Joe Biden Powerfully Tries To Get Out The Vote In Order To Avoid a Repeat of 2010


A little bit of Biden for your Saturday.

Here’s the Vice President telling the Netroots audience that years ago, he was branded a socialist in Delaware for saying healthcare was a right. But because of all of the work of liberals and progressives, healthcare reform happened.

Here is a report from Sarah Jones:


Vice President Biden, “I remember being branded a socialist running in Delaware because I said healthcare was a right, not a privilege. You made that happen!… Because of you, you gave me so much help in administrating the Recovery Act. Progressive government did and does have a role in the economic well being of the American people, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“It’s about passion, believing what you say. There is no reason to be in this business unless you know what you believe and are willing to risk for it.”

Winding down, Biden quietly told the crowd, “I’m here to say just one thing, we need you, I need you, the country needs you.”

The outspoken Vice President closed with, “Never bet against America, it’s never a good bet.”

The Vice President’s point that Republicans have been calling Democrats socialists is important, because it is a reminder that Republicans have been extreme for a long time. They are more vocal during the Obama years, but what they are saying is nothing new. This is significant because the Republican leopard is trying to change its spots in 2014.

Republican extremists who are running for Senate are following the 2010 model of disguising an extreme agenda with moderate tones. The way that Democrats will hold on to their Senate majority is by voting. It is unrealistic to expect Democrats to turn out in big numbers like they do in presidential years.

Democrats don’t need huge numbers. Success requires just a small uptick over 2010. If enough people on the left listen to what the vice president is saying, Democrats have a good chance of keeping control of the Senate.

7 Replies to “Joe Biden Powerfully Tries To Get Out The Vote In Order To Avoid a Repeat of 2010”

  1. Fighting Joe is doing what he does best. Breaking it down for the average voter to understand what is at stake. Came across this article and its a must read

    I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame

    I hated government — even as it was the only thing trying to save me. Here’s how, one day, I finally saw the light

  2. One thing about Joe, he tells it like it is, no sugar coating, just plain and simple. I believe no matter what the polls say the Dems are going to show up in November. I believe the difference will be women. They’re not happy with the repubes assault on them. You know the old saying. When women aren’t happy, nobody’s happy. Come on ladies, show them your power! I dare ya! I’m with ya!

  3. Hope I have everything I need to vote. The way Republicans add new restrictions, shorten days, require documents not needed before. Last time I votes some old hag with a church lady hairdo hovered over me. I gave her a dirty look & stopped in my tracks until she went away. Guess she was a poll worker. I need to get ahead of it before Nov. They want to confuse us in this shithole red state.

  4. And take some more people to the polls with you. Encourage all that you can to vote especially the young people. They still are not fully understanding the messages that is being said and how important it is for them to vote at all election and not just for president.

  5. I voted yesterday here in Tennessee. Proudly claimed Democrat for my primary and no one said a word. In fact many of the older people there were voting Dem.

  6. Voices of the people will
    Overcome their
    Treasonous propaganda and
    Election fraud.

    Every election is an important election.
    People died for your right to vote.
    Do not let them deny your right.
    Please vote

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