John Boehner Admits That He Is Not Trying to Win His Lawsuit Against Obama


House Republicans are trying to court shop for a sympathetic judge to hear their lawsuit, but they aren’t trying to win. Speaker Boehner’s goal is to make the lawsuit last until November.

The Hill reported, “House Republicans may try to court shop to find the best venue for their lawsuit against President Obama’s use of executive action. While most legal experts believe the suit will ultimately be filed in D.C. district court, some think Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) might add additional plaintiffs to the House’s case in a bid for standing to sue elsewhere. That strategy could extend the life of a lawsuit that scholars already believe has little chance of traction but could still serve to energize the GOP’s conservative base before the November midterms.”

The Speaker’s court shopping is proof that he has no desire to win this lawsuit. In fact, he expects to lose. What Boehner is trying to do is keep the lawsuit on life support through the 2014 elections. Rep. Boehner is set to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on a House Republican get out the vote effort.

Speaker Boehner has not been able to keep up the facade that this is a legitimate legal action. Experts and scholars widely agree that whatever court this suit eventually ends up in will rule that the House isn’t able to demonstrate that they were injured by President Obama’s actions and doesn’t have legal standing.

Boehner’s endgame is to find a court that will let Republicans argue their case for as long as possible. Republicans know that their bill to speed up the lawsuit against the president will never pass the Senate, so the point is to create an issue for House Republican incumbents to run on this fall.

Republicans told their voters in 2010 that if they were given control of the House, they would repeal Obamacare. Anyone with a basic understanding of the legislative process knows that this was a lie. The House can’t repeal anything by acting alone, but Republican voters bought it and the result was a giant problem for John Boehner.

Obamacare hasn’t been repealed. The law has only gotten stronger and more accepted with the passage of time. This is why Boehner’s lawsuit is an excuse. The lawsuit against the president is meant to blame Obama for the Republican inability to keep their promise. House Republicans are sending the message that Obamacare exists because the president is breaking the law. It is their tactic of blaming Obama shifted to a new venue.

If the court throws this lawsuit out quickly, Boehner will lose his issue for the fall and risk that Republican voters catch on that they were lied to. Boehner’s court shopping is admission that he is not trying win. The Speaker’s goal is to fool voters while running out the clock until November.

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  1. Why can’t he be sued for misuse of taxpayer money?

    They are using it under false pretenses because the suit is political.

  2. Boehner would rather waste the money of the people, on witch hunts and conspiracies than use the money to help all Americans. So much for Republicans being fiscal conservatives.

  3. Boehner is out of control . We the people need to sue him for bringing false charges and dareliction of duty .ake him give his pay back. He hasn’t earned it!

  4. Quit wasting our money Boehner. We already pay you for a job you don’t do!!! Happy to hear you are going on vacation in August. It must be exhausting thinking of ways to hurt Americans all day long.

  5. We, the people, are merely collateral damage for the GOP’s endless waste of taxpayer money…that WE work very hard to earn.

  6. He can be, and so can his lawyers if they try this in Federal court, the plaintiffs CAN be back charged for all costs. It is a long story to explain but all of that was setup to setop frivilous lawsuits from getting to Federal courts, like what Boehner is trying to do.

    Regardless, even if it does get to court and thrown out – Fox and the rest will just say it was a “Liberal judge that is protecting Obama” to keep the dream alive…

  7. If this is a ploy for votes, can’t be Koch $$$ are enough then, if they have to sap the blood from hard working taxpayers to get votes. These people are disastrous.

  8. This is looking more and more to be a fraudulent lawsuit. I hope the judge throws it out, sanctions the House lawyers for filing a frivolous lawsuit, and sanctions House republicans for filing a fraudulent lawsuit.

  9. Yes, but don’t miss the larger picture here. The fact that Boehner is “out of control” is a reflection of what is going on in his party. In order to maintain his speakership, he has to continue to placate the Tea Party yahoos that were elected in 2010. Whether it is Boehner or any other Republican in the position of Speaker, that person will likewise have to kiss the collective ass of the Tea Party contingent in the House.

  10. Boehner seems to be operating under orders from Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glen Beck. His moves reflect their ideas. Extreme and foolish. Done and said without thinking through to the consequences. Like Sarah, say anything. Anything stooopid. It will get the non-thinking angry base shrieking and hollerin’ with their pitchforks held high.

  11. To add insult to injury, this winner-John Boehner- wants to keep spending unending taxpayer money on a foolish lawsuit quest, just to thwart Obama and everything Obama is trying to achieve and all that is good and necessary for our country, just to please his ego and keep his party colleagues happy. I don’t want my hard earned tax money spent on such foolishness. How can this gambit for distraction be disallowed? Do not the citizens have any say in permitting this nonsense? Have the republicans and the wealthy corporations already taken over our country?

  12. Until the teabaggers elected are gone, there will be no advance of any form of democracy. In my estimation, these people have one aim, to take control of this country, destroy it if need be, to then create a nation of Theocracy.

  13. gsb..thanks for the addendum, they certainly are dangerously evil, more than words can even accurately describe.

  14. if you have to shop around for a judge, then you do not have a case!

    Jesus! how much is this farce costing us tax payers? the gop have the time to shop around for an attorney to handle a law suit they know is a farce, but do not have the time to vote on a immigration bill, a veterans bill, a jobs bill, or extend unemployment benifits!

    ok, we the peoe, I want all of these kkowns thrown out come november! GOTV!!

  15. Everyone needs to vote. I keep repeating this over and over, and some of you are probably sick of reading it; but this 2014 election is more crucial than ever. We must get ourselves and everyone we know to vote blue. If not, our rights will disappear and once they are gone, they will not come back.

  16. Actually, the point behind this lawsuit (and for extending things beyond election day) is to keep impeachment talk off the table. He knows that if he doesn’t do this, his crazy caucus will be itching for impeachment. And, he knows that that is possibly the one thing which could lose the majority in the House for the GOP.

  17. I cannot believe the likes of Boehner, McConnell and all the other Rush Limbaughs in suits are still in Washington. WHy in the heck can’t everyone just be nice to one another? How can anyone so hell-bent on hating and threatening to sue the President of the United States be considered a patriotic American. I’m sick to death of people heaping hate on President Obama and his sweet wife and daughters. It’s racism, pure and simple. I was brain-washed by the Catholic Church teachings during my childhood. Now, the Republicans and Teabaggers are trying to do the same. On this 74 year old woman, it isn’t working. I am not only a 74 year old woman (and student), I am a former Republican, a former Catholic, and now a Democrat who will support Hilary Clinton’s run for the Presidency in 2016. And now I have aligned myself with the Jewish faith. I’m fed up with the in-your-face crap freely thrown around in social situations by evangelical Christian “patriots”. It’s hate wrapped….

  18. Hasn’t venue shopping for a friendly court always been one of the Rethuglican excuses for tort “reform?”

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