Democrats Poised To Flip Georgia’s Senate Seat As Michelle Nunn Holds Commanding Lead

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In a poll by Landmark Communications released Sunday, Democrat Michelle Nunn has a commanding lead against both of her potential challengers in Georgia’s US Senate race. Against Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) Nunn is up by eight points, 49% to 41%. The poll also shows her with a nice lead against businessman David Perdue as Nunn leads him 48% to 42%. Perdue and Kingston are heading into a GOP primary runoff this coming Tuesday. The survey shows Kingston with a sizable lead as he is ahead by seven points, 48% to 41%.

While Nunn holds leads against both men, the thought is that she’d prefer to face Kingston in the general election. Atlanta-based political analyst Bill Crane had the following to say after this poll was released.

“I think Michelle Nunn would prefer to run against Jack Kingston. Twenty-two year incumbent, PAC money, special interest, her preferred race is the race that I think she’s going to get.”

Nunn taking the Georgia Senate seat would put a huge crimp in the plans of Republicans who feel they can take over the US Senate this November. Currently, the GOP needs to net six seats in the midterm to become the majority party in the Upper Chamber. Losing a Senate seat in a deep-red state that was previously held by a Republican will almost certainly prevent Republicans from taking over the Senate. While it is nearly a given that Democrats will lose seats this November, it is looking more and more promising that they will be able to retain control of the Senate.

Besides this race, Dems have a very good chance of flipping another Republican-held seat. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in real danger of losing to Kentucky Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes this November. Polls show the race in a virtual tie and Grimes has been able to energize Democrats in Kentucky. Also, McConnell’s insistence on running against Obamacare is likely to backfire as the health care law has been a raging success in Kentucky. Toss in the fact that Grimes has attracted national attention, with big names coming to Kentucky to campaign for her, and all the arrows point to an embarrassing loss for McConnell.

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  1. I don’t think the R’s will take the senate in November. I think they are going to lose some governors as well.

  2. Why the automatic assumption we are going to lose seats in either chamber?
    The gop (what is left of it) has a serious problem. Traditional repubs are sick of the tp, and the tp won’t vote for a traditional Republica. Meanwhile the dem base is getting energized because the other side has gone into crazy land. I predict we gain seats, both chambers.

  3. I’m with you Stan. I think the author of this article has been sipping the MSM Kool-Aid. Can’t wait for Nov 4.

  4. The GOP is in a civil war with all the wings flapping in different directions and hate each other, so the tide is turning very BLUE!

  5. Saw today that Sheldon Adelson is giving $100M to buy theSenate to go along with Koch $200M plus. Don’t know if it will matter though. Not enough Ads to make me vote GOP. I would consider it for $100M since there are only 2 GOP people in the Senate category on the Ballot n my state. :) Graham & Scott

  6. And they will lose seats in the House as well, although, thanks to gerrymandering, they will probably retain the majority.

  7. I suspect all this noise about losing seats in November is a cover for intended voter suppression / election hack.

    A. Vote.
    B. If you’re a non-geek, consider volunteering as a poll-watcher.
    C. If you’re a geek, team up with Anonymous.

  8. What bothers me is this: I read the “Republican Brain” and I see/hear it in family and friends….”don’t confuse me with FACTS – my head is made up”. Ignorance of Republicans Voters to FACTS…scares me…

  9. The return of the Southern Democrat … I recognized the name immediately. Daughter of former GA Senator Sam Nunn. At least she knows the reality of politics.

  10. It would be SO nice to have an intelligent senator from a Southern state! Hope it’s the beginning of a trend.

  11. There are three seats that are currently held by Democrats where the Dem candidates are behind in the polls by double digits: West Virginia (Jay Rockefeller is retiring), South Dakota (Tim Johnson is retiring) and Montana (John Walsh took over for Max Baucus when Baucus resigned in order to become Ambassador to China). Those three states also went for Romney in 2012 by large margins.

    It isn’t a case of me buying into the MSM narrative. It is a basic issue of numbers at this point. In those three races Democrats have very little chance of holding onto their seats per polls.

  12. If they are only polling people who they think are likely voters they are in for a rude awakening. No one predicted Obama would win by such a large number. Likely voters is the problem because people who don’t normally vote will be voting in vast numbers to stop the nuts in the GOP. I predict the polls are of. The GOP is offending a lot of people with it’s law suits, government shut-downs, obstruction, not passing anything, threatening impeachment and fake scandals.

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