Scott Brown Forgets Which State He Is Running For Senate In During Radio Interview

Scott Brown

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown gave an interview to Boston Herald Radio where he forgot that he was running for Senate in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts.


Brown said that he was, “not for amnesty and never have been, I have not supported the Dream Act, she has. And that’s a big difference between Senator Shaheen and me and many other people in the Massachusetts delegation.”

The Brown campaign claims that their candidate said, “in your Massachusetts delegation”, but the audio clearly reveals that Brown used the word “the” not “your.” The problem is that this isn’t the first time that Scott Brown has made this mistake. Last month, the Brown campaign sent out a statement criticizing New Hampshire Sen. Shaheen for not appearing with President Obama while he was “in town” in Massachusetts.

Republicans originally thought that they had a chance to pick up a Senate seat in New Hampshire, but Brown has virtually crushed any possibility of that happening by not even knowing what state he is running for office.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications director Julie McLain summed up why Scott Brown is likely to lose this November, “Brown used to brag about growing up in Massachusetts, raising his family in Massachusetts and said he would die in Massachusetts. Now he’s moved to New Hampshire and says he cares about us, but really he’s just using us to get himself a Senate seat. How can New Hampshire families possibly trust a candidate who doesn’t see the difference between Massachusetts and New Hampshire?”

Scott Brown has defined himself as a carpetbagger to New Hampshire voters. Brown’s New Hampshire campaign has been dogged by scandal and unable to get off the ground. It was a bad idea to send Brown into New Hampshire so soon after his Massachusetts Senate defeat. Scott Brown was once a rising star in Republican circles, now he is a guy who doesn’t even know which state he is running in.

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  1. an intellectual lightweight, to say the least!! How can he confuse “Massachusetts” with “New Hampshire”? He has to know who he proposes to represent. It pays a big salary, and the office holder should know what states he represents. Even if he’s a Republican.

  2. He reminds me of Liz Cheney, who ‘moved’ to Wyoming because she thought they’d vote for her to become a Senator, too. Not so fast, Lizzie. People like it if you actually live in their state, not just say you do.
    And kind of like Dave Camp feeling out the state of Michigan when Levin retired. His Senate campaign lasted about 10 minutes, just long enough for his pollsters to realize Dave is only liked in his hometown, not throughout the state. He’s retiring after a bazillion years on the public dole.

  3. If anyone can remember seeing him walking through the halls of congress, always with a clip board and papers in his hand. He walks through just like an old supervisor in an office where I worked years ago, he would always strut around with his clinboard and papers and people that did not know him always said he looked busy – the fact was that he never did a thing, he used his papers as props to make himself look important.

  4. Please New Hampshire do not fall for this fake one hit wonder. If he pulls a rabbit out of his hat a second time and god forbid wins I will puke. Massachusetts voters once they got a closer look at this guy realized what a colossal mistake they had made. Scott Brown is a perfect example of what disasters can take place when registered Democrats sit out an election. Democrats need to get out and vote in this most important midterm election of our lifetime like never before. Its that important.

  5. Sadly for Scott Brown, We were watching when the folks from Massachusetts had the good sense to give that Stupid JERK his walking papers.

    We already have TWO Women Senators that are FAR Better than Scott Brown could EVER Be.

    Many Thanks to our Friends in Massachusetts for providing the perfect example of Proper way to treat Scott Brown.

  6. Things keep getting worse for Scott Brown. A reporter from the British newspaper, “The Guardian,” tried to ask Brown for his thoughts on the Hobby Lobby decision at a campaign stop in a restaurant recently, and Brown made a beeline for the bathroom to avoid answering the question. After a while, his aides rushed him out of the bathroom and into a car and he sped away.

  7. A lot of the Scott Brown vote in Massachusetts was a protest vote against Margaret Coakley who felt she was entitled to Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat just because she was “the Democrat.”

    Coakley was remembered at election time by her infamous campaign quote, “What do you want me to do, stand outside Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox), in the cold, shaking hands?” Yes, Martha, that’s what we wanted.

    The way I see it is, we could have had the entitled Senator from Massachusetts for the next 30 years, but instead we “settled” for Elizabeth Warren.

  8. He truly isn’t the brightest light on the tree. In fact, he is quite dim. Thinking his looks will get him back into DC society using New Hampshire is foolish. We study our candidates carefully and know who we send to Washington. Brown is unknown other than the fact that he is an opportunist and is trying to use us. There will be many more Ooops moments and we have yet to see the temper. Loved yesterday’s story about him running into a bathroom to hide from a reporter who dared ask an important question about Hobby Lobby.

  9. Well he did dine with kings and queens and swore Rachel maddow was running against him years ago…. Both lies!!! Kings!!! How do you get that wrong??? He is a joke and a liar. And he sounds like he is an empty suit with very little going on upstairs.

  10. If Scott Brown is elected he will bring metal detectors to our borders so the illegal women and children crossing into our nation will be as frustrated as our flying public.

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