John McCain Betrays Our Commander In Chief By Calling Obama Cowardly On Fox News


Senator John McCain called the Obama administration “cowardly” for waiting for the facts before taking action on the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight.

Senator John McCain wasted no time on Fox News politicizing the tragedy of the ceased Malaysia Airlines Flight which caused the deaths of nearly 300 people.


“It’s just been cowardly, it’s a cowardly administration that failed to give the Ukrainians weapons with which to defend themselves,” McCain said on Hannity.

Oh, yes. It’s cowardly the way the Obama administration failed to jump on the imaginary WMD in Iraq.

McCain also claimed that President Obama went AWOL,”This is just what we used to call in the military AWOL…This is directly loss of American lives here, and the president goes to a fundraiser? Help me out….I don’t understand this president. Crisis on the border, he did the fundraisers, the fundraisers in New York while there are major, major conflicts, not to mention the loss of American lives, is reported that there were Americans on that airplane. I do not understand it.”

Republicans can’t stand the Obama doctrine. John McCain would rather be bomb, bomb, bombing any and everyone before the facts come in — you know, just in case. Sen. McCain is so frustrated by the fact that the Obama foreign policy has worked where his neo-con warmongering has failed that he has been reduced to personal attacks and name calling.

John McCain’s solution to everything is more guns. Notice that he isn’t calling for US troops in the region, he just wants to create a full blown war. It is odd that McCain would call Obama a coward when it was George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who abandoned their posts and went into hiding on 9/11.

The true cowards are Republicans like John McCain, who lied the country into going to war with Iraq, and have never taken responsibility for the American blood on their hands. Republicans are trying sleazily to use the loss of 298 lives as a political weapon against President Obama.

When McCain’s comments are viewed in this context, it is easy to see who is the real coward.

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  1. McCain, it is seldom recalled, was shot down over North Vietnam while bombing civilian areas in an undeclared war. This is hardly a courageous act.

  2. Don’t forget he was called songbird by his fellow POW’s for a reason and I don’t think it was belting out show tunes

  3. hey McCain – I am so glad you are not president and never will be. you want war and “we the people” do not want war. when you send our troops to war and they come back you have nothing to offer them but grief. our president knows what he is doing – that’s why he won twice – so let him do his job without you and your buddies working against him. and last, you sir are the coward!

  4. Excuse me for my directness,..F#&ck You! McCain and the broke dicked white conservative horse you rode in on!…Carry on…

  5. Fox News politicized this with the AWOL president thing. Not just the commentators, but news people as well. The President has far more communications available to him than any Fox news reporter, and is constant communication with staff, agencies, and those who can feed him info about the situation. Unlike some of the pretend-reporters of Fox (and the right-wing media), this president can actually communicate AND do many things at once. Perhaps if they would stop spending their efforts on complaining about EVERYTHING Mr. Obama does, and spent it on finding the truth, they might rise to the level of journeyman reporter.

  6. McCain seems to be showing signs of dementia, he wants to bomb everyone without finding out the facts, we would be at war with everyone if he were president.
    Obama put in place tough new sanctions on Russia before this happened but the Europeans like Merkel have been too chicken to upset Putin too much now they have lost citizens I wonder if they are re thinking their Putin
    Remember a month or so back – Fox News said they thought Putin deserved a peace prize?

  7. Remember folks, when the Soviet Union shot a Korean Airline jet in the 80’s killing a sitting US Congressman Larry Mc Donald what did Reagan do??? Send Jeanne Kirpatrick to the UN to make a speech condemning the action. And the Soviets??? Call the plane a spyplane, and give conspiracy fanantics a lot of disinformation through various channels.

    We don’t need hotheads in this situation.

  8. John McCain just LOVES him some
    It might be helpful if he took a
    a good long look at the Great Seal
    of the United States of America.
    An American Eagle.
    In his left talon, he is clutching
    13 arrows.
    In his right talon, an olive branch.
    The eagle’s head faces the side of the
    olive branch, the symbol for Peace.
    Not only does it emphasize the power of peace, but the Great Seal itself was born out of the desire for peace.

  9. Senator McCain, please read the constitution. You LOST and President Obama won.

    Get over your loathsome disrespect of the man the American citizens chose over you.

  10. Think about it. If “mad-man”john and “crazy” sarah had won the presidential elections instead of Obama there be no one complaining today about anything. Because our entire planet (earth last time I checked) would have already been destroyed by the wars that they would have incited. In my opinion.

  11. Not to mention he was one of the worst students (and pilots) to ever come out of Annapolis where he graduated 790th out of 795.

  12. Seems like Putin is bending now or caving) he is calling for a cease fire and investigation, although his people have probably run off with the evidence, but he is sounding like he is coming round to Obamas way of thinking, let’s hope so!

  13. I’m sure glad McCain isn’t president, because we would have been in several wars by now. Doesn’t he understand this is an international incident ( many countries lost lives in the air plane disaster) and America just can’t do whatever it wants to do. I seem to remember McCain thought ISIS were the good guys in Syria.

    I’ve never seen an American in Congress, who thought the only answer to every international incident is some kind of military action, instead of diplomacy.

    McCain, why don’t you go after Putin, who you seem to admire, who told Pres. Obama, he was going to withdraw Russian troops from the area, which he didn’t and may have increased instead them increased them.

    McCain all you are interested in, no matter what the issue, is to get your face on TV to bash Pres. Obama.

  14. I may have to strangle the next person who claims that the criticism that President Obama has received over the past 5 years “isn’t as bad as President Bush got.” McCain needs to just sit down and STFU!

  15. McCain you are despicable and you are by far the coward. Your war record proves it. You were lucky your daddy was in a position in the military and able to save you. Killing innocent villagers while playing your own war games and disobeying flight orders should have earned you a dishonorable discharge. Now you prove your warmongering stance by calling our Commander and Chief a coward!? You can’t wait to push that “button” and get our soldiers involved in another war for your buddies in the military industry here in Arizona. Sick!

  16. I heard that Russia is already meddling with this investigation as they have taken the aircraft’s black box. Of course, this is after Putin announced that the country the aircraft crashed in was responsible for its cleanup.

    I’m so grateful President Obama is our leader. Putin is a very dangerous man who can’t be trusted. Fortunately, Obama has learned to pay no attention to the GOP’s grandstand when making serious decisions. I just wish the GOP could see how stupid & disrespectful they look when they bash the president. But *sigh* this comes with the right to free speech.

  17. “When McCains comments are viewed in this context,it’s easy to see who is the real coward” I submit Jason that the context you speak of is Reality, Historical pragmatic reality. It is no wonder that McCain and his contemporaries are so lost and bitter.

  18. Johnny “bomb-bomb” McCain has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. He and his fellow warmongers have crossed the line and disrespected the Commander-in-Chief too many times, they are not patriots in any sense of the word.

  19. I’ve said it before: This isn’t a banana republic or a petrolistan we’re dealing with. This is the former Soviet Union. The nukes, thermonukes,and delivery systems are still out there, and with them, the very real prospect of destroying life on this planet swiftly and totally, instead of slowly and bit by bit. Someone McCain’s age should remember that, but I suspect he forgets to wipe his * before putting on his Jockeys.

  20. He’s been showing signs of dementia for years now. It’s time for the state of Arizona to ask him to resign. What does he want the Administration to do? Bomb Russia? We know McCain wants to bomb Iran, so why not Russia too? He has no idea what is actually going on, he is absolutely insane and any network that puts his blank, staring face on its television screen is not going to find me tuning in any time soon. By the way, has his best buddy, Lindsay, had anything to say about this.

  21. Dear Senator,
    As a Dutch citizen who just lost at least 189 fellow citizens, I am appalled by what you are trying to do her. The Dutch Prime Minister, has asked to wait for all the facts before conclusions can be made. In this case I think it is the only right thing the President can do. He is merely following his ally who suffered an 18,900% higher loss in lives. First we need to be able to get to the area, recover the victims remains and trying to recover prove as much as we can. If you are trying to play with fire, you might get burned. Maybe you should board a plane and fly to Donetsk yourself and recover the back boxes. If you don’t want to do this, then keep your mouth shut!

  22. I was stationed in Korea a year after that incident.

    Outside of his rampant Affluenza, a pathological need to have a good, stiff mic stuck in his face and a record as the worst supporter of military compensation, I suspect McCain’s problem is heavy financial interests in arms sales.

  23. sedition[ si-dish-uhn ]
    1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    3. rebellious disorder.

  24. McCain is pretty much irrelevant at this point. Fox News needs to be investigate and prosecuted for sedition, and treason. Freedom of the press does not mean freedom to commit treason, or sedition which Fox does repeatedly.

  25. John McCain says if he had been president there might not have been an Iraq War

    Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, made a surprising suggestion Thursday night: If he had been elected in 2000, there might not have been a war in Iraq.

    “If presented with that same evidence today, I would vote the same way,” McCain said of his vote to deploy troops in the country. “I respected and trusted the Secretary of State, Colin Powell. But it’s obvious now, in retrospect, that Saddam Hussein – although he had used weapons of mass destruction – did not have the inventory that we seem to have evidence of. Which now looking back on it, with the benefit of hindsight, (the evidence) was very flimsy.”

    First of all, you war mongering, blood thirsty sociopath you had the same background in the military and “knowledge” of national security when you were pushing for the war SO JUST STFU asshole

  26. for waiting for the facts before taking action on the downed Malaysian Airlines Flight.
    McCain is from Arizona. A state with a bunch of loons. Need more be said?

  27. He’s offended that POTUS waited for facts? Why let facts get in the way of politicizing a tragedy? He got the facts (1 American), and is responding to the tragedy, but who wanted him to jump in and respond without knowing exactly what he was responding to? McCain has sunk so far into irrelevancy, he thinks he has come out the other side and is important again. Time to send the old guy home.

  28. Harold; As an American, I’d like to apologise for the crass response of some of our people. American non-politicians recoginize this as a tragedy, and we offer our sympathy in the loss of your country-men.

    Some Republicans, unfortunately, can’t wait to use anything in the political arena.

    Again, my apologies and our sympathy.

  29. F#ck McCain and his comments! It is no surprise that this sick man will disrespect the man who beat him in the election. He and his crazy Vice president pick would have sent boots on the ground to Ukraine in a heartbeat and by that created a serious confrontation with Russia. The world is GLAD that this psycho warmonger is not in control. Message to McCain: STFU and go join Cheney in the “undisclosed” location. Let the sane people (our President and others) take care of this situation. As we knew: The Republican farts are going to blame this tragedy on Obama. BTW they started…watch any segment of FOX news right now.

  30. If we can get so lucky. This guy needs to retire now. Hes just an embarrassment to the people of Arizona and the U.S government.

  31. In that case, have some mtsvadi. There is a dispute as to whether the marinade is best made with red wine,vinegar, sparkling water, or pomegranate juice, but I have found Coca Cola more efficacious than any of them (and that’s where Georgia meets Georgia).

  32. True. Don’t forget the civilian plane our military shot down, again under Reagan.

    McCain is an out of touch, war mongering buffoon. May he die a slow, painful death. Sooner than later!

  33. EVERYTHING Obama has done thus far has been rife with cowardice and/or political expediency. I despise McCain overall and BOTH treasonous political Parties but truer words have never been spoken. Obama is a hack who has led (or failed to lead) this country to the brink of obscurity. He has made us a laughing stock.

  34. The good thing is that there is evidence already that cannot be stolen or destroyed. This was discussed today on NPR and it seems pretty certain already that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile by russian separatists, by mistake, as they thought it was a military transport. Apparently, the starting point and trajectory of the missile is available on a satellite feed. The missile system might have been stolen from the Ukranian military, or as some claim, was provided by the russians and some claim to have video of the transfer of the missile across the border.

  35. I actually have a solution to the McCain stupidity. As Commander in Chief, our president has the authority to recall any and all commissioned military personnel at his will. Unless McCain resigned his commission as an officer, he is at the leisure of the President of the United States until he dies. Maybe it’s time to activate some of these critics and put them under direct command. Their vocal criticism then becomes insubordination punishable under the UCMJ. Just a thought!

  36. If anybody told the truth and criticized bush, they got a good smack down and were told they weren’t being ‘patriotic’, ‘good Americans’ and ‘If you’re not for us, you’re against us’.
    I don’t know about anybody else, but I and other friends of mine were afraid to speak our minds.
    Republicans are always harping about free speech, but if you notice their motto really is “Free speech for me, and not for thee.”

  37. McCain is it time for you to STFU and retire? Give it up! You have become a laughing stock. Your ideas and comments are NOT seriously taken. You have been relegated to the clown car of the Republican party, along with your dingbat choice for VP: Sara, “Mama bear”, Palin. Both of you are a JOKE! Get out of the scene,because nobody takes you seriously anymore….DON’T YOU GET IT? !!! GO!

  38. DAVID DILL…..It’s comments like yours that tells me that tells me there are more people like you that just Don’t THINK! just the same old partisan views that makes no sense!

  39. There seems to be a tone in some comments that old equates to confused. Attend a discussion of world events at a Senior Center and you will find just the opposite. However, those who try to shape the future to look like the past are swimming upstream. It was only 20 some years ago that Russian tanks rolled into Afghanistan. We saved the day but continue to fight the war. Deja vu.

  40. yep; the “song bird” is singing the same old tune. This mook is showing up all over the place making outlandish comments;he has no shame; feeble minded comments for the feeble minded.

  41. Once again, John “the Arms Merchant” McCain attempts to use ‘6 degrees of separation’ logic to link the airliner tragedy with his ongoing demand to directly involve the U.S. in every conflict happening on foreign soil around the world.

    Conservative pundits demand saber-rattling now — we can determine the details of the rocket attack on the airliner later.

  42. McCain is a traitor. You don’t speak of those things in times of turmoil. He is a wuss. McCain cannot get over the fact that President Obama is smarter, better looking and an analytical thinker….McCain is just a wimp who bullies his way through life. He sold the country out as a POW…cheated on his wife, and is a Keating criminal. Seems he is so madly in love with Putin calling him a LEADER, (LOL), I guess now he will have to eat crow.

  43. DAVID DILL IF YOU HATE THE WAY US DEMOCRTAS HANDLE THIN WHY DONT YOU ENLIST ANFD MARCH INTO DONESKST AD FIGHT THE RUSSIAN SEPARATISTS LIKE MACNUTTS HE SAT OUT THE WAR IN NORTH VIETNAM ,INCARCERATED GIVEN FAVROBALE TREATMENT WHILE WE FOUGHT THE WAR ON tHE GRoUND IN SOUTH ViETNAM.every one thinks he sold us out to the nva while a pow then i heard song bird johnmcnutt the prince was treated like royalty/he even had pastor hagee as his p[siritual leader from san antonio then i heard hagee has a ranch in arizona wtf is going on.hagee wanted mccain elected president so we could usher in the rapture warring against iran? what kind of insanity, is this old man spewing? sean kkklanity looks like another person who would sell out his mother to the enemy to survive and be given favorable treat ment.some one said obama would be bal;med for mh17s attacked by russian missiles

  44. I’d like to ask McCain and those who are calling for the U.S. to arm the rebels in Syria, send arms to the Ukraine, and put boots on the ground in several nations in the Middle East how well it worked out for us when, under Pres. Reagan, the U.S. armed the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan. Of course, he’d deny that the Mujaheddin is today’s Taliban who have been responsible for killing our troops in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and the reason he’d do it is because it was the GOPTP “god” Saint Ronnie who did it. This more than anything should tell any sane American that McCain is a partisan hack who’s still bitter that he lost to Obama in 2008 and is still upset because this president doesn’t consult him before he makes a decision.

  45. Then James when he was captured and held prisoner, his fellow prisoners called him “the song bird” Look to your self McCain, just who is the coward?

  46. McCain should STFU and stop going on cable news and embarrasing himself with outlandish accusations.

  47. The old white man proved to the American people that his decisions are worth a plug nickel. Look at who he choose as his running mate. His experienced in foreign policy is being shot down in Viet Nam, and even there he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He’s always in Hannity’s face, disrespecting our President. He shouldn’t have to worry about a job when he finally leaves his government job. All he needs to do is follow the source of the brown stuff on his nose.

  48. I understand why you’re bringing Fox News lies to Politicus, and I guess I’d do the same thing if I knew that everything my political party has done for the last 30+ years has done irreparable harm to the U.S., its citizens, and the world. I realize that you have problems facing the fact that trickle-down economics doesn’t work; deregulation has been a disaster for our environment, our planet, and our health; that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves; and that invading Iraq has resulted in the destabilization of the Middle East, among other things. You voted for the politicians who brought this misery upon the American people and the world, and now you’re angry about the negative things their actions have caused to happen. They lied to you, you believed the lies, thought their policies would bring you personal prosperity, and now you’re pissed, but so am I. I’m pissed because people like you bought the BS that these RW pols were selling simply because it sounded “good.”

  49. Today, I was having a conversation with a brother-in-law who spends his winters in Arizona. He thinks it’s great. I put my finger to my temple, saying it’s all up here in the brain( dear brother-in-law.) their brains are dehydrated. Wouldn’t live there if they gave me the whole state. Palin, McCain and their Gov. are way too much for me.

  50. Is hummingbird McCain calling someone a coward. Thank God Obama not a WAR MONGER. FUCK YOU HUMMINGBIRD

  51. 9th IDNAMVET 66-67, thanks for your service but you should really find out who you’re dealing with before you spout your ignorance. 22 years Marine Corps. Several tours of duty to the middle east including one in which I lost the lower portion of my right leg during direct combat with muslim scumbags. Obama gave away our advantage in Iraq and cancelled out all sacrifices made by American warriors (you should know that feeling). He left Americans to die, offering no support. He holds the American fighting man in disdain. Americans are irrelevant as a result of his administration’s foreign policy. He has lied, cheated, and subverted the Constitution. No one will be held accountable for shooting down this airliner. McCain is an idiot but so are liberal/progressive policies. You and your politics are making our country a laughing stock. Quit already.

  52. Wow, a fairly intelligent, if misguided, response. I didn’t think libs were capable. You make a lot of assumptions, however. I do not align myself with the Republican party, nor do I with the Democrats. Both Parties are bringing our great country to her knees. You listed a host of failures (perceived failures) by the Republicans. Can you list even one win resulting from Obama’s policies. Just one. Good luck.

  53. Let’s see, all these accomplishments happened by April 2012.

    5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan
    4. Ended the War in Iraq
    3. Passed Wall Street Reform
    2. Passed the Stimulus
    1. Passed Health Care Reform

    Plus you can find 45 more examples here

  54. If, I’m not mistaken when this whole conflict began through the region. I remembered the media exposed how the every time America and/or relatively any powerful nation supply weapons to even the score. These same weapons are either left, stolen, abandon, and/ or used against us. I’m grateful this President use a great deal of common sense and thought before making any decision. Again, I always fought the news outlets because they always approach the same set of elected officials ( McCain, Graham, Ayotte and King) but at least Graham hasn’t attempt to Monday Quarterback this issue.

  55. My son got injured in Iraq twice too, blah, blah, blah. The difference between you and him is that he was smart enough to eventually see that the USA had no business going in there and that he was dupe, a pawn, an unwitting participant in a crime.

    Furthermore, when did American
    soldiers become ‘warriors’???

  56. I am TOTALLY impressed, not to say gobsmacked, that you know something about Georgian food. Go to the website You can get “utskho suneli” (blue fenugreek) there. I know of no other source.

    Have you ever seen the book ‘The Classic Cuisine of Soviet Georgia’ by Julianne Margvelashvili? Highly recommended. You can find it used on Delightful reading.

  57. McCain has lost it. He just needs to retire and give us all a break. He is a real jerk to call President Obama a coward. He is the worse kind of politician. I can’t stand this man and he needs to shut up.

  58. I think about this daily..What if!!PBO is so level headed and looks at the situation before making any bad moves..Grumpy gramps just wants to bomb bomb..

  59. Well gee, why haven’t you responded to UncaJoe’s comment David Dill? Have you run out of lame insults, or did you realize that you’ll get CRUSHED in any legitimate debate against any liberal with half a brain?

    Your comments completely lack sense, logic, and facts. Your insults are pathetic. If you really believe that all liberals are too stupid to post anything intelligent then you are the one who is ignorant, my misguided pal. The fact that you failed to respond to UncaJoe’s very simple but effective response proves that you don’t know jack shit and are just a mindless mouthpiece who repeats the latest Drudge headlines and ‘talking points’ without even trying to understand the actual facts or bothering to think for yourself. Please at least be prepared to defend your positions if you’re going to accuse people of ignorance or stupidity – you’re only going to continue looking foolish if you can’t defend your positions.

  60. McCain may seriously have an age related dementia issue. How is not starting another war before any investigation happens in the Ukraine going to help anyone, including our allies who have to deal with and live near Russia? Only someone mentally compromised would even say something that insane, except of course he was spot on with that Palin chick for VP, she turned out to be a real light of sanity for the GOP. Thanks John you batshit crazy old man who needs to retire from public life sooner than later.

  61. Further proof McCain is a senile hypocrite wh needs to retire and never be seen or heard from again.
    Maybe dubya could give him painting lessons?

  62. Rich coming from McCain. The guy who picked Sarah Palin to be a few heartbeats away from the Presidency. His campaign convinced him to choose a semi-illiterate with less than a middle school knowledge of foreign affairs. She couldn’t pick out US states on a map much less Russia.
    Yet he inflicted Sarah’s poor language skills & mind numbing idiocy on us to get the female vote. Like we’re that dumb. He soon realized she was an unstable hate monger. But he refused to dump her. That’s cowardly.

  63. McCain want to play war with our son’s & daughter’s lives. Let the crank put on his old uniform & take the first plane out to Ukraine. No one’s stopping him.

  64. Like so many of our Arizona republicans, McCain makes me ashamed to be from AZ. It’s definitely time for Johnny Mac to step down and ride off into the AZ sunset. He’s nothing but a warmongering old fart who has long since made himself irrelevant.

  65. And by the way, calling the president a coward, is,IMHO,a clear act of sedition.Not only is McCain the coward, lobbing criticism from afar, he’s also a criminal

  66. Harold, “Every death diminishes me.” John Donn. I’m truly sorry for the loss of your fellow citizens and all the others and hope there will be an honest investigation and the people responsible will be brought to justice. There’s no excuse for this kind of action.
    May they all rest in peace.

  67. @David Doofus Dill, I think you lost a portion of your already shrunken brain. Your god, GW Bush agreed in writing to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. PO had no choice but to withdraw as the deed was already signed, sealed and delivered.
    Warriors indeed. You killed innocent people on lies of WMDs, you ought to show some remorse, it was murder plain and simple. STFU, and stop watching FCUK Noise, they are a “R’thug/Teabaggie propaganda site. Have some respect man.

  68. Uncajoe,
    1.Publicly timing the withdrawal in Afghanistan has only emboldened the Taliban which now our leaves the administration negotiating with the same terrorists we went over to root out.
    2.It has already been mentioned that Bush signed the orders to have the troops pulled out, although Obama failed to negotiate any extension of the troop occupation, it was Bush’s policies that laid the ground for withdrawal. You can’t have it both ways.
    3.Wall Street reform is a sham largely written by insiders. No Wall Street bankers have been prosecuted or gone to jail. They are happy to just pay fines, it is the cost of doing business, just ask Jamie Dimon or John Corzine.
    4.The extraordinary failure of Obamacare is well documented from the spirally costs to the average consumer to the consistent and costly failure of the connector websites. Yes they have managed to sign up (aka Medicaid)millions to free healthcare, and they heavily subsidized policy holders are happy, but many already…

  69. had insurance that they were satisfied with, only to have the rug pulled out from under them. Also many of the most onerous parts of the bill’s implementation have been postponed, the administration trying to hold of even worse disasters until after the election.

  70. BTW when I say “free” healthcare it is understood that it is anything but free. It will only sooner bankrupt Medicaid, and may states it consistently drives more patients to emergency rooms along with the burgeoning class of illegals being imported at a record rate and will only serve to accelerate the bankruptcy of many hospitals.

  71. McCain is a disgrace to his military service and family military service.

    To call the commander-in-chief a coward is the act of an undisciplined, disrespectful coward himself. If he had only said, “I disagree with the President’s actions in this matter” that would have been his right or even his duty as a legally-elected representative of the people.

    No, he had to show the world what a disaster as a military officer and a human being he is.

  72. Has John McCain ever met a war he didn’t like? I don’t think we have enough troops to man every war McCain has advocated for. Maybe that is one of the reasons he never became president…. Ya think there???? Pathetic…. He is on the growing list of neocons that we should never ever ever ask their opinions on foreign policy again.

  73. Yeah, it’s getting bad. He’s turned into the crazy grandpa who lost it a few years ago. He also looks more and more like Mr Potato Head every day.

  74. Thank GOD this guy did not win the election. If it were up to McCain the military would be launching air strikes in South Central L.A. and along the Mexican border. This is his only solution to any problem. Then again, he does represent a state in which the defense industry is the cash cow.

  75. (1) Apparently the words “lost cause” do not compute. It was NEVER a war that could be won. NEVER. You’re NEVER gonna stamp out “terrorism.” NEVER. Got it yet? Every bomb, every drone, every POW, every Gitmo detainee, every sanction – all of it only breeds more. Forever and ever and ever. Ramen.
    This was nothing more than a Vietnam reboot. Hmmmm, lemme see – unpopular invasion with natives, natives caught between extreme warring factions, hit-and-run tactics, friendly neighboring country to melt into if it gets too hot, corrupt political cabal being bolstered by us. Replace North Vietnam, Laos with Pakistan. Replace jungle with desert – Bingo. Its the same unwinnable, shameful, ugly cash machine all over again, with checks being cashed with young American lives and countless civilians’ lives.

    (2) How was Obama supposed to negotiate a time extension when the price for negotiation was ceding the right for the arrest of any American doing sumpin they shouldn’t? We’ll wait.

  76. (3) THAT one I’ll give you. The failure to prosecute those Wall Street criminals is utterly shameful. Problem is, I’m betting the failure would be just as bipartisan as can be. You realllllly believe that a prez Romney would have prosecuted any of the same people he routinely does business with?? If so, you need to start passing around whatever you’re smoking.

    (4) Obamacare is nothing more than Republicanism writ large. Its a business solution to a human problem. I still can barely believe the uniform animosity this insurance scam has received from the very people who created it. Unless or until we can get ALL insurance companies and ALL employers OUT of the business of financing healthcare in this country, we will ALL be paying the price. Healthcare is not a commodity, it should be a human right. There should not be different standards and practices for different people. I don’t know why that is such a difficult concept for so many to wrap their heads around.

  77. Well…if that sinister, evil deed done to that Malaysian aircraft, happened in Arizona or any of the US territories or holdings, then little Johnny would maybe have an argument….but as it is, I think McCain should not be in the position he is in….

    Here’s a thought McCain/Palin for president in 2016….now that ought to keep those two out of everyone’s way for a couple of years.

  78. If McCain was truly a statesman, he would NEVER stoop so low and call the Commander in Chief ANY names.

    IMHO, all McCain’s words are sour grapes …with no substance to them!

  79. Isn’t it obvious, even to YOU, that you simply WANT to see bad in anything the president does? The way you phrase things – it is perfectly obvious that you are actively looking for ANYTHING, ANY REASON to sling ugly accusations about. Just reading your posts is somewhat sickening. You truly believe that Pres Obama is “importing” illegal aliens? That’s purely absurd. You come across as an unreasoning partisan hack with no interest in truth or fairness, just perpetuating useless, baseless rhetoric from your perfect epistemically closed bubble. You regurgitate RW talking points like they’re the ‘truth and the way,’ when in actually they’re just partisan talking points with no basis in reality.

  80. The problem with sending the banksters to jail was everything they did was legal. Now the debate should be why was it legal and a good place to start is the documentary Inside Job. This problem goes back all the way to Reagan and when Clinton repealed glass steagal it just got worse

  81. The very minute I heard about the downed airliner my very thought was “let’s see how long will it take McCain and Fox to blame this on Obama?” They did not disappoint. In fact, the negative reaction was almost instantaneous! Bastards!

  82. Bush 41 sealed McCain’s file so know would know the facts. What he didn’t realize is that a lot of people already knew the details including the fact that his Dad whisked him away from other POWs so he wouldn’t go through debrief like the ones did at our AF Medical Center. McCain should have been washed out of Annapolis and never been in flight school but once again his Navy Admiral Father intervened so he could graduate pilot school when he should have been washed out. McCain files need released so America can see what some others have seen. Why did Bush 41 seal files?

  83. McCain has proven again and again that he can’t think straight. Flip flopping like a fish I am so glad he didn’t have a chance to bomb Iran or any other nation. His whole Iraq statement just goes to show how much his ideas are BS to begin with because years later as he reflects back upon them he would have done them differently. Iraq was a major f***up and something that should not have happened. The guy is in lala land

  84. Update on those WMD mentioned in the article: Somehow during all the years the US was in Iraq, they never found the WMD, but since ISIS gained control of a large portion of Iraq, they now have ‘yellow cake’, mustard gas and various other deadly substances along with helicopters. They have plenty of stuff to create ‘Mass Killings’. So, the WMD has been found. There are those who say that they ‘might’…Might?…have been degraded, but there is no proof of that. The yellow cake has been sent to Canada to be destroyed, as I understand it. Might…is not good enough for ISIS to have control of any deadly weapons. Hey, they are terrorists…their purpose is to terrify innocent people to create the change they want.

  85. Not sure were your silliness comes from, but the US removed all the yellow cake that was in Iraq. In fact were I you I would checka few more sources before you make those claims. They are complete BS

  86. So it is betrayal to disagree withe Obama? No it is free speach. And you sheep better start thinking for yourselves. There is a war on the horizon. You on Obama’s side or America’s? The military doesn’t even support him. If the democrats win any seats this election it’s because of all the illegal immigrants voting.

  87. LOL!

    Any war wont be over Obama, it will be the 1% using the fundamentalist religions to take away your rights and force you to live for nothing.

    Illegals voting? LOL!

  88. What good reason would the Russians or the East Ukrainians have for shooting down the Malaysian plane? This certainly wouldn’t help Russia with their business dealings with germany etc. But blaming them, would turn the west against russia. Which the press are doing before any investigation has taken place. Perhaps we should go back and do a full proper investigation of 9/11 before making any further judgements. This may show who is capable of killing large numbers of people and then blaming others.
    Also look at who’s got the most to gain financially, especially if war is the end result.

  89. David,
    Thank you for your service! However you lost the lower part of your leg because Bush and Cheney lied and started an unnessary war which was planned many years before, killing many civilians and many of our soldiers and we have a record amount of suicides, why don’t u write them a letter?
    Not to mention trillions of debt, without funding for the war. Get a grip on reality and put the blame where it belongs!

  90. Sen McCain when are you going to start coming up with solutions instead of disrespecting Pres Obama …grow up

  91. Every time McCain opens his mouth he makes me glad in so many ways we elected President Obama to be our – HIS – President! There is a reason we elected President Obama and not you Senator McCain… thank you for reminding us of this daily!

  92. McCain is like the ‘ol washed up Silver Screen Heroes of long ago, who refuses to leave the scene and stage. Getting uglier and frustrated everyday and it shows. It’s best to ignore this type of man, because he speaks only from bitterness and anger. CNN and FOX only brings him on because he is comic relief, a toothless bulldog barking but can’t come after you because he has no teeth left nor can’t run fast enough. IGNORE the sulking “warrior”.

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