Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson Admits She’s Afraid of Religious Freedom



Gretchen Carlson of Fox News is increasingly worried about “a Festivus for the rest of us.”

Festivus, of course, derives from a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, “The Strike,” (full episode here) and takes place on December 23 of each year. Significantly, Festivus is in that episodes a response not to Christianity, but to the commercialization of Christmas, something conservative Christians would be concerned about if only they had not come to the bizarre belief that Jesus died for the sins of corporations.


Unsurprisingly, quick to grasp any excuse to be a persecuted minority, the self-styled spokespeople for the largest religion in the world, see Festivus instead as an attack on Christianity.

People should be celebrating the birth of Jesus by buying crap and putting little plastic Jesuses and Marys on their front lawns lit up like Vegas. Because, you know, that’s how first century Bethlehem rocked its mangers.


Interviewed by World Net Daily, Gretchen Carlson tried to get all persecuted by this quite reasonable response to commercialization of what should be a spiritual holiday:

Over the last decade, I do believe there has been more emphasis on trying to strip our society of certain things that have been in existence for a long time,” added Carlson, “such as lawsuits to take crosses down in the western part of our country, lawsuits to take out the word ‘God’ from our money or not allowing our kids to say it in their valedictorian speeches, forces pushing for atheists to lead campus Christian groups and petitions at state governors’ offices during the Christmas season to put up a ‘Festivus pole’ – from the made-up holiday of ‘Festivus’ from the ‘Seinfeld’ TV show – next to a Christian crèche on public lands.

As a journalist, I see these stories frequently,” she said, “and I just want to make sure Americans realize if you don’t stand up and take notice of some of these things happening, before you know it, our heritage starts to erode.

You mean our heritage of religious freedom? That’s what really scares her here, the specter of religious freedom, that other religions have equal standing in our public marketplace, that Christianity is no longer privileged above all others.

The problem of Festivus, bad enough in itself, has, as Carlson admits, been compounded due to the adoption of the holiday and the Festivus pole, by atheists, as Wikipedia explains:

In 2013, an atheistic organization erected a Festivus Pole constructed with six feet of beer cans[22] next to a nativity scene, menorah and other religious holiday displays in the Florida State Capitol Building. The year before, a Festivus Pole was erected on city property in Deerfield Beach, Florida, alongside Christian and Jewish holiday displays.[23] A similar group of religious displays in the Wisconsin State Capitol also included a Festivus Pole.


Good God man, you can’t mean that an empty beer can has equal value to plastic baby Jesus!


Yes, I can. The First Amendment says so. And there’s the rub, as Shakespeare would say. My beliefs, like his beliefs and her beliefs, are all equal to your beliefs, Gretchen. And that really bothers you, doesn’t it? This bothers conservatives like all the icky brown people thinking they’re equal to white people bother conservatives.

For me, during the Christmas season, I don’t want to take my kids around in the car to see all the crèches in the town where I live in and hear them say, ‘Mom, where are they? I don’t see them anymore.

This just isn’t the America they knew. It is being taken away from them. What Gretchen is saying is that, someday, you won’t be able to drive around and look at all the happy white people with their glowing plastic baby Jesuses. There will be brown people too. Some of them not speaking English as a first language. And there will be Festivus poles and symbols of other religions alongside crosses.

It has become clear throughout history that other belief systems, including especially the belief that there is no god, are a threat to Christianity’s elevated image of itself. Conservative Christians especially have a difficult time understanding that there are options to be found outside of their religion.

The very possibility that anyone might consider for even a moment that there might be a viable alternative to their religion must be eliminated, root, branch, and Festivus pole. The mere existence of alternatives is a form of persecution.

In other words, you don’t even have to say no to the Religious Right to persecute them. You just have to believe something else.

What Gretchen is saying, to the extent that she has thought this out at all, is that we can’t let people get the idea that there might be things to do other than stroking the egos of patriarchal totalitarians. Like her employer.

50 Replies to “Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson Admits She’s Afraid of Religious Freedom”

  1. as Don Henley implied… how seriously do you take a ‘bubble headed bleach blonde on the 6 o’clock news’ ?

  2. “My beliefs, like his beliefs and her beliefs, are all equal to your beliefs, Gretchen.”

    Now, this in conservative circles is considered OPPRESSION.

  3. “Conservative Christians especially have a difficult time understanding that there are options to be found outside of their religion.”

    I don’t think they have difficult time understanding this at all. The problem is that they fully believe that the options are the product of satan and demonic forces.

  4. What is going to be really funny is when they find out that the country is full of Catholics with brown skin. That is going to horrify many of these so called Christians. To think that they have to live under The rule of that other religion.

    Purgatory is going to be full

  5. What so-called Christians do seem to understand is that there is no war on Christianity. We simply don’t want your personal beliefs to trump others beliefs when it comes to using tax-payer monies to support these beliefs. I don’t think there should be the Ten Commandments posted on gov’t property. There should be no nativity scene on gov’t property, kids should not be allowed to go all religious at others graduation ceremonies and I could go on and on. Religion is a private matter, best left at home, with friends that are like-minded or at church functions. But I am tired on having Christianity shoved down my throat.

  6. My dear first off ‘ pagans ‘ have been celebrating Dec. 25 th long before your faux Christians ( by order of Consintine) as day of the sun. People(Jews) at the time of Yeshua’s birth would have not celebrated that day. They did however celebrate “Feast of Shavuot’ where EVERYONE was required to live in Sukkots(outdoors for your lame brain). Which takes place in the fall NOT Dec. SHALOM

  7. While I am not a fan of Fox news I feel it is only fair to point out that that “bubble headed, bleached blond” went to Oxford University in England. I do not subscribe to her beliefs or her politics, but I do have to have some respect her education.

    I, personally, find it hard, and sad, to believe that a person with her education is so hard right-wing.

  8. Fear and change are hard for people. The ruling class is losing it’s conservative grip because there are more of us than there are of them. Too bad – your tyranny is coming to an end. And God has nothing to do with that.

  9. “As a journalist” –that line alone is a hoot! Gretchen, I’ve got news for you. If you work for Fox “News,” you are NOT a journalist!

  10. @Pat, education is not the same as intelligence. And firmly held religious beliefs are especially resistant to reality. If she wants a state sponsored religion, there are lots of places to go, including back to the UK.

    But not here. I don’t have to be Christian to be a citizen.

  11. I am from the school of Thomas Paine Deism in that I was given the power of being a free thinker, and for some reason that is against Judeo-Christian doctrine. Why? People like me do not follow the crowd and are hard to control. I do not believe in the supernatural, i.e. virgin births, Adam and Eve, parting waters, laws coming from a man that if you look at directly, you die etc. I have heard to many stories about Priests molesting altar boys, old men marrying several young girls at a time, “men of God” scamming their flock for money, and the End Timers.

  12. Statistically Christianity touts huge numbers of followers, but their church meeting stats don’t fare as well, nor do their finances. In fact on most public measures they don’t look as good as their advertising.

    Give this, their whining about being treated poorly by ‘the world’ doesn’t ring very true, just loud.

    Clean up your own house, Christianity, then you may be in a position to judge mine.

  13. Ms. Carlson is a former beauty queen who used to have Michele Bachmann for a babysitter (yes, THAT Michele Bachmann). She only attended Oxford for a few months on a study abroad program. She is, however, an accomplished fiddler. It’s how she won the talent segment for Ms. Minnesota.

  14. there are probably less lights and décor because who can afford it anymore with our utility companies getting richer. I make a choice to not light up the street in favor of affording time and festivities with family and friends.

  15. I didn’t imply that education equals intelligence. I was merely trying to point out that Oxford does not hand out their scholarships to “bubble heads’.

    Bill Clinton also received an Oxford Scholarship (and graduated). And while I believe he was the best President we had had in too many years, his signing of the DOMA bill and his Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy wasn’t the smartest move he could have made. Those two things have a lot to do with getting us into this religious mess that we have now.

    Religion has no place in politics, period.

  16. It makes no difference where one went to school; what/how much they learned is the point.

    Dubya went to Yale and Harvard Business McCain went to the US Naval Academy

    Look how much good that did either of them… neither is actually the brightest crayon in the box!

  17. I may be misinformed, but I thought Islam was the largest religion in the world and not Christianity. Also, don’t you need to factor in that many Catholics do not consider themselves to be Christian because Christian infers Protestant Christianity? So ultimately the religion known as Protestant Christianity becomes the third largest religion in the world ? Christianity is the loudest not largest.

  18. 1. Gretchen Carlson is no more a journalist than she is a neurosurgeon.
    2. If she went to Oxford, even for a summer abroad program, they need to tighten up their admission requirements.
    3. It is obvious that this particular strain of republican will not be satisfied until the rest of us have been declared to be second class citizens with appropriate curtailments on our rights.

  19. Dear Pat Rodriguez,
    Gretchen did NOT go to Oxford. She has a B.A. In sociology from Stanford (1990). You’re thinking of the brilliantly educated Rachel Maddow who is. Rhodes scholar.

  20. … and both george w. and mccain were BOTH accepted to their respective schools simply because they were legacies …. it had absolutely ZIP to do with their accomplishments. I think daddy bush bought a new wing in the school somewhere, and mccain’s daddy and granddaddy were admirals. He was pretty much a shoe-in for the Naval Academy

  21. So what? Ben Carson is very highly educated and look what a total nutjob he is.

    Just proves the point that extreme religious ideology will rot your brain.

    The fact remains also, I think it’s fair to say the liberal/progressive side of us has far more of the educated folks. They have Liberty U. I think higher education in general gives one the reasoning skills to separate the ideological crap from your life. Of course, there are exceptions, to wit Carson and Carlson.

  22. What’s even funnier … I read an article last week about religion in the American Hispanic culture, and it appears even the younger generation of those folks are moving away from religion, as some 40% of them reported no particular religious affiliation. It’s just not part, or not a big part, of their lives. It makes me laugh to hear the republicans say they’re appealing to the “highly conservative religious” nature of the Hispanics in the US while being completely oblivious to the fact that even that is changing.

  23. Lin,
    Christianity is the largest religion, followed by Islam. Christianity includes Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox who, at many times during history, have been at each other’s throats. My biggest problem with Christianity is their insistence on forcing their views on others. This tendency, combined with their enormous size and power, makes them a constant threat to non-Christians.

  24. That only goes to show, very much like in the case of Dr. Ben Carson, that people can learn facts and skills, but still fail to grow and enlighten themselves as human beings.

  25. It blows my mind what conservative christians call persecution. Mere criticism, or disagreement qualifies as persecution in their fragile little world.

    Not oh, let’s say, being herded into a mass grave, for instance, or being lined up and shot, having acid thrown into one’s face or being stoned. No, persecution is when someone calls you intolerant and selfish for imposing your ridiculous ideology on non-believers and other religions. OH THE HUMANITTEEEEEEE!!!

  26. TRUE Christians, the ones that follow Jesus Christ, do not shove religion down people’s throats. They instead do what he did…no judgment, care for the sick and the poor, love others no matter the color of their skin or their beliefs.

  27. “For me, during the Christmas season, I don’t want to take my kids around in the car to see all the crèches in the town where I live in and hear them say, ‘Mom, where are they? I don’t see them anymore.”

    Why do True Christians ™ believe only christian symbols on public property are pleasing to their god? Perhaps for the same reason private individual and church prayer aren’t good enough either and their god only hears prayers from public high school football games and NASCAR.

  28. I wrongly assumed that she was fearful of the same thing I am – religious rights overtaking our liberties as individuals.

  29. When I see this empty tower of beer cans, I can appreciate the message that it relays to me and that this tower represents the emptiness of materialism and the emptiness of seeking enhanced Spirits through artificial means – it represents the human need to feel joy, regardless if you believe in God or any religion- it represents a real alternative to relying on the creative force or forces that bring us into existence that can either rely on love or fear. No one should fear festivus, each man is on their own journey and awakiining at their own pace to the realities of our existence and that’s ok. No one should be robbed of that opportunity.

  30. Oh NO! Not another ding bat from MN? I live in MN. but wonder just where these dingy women come from. Most certainly not from the northern part of the State. We may live in the coldest pat of the State but we, seem to have more sense and are just as well educated as they. Maybe more!!
    Bachman was enough for me, now this one? Please GOd stop!!!

  31. That makes her worse than a bubble headed bleached blond. She’s a whore, selling her voice to the highest bidder.

  32. And these negative comments are exactly what she is talking about, didn’t hear a lot of this secular BS 30 years ago. Progressive Libs like to think they are open minded and intelligent, sorry people, you just want to destroy America and Christianity. You mostly believe in nothing therefore why should it bother you? Never seen a bunch of people afraid of something they don’t believe in. smh, smh

  33. I see you haven’t read the Constitution and all you have is the same tired drivel about destroying Christianity. Don’t worry you snake handlers are doing that with your ignorance

  34. Gretchen Carlson afraid of “religious freedom”? She should be afraid of the right-wing “dream” of America becoming a “Christian” country / a theocracy! That should give her much food for thought … no wait, it should give her acute indigestion!

  35. Could be worse. It could be the Church of Elvis. Facing Graceland and eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches can be ruinous to the figure.

  36. Carlson graduated from Stanford University in 1990, with a degree in sociology (organizational behavior). While at Stanford University, she studied abroad at Oxford University.

  37. Plus Homeowners’ Associations are putting restrictions on the display of excessive decorations and lights at the holidays.

  38. Yes. I bet Malala Yousafzai or Mariam Yahya Ibrahim could tell Gretchen a thing or two about real religious persecution.

  39. From what I understand, when a baby is baptized in the catholic church, it counts as one member in their census. I think that most christian churches over-estimate their membership numbers, counting people who only show up at christmas and easter, people who stopped attending years ago…

    Unless you formally break it off with a church, or if they excommunicate you, they’re gonna count you as one of theirs.

  40. Another vacuous blonde FOX News host gets herself worked up over a phantom “war on Christianity”.

    Clearly she is not the master of her own domain.

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