John Boehner Runs Away From His Unpopular Lawsuit Against Obama by Blaming Democrats


Speaker of the House John Boehner tried to distance himself from his unpopular lawsuit against President Obama by blaming Democrats for his decision to sue the president.


Since he disagrees with impeachment, Rep. Boehner (R-OH) was asked if he would withhold funding from actions that the president has taken if he feels that Obama has went beyond his authority.

Boehner answered by blaming Democrats for the lawsuit.

He said, “Well, there’s a lot of ways to deal with this issue, but we’ve got a Republican House and we’ve got a Democrat Senate. And there are a lot things that we’ve passed here that the Senate has clearly not passed. And when it comes to that issue, some of these actions that you could defund, there clearly isn’t, I wouldn’t guess, an appetite in the United States Senate to withhold these funds. That’s why. That’s why we’ve decided that the more direct approach of suing the president is the right path to go down here. I’m for upholding the Constitution. I’m for protesting the interest of the House vis-a-vis the power grab that’s going by the White House. While he has the authority to issue executive orders, he does not have the authority to unilaterally change laws, which he has done.”

Speaker Boehner was saying that he had no choice to sue Obama because of the existence of the Senate Democratic majority. Constitutionally, what the House Republicans should be doing instead of suing the president is passing appropriations bills then going to conference with the Senate, so that the House and Senate versions of appropriations bills can be reconciled into a final agreed upon bill. That’s how the budgeting process is supposed to work.

If House Republicans wanted to make a point to the president, they could make their cuts and then duke it out with the Senate. Since House Republicans have lost every big battle that they have fought over spending with the Senate, they are trying to ignore their constitutional duties by fleeing to the courts for help. House Republicans consistently dodged the reconciliation process. It took the failed government shutdown to get House Republicans to the table last year.

Polling has revealed that Speaker’s Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is very unpopular with the American people. A PPP poll found that 56% of voters said that the Boehner lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer money. Fifty-eight percent of Americans said that the lawsuit would not help their lives, and 63% believed that Congress should focus on creating jobs.

This poll was the reason why Boehner was trying to blame Democrats and run away from his decision to sue President Obama. The Speaker had a lot of other options instead of filing a lawsuit, but those options would involve House Republicans doing their jobs. The easiest path for Boehner and company is to file a silly lawsuit that the Republicans aren’t even trying to win.

House Republicans would rather play games than fulfill their duties under the Constitution. Boehner can run, but he can’t hide. Whether he wants to take responsibility for it or not, Speaker Boehner owns this lawsuit against President Obama.

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  1. But never fear the judge of the clown car will always be on the case

    House Republicans successfully ban funding for canceled White House renovation, so take that, Obama

    Last week, the General Services Administration canceled a White House bowling alley renovation project, a project that probably actually had some merit, but was nonetheless an obvious political lightning rod even though the bowling alley isn’t actually located in the White House itself. So the White House stepped in and canceled the project.
    Yawn. End of story, right? Wrong:

    The court jesters are in session
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  2. Just another set of excuses not to get anything done….vote Blue and lets get the congress back to work.

  3. Asswipe Boner can’t get the, full of ignorant tea bag/repubs, clown car to start up so he blames the democrats…

  4. Republicans never take responsibility for anything they do.

    They’re like a child getting caught with his or her hand in the cookie jar and then saying the cookies are gone because someone else ate them.

  5. If a hurricane hit Washington DC he and his Republican jesters would blame the Democrats. Is anyone really surprised by this? lol

  6. When are the Dems in The Senate going to work on the bills that have been passed The House and sent to the Senate? Harry Reid refuses to allow any bills that have past in The House to be voted on in the Senate. Lets really look at who isn’t doing their jobs.

  7. Because everyone of them is a bill that lowers the taxes on the 1% and adds that tax to your bill. And you support it. Think about it

  8. Money. The Koch bros are trying to turn Ohio completely red. Boehner has 13,000,000 in his campaign chest, mostly from outside of Ohio donors, while his democratic opponent Tom Poetter has less than 100,000. The same is true for Ohio’s Democratic candidate for Govenor Ed Fitzgerald. John Kasich has millions more than Fitzgerald, most of the money coming from out of state. Kasich has done nothing but lie to Ohioans, and down the road he’s going to try to dismantle Medicare. There’s too much to go into right now for this particular post, I’m just reaching out to try to help Ohio’s Democratic candidates have a chance to help stop our downward spiral into Republican Hell. Please help us get rid of Boehner and Kasich by donating to our Democratic candidates now.

  9. This is why we need a constitutional amendment that require elections be 100% publically funded only, declares money is property not speech, and that corporations are not people.

    The activist group I am a core member of working to make this happen is called The 28ers.

  10. Isn’t Boehner the same guy who a week or so ago asked if Obama “will ever take responsibility about anything”?

    Boehner is for sure NOT one to talk…

  11. Toney D, When are the Republicans in the House going to work on the bills that have passed in the Senate & have been sent to the House? John Boehner refuses to allow any bills that have passed in the Senate to be voted on in the House. It goes both ways, Toney!

  12. Awww, don’t be so hard on Toney D. He’s only regurgitating stuff and nonsense he’s read on RW websites, and doesn’t understand how government works. Or how and why it isn’t, as seems to be the case.

  13. So even Boehner agrees that he’s just a sock puppet.
    The only disagreement is over who’s fist is crammed up his ass.

  14. EVERYTHING the Republicans do is unpopular with Americans, and that includes sane Republican voters.

    If anythinc, Boehner has shown what a punk he is. Concerned about keeping his post as Speaker of the House, he has decided to kiss the back sides of the teahadist and do their bidding instead of what “we the people” want.

    And “we the people” can relieve Bohner of his job via the voting ballot come November. If we can get enough Democrats elected, Pelosi, who has more balls than Boehner can only wish he had, becomes Speaker of the House.

  15. Psst, Johnny, hate to tell that the “House passed stuff / Senate won’t” works both ways.

    Betcha there are more Senate actions (especially of major impact to substantial majority of Americans) that YOU have refused to bring to the House floor for action that what the House sent over to the Senate.

  16. First of all Boehner is a joke. He gets that Huckleberry Hound expression on his face trying to make the people understand that he is a leader, when in reality he’s one of the worst politicians in the history of this country. The qualifications to be GOP/Teabagger is blame and deny and their game plan is do nothing.

  17. Every post here misses the real point no politician works for the people. They stand on party lines and blame each other for things going to shit. Get your head out and think for yourselves. This new media is lying to all of us and you guys sit there and follow like sheep. So when Obama and the Democrats along with the Republicans lead you to slaughter it will be too late. Awake up we are losing our rights and freedoms. Soon with the events of today we maybe firing for our lives.

  18. Boehner’s lawsuit has no grounds and is going to cost tax payer money if he goes through with it. If there is anything about the Obama administration that really chaps by ass, it’s John Boehner.


  20. The same reason that liberals re-elect Nancy Pelosi (have to pass it to know whats it it),and Barrack Obama (never questioned about his unkept campaign promises)

  21. It amazes me that Boehner and repubs have faught to repeal or defund the ACA 50 times. Boehner is now suing claiming Obama is not executing the health law as it is written. Obama should go ahead and apply the employer mandate and be done with it. And watch how fast Boner change his tune. By the way repubs promised massive job loss because of ACA. I guess the 288,000 jobs added last month is the start of it? Oh n how about that recent survey that found 77% of registered repubs that signed up for the ACA actually like their coverage!!. Be interesting if some of these same republicans vote against their own interest.

  22. When the House passes bills that are job bills and not tax cuts for the rich. Have you read any of the bills you post about. Everyone has some kind of tax cut for the rich, the people that don’t create jobs.

  23. We need a new Democratic speaker of the House so there will be new leadership because so many have problems with the way she ran the House when she was the Speaker and have a negative view of her. A different person might be better since he or she wouldn’t have the baggage that Nancy has from her being House Speaker before.

  24. The difference with the bills passed in the House and Senate is, the Senate passes bipartisan bills (for those that don’t understand (we know who that is); means both parties while in the House they pass bills with the Hassert rule, ONLY Republican support.

  25. The GOP and Boehner are essentially going to use taxpayer dollars to run an election campaign for 2014. These people are despicable unpatriotic scumbags and continue to fleece the American taxpayers for their own personal gain. Wake up!!

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