GOP Wants Mitt Back: 70% Of Republican Voters Are Open to Voting For Romney in 2016


The idea that Mitt Romney may run for president again in 2016 is getting closer to becoming a reality as a Vox Populi Poll found that 70% of Republican primary voters are open to voting again for Romney.

Republican primary voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina were asked if they would consider voting for Romney again for their party’s nomination in 2016. Twenty-three percent of South Carolina primary voters would vote for Mitt Romney again, and 51% would consider it. In New Hampshire, 30% would definitely vote for him, and 47% would consider it. In Iowa, 21% would definitely vote for him, and 53% would consider it.

The numbers in each state suggest that Romney already has enough support to win two or maybe all three of the first three primary states on the Republican calendar. Romney’s support has stayed fairly consistent with his 2012 performance. In 2012, Romney got 25% of the caucus vote in Iowa. Today, he is at 21% in the state. Romney got 39% of the 2012 GOP primary vote in New Hampshire, and he is at 30% today. In South Carolina, Romney got 28% of the vote in 2012, and he is sitting at 23% today.

Romney’s lingering popularity with Republican primary voters suggests that voters aren’t in love with any of their possible options. Scandals have sunk Chris Christie and Scott Walker. Rand Paul remains a Paul, and his foreign policy views are completely out of step with most of the party. Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have past support of immigration reform working against them, and the rest of the potential candidates hail from the Ted Cruz kooky wing of the party.

A glance through the alternatives makes it easy to understand why Romney remains popular with so many Republican primary voters. It might seem unbelievable, but Mr. 47% could be the least damaged Republican option out there. The big money voices in the GOP have been trying to cut a deal to clear the field and hand Romney the nomination, but they may not even need to do it.

A path is forming for Mitt Romney to run for a third time, and win back to back Republican nominations. Romney would lose to Hillary Clinton by an even larger margin than he lost to President Obama, but Republicans in early voting states believe that he is their best option in what could be a historically bad field of candidates.

Republican voters are willing to hand the presidency to Hillary Clinton by returning to Mitt Romney as their nominee.

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  1. Is this scaring the hell out of Ann Romney? I couldn’t ever forget that she said after 2012 longest primaries and campaign in the history, she said no more…..

    If Mitt runs then it sure would be tantamount of how careless he is about his own wife’s feelings.

  2. Republicans wanting Romney to be their candidate for 2016, only shows how feel about the rest of their weak candidates. It also shows they have nothing new to offer.

  3. Oh, good grief. These rich white guys and their sense of entitlement. Just can’t possibly imagine that their money won’t buy them everything and anything they want, or feel should belong to them, nothing being denied. Reminds me of that old Beatles song, “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Isn’t happening, Mitt….there’s no love for you in the thumping gizzards that pass for hearts in the Republican party.

  4. How in the hell could RMoney win getting only 70% support from Republicans? You know that if RMoney is the GOP candidate there will also be a Tea Party candidate on many red state ballots.

    If Rmoney can’t get every rightwing vote in states like Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri and of course Florida, 2012’s dismal numbers will be a stretch for him to repeat.

  5. Don’t fall for the okey doke. Queen Ann didn’t just get that name as a term of endearment. She, more than the mittster is power hungry and sees herself better than us serfs.

  6. lord help the cause! they want mitt romney to run in 2016 because he already has experience not winning presidential races! why bother nominating paul,cruz, christie, jed bush…..they have zero experience losing presidential races!

    but mitt, hey, if he gets the gop nomination and loses the presidency again, and he will, he has experience twice over in conceding elections.
    not to mention romney had ecperience with horrible gop pollsters!

    why bring in a virgin to learn all this when romney knows the ropes already!

  7. Nationally the Reich are irreverent. Who gives a rats ass if 70% of republicans support him. Bet you a donut the Christian right will not turn out in enough numbers to support him and if the teabaggers line up for him, then their crass hypocrisy would be shown. I know we already know this but for the rank and file stupid they will finally know

  8. It’s like Bob Seger said, “Beautiful Loser, read it on the wall, and realize that you just can’t have it all”.

    On the other hand, the rest of the wannabe’s are even bigger losers than he is…….

  9. You are absolutely right djchefron. Queen Anne wants the White House so bad, she’d sell her own children if it meant she could live there..

  10. Hold on everyone!! Mitt has a great possibility of winning. He can get the binder full of women to vote for him and Queen Anne. After all, the queen said before it was their time to win.

  11. hope this never happens and I doubt he would go head to head with Hillary. she’s a man eater. I don’t think queen anne would go for a second round.

  12. The Wealthy Plutocrats definitely want Mitty to be President.

    He will do whatever they tell Him.

    Just like George W. Bush.

    Another Village Idiot as President.

  13. The Oligarchy knows they can control Romney, he’s so Reagan-like.

    Believe me…they’re gonna try to steal 2016 like we’ve never thought possible.

    We all need to be on guard!

  14. Thats why rich guys surround themselves with “yes men” telling them they’re invincible. Romney has folders full.

  15. if he does run, i just hope anonymous is on their toes to stop any funny business that might happen on the election servers like they were in 2012

  16. Since Republicans don’t care about facts, they will find no problem voting for a hard nosed Mormon. Whatsoever the religion or no religion of a Presidential candidate makes no difference to me, except in the case of a Mormon. No one that seriously believes in the lunacy of Joseph Smith Jr. should never be President or VP. They are to easily conned, plain and simple, and the substance of the con, if truly believed, indicates that person cannot be trusted to reach anything near a rational, 21st century, conclusion.

  17. She can have her own planet, and according to the Mormon faith, she’ll get one, but I can’t wait for her to just leave this one, and take the rest of her kooky clan with her.

  18. When will Republicans figure out that the majority of American voters did not vote for Mitt because he’s a liar, period, end of story. He can’t, nor should he, ever run for anything but the hills from now on.

  19. Romney is a nasty, vicious piece of work.

    As he and his mouthpieces will be the darlings of the Sunday shows and FOX and the network’s new broadcast generally it will be up to the Democrats to unrelentingly remind him of what a nasty, mouthy candidate he was.
    His comments in Israel, Netanyahu’s open favorite for president, where he smeared Palestinians, his unbelievably insulting comments to folks at the NAACP convention and his tacky, snide remarks about being born in Michigan, referring to Obama’s birthplace and his arrogant, snide attacks on the presidency, calling it FAILED every day for at least six months make him an arrogant racist.
    He may look good and have FOX at his back but he’s a vicious, nasty, arrogant s.o.b.

  20. By 2016, Climate Change will be so bad even Sarah Palin’s GOP will have to start doing something about it or get ready for the “End Times!”

  21. Some have said here that the wealthy plutocrats LOVE Rmoney. It’s true that the Mormon Oligarchy do, he’s their “White Horse” who is to bring America under the control of their theocrats. And they ARE an extremely wealthy(beyond Midas). But the Dominionist/Reconstruction folks are equally wealthy, even better organized & are further along in their agenda to rule the world. They just don’t have their stooge yet.

    The Mormons do – Romney is completely theirs, and he’s not about to rule under Dominionist thumbs. He & Queenie have their marching orders & are fanatical believers. Of course it’s all about wealth,power & control from both sides, and they have many identical policies, but they’ll never concede that power to the other.

    We’ll just have to prevent either side from taking over the Country – again,starting with the midterms.

  22. Womney, still doesn’t understand, that more people than ever, are hurting, no jobs, no way to get money and it is because of people like him, who put them in that position.

    Well, the GOP couldn’t have picked a better choice, than that phoney, reptilian snake and hypocrite.

  23. I really, really want to see Mitt Romney run again.

    I have never believed, nor will anyone ever convince me that you did not win the last election. You were ahead until Ohio. What are the chances that whole counties voted only Democratic.
    Ask yourselves people, Mitt is a good, decent and very wise man. I’d rather have him on our side than anyone else I can think of. He didn’t keep morning his loss, he went on with his life. He would protect America with every fiber of his being. An honest man who has worked for every dollar he has, just like the rest of us. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I worked my butt off to raise my family.
    Help America get back to the GREAT COUNTRY it has always been. URGE MITT to run again!!

  24. MItt Romney, the off shore jobs and money guy..take from the USA and send offshore…what a prime example of an American Patriot.. in addition to dodging the draft!…WHAT A FRIGGIN JOKE!! HAHAHA

  25. He’s a nasty, greedy, sociopathic, entitledment oriented, self-absorbed bully that is what he is.

    He isn’t fit to be a dog catcher, and Americans proved that vividly in 2012.

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