Nestle nor the Morongo tribe submitted any forms; likely because it would be bad for business to tell local residents how much of their precious water they are being forced to buy to increase Nestle’s profits.

Nestle already has a history of showing blatant disregard for the human race according to Corporate Watch. The company regularly barges into struggling rural areas and extracts groundwater to sell in bottles “completely destroying the water supply without any compensation,” and in fact “actually makes rural areas in the United States foot the bill.” However, Nestle is not focusing only on Americans’ water as reported by Corporate Watch that has documented Nestle and former CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe’s long history of disregarding public health and abusing the environment for profit to the tune of $35 billion annually from water bottle sales alone. Corporate Watch states that “Nestlé production of mineral water involves the abuse of vulnerable water resources. In the Serra da Mantiqueira region of Brazil, home to the “circuit of waters” park whose groundwater has a high mineral content and medicinal properties, over-pumping has resulted in depletion and long-term damage.”

One wonders if when the Morongo Band of Indians runs out of water themselves and is forced to buy water they allowed Nestle to deplete for profits, they will still consider themselves good stewards of the Earth or that Nestle is a “valued partner.” California is home to the largest Nestle water bottling operation near Mount Shasta that is suffering the drought as much as any other part of the state with nearby Shasta Lake unrecognizable as a lake. Still, the piece of human filth, Nestle CEO, condemned non-governmental organizations like the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations for perpetuating the “extremist idea that drinking water is a human right” that should not have a market price to enrich the Nestle corporation.

Although the extreme California drought is just one reason to take action against Nestle, the point is the giant corporation is pillaging a basic necessity for human life all over the world with little opposition and relative impunity. The company touts job creation as validation for draining the water supply dry and selling it back to thirsty Americans, but when they have exhausted the water supply, no amount of jobs or money will sustain life devoid of water. There is no end to the disregard for human life that corporations have made their overriding mission after profit taking, and at least in one California region, there is no possibility of holding a truly vile and inhumane corporation accountable for a crime against humanity; stealing their dwindling water supply and selling it back for profit because they set up shop in a sovereign nation inside drought-stricken California.


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  1. If those republicans could, they’d put a meter on all of our noses and charge us for the air we breath.

  2. I read an article about 4 years ago about this. Since then, I refuse to buy anything Nestle. I’d like to make these people go without water for 2 days, see if they feel it is not a necessity.

  3. I suspect the corporatocracy is deliberately polluting our atmosphere so that then they can make us live in domes and charge us for air.

  4. There are many things that should be a basic human right and not something sold for profit. My list of these things are: WATER; FOOD; BASIC SHELTER; HEAT; MEDICAL CARE; PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION; AND ALL EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES.

    If we can create a society where these human NEEDS are provided, we can create a society where innovations, creativity, technologies and entrepreneurship can take off.

    After all humans are the only animal on the planet that has to pay for the basic needs of living. This is not a good idea.

    To allow greed to fester and be ahead of humanitarianism, just makes societies nothing more than psychopathic constructs designed to make decisions on who lives and who dies, solely a prerequisite of who can make enough money to survive. It should be that all human beings have a right to the basic needs of survival.

    To do less is unconscionable.

  5. Rand Paul agrees with Nestles.

    “Do you have a right to water? Well, as humans, yeah, we do have an obligation to give people water, to give people food, to give people healthcare. But it’s not a right. Because once you conscript people and say, ‘oh, it’s a right,’ then, well, you’re in charge and it’s servitude. […] Even things that are very important are things you have to get from other individuals.”
    ~Rand Paul, Benjamin Rush Institute, University of Louisville, Aug. 22, 2013

  6. Two problems with the article.

    Cabazon gets 13 inches of rain per year, not 3 and San Gorgonio which feeds the spring gets considerably more. It is also not in the Mohave Desert.

    And the characterization of Tribal conquest by European immigrants is a simplistic view of past civilizations. Indians were willing participants in the Wars and they lost. They were lucky they lost to a merciful people and not another tribe. They would not have been treated so well and would have no Sovereign Nation to exploit.

  7. I just found out,being Canadian, that we had 250000 protected lakes. Under this conservative regime it has been reduced to 159. Water belongs to all.

  8. Free Market Capitalist: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.

  9. And there was never any manipulation of tribes to pit one against the other by Euro settlers. Cool, lemme go rewrite the history books for you.

  10. Didn’t American Indians have a rain dance to replenish the earth of water. Well folks let get busy so Nestle can make some more money.

  11. And they profess to be Christians. If they were truly Christians, they could not do the terrible things they do because the Holy Spirit would keep them up at night convicting them of their wrong doing………..

  12. Did you know that white men used to cut off Native women’s labia and use it as hat bands? for Jesus.

    Water belongs to the commonwealth. Nestle and other monsters lease the water RIGHTS from the government. same for minerals and oil. They lease the rights for us.

    did Oregon ever figure out they got ripped for 3.8 million gallons by their own water supervision?

  13. And ‘Nestle’ does ‘believe’ anything. Nestle is a legal instrument designed to shield its owners from certain tax liabilities.

    The appalling people making decisions for Nestle should be in jail for theft and terroristic threatening.

  14. Its unbelievable to me that the human species actually allows evil shit like this too occur. In my opinion. Are we all insane???

  15. I worked for Nestle for 10 years until they outsourced my job to India. I will never buy Nestle products again because of this creep’s vile, and despicable comments.

  16. time to hit the ignore button on all these lame-ass tired old politicians and corporate corpses who, for some reason, people think have it together. they don’t. they’re demented.

  17. i do believe men like this are demented:

    “While symptoms of dementia can vary greatly, at least two of the following core mental functions must be significantly impaired to be considered dementia:

    Communication and language
    Ability to focus and pay attention
    Reasoning and judgment
    Visual perception”

    Memory: Seems to have forgotten he’s 60% water and that he did not pay for his body
    Communication and language: Seems to have trouble communicating to people that he wants total control over the world
    Ability to focus and pay attention: Seems to have trouble paying attention to and focusing on the needs of the people he’s making decisions for
    Reasoning and judgement: Can’t seem to see that the outcome of his decisions will be a complete and total disaster for people who are not himself
    Visual perception: All he sees are numbers

  18. The Vampire World of Greed Hate and Destruction is only beginningThe World will be Consumed by fire and Turmoil in all Nations at the same Time Massive earthQuakes brought on by The Caldera of Yellowstone with the help of Fuji in Japan along with Tidal waves! A Massive Meteor will strike the region of Canada in Oct of this year.

  19. I love nestle crunch but not anymore and I’ll be checking labels for other products since I know they own much more than candy now

  20. Water has changed since colonial times. It has become polluted with all kind of contaminates that make it unsuitable for human consumption. Water must now be processed to make it safe to drink and it now cost a good penny. The cost to process water is going up at an alarming rate day by day. Who is going to cover the cost? Now that we have put a cost on processing water, we must pay to offset that cost. The liberals have to understand a basic rule of life, “TINSTAAFL”. There is no such thing as a free lunch. It is no longer possible to collect enough rain water to water crops, supply drinking water etc . If Nestle wants to do business in water, that’s fine, as long as it is available, there will be a cost attached for processing it.

  21. So basically you are just fine with corporations owning the water and deciding who getsa to drink it.

    Your indoctrination is now complete, you may now go collect your quarter for the free lunch statement

  22. The privatization of water is impossible for me to comprehend. How can water be privatized? Some billionaire corporation can just force a human being to pay up or die? The last I heard the human body can maintain life without replenishing hydration for a few precious days at most. So some homeless man who is dying of thirst heads over to a public fountain or river and attempts to get a drink and some security guard will shoot him dead or something. It sound like I am trying to be funny but seriously who will pay to guard the private water on mother earth? Such a scenario sounds like a libertarian dream.

  23. However evil and vile companies such as Nestle are, I have to state an obvious truth: if people stopped buying bottled water, Nestle’s bottled water business would die. They stay in business because people are too oblivious to where bottled water comes from and/or too lazy to invest in a reusable water bottle and a purifying system (simple filtering systems just aren’t that costly). And please don’t yell at me about the poor people who don’t have decent water to drink—I don’t think they are the majority buyers of bottled water.

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